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Strange English (mixing of British and American English), OOCness, KaiShin/ShinKai

Genre: Drama, Humour, Romance
Uploaded: 2013-04-13
Story rating: T, mentioning of adult themes
Words: 1,500


The call made the thief wake up and he yawned as he sat up, seeing his boyfriend's satchel on his desk and threw a glance on his alarm clock, realising that he'd slept in as it showed 11:45.
"I'm awake!" the teenager called back to his mother downstairs and changed his clothes in an instant as he jumped out of his bed and then checked the contents of the school bag, grinning as he saw the CD-case, "my poor little detective. Now you can't watch us make love." The thief placed the case in the desk drawer and walked down the stairs to the kitchen, pouting a bit at the fact that his boyfriend hadn't awakened him; they could've had a bit of fun.
"Morning mom," he said with a smile as he saw her place lunch on the table.
"Good morning, you slept late," she commented amused and saw her son stretch a bit. The teenager nodded and then realised that they had a visitor.
"Ginzo," Kaito smiled as he sat down beside the table, "good morning. Aoko told me that you were ill, how are you feeling?"
"Better," the man answered with a tired smile, "but I'm a bit worried about you. Aoko told me that you've been a bit distant lately. Is everything alright?"
"Yea, things are great," Kaito grinned as his food was placed before him.
"Are you running around at night?" the inspector asked bluntly, making both Chikage and Kaito blink, wondering if the man was hinting that he knew the truth about Kaitou KID.
"No, I'm not. Not most nights anyway," Kaito answered with a chuckle, "why do you ask?"
"Well, I've been having a hard time sleeping lately and I saw you run out at half past three, and that made me worried."
"Half past three?" Kaito frowned, "I've slept all night, but my boyfriend came by to leave some of his stuff. I told him that I'd just leave the balcony door unlocked so he could climb up. It might have been him you saw."
"Kaito!" Chikage sighed with amusement, "you can't have your boyfriend climb up to the balcony. The neighbours might call the police."
"Naah, he knows how to climb without being seen,"

"No, I'm certain that it was you," the man continued and sighed behind his cup, "I know that KID is some kind of idol for you, but please don't become a criminal."
"Well, I do admire KID for his magic tricks, but not for stealing. I admire him for being good, returning what he steals and for not letting anyone get hurt, but I don't want to be a criminal," Kaito smiled and ate his breakfast while speaking with his worrying neighbour.

Nakamori still looked a bit sceptical as he ate the food that he'd been offered, knowing that it wasn't really his place to question the teenager the way he did, but he couldn't help but to be troubled. The teenager tried to convince him that it was his boyfriend he'd seen, but even if the magician kept insisting that it wasn't him the inspector had seen Nakamori still didn't believe him. As there was a knock on the door the magician left with a sigh to open it, smiling as he saw a panting Shinichi on the doorstep.
"She's right behind me," the detective gasped for air and took a step inside, closing the door behind him, "you have to hide me. She figured out that I lied."
"Ah, okay?" Kaito stated as he watched Shinichi hide his shoes in the cupboard, "lied about what?"
"Not important, and why aren't you answering your phone? I've been calling," the detective quickly stated as he threw a glance out the window beside the door and then walked over to the kitchen.

"Good morning, Kuroba-san, just remember; I was never here," Shinichi stated as Kaito followed him and sent an amused glance to the inspector that stared from one teenager to the other.
"Aw, Shinichi, I've told you to call me Chikage!" the woman responded and saw that her son's boyfriend smiled a bit before he turned to the inspector.
"Nakamori-keibu, I presume," Shinichi bowed quickly and then turned to Kaito, "I'll hide in your room. She'll be here to meet you. Where are you hiding my stuff?"
"In the first drawer, mine are in the second; hide them too if you want," the magician grinned as Shinichi ran up the stairs and then smirked at the inspector, "are you still sure that it was me you saw?"
"He looks just like you," Nakamori gaped, "and you're together?"
"Yea, so?" Kaito grinned.
"How did he know who I was?"
"Shinichi's a detective, but he mostly works with the homicide department. You might've heard about him in the newspapers, his full name is Kudou Shinichi," the thief saw the man blink.
"Yea, that kid that interrupted the clock tower heist, and I've heard the name," the man answered and narrowed his eyes at the teenager as he thought about him, "wait a minute, that Kudou Shinichi? He who's called the Heisei Holmes?"
"Exactly," Kaito grinned and heard a knock on the door, "mom, that would be Yukiko, you should answer while I pretend to eat." Chikage snickered as she left with a nod.
"How did you two meet?"
"We met during the clock tower heist, and we've been talking from time to time after that, and now a few months ago when he got home we became a couple, so if you've ever seen me outside during the early night it's just me that's sneaking to Shinichi's place. He lives alone, so no one can disturb us, if you know what I mean," the thief winked at his neighbour, seeing the man shift a bit as he got a picture of two teenage boys in bed.
"No more information, please," Nakamori requested and took a sip of his coffee, happy that the teenager wasn't involved in criminal activity and had a boyfriend that could keep him out of it.

"Kai-chan!" a voice squealed and the thief found himself trapped in a hug, hearing his mother laugh at him, "you've grown so big since the last time I saw you!"
"Oh?" Kaito smiled once he was released and looked to the woman who he knew was Kudou Yukiko, "Yukiko-obaasan, how nice to se-,"
"Who are you calling old lady?!" the woman growled and glared at the teenager.
"Hah, I remember that," Kaito smiled a bit, "of course I meant Yukiko-san."
"You better treat your mother-in-law better than calling her an old lady," the blonde smiled and gave him a raised eyebrow.
"Shinichi and I aren't married,"
"Yet," Yukiko interrupted him, making the thief smile.
"I couldn't agree more, dear future-mother-in-law,"
"Now, speaking of marriage, where are you hiding my son?" the woman got a vulpine look as she stared at the teenager, trying to see if he would accidently look towards where Shinichi was.
"I'm sorry, Shinichi isn't here," Kaito smiled without seeming sneaky, but only made Yukiko narrow his eyes at him, "but I do have some things to take care of." The thief smiled and left, making Yukiko send a raised eyebrow to Chikage, but the woman didn't answer until her son had walked up the stairs.

"Of course he's here," the woman with shoulder length, brown hair smiled, "how about some tea while they are climbing down the balcony?"
"That sounds like a perfect idea. I always have to give Shinichi a head start. He's not as good as running away as Yuusaku, but I think that he's becoming more like him actually," Yukiko giggled and turned to the inspector, "I don't believe we've met. I'm Kudou Yukiko, mother to Shinichi."
"You're Yukiko Fujimine, the actress," Nakamori greeted surprised, "it's a pleasure to meet you, I'm Nakamori Ginzo, the neighbour."

"Hey, Shinichi," Kaito whispered and dropped their shoes to the floor as he opened the painting, seeing no one inside.
"Kaito?" the detective asked and popped up a head from behind the car.
"Come on, mom's distracting her, let's run away for today," he smiled as Shinichi hastily got up.
"But the CDs," the detective stated and blushed as he glanced to the wardrobe. Seeing his boyfriend's hesitation Kaito ran up to the wardrobe and immediately found them on the floor of it.
"You're lousy at hiding things," the thief grinned and made the CDs vanish in a puff of smoke, "come on. Let's go." Grabbing the detective's hand he dragged his boyfriend along and then climbed over the balcony. The thief waited for his boyfriend and then took his hand as they ran away; both laughing a bit as they continued the game of hide and seek, but this time Shinichi was certain that he would win, together with Kaito, unaware that Chikage was standing in the window, seeing them vanish.

"How much of a head start are we going to give them?" she wondered with a smile as she walked back to the table and sat down.
"One hour should be enough," Yukiko giggled, "this will be just like the time when you and I chased Yuusaku and Toichi."
"Almost!" Chikage giggled and made Nakamori smile a bit, happy that he'd married someone normal.