My Pink Haired Bastard of a Neighbor

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The sun's blistering heat made the young 16 year old hurry on her way home, wanting to get rid of her stifling school jumper and heavy bag. She increased her speed as she rounded a corner, finding herself at the end of a long street, the few trees located on the side of the road doing nothing to help keep the sun from beating directly on her back. There were only two weeks left of school, Lucy impatiently waiting for the holiday with its tropical beaches and late nights spent out with her friends. This was also her last year, after which she was going to college, and she couldn't be more excited. Speaking of friends...she had to make sure to text Erza, to ask her to go shopping for summer clothes. Despite knowing the redhead despised shopping, the blonde also knew her friend liked spending time with her.

As she neared her door, she stuck her hand in her messenger bag and rummaged for her keys. Lucy stepped in front of her house, stuck the golden key in the lock, turned it and stepped inside. She kicked off her black, flat shoes and dumped the keys and mail she found on the floor on a small table in the hallway. The girl looked around the empty house, knowing her parents won't be home until at least 6. She hurried towards the room at the end of the long hallway, opening it and dumping her heavy bag on her blue sheets. Then, she proceeded in taking off her jumper and white polo T-shirt, leaving her in a red vest that showed a good amount of her ample bosom. She went to her closet, pulled out a pair of shorts and exchanged them for her school skirt. After she was done, she exhaled deeply, happy that she wasn't suffocating in the heat anymore. She looked around her room, wondering what she could do until her parents came home...

Lucy went to the kitchen, deciding that she might as well do some cleaning, thinking that her tired mother would appreciate that. After she washed the dishes in the sink and wiped the surfaces, she gave the rubbish bin a glance, deciding to take it out. She walked down the hallway, opened the front door and left it like that as she didn't take her keys. The young blonde stepped out in her pink slippers and opened the plastic container, lifting the bag up to dump it inside. She stopped for a second in her actions as a strong wind blew in her face, making her look back towards her door. Eyes widening in panic, she saw the heavy door closing, and she quickly dropped the bag in the bin and lunged towards it. But it was too late, the door being slammed right in her face by the strong gust of wind.

"Damn it!" cursed Lucy as she glared at the door, somehow wishing it would open at her will. She didn't have the keys, phone or anything else for that matter. She also realized anyone could see her, and she started feeling uncomfortable, her clothes being too revealing for being outside. Looking left and right, she stepped behind the rubbish bins and tried to calm down, though her parents wouldn't be home for at least 3 more hours. She turned and glared at her white door, cursing the man who invented the doors that locked by themselves. I mean seriously, why couldn't they be the kind of doors that could only be locked and unlocked by using a key? 'This is so stupid' seethed Lucy to herself.

Letting the angry thoughts slip away from her mind, she started thinking about a way she could get back inside. The windows were not an option seeing as they were all closed apart from the one in her room that faced the garden.

"The garden!" exclaimed Lucy as an idea popped up in her head. If she could go through one of the neighbor's houses and into their garden, she was pretty sure she could jump the fence into her own and get in her house through the back door. Starting to put her plan into action, she turned towards the door on her right and rang the bell. While waiting for someone to reply, she became uncomfortable, aware of her very small shorts and revealing vest. But it wasn't her fault! She only wore those inside the house, and she only expected to be out for 20 seconds while throwing the rubbish. She didn't expect the stupid, poorly made and designed door to slam in her face.

She rang the bell again, but no one answered. Lucy looked around her before sighting and walking towards the door on the other side of hers. She knocked this time and waited for anyone to answer. The blonde started fidgeting with her fingers, thinking about the people who just moved in that house. She didn't see them when they moved in, but her parents told her it was a family with a son her age. Despite not having seen him, she really didn't want him to answer now.

But it seemed the deities were against her today. As she looked up at the sound of a door opening, she immediately wished she hadn't knocked at this specific door. Her cheeks started to tint with a light pink as she stared at the boy in front of her. He was obviously her age, but also her height with a shocking mane of pink hair, that looked like he just tumbled out of bed. And he probably did, judging by the way he was dressed...Lucy almost forgot about her own state of dress as she looked the guy up and down. He was only wearing shorts! Leaving his sculpted abdominal muscles out in the view, for the admiration of everyone. Not that Lucy complained or anything. As she finally looked the boy in the eyes, her breath caught in her throat. Noooooooo. It wasn't any 'love at first sight 'crap! She didn't believe in that shit. It just his eyes.. They were a deep black and held such intensity, that it took her breath away.

Slowly, the guy's pink lips turned into a small smirk.
"Hello. How can I help you?" If Lucy had less pride, she would have shrieked like a banshee and scatter away in surprise. His voice! Oh my god! It was nothing she expected! It was childish and quite high for how he looked. If she had only heard his voice, she would have thought he was a 10 year old kid! Reminding herself she's got manners, she straightened herself, getting over the guy's good looks and responded:

"Hi, sorry for interrupting you..but um...I kinda locked myself out, I live next door you see, and I have no phone or anything, so I was wondering if I could go into your garden and jump the fence into mine." replied Lucy, not looking into the guy's eyes, feeling stupid and ashamed with the whole situation.

"Oh, of course you can...but, what do I get from this?" asked the pink haired guy, his smirk widening.

"Whaat? What do you mean? What could you possibly want?" Lucy narrowed her brown eyes suspiciously at him.

"Well, to start with, you could tell me your name." said the guy as he casually leaned against the door frame, letting his eyes roam over the petite frame of the blonde girl in front of him.

"Isn't it more polite to introduce yourself before asking someone's name?" inquired the blonde, a smirk forming on her lips.

"It may be so, but I was under the assumption you were the one in need of help from me, so shouldn't you give your name first?" shot the guy back, the infuriating smirk still on his lips, mischief dancing in his dark eyes.

Lucy growled and glared at the bastard in front of her and snapped: "Lucy. Now can you PLEASE let me go in your garden?"

"Lucy...what a nice name for a girl like you, eh? I'm Natsu by the way. Nice to meet you." he said as he extended a hand towards her.

Lucy raised an incredulous eyebrow, but shook his hand anyway.

"Yeah, well. I don't think the feeling is mutual."

Natsu just snorted and got out of the doorway, motioning for her to go in.

" After you...Lucy."

She scoffed but went in anyway, waiting for Natsu to close the door and show her the way to the garden. Now that she was in his house, she felt quite anxious and nervous, hoping the guy wasn't some rapist or something. The only reason she went in is because her parents had helped them set in and they said the new neighbors are a very nice family, and so, she tried not to worry too much.

Natsu led the way to the back door and opened it for her. As she stepped out, she let out a relieved breath, happy that she wasn't alone with the guy in the house anymore.

"So. How do you plan to jump the fence now? It clearly isn't that close to the ground."

'Not only that, but it is also very unstable', thought Lucy as she looked uncertainly at the wooden fence. But she couldn't go back now, and she wanted to get into her house.
She looked around the garden, looking for the spot where the fence was the closest to the ground. However, her eyes rested on the wooden shed every garden on her street had. If she used a chair, or something as high, she could climb on it and then jump in her garden, seeing as the shed was right next to the fence. With that in mind, she turned around and looked at Natsu, who was standing in the doorway, hands in his shorts' pockets.

" I need a chair or something high that I could use to climb on the shed."

"The shed?" asked Natsu incredulous, finding it weird she wanted to climb the shed.

"Well, yeah. I can't climb the fence as it's unstable, thin and quite slippery."

"Hm, I guess so. Wait and I will bring a chair out." Natsu said as he disappeared back in his house.

One minute later and he was back with a plastic white chair in one of his hands.

"There." he said as he handed her the chair. "Just like your Highness ordered." he added with a mock bow and smirk on his handsome face.

Lucy scowled and mumbled a quick 'thank you' after which she walked towards the small construction and put the chair at the corner made by the wall of the shed and fence meeting together.

She carefully climbed on the chair, supported herself on the shed, and thought about what the best thing to do is. Lucy tried putting her foot on the fence so she could force herself up the shed, but the fence was too slippery and the shed too tall.

Natsu, who was watching her, came forward and asked:

" Need any help Princess?"

Lucy glared at him but didn't answer, so he came closer, linked his fingers together, making a sort of stand on which she could step on to get on the shed.

"Come on. Step on my hands and I will push you up." he offered.

The girl looked suspiciously at him, but done as he said nonetheless. She put her right foot in his linked hands, keeping her left momentarily on the chair, after which she pushed off with her right leg, Natsu also giving her the needed force to reach the flat roof of the shed.

Precariously kneeling on the edge of the shed, she looked down at Natsu who was smirking at her and said a quick 'thanks'.
She looked down at the distance between the shed and ground on the other side of the fence and got ready to jump. She crouched in mid air and landed safely.

" See you around, Lucy." yelled Natsu from his side of the fence.

"Yeah sure." she yelled back half heartedly, still thinking that he's a bastard despite helping her.

She walked towards the door, put her hand on the handle, pulled...and nothing!
The door was locked! And she was so sure she left it unlocked that morning. Disappointed, she sighted, and walked in the middle of the garden, where a swing was located. She sat on it and decided to wait for her parents to come home. As she closed her eyes and tried to relax, a voice startled her:

"Hey Lucy! Why aren't you going in?" asked Natsu, his head popping over the fence, obviously standing up on the chair.

"Tch. My mum locked the door." she replied, looking at him.

"Oh, well, you could come back over and hang out with me until your parents come home. I guess they are coming late, right?"

" Well yeah. And how am I supposed to come back? My shed is not next to the fence so I can't climb over again. I'm not a monkey you know."

"Heh. I guess you are right." he said, a cheeky grin taking over his face. "Well, in that case..." he added and got off the chair, going inside his house. Lucy raised an eyebrow, wondering what he was up to.

Five minutes later, Lucy looked back at the fence again, looking at the various things thrown over, followed by the pink haired boy jumping over. Lucy stood up and asked:

"Natsu, what do you think you are doing?"

"Isn't it obvious? Keeping you company."

Lucy would have snapped at him, if not for the genuine smile that spread over his face. Not a smirk or cheeky grin, but a breath taking smile.

"Okay..." she said as she watched the boy come over to her, holding a bag of crisps, peanuts, two cans of soda and a small radio in his arms.

"Entertainment, food and drinks." he grinned as he sat next to her on the swing.

She smiled back, thinking that maybe he wasn't that bad.

Two hours later, when her parents came back and her mother looked in the garden, she saw her daughter talking and laughing with the next door neighbor, their hands and shoulders brushing from time to time, clearly enjoying each other's company.

" See darling? I told you he's a nice boy." Lucy's mother said to her husband as he came to stand next to her.

"Hmph. That is for me to judge." he glared at the pink haired boy who was too close to his daughter for his liking.

" My parents are back." Lucy told Natsu as she saw them at the window...'hiding'.

" I better get going then." he grinned cheekily at her.

"Um yeah..." she said looking at her shoes not sure how to tell him that she would like to hang out with him again. It seemed he read her mind, because he leaned over, kissed her on the cheek, meanwhile pressing a piece of paper in her hand.

" Call me later , yeah?" he whispered in her ear. He then jumped to his feet with the radio under his arm, making a quick escape from Lucy's father who was stomping towards the door with...something suspiciously looking like a baseball bat in his hand.

He took a chair from the table at the end of the garden, jumped on it and then scampered over the fence, reminding Lucy of her 'monkey' comment, thinking it applied to him.
She giggled and looked at her father who looked close to following right after him.

"Thank you for the company." whispered Lucy to herself, walking towards her house with a smile on her face, his father sitting up on a chair and glaring daggers at Natsu as he ran into his house.

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