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After changing two buses, and walking for 10 minutes, the two teenagers found themselves in front of their respective houses. Lucy and Natsu stood in front of each other, Lucy's eyes on the ground, while Natsu looked at her thoughtfully.

"So..." started Lucy, making an attempt at breaking the awkward silence. She looked up at him between her light eyelashes, her cheeks warming up at the intense look on the pinkette's face. "Thanks for keeping Sting away...and for coming home with me.."

"Heh, don't worry. That guy was drunk, he deserved that punch..." growled Natsu towards the end. Then, he looked straight into her eyes and flashed her a smile.

"Ah, I guess so...but you didn't even have enough time to enjoy the party..." pouted Lucy, feeling guilty.

"Whaaaaaat? What are you talking about? If I stayed I would have had to save drunk people from drowning as I was the only sober one there...or who actually cared about someone..." he finished and laughed, thinking about Gray.

"Oh, I guess so..." Lucy replied lamely, the silence once again engulfing them.

Natsu leaned towards her, lifting her chin up with one gentle finger and whispered:

"You know,,,,that Sting guy interrupted something when he started shouting like an idiot, don't you think?" he softly asked, his face inching closer to her, a blazing fire roaring in his black eyes. Lucy's breath hitched, her heart going crazy, remembering the almost kiss they had before they were interrupted.

She also inched closer to his face, his warm sweet,breath getting stronger as his face got closer. As he leaned his head to the right and she cocked hers to the left, as to not bump noises, an obnoxious ring tone shrilled around them. Natsu and Lucy jumped apart, startled, light pink tinting their cheeks while Natsu smiled sheepishly, taking the phone out of his pocket and practically snapping at it.

"What?...Oh, sorry. I didn't know it was you...Yeah I am...What? In 10 minutes?...Oh no, everything's fine...Yeah sure...See ya mum." finished Natsu and put his phone back in his pocket, after which he dragged his hand down his face in an exasperated manner.

"Was that your mum?" asked Lucy, looking up at him, most of her embarrassment having faded away, though her heart still pounded away.

Natsu looked at her and sighted.

"It was her all right...It seems my parents are coming home earlier...in about 10 minutes to be exact. I'm really sorry about this, but I have to clean up the house quickly before they arrive." he rushed out. The blonde opened her mouth to say something, but promptly clicked it shut in shock when Natsu quickly leaned over and pecked her on the cheek. Her eyes widened, her heartbeat quickening its pace, while Natsu quickly unlocked his door and waved her goodbye with a smile, after which he walked in and closed the door. For a few seconds, she just stood there, replaying the scene over and over in her head while she could feel warmth making its way up her neck, around her ears and finally on her cheeks. She shook her head once, stared hard at the ground, while she told herself: 'Get a grip Lucy.' Then she lifted her head up again, got the keys out of her bag and unlocked her door. Before stepping in, she was hit with the sudden realisation of how rude it was of Natsu to just dash away like that. But then again, he had to clean up. 'That idiot.' she thought, but her smile contradicted her words.
Reaching her bedroom, she dumped her bag on the bed, kicking off her shoes after which she walked towards her living room, knowing her parents would be found there. Leaning against the door frame, she watched her dad who was watching T.V, something that looked suspiciously like Doctor Who, and her mum who was reading a book, her glasses on. She smiled, seeing them so peaceful. So peaceful that she didn't want to disturb them...but...

"MUM! DAD! IM HOME!" the blonde yelled while she sauntered into the room, a bright smile on her face. Jude promptly dropped the remote control that he previously held, while Layla jumped a little, startled and raised an eyebrow towards Lucy. Jude just glared. The blonde gave a nervous laugh and walked towards her parents, giving each of them a quick kiss on the cheek. Jude's glare softened, while Layla smiled.

"Why are you so happy, eh? Was the party that good?"questioned her mum.

"Erm, sure. You could say that." mumbled Lucy.

"What's that supposed to mean?" inquired her father, now suspicious.

"Oh nothing much. Just boys being...boys. And Natsu was there...and we came home together." Layla's eyes sparkled at her words while Jude's darkened.

"Oh really? I thought he was busy? And how come Sting didn't bring you home?" asked her mum, now taking her glasses off, putting her book away and making herself comfortable on the sofa. Lucy raised an eyebrow at her mum's questions, and sat next to her on the sofa.

"Erm yeah. I guess his plans got cancelled. And Sting...err...well. He was incapacitated." Layla gave her a weird look, while Jude glared at nothing and everything, not liking this talk of boys.

"Oh alright then. I hope you had fun? I see you are very happy." smiled Layla warmly at her daughter.

"Yeah...I had...fun." answered Lucy, a faraway look on her face, a blush forming on her cheeks, while the kiss and the way Natsu protected her popped up in her head.

Jude huffed and growled...and huffed some more, after which he walked out of the room...growling. Lucy snapped out of her gaze, giving her mum a questioning look. Layla batted her hand in a dismissive manner.

"Don't mind him. He's a grumpy old man. I'm just happy you had a...fun day." her mum smirked, a knowing glint in her eyes.

"Um, sure." the young blonde narrowed her eyes suspiciously at her mum's smirk. "I'm gonna go take a shower and text Erza. Her plane should arrive soon." Lucy said, getting up and walking out the room. Layla just nodded and got back to her book.


The next morning, there was a BIG commotion. It was 10 o'clock, Lucy drifting between consciousness and dream land. She was woken by yells and a loud thud that seemed to have come from her garden. Jumping out of her bed, Lucy hurried towards the window, pulling the curtains aside and glaring death at whoever interrupted her sleep. Looking towards the fence that split her and Natsu's gardens, she couldn't mistake the sight of her red haired best friend hauling,a shirtless Gray over the fence. Natsu was already on the ground in her garden, laying in a weird position, his limbs at different angles. She raised her eyebrow as she also saw Erza jumping over the fence and then taking the two horrified boys by the scruff of their necks. 'Uh oh. Erza went Hulk again', thought Lucy, sweat dropping. She quickly found her bath robe, flung it on, put her slippers on and ran out in her garden. As she stepped out of the door, she tripped on the ledge and fell on her face. Erza stopped terrorizing the two, while Natsu almost burst out laughing and Gray smirked. But promptly stopped at Erza's glare. The red haired sighted as she watched her best friend peel herself off the ground. The blonde growled and asked:

"What the hell is going on? What are you all doing here?"

"What do you think? Making this guys pay for what they did to you." Erza scoffed, as she threw a glare at the guys in her hands. Lucy's jaw hung open.

"Whaat?! But..but Erza! I thought you said last night that you weren't gonna do anything about it!" Lucy pouted, feeling a little regret at having told Erza about everything that happened while she was gone.

"How naïve and innocent you are, Lucy-chan. You should know Erza better than that." drawled Gray, crossing his arms over his naked chest. The red haired just rolled her eyes and let Gray out of her grasp. For now.

"Well, I didn't expect her to do this. I mean, she doesn't even know you two." Lucy said defensively.

"And this is where you are wrong, blondie." laughed Natsu. "Erza, Gray and I here went to the same primary school. I moved right after, and Erza and Gray went to different secondary schools and didn't keep in contact. Now I'm back. And she found me..." Natsu grumbled towards the end. Erza punched him in the arm, dropping him on the ground.

"Yeah. What the idiot said is true." nodded Gray from his spot on the grass. Lucy's mouth hung open, her eyes widened.

"What the hell?! Why didn't you tell that Erza?" Lucy asked angrily. Erza shrugged.

"Didn't want to ruin the surprise of having them here?" Lucy's face turned blank.

"Anyway, let's just get to business. I already visited Sting. He might not be able to go anywhere this holiday...or come school for two weeks..." Before anyone could interrupt Erza and ask what the hell she just meant by that, she carried on. "Gray, you are here to apologise to Lucy." glared the red head at the stripper.

"Ah, no. Its no need! He was just helping his friend." Lucy waved her arms wildly. Erza's glare shut her.

Gray stood up, looked at the ground, his hands in his pockets and mumbled:

"Erm, sorry for lying to you..." he said lamely. Suddenly , he perked up and glared at Natsu. " But its this idiot's fault for not saying anything about you and-" before he could continue, Natsu punched him across the face.

"Shut up ice block!" shouted the boy angrily. Seeing an upcoming fight coming the boys' way, Erza took Gray by his arm and said:

"Well, you did your part. Its time for us to go." she glared at the raven, daring him to say or do anything else. He just looked away. " And you Natsu, you have to do your part now." she gave the guy a meaningful look.

"I swear..." sighted Erza. "You are one pink haired bastard of a neighbour." Before he could reply, she dragged Gray towards Lucy's house. Before stepping in, she added: "And Lucy? Talk to him, ok?"

"Yes mum." drawled the blonde sarcastically as the red haired dragged Gray inside.

Now alone, Lucy and Natsu faced each other, an awkward atmosphere making itself known around the fidgety teens.

"So um...I see Erza is your best friend, eh?" started Natsu lamely.

The blonde snorted. " An overprotective one at that.."

"Haha, I guess. But she's just taking care of you."

"Just like Gray looked after you?" Lucy arched an eyebrow.

"Ugh...he's an idiot."

The blonde smiled, walked towards the swing and motioned Natsu to sit next to her.

"So...what was it that you needed to talk to me about?" inquired Lucy. Her and Natu's side brushing as he sat down. She blushed. He looked down.

"Okay Lucy...there's something I need to tell I guess. You see, for some time now-" he was interrupted rather rudely as Lucy exclaimed:

"Wait! I...I need to tell you something first." Natsu just raised an eyebrow. "You see when we met at the party..and said that I wasn't upset about Juvia...and that I came with Sting as a favour.." she rushed out before her nerves could catch up with her. "Erm, I was lying...I was upset...because..."

"I like you." finished Natsu with a glorious smile on his face. She just glanced up at him, shocked, her eyes widening, her heart beating at an erratic speed and butterflies playing the Olympic Games in her stomach.

"I...er...yeah." Lucy finished lamely.

Natsu grinned.

"So..you wanna go out sometime?" He asked.


"Meaning tomorrow." He admitted. Lucy smiled at him and flung her arms around him, happy that all she felt was returned by the boy she liked so much.

Inside the house, Layla looked out of the kitchen window, smiling as she saw the two share a tender kiss. She knew, from the beginning, that the two would get along. Now...she only had to make her husband believe the same...

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