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A Love Worth Dying For

Chapter 1: A Nightmare

Tigress was laying under the Peach Tree when Po walked up to her. "Hey Ti mind if I join you?" he asked sweetly.

"Sure Po I could use some company", Tigress said smiling as she scooted over so he could sit by her. He sat down and picked a peach and offered it to her and she accepted. Then Po picked one for himself and began to eat.

"Man it sure is nice today hey maybe later we can play some checkers if you want", Po told her.

"I would like that", Tigress said smiling. Tigress was feeling nervous and she knew why. She was in love with Po and had to tell him. She figured now would be a good time since it was such a beautiful day. Po felt the same way about Tigress and wanted to tell her that he loved her. He was extremely nervous but he was tired of being afraid and he figured what did he have to lose. If Tigress didn't feel the same way they could still be friends.

"I need to tell you something", they both said at the same time. Po let out a small chuckle and Tigress blushed a little.

"You first", Po said trying to be a gentleman.

"Okay well Po you are my best friend you know that right?" Tigress began looking nervous.

"Yes, I know that", Po said encouraging her to continue.

"This is new for me I have never felt this way about anyone before and what I am trying to say is that I love you", Tigress said. She waited for Po's reaction and he remained silent but inside he was screaming with joy and doing backflips. "If you don't feel the same way I understand but I had to tell you", Tigress said thinking this was a mistake and Po would never love her.

"No Ti, I do feel the same way", Po said but before he could continue. An arrow came from out of nowhere and Po pushed Tigress out of the way as the arrow hit him in the arm.

"Po!" Tigress yelled as she pulled the arrow out but her heart skipped a beat. She smelled the arrow and it was covered with a fast acting poison Po only had minutes to live. Holding her panda in her arms as tears stung her face.

"Ti, I am sorry", Po said in a soft voice that was just above a whisper.

"Don't speak everything will be okay just hold on Po please hold on", Tigress begged.

"Ti, I want you to be the Dragon Warrior", Po said his breath fading from him.

"No Po, I can't accept it I refuse to you are the Dragon Warrior!" Tigress cried as her heart was breaking.

"Sorry Ti, I love you goodbye", Po said and his head fell to the ground and his eyes lost all life.

"Po, Po!" Tigress screamed as she shook his lifeless body. He was dead and Tigress held him in his arms and let a mournful roar.

Tigress jumped out of her bed and was breathing heavily. She had the dream again about an unknown attacker killing Po. Then having him die in her arms and she was shaken to the core. She silently got up and went to Po's room. To her joy he was fast asleep with a smile on his face. He was safe for now but she had to talk to Shifu to ask him why she kept having the same dream over and over again. Shifu was not too happy to be woken up but once Tigress announced her dream his attitude changed.

"It seems you are having a vision of Po's death", Shifu said rubbing his chin.

"How can I prevent it Master I love Po I can't lose him" Tigress said with tears in her eyes.

"Worry not Tigress just keep a close eye on him and I will tell the others and hopefully we can save Po and find out who would want to harm him", Shifu said patting her shoulder. "Did you see the attacker or hear a voice or anything?" he asked hoping to get a clue.

"No Master I never see or hear the attacker I just see the arrow", Tigress said sadly.

"Okay then go back to bed my daughter and we will discuss this more in the morning but don't tell Po for he may try to find the attacker alone and get himself killed in the process", Shifu said.

"Yes Master", Tigress said bowing and went back to her room. She took one last look at Po and softly whispered", Do not worry my panda I will not allow any harm to come to you. You may not know it yet but I love you and no one will take you from me I promise". She blew him a kiss as a tear fell from her face. Then gently closed his door and went back to her room. She was in her bed for ten minutes until her eyes drooped and sleep overcame her. What Tigress didn't know was that Po was not the only one in danger and Po would do anything to keep Tigress safe.

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