Chapter 6: Rescues and Confessions

Po heard the door being torn open and hearing a familiar growl. There in the doorway on all fours eyes blazing with anger, fur on end and teeth showing with claws out stood an extremely angry Tigress. Behind her was a focused Viper and Crane yet more fear was shown as they wondered if they should help Tigress fight the other tiger. By her looks they chose not too for Tigress looked like she wanted to take on the other tiger solo. "You know for a great archer you suck at covering your tracks", Tigress growled standing on two feet.

"But how are you even alive those boneheaded gorillas should have killed you easily", Aliah said angrily.

"It helps when you have friends", Tigress said motioning to Viper and Crane. "Now this is what is going to happen you are going to step away from Po and we are leaving with him and you will never bother him again understand", Tigress hissed.

"I don't think so one drop of this stuff and Po will be all mine", Aliah said evilly as she opened the vial and brought it closer to Po's head. Po struggled with his bonds but it was no use.

"Get Away From My Panda You Witch!" Tigress growled and pounced on Aliah as the vial flew out of her paw and smashed to the floor scattering it everywhere as it evaporated.

"No, you will pay for that!" Aliah screamed. The two tigers locked paws as they fought each other while Viper and Crane motioned over to Po.

"Po are you alright?" Viper asked as Crane undid the ropes with his beak. Po was stunned for he could have sworn Tigress just called him her panda but realized that just must be the knockout gas talking for he was still kind of woozy.

"Yeah I will be fine thanks guys. Now let's help Tigress", Po said but Crane stopped him.

"Trust me Po, she needs no help in this situation", Crane said. It was true Tigress was mopping the floor with Aliah picking her up by the tail and swinging her into a wall. Throwing punch after punch as Aliah blocked and threw a kick at Tigress. They would have been equal but Tigress had more fighting experience under her belt than Alaih had and the black Tiger knew she was beaten.

"I'll be back and Po will be mine no matter what!" she screamed and jumped out the window disappearing into the night. Tigress hissed wishing she could have finished her off but right now all that was important was Po's safety. Her facial expression changed from mad as hell to concerned.

"Po are you alright?" she asked walking towards him.

"Yeah thanks to you guys", Po said with a nervous smile. Then out of the blue Tigress hugged him and he hugged her back. Crane's mouth dropped all the way to floor as Viper just smiled and giggled softly.

"I am just so relieved you are okay", Tigress said breaking the hug. Then looking at Po with a more serious expression said", Never ever scare me like that again".

"Trust me I won't", Po said putting his paws up in defense.

"Good let's go home", Tigress said as they all returned to the Jade Palace. Po kept thinking he heard Tigress call him her panda again and she hugged him and actually showed emotion and Po wondered if Tigress cared more for him than just a good friend. But shook the feeling away as just another silly thought and continued walking towards the Jade Palace. The next morning Tigress was at the Peach Tree thinking about all that just happened. She really wanted to tell Po her feelings for him but was still trying to find a way to do it.

"Hey Ti mind if I join you?" Po asked with a smile. He really needed to talk to her about last night because it just kept bugging him. Did Tigress like him as a friend or was she in love with him? The question kept buzzing around in his brain until he finally went to the only person who could answer his question. Tigress smiled up at him thinking this was the perfect time to reveal her feelings for him.

"Sure Po I could use some company", Tigress said as she scooted over and Po sat by her. Both were very nervous for what they were about to say to each other.

In fact they said at the same time", I need to tell you something". Both blushed and looked away feeling awkward.

"You go first", Po said trying to be polite. Tigress was about to speak when she realized all of this was familiar. Her eyes widened as the realization hit her and Po sensing something was wrong. "Tigress are you alright?" Po asked. Just then she knocked him to the ground as an arrow flew past them hitting a tree.

"No, how could I miss I never miss!" Aliah shouted as she revealed herself. "All well second try I guess", she said pointing an arrow at Tigress. "Rest in peace kitty", she cooed then before she could shoot the arrow Shifu appeared and did a trick causing Alaih to fall to the ground.

"I still have excellent hearing", Master Shifu said as he called some guards to take Alaih away.

"Thanks again for saving me Tigress, again now what did you want to say?" Po asked as Shifu left leaving them alone.

"Uh nothing it wasn't important", Tigress said losing her confidence. She left to go to her room leaving behind a very confused Po. Later that night Tigress was beating herself up. "Another chance blown come on Tigress when will you tell him when you die of old age?" Tigress asked herself. "Po was almost taken from you twice in just two days and still you refuse to tell him three little words. Come on if I can take on a band of croc bandits then I can do this", she said standing up. "No more stalling it is now or never", she said and went to see Po in his room. Po was messing with his Furious Five Figurines in deep thought. During dinner Tigress didn't say a word or even look at him. He felt bad for not telling her about Aliah and wished he did. If he did they could have stopped her sooner and Tigress wouldn't have been put in danger. He didn't know how but he would try his best to make up for this even if took a million years which in this case it would take that and probably longer. Just then his door flew open and Tigress stepped in with a determined look.

"Hey Ti, what is up?" Po asked nervously not liking the look she was giving him. She remained silent and walked towards him. "Can I at least mpf", he tried to say explain but found himself pinned to the wall with Tigress's lips on his. His eyes were wide with shock but he eased into the kiss thinking he had died and gone to heaven. Tigress broke the kiss and looked right at him and smiled.

"I love you Po and I want you to be my boyfriend", she said nervously. What Po said next melted her heart forever.

"I love you too Ti and I would be more than happy to be your boyfriend if you would be my girlfriend", Po said smiling back. Tears of joy ran from their faces as they both felt tremendous joy as they held each other tight kissing again. They were both exactly where they belonged in their true love's arms and that is where they both planned to stay.

The End

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