Alice's Point Of View


It's started. It' started again, I physically can't believe it's started again but it has.

I tore my eyes away from my short locker and gazed around the hallway. My fingers unconsciously tightened around the handle of the locker. I hesitated, but began to skim over the faces until it landed on one- a tall boy. The boy had brown hair and brown eyes. His lips were tugged up into a smirk. A proud smirk. I don't know the boy, not even a little. But I do know that he's screaming and staring at - at me.

"Retard." He smugly said again, watching - no, glaring at me. "Why do you go to this high-school, anyway?" The boy taunted me, stepping closer.

I ripped my gaze away from him and turned away, closing my new locker. Mama had told me that people were mean, but she said that they were different than me. That I was special, and they wanted to be just as special as me. She told me that if they were doing mean things, to tell a grown-up.

My eyes slowly started to water as I gazed down at my locker. Speak no evil, see no evil, hear no evil. I thought, trying to lighten my mood. Mama was religious, she took me to church every Sunday. Only recently did we move up here to Forks, Washington. I miss my old Pastor.

When I opened my eyes again, I noticed that the taunting had gradually began to grow louder and louder. People were... joining. They were joining in on taunting me. People thought they were stronger in groups, didn't they?

'Ignore them, baby girl...' Mama's voices rang in my thoughts. I smiled to the floor as I thought about Mama Esme. Mama Esme wasn't my real mama, but she adopted me when I was real little. She told me not to call her Miss Platt, but to call her Mama. We settled on Mama Esme.

"The hell is she doing?" A voice rang out. I snapped my head back up to focus on the same boy as earlier. The one who called that- that horrible word...

"Is she- covering her ears?"

"I think she's crying!"

Go away! I screamed in my head, gazing around at the crowd. It gradually had begun to grow larger into a crowd. I knew that half of them here were chanting with them, the other half were purely curious. They were just curious, and they wouldn't even help me...

"This school isn't for you, midget." The brown-haired boy stepped in front of the crowd and crossed his arms tightly over his chest. He gazed down at me with that proud smirk. "This school is for normal people-" He paused and gave me a full look over. "-and you're not."

The crowd gradually grew louder and rougher. They stepped even closer to me. I wanted out of here. I wanted help. I needed help. But I was scared... I was too scared to even talk.

"The hell is your issue, Riley?!" A feminine voice shouted from the crowd.

Oh thank god. Thoughts of relief flooded my mind.

"Well shit, midget number two's here..." They boy, Riley, said with a smirk. He crossed his arm and stared into the crowd.

I let my eyes follow Riley's gaze to search for the third voice- but I couldn't find the speaker. That is, until the crowd parted.

The girl walked - or should I say rolled through the crowd like Moses. She long brown hair and sass. A lot of sass. Her arms were crossed over her chest and she was mad. No, she was pissed. I could see the steam rolling out of her ears. The girl was sitting down in a wheelchair, glaring at Riley.

Behind her stood this tall and quite muscular man. He had short hair and a glare fixed into his gaze. From the looks of it, he was the one that parted the crowd. The tall boy was quiet and didn't even attempt to talk to anyone, though he did have his hands clutched onto the girls wheelchair before him.

The muscular man began to push the girl forward a bit, closer to Riley. He knelt over and locked the girls wheelchair in place before standing over next to the wheelchair girl.

Wheelchair girl glared up at Riley from her chair, and Riley gazed back down at her. I watched the static flow between the two before I decided to glance around them.

The crowd around wheelchair girl and Riley were silent. It was amazing, I didn't know they would shut up! Mama Esme would be so proud of me. Maybe wheelchair girl and muscle boy would be my friend! I thought with a smile.

I shifted my gaze over to muscle boy just in time to see him flex his muscles, as if to be threatening. And let me tell you, I was sure glad I didn't miss that.

Muscle boy doing that obviously felt like a threat to Riley. Riley stepped back a bit and clearly took the threat. Riley glanced to the side in search of something- or someone- obviously in need of help. Whatever he was searching for, however, wasn't there. He grimaced and stepped back another step, watching muscle man.

"Leave..." Were the only words that escaped muscle boy's lips.

But, those words were promising. The crowd quickly fled the hallways, leaving us three alone.



"There are times I love your fighting reputation..." Wheelchair girl mused up to muscle boy. Muscle boy merely shrugged and glanced away, a soft smirk tugging onto his lips.

Muscle boy obviously wanted the attention away from himself, because he quickly snapped his finger up to point at me. Wheelchair girl turned her head to stare at me, and a smile broke over her face.

"Oh! Hi." She gave me a warm and welcoming smile. It was - nice.

I threw my hand up in the air and waved at wheelchair girl.

Muscle boy bent over and unlocked wheelchair girl's chair. He placed his hands on the handles of the chair and began to push the chair in front of me.

I watched wheelchair girl with a smile. The wheelchair girl stuck her hand out to me with a grin. "It's nice to see a new face every once and a while, I'm Isabella." wheelchair gi- Isabella said.

I reached my hand up and quickly placed it in hers. She began to shake my hand with a curious gaze.

"You know, it's not often I get to meet someone who's the same height as me in my wheelchair." Isabella commented, "I always feel short, but now I'm not alone." She laughed "We can be short together, okay?"

Muscle boy cleared his throat from behind Isabella and gazed down at her.

"Oh!" Isabella laughed and pointed up at the boy. "That's my boyfriend. Don't mind him, he doesn't talk much anyway."

Isabella sat and I stood in silence for a few moments before she spoke again.

"So... what's your name?" She asked.

I stared at her curiously before remembering that I haven't introduced myself.

"I-I'm Awice." I managed to stutter out with a crooked grin.

Isabella chuckled and smiled. "You know, I used to have a stuffed animal named Alice. It's an adorable name. I wish I had it."

"N-no, you don't." I said shyly. "Bad things follow my name..." I stuttered. "Why are you talking to me?" I spoke with a lisp.

"Well, Alice..." Isabella sighed softly and gazed at me. "Because we're alike, me and you. We're different than the average person." Isabella gazed down at her lap.

"Is... Issa... Issab-"

"-Call be Bella." Isabella, now Bella, cut me off with a warm gaze.

"Bewwa." I repeated, staring at her. "Why are we different?" I questioned her.

"Because, Alice, we're not the same as other people. I-" Bella glanced down at her legs. "I can't walk anymore..." She said softly before gazing up at her boyfriend. "He doesn't talk much, he has autism..."

Her gaze slowly shifted to me. "And you..." Bella slowly let her words trail off.

"And I have Down syndrome." I finished for her.

Muscle boy behind Bella sighed and glanced away. He crossed his arms over his chest as he stayed alert, watching the halls. I noted that when people walked by, they made a big circle around and away from Muscle boy.

Bella widened her eyes just a bit as she watched me. "Exactly..." Bella said softly. "That's why you and I have to stick together. I know we'll be great friends, Alice." She assured me.

"I know we will too!" I exclaimed, jumping up and down. Bella widened her eyes a little at my response, but she made no comment to it.

"I've never had a friend before!" I started to slur to Bella. "Mama Esme has always been my only friend. She's great to me, though. She takes me to school and home every day. She did that at my old school, too!"

As I rambled on about Mama Esme, Bella's eyes became a big wider in confusion. I knew she was confused, I wasn't always the easiest person to understand. I would probably have to repeat myself to her again later, but Bella was here. And she was accepting. And I think the best thing about all of this, is when I look deep into Bella's eyes I only see confusion and happiness. She doesn't feel pity to me at all. She feels happy- happy to have me as a friend.

Bella nodded her head as I spoke and I rolled my eyes. I abruptly stopped talking and pointed up at muscle-man.

"Whas your name?" I asked, staring intently at him.

Muscle boy twitched as he saw my gaze locked on him. He stayed quiet, and merely watched me.

Bella smiled and began to talk. "His name's Jacob, but you can call him Jake."

Jake nodded softly and slowly turned his head away, going back to glaring duty, keeping the halls safe of- people.

"Come along Alice, let me walk with you. Where are you going, anyway?" Bella asked me.

Jake bent over again and unlocked Bella's chair, beginning to push her down the hallway.

I picked up my feet and began to walk next to my new friends, and one is even my height.

"I dunno..." I mumbled with a shrug.

"Ah, well don't worry about it." Bella began to wave her hand in the air. "We'll figure it out. Just stick with us, I promise not to ditch you in these crazy halls."

This story is a bit personal to me... I work with special needs quite frequently - varying from different diseases. Some of these things have actually happened to me before. I can't promise that I won't use swear words, considering the type of story this is, but I do want to note that I hate... hate the "R-word". But, sadly, there's no avoiding using it in this story...

Depending on how this goes, it will either be a novel or a shortish story. It depends on how many people read this and enjoy this. 3

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