Chapter Seven

Bella's Point of View

"I'm so sorry, Bella..." My older brother, Jasper, murmured to me. His eyes held a sad gaze. Honestly, he had no reason to apologize.

"How many more times do I have to explain to you that it's okay, Jazz." I ran my hand over my wheels and smiled up at him. "Seriously, it's not a big deal."

"I shouldn't have taken the car to the shop…" Jasper placed his hand on my back softly.

Earlier today, before Jasper was picking me up from school, he took the wheelchair friendly car to the shop. Due to the fact it wasn't here, Jasper brought dad's old big red truck. It's a beautiful worn down truck, and I love it. Frankly, I was excited that he brought this car to pick me up in, I haven't been in it for years! Not since I was put in this wheelchair.

"But, it will take so much more time to get you home. I know you had plans with Rosalie to-"

"Jasper..." A frown crossed my face as I stared at my brother. He was going to sit here apologizing for hours on end. If only I could still my legs, I would be up and out of my chair and straight into the car. But I can't. "Just get me out of this car and inside." I mumbled stubbornly.

A sigh escaped his lips as my brother did what he was told. He moved me into the passenger seat of the truck and wheeled my chair around to the back. I heard him fiddling with the back of the truck, probably tying my wheelchair down.

Jasper apologizes for everything small to me all the time. I think he only does it because he blames himself for putting me in this chair and for killing our dad, Charlie. I wish Jasper would forgive himself, I've already forgiven him.

A couple of years ago, we wouldn't have to mess with any of this. My brother would have a typical lopsided grin on his face and laugh the whole time, teasing me on every little thing. He wouldn't even apologize to me back then, about anything. I didn't even care if he apologized or not. It was normal. Now? Now it's just different.

It happened so long ago, but yet it feels so close. My whole family was together - excluding my mom. Only God knows where she is. Charlie, my father, had just adopted Jasper maybe three or so years ago. It was Jasper's birthday, and he was turning 14.

Charlie had surprised him that morning with some car keys. He grinned and nodded to Jasper, telling me to look out the window. He did, and sitting outside next to my father's red truck was a short, black car. It was just as beaten down as the red truck, but perfect to Jasper. There was just one condition before he could drive it, though. Dad always had to be in the car with Jasper until he was 16. Eagerly, he agreed.

So, the family gathered around the black car. He pointed out all of the little kinks on the car that he could see, but they weren't that bad. Something Jasper could easily get used to or fix himself, if he was so inclined. I was twelve years old at the time, and in awe with the new car. After all, that would be me in two years.

"Do I get one?" I asked excitedly.

"When you're 14, baby girl, yes." Charlie said, patting my back.

Charlie began to give a deep laugh as he glanced over to Jasper. "I'm taking you out to get your license now. You want to come Bella?"

I nodded my head eagerly, and Charlie drove to the DMV. We waited an agonizing few hours until Jasper came out of the DMV proudly with his new paper license.

"Can I drive back?" Jasper asked eagerly, looking at his new black car.

"Sure, Jazz. Just take it slow." Charlie said with a grin. "I'm sitting in front. Bells, you can sit behind me. Get used to your final years in the backseat of the car, you won't see it as much when you start driving yourself.

A grin crossed my face as I popped myself into the seat behind Charlie. I buckled my seatbelt and waited impatiently for everyone else to get in Jasper's car. I grinned at the thought and began to explore every little area in the back.

A purr came from the car as Jasper started it out. "Not bad," Jasper said with a smile, nodding his head approvingly.

"Your old man knows how to shop for cars," Charlie commented proudly, resting his legs on top of the dashboard. "This car might look old, but it will last you for years.

Charlie began to talk Jasper through how to back up and begin to drive down the road. I said silently for a while, until I felt that Jasper was secure on the road.

"Oh!" I exclaimed with a smile when a thought came to my mind. "Dad! Guess what? I auditioned to be on the dance team at my school, and I got in." I grinned. I was surprised that a clumsy person like me could get in! Hopefully, dancing would help my clumsiness.

A chuckle escaped Charlie's mouth and a smile crossed his lips. He turned around from the seat to look at me with a smile. "I'm proud of you, baby girl." He said with a genuine smile.

I wish I didn't bring up making the dance team at all. If I didn't, Jasper wouldn't have looked back at me with a prideful smile. If Jasper didn't look back at me, he would have seen the red light he was going through. But he did look, and we did go through a red light. A car ran smack into the right side of the truck where Charlie and I were. I was tossed to the side and a shard of glass broke from the window and lodged itself into my lower spine.

Later, I woke up in the hospital. I laid in bed and simply gazed at the ceiling. It was odd, I felt fine. Sure, there were a few cuts on my face and scratches on my arm but... it really didn't hurt that bad.

"Doctor!" A voice exclaimed. I turned my head slowly to see my adopted brother standing up. He shouted and quickly a crowd came. They all surrounded me and quickly went to work asking me questions.

"Yes... No? I don't know." I muttered out slowly, answering the various questions. "Where's Jasper?"

Over time, they began to feed me information. I had been in a coma for roughly a month. Jasper had a broken arm and a few cuts and scars on his body that had begun to heal.

"Where's dad?" I asked, staring over at my brother. I had asked him the question, but he remained silent. Aparently, he wanted the doctors to speak.

The doctors began to shift their heads to turn at each other. One gave a sigh and finally spoke up, explaining what had happened.

Charlie didn't make it.

Instead of crying or bursting out into ears, I demanded answers. I wanted to know more. I don't think his death suck in to me yet.

The doctors looked hesitant, but they answered. Charlie was crushed in the accident. They told me that it was quick, so the pain was quick.

Without letting Charlie's death sink in, I demanded answers on what was happening with me. They explained that I had no feeling in my legs anymore due to a shard of glass getting into my spine. They weren't certain it could be fixed.

I said there for a few moments before tears began to fill my eyes. Jasper stepped over next to me and held me to him with his one, unbroken arm as I sobbed. I could see in his eyes that he already went through this pain, and seeing it me go through it all over again hurt him furthur.

Eventually, Jasper managed to tell me that we were now living with a friend of Charlie's. His name was Billy Black. He had a son, named Jacob. That's how Jake and I met.

Day by day, Jasper and I adjusted to the new life. We began to get happier and more accepting of the changes. We tried to turn to religion, see if that sparked faith in us. However, It mostly pissed us off. We tried going to church every Sunday, but frankly we both had other things of interest instead of attending church. To be frank, God was getting in our way.

When Jasper turned 19, and I was 17, we moved out of the Black house. We still owned our original house, Charlie's house, and we wanted to keep living there. It was our home. My things was moved into Charlie's old bedroom, the one on the main floor. It was easier to access in my wheelchair, though it was hard sleeping in my deceased father's room.

Soon after I moved out, I began to miss Jake. After all, I saw him every day. Though he rarely talked to me when I first moved in, he gradually began to speak more. We would have silent chess matches together where not one single word was uttered. It was perfect. Obviously, he saw that he missed me in the house too - and he wanted an actual reason to see me. So he pulled his tail out from between his legs and asked me to be his girlfriend. I accepted.

"Bella?" Jasper gazed at me from the driver's seat with a soft smile. "You've been zoned out for a while. We're home. Ready to go inside?"

"Yeah..." I nodded my head slowly. "Yeah, just got lost in some thoughts."

Jazz hopped out and began to get my wheelchair ready. He pulled it down and placed it next to the passenger door where I sat. I popped the door open.

Jasper leaned forward and slipped his arms under me and picked me up quite easily. He lowered me down into my chair and I began to make the adjustments that he always screwed up, such as fixing the blanket on the chair to be where I like it.

"Perfect," I said with a soft smile, glancing at my older brother.

"I'll grab your bag-"

"No," I cut him off. "I've got it." I easily reached over and pulled the light bag on my lap. Slowly, I began to wheel myself up to the recently new build in ramp and made my way to the front door.

Before I could lean over to open the door, Jasper swiftly pushed it open. "I'm not useless, Bells." Jasper muttered softly. I sent him a quick glare before heading inside over to Charlie's room. I mean, my room.

I knew that Jasper wasn't useless to me. He just didn't understand that I wanted to feel just as capable as I used to be. I also know he didn't deserve the glare I gave him, but he also knows that I don't want him to call me Bells. Charlie called me that, it's his nickname for me. No one else can use it. Not even my brother.

I rolled myself into my room and slowly closed the door after me. I slowly made my way over to the bed and set my bag down on it, gazing around the room.

The room was nice, I won't lie. But because of all the memories attached to it, I really didn't want to be in this room. I also didn't have much of a choice. I felt unfamiliar in this room and I missed my old room. I haven't even been in it since the accident, but I'm too afraid to ask my brother to take me up.

Each wall was covered in pictures and mementos from both myself and from Charlie. There were pictures that Charlie had hung up of him and Billy with a giant deer. There were a couple of deer heads hung up, which scared me like crazy when I was little. Now, the deer heads were warm and familiar, they reminded me of my father.

Then, of course, were the pictures that I put up. They were all of me, Charlie, and Jasper. They reminded me of the good old days, when Charlie was here and when I could walk. It was painful, but I wouldn't let them go. I couldn't let them go.

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