Laying down on his bed without his cloak looking up thinking about his life experience, he didn't look like it but he had kissed enough females as well as males that he was bisexual, but non of them turned him on or made him feel a spark. It's was awfully to have sex when you didn't have any turn on for it or a heat in your stomach.

Frustrated he sat up and called his fag to come to his room, the moment he saw the door open his eyes turned to their usual dull state " You called boss?" The fag said kind of worried because Violet usually never called him to his room. "Yes come in and close the door behind you, better yet, lock it." The fag slightly worried by the unusual commands did as he was told.

"Come near please I want to ask you some stuff" Again the fag did has he was told and sat down next to his leader. "So… You wanted to ask me something?" Slightly nervous. "Yes, I'm worried about something and I wanted to know your opinion" Looking straight leaning on his hand while sitting in Indian style.

"What is it boss?" Tiredly the prefect answered " I never seem turned on or feel some heat, I mean I have kissed good looking women as well as men but nothing!" Frustrated with himself, he wasn't acting has himself he knew that but he just had to say it to someone, the other prefects weren't people you could talk about it, not because they didn't talk about such thing, the contrary, but he just had to talk to one person and never again, and who better then his loyal fag.

" France kissing didn't even get a reaction out of me! And in bed I simple am ice! Nothing! So tell me have you ever had this problem to get exited! Or what does get you?" He turned around to look in his fags, but he saw something he really never expected to see, a blushing embarrassed Cheslock looking anywhere less at him.

"Cheslock… Are you a virgin?" He had to ask , he knew it was personal and that he shouldn't ask such things but in the Weston College the truth was that almost non was virgin, or at least had some experience. "W-well, I.. " Unable to look his leader in the eyes he looked down on his lap " I-I am boss…." Blinks, blinks again. Wait. Cheslock was a virgin? Well he didn't expect that one, his fag was always so confident and… Wait no that he recalled he never talked about anything close to the theme of sexual things, he always thought he wanted his privacy but turns out it was this! But even virgen… Could it be that..?

"Have you ever kissed?" He waited five minutes for an answer, but he didn't receive one. He couldn't believe his fag was this pure.. Innocent, that kind of innocent you just have to taint it… Feeling for the first time abnormally around he grabbed his fags waist " Bos-?" And pulled him on his lap. "Have you ever touched yourself?"

"W-what?" Suspering he kinda expected this answer " Have you ever masturbated?" He almost laughed when he saw the others face. "I take that say a no then" Smirking he knew that what he was about to do was wrong, but the urge to taint this pureness was to big to control, slowly he passed his hand on the other tight and started to message it. "B-boss, s-stop it" But his pleas were ignored, liking the reactions he moved his hand bit by bit higher, with every touch the fag squirmed and tried to move but was hold down. Finally reaching the most sensitive place of the others body, he looked at his fag seeing him holding his jacket as if it was a life savior.

"Shall I do it for you dear?" With an evil smirk

To be continued

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