After seeing the lack of fanfics in the Harry Potter Game of thrones Archive decided to write one myself. I encourage others to do the same. This takes place a year before Robert takes the iron throne, note Harry is born 281 AL.

Chapter 1

Harry laid on the ground gasping for air, yet Happy as in his hands he grasped both the elder wand and the wand he won from Draco Malfoy. Voldermort was gone that was all that mattered to him as he laid there dying, all that happened to him that day had really taken its toll as his heart started to give out on him. "Hehe, I guess this is the end, I just wish I had another chance, a chance at a life with family." He thought one last time as his heart beat for the last time.

"Come on Milady just one more push!" Exclaimed the lady as a beautiful blonde haired woman.

Obviously in labor lied on the bed giving birth to her only child, "I can see the head Milady just one more big push." She said.

With a ferocious shriek she managed to push her child out. Baby's crying was music to Lorelei Lannister she held out her arms even though she was suffering blood loss. She cooed at the baby in her arms, "Hadrian James Peverell that is your name my angel, James in honor of your father who had succumbed to sickness not too long ago." She said gazing lovingly at the bundle in her arms.

She handed the baby back to the lady in waiting and fell back on her bed, the heat of the city they lived in was unusually uncomfortable. It was worth it though leaving Westeros and escaping to the free city Pentos, that was two years ago. She had lost her beloved James six months ago, he was the last of his family the rest was wiped out by the mad king. The Peverells were an old family as old as the Starks though they owned a small piece of land in the North. They were incredibly wealthy almost as rich as her family the Lannisters, she herself the oldest sibling.

The Peverells were always a small family however they made up for that in quality of strength. They possessed magic in their veins that gave them powers, before they left Peverell manor her beloved James managed to take all of their books on magic and others like etiquette and such. He also took all the weapons they had and left, his people had departed earlier in smaller groups to help them pass unnoticed as the mad king had turned his mad eye to them. Wanting to wipe out the last of their family for fear of them rising against him, so they left. She regretted not telling her family, "I had hoped I could tell them myself that I'm not dead but it seems that's but a dream now." She said out loud startling the lady attending to her.

She quickly turned to her mistress who looked so deathly pale after giving birth to her son, "My lady?" She asked.

Lorelei smiled at the girl and motioned with her hand, "Please bring paper and a quill I need to write a message and please hurry its most urgent." She said.

The maid nodded and quickly stood up and went to cupboard retrieving the Lady's personal stationary and set it in front of her. She smiled at the girl, "Thank you now please fetch my son as well as Commander Oxley as well as Sebastion." She told the girl who nodded and with a curtsy bolted out the door to retrieve them.

She just finished sealing the letter with her personal seal when the girl brought in her desired guest, she quickly brought young Hadrian in her arms. She made a few funny faces at him which caused him to gurgle happily, "You are so beautiful my little Harry, remember you are loved my angel. Mama loves you, Papa loves you are so loved my angel." She said crying as she gently rocked him to sleep close to her chest.

Sebastion and Commander Oxley had turned away to allow the mother and son their moment.

Once Harry had fallen asleep she turned to the two men in the room, "Sebastion, Oxley I'm dying." She said simply.

She hushed them before they could say anything, "Please I don't have enough time for this so I will say what I need to say." She said simply and looked at both men and saw their acceptance.

She continued, "Sebastion as head caretaker I want you to take care of the house and my son, please take utmost care of him as he is the most precious thing to James and I. I leave his scholar studies to you, make sure to teach him the importance of knowledge I will not have him be a brute. Also teach him to be a good man." She said smiling at him bringing tears to the caretakers eyes.

She turned to the other man in the room, "I leave his physical and military education to you commander Oxley, our finest soldier. I would prefer if he didn't have to learn how to fight however these are difficult times, please teach him restraint and honor." She said staring him dead in the eyes.

Oxley nodded those eyes, they were not the eyes of the sweet, gentle woman but those of a warrior the flash Lorelei Lannister the finest warrior of them. She smiled, "Now please leave I would like to spend the rest of my remaining time with my son." She said.

Both men nodded and left the room signaling the servant to go back in the room.

Nine years later.

He sighed and put the quill down and closed the book, stood up and stretched. "Man I'm finally done time to go out and explore." Thought Harry to himself. It had been nine years since Harry had been born into this world.

He had at only started to regain his memories about a three ago, it had been scary at first wondering why he was receiving such visions of a boy forced to serve another family a fat man and boy and their thin tall woman. Of his abuse and then the magic, oh he was taught that the Peverells held magic in their blood he however showed no sign of having any yet. Then of his schooling years and the war, that terrible war yes he had learnt of the wars of Westeros but to experience one first hand had matured him drastically. Now at the age of nine he finally believed and accepted he had been given a second chance at life. He had been sad at sad that he had lost his parents as well here but had become accustomed to life here in Essos.

"Sebastion I'm ready for my walk in the markets." He said.

"Yes young master Alex and Vasiris will be escorting you today." He said bringing him a different set of clothes to change in.

Harry nodded his head knowing the importance of having armed guards with him as he is in effect lord of a impressive army and a vast fortune. He naturally had a many guards around his manse 24/7 he finished changing into white silk shirt and pants along with a white cloak with the runes placed on them. He walked down the stairs greeting his servants and guards and out the door making sure his blade was strapped securely at his side. He was attended by his two guards lieutenant Alex and captain Vasiris both very skilled warriors of his personal guard. He walked a calm and confident stride down the path ignoring the peoples staring, "I wish people would stop staring at me." He grumbled seeing the looks of adoration as he got to the poorer areas in the city.

Alex chuckled seeing the people staring and whispering to the ones next to him, "Well you have helped the less privileged people of Pentos a lot, so of course they are gonna stare and whisper my lord." He said chuckling when he saw his lord pout at his statement.

"I didn't do much, I did what anyone would do if they were in my place." He said.

Both Vasiris and Alex laughed admiring the young lords modesty, "I don't think you get it my lord I doubt any other person with your wealth would ever think to help others. Help them with giving them work, giving out food and clothes as well as providing them rudimentary education. The people here love you and quite a few nobles admire you for the work you have done." He said.

Harry nodded he was about to start speaking again but was interrupted as he saw two figures with cloaks bartering with a vendor owner. The taller one a boy probably pre-teens was trying to barter with the vendor, "How about 6 silver stags for the two loafs of bread and the apple." He said.

The vendor shook his head, "No 12 silver stags for the two loafs of bread and the apple." He said.

He growled, "C'mon that's too expensive." He shouted.

The vendor just shook his head, "No twelve silver stags, unless you give me that ring and I will give you four loafs of bread and some cheese." He said trying to keep the glint of greed in his eyes.

The boy struggled with the internal strife staring at the ring he looked the at his stomach and then at the girl holding his hand staring up pleadingly at him.

Vaserys was about to remove the ring when he saw a boy dressed in fine clothes along with two fully armored guards approached them. He turned to the vendor, "I will take four loafs of bread and an apple please." He said placing the correct amount of money on the table.

He turned to them and gave a big smile and handed his sister Daenyris the apple which she munched on happily. He handed Vasyris the bread which he took gratefully, "Hey why don't you two join me for dinner Vasyris Targaryen." He said.

This immediately put him on guard, "How do you know me." He growled out forgetting that the boy had two armed guard with him.

The boy however smiled, "Your brother helped my father once saving his and my mothers life, now I wish to return the favor." He said.

Hearing this made him somewhat trust him and so they departed with Harry back to his manse.

They arrived at his manse and were awed by the size of his home Harry smiled, "As you can see the my family has been pleased with wealth, welcome you both to my home." He said gesturing them both inside.

Chapter end.

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Right now Harry can't perform any magic he was born two years before the Rebellion. Lorelei Lannister is the oldest sister of Cersei, Jaime and Tyrion.