Chapter 4

This is four years before the start of game of thrones and don't worry Harry will be meeting his family soon.

Harry smiled, "I dub thee Dame Dorothea Ernst." He said.

He smiled as he knighted her along with the others he had already chosen, Bismarck, Liliana, Monica, Dorothea, Sasha Voban , Arianna Blackford, Harris Black, Iskander Einburg, Guilbert Guillford and Lancelot Du Lac . These were all the people he had knighted himself, the ones who would be his personal guard. He walked to the line of knights, "You are my knights of round, my personal guard, you are afforded some privileges such as command over your own unit and you answer only to me." He said.

"Now if that's all we will meet again in the morning." He said.

They along with the others stood, "Yes my lord." The bellowed.

With that the others left as Harry went up to his chambers to see both the Targaryens there, Vaserys in a chair and Daenerys in his bed. He walked in and stripped himself of his armor, placing his new blade, Clarent, on the rack. He turned to them, "So what's new." He said.

Vaserys looked at him, the teenager had grown taller as well as gaining more muscle due to his training with Harry and Oxley. He cleared his throat, "What's going on Harry we heard of what happened in the city today with the Dothraki and now you spent most of the day in meeting with your council." He said.

Harry sighed at Vaserys inquisitive nature but this worked well for him, "The Dothraki are going to attack." He said drawing gasps from both siblings.

"What are you going to do?" Asked Vaserys.

"In the morning I ride with 20 thousand men to defeat the Khal Drago's khalaasar." He said.

Vaserys gained a determined look in his eyes, "Then let me come to, you know I can fight." He said standing up extending his fist.

Harry shook his head and place a hand on his shoulder, "No, I need you here with Daenerys plus I'm leaving two thousand men to defend the city. You along with Lord Caron and lieutenenant-general Orion Ironhide lead the city's defense, I have a bad feeling so I need you here." He said.

Vaserys looked like he wanted to argue but seeing the look in his friends Eyes nodded his head, he looked at Daenerys with something Harry didn't understand and left. He didn't notice Vaserys clench his fist and grit his teeth seeing daenerys look at him with those eyes. "Harry are you going away?" She asked fearful that he wasn't going to come back.

Harry smiled reassuringly and sat down on his bed next to the eleven year old, "Yes I am Dany, but don't worry I have every intention of coming back home." He said placing his left arm around her shoulder.

The girl immediately snuggled into his side, "I don't want you to go, please don't go, I don't want you to leave me." She sobbed out into his shoulder.

Harry immediately took her into his arms and hugged her tightly, "I have to go Dany, but don't worry I'm coming back I promise you I will." He said kissing her through her hair.

He let her cry herself out until she fell asleep and picked her up, taking her back to her chamber. He tucked her in and watched her sleep for a moment, smiling at her cute little face, "Goodnight Dany I promise you I will return, be good my sweet little Daenerys." He said placing a gentle kiss on her forehead. He remembered all the time he spent with her for the last four years, reading her books of old Valyria, of the North and the battle with the White walkers and against the first men. He remembered telling her of Aegon the conqueror, how he had invaded Westeros and united the kingdoms under one banner.


"Now in control of six of the Seven Kingdoms, Aegon I Targaryen, now known as Aegon the Conqueror, announced the founding of a new castle, the Red Keep, and a new capital city, King's Landing, on the site where he landed on the shores of Westeros, Aegon had melted the swords of those who had opposed him into a throne, the Iron Throne, as a reminder of their submission to the Targaryens.

Dorne remained unconquered and was acknowledged as a sovereign state under the rule of the Martells of Sunspear and Aegon devoted the remainder of his life to consolidation of his realm." He said closing the book.

Daenerys looked at him from where she laid in her bed tucked securely under the covers, "How did Aegon I gain Dorne then if it was recognized as a Sovereign nation?" She asked confused.

Harry smiled, "Well later after he died Baelon the blessed secured it through marriage between his cousin Daeron and Myriah Martell." He lectured her.

He turned to her and placed his hand against her cheek, "Now its time for bed little Dany." He whispered to her.

She nodded her head yawning softly mumbling out her reply and turned over going to sleep.

Flashback end

He spent a few minutes just watching her sleep, "She looks so innocent, I will do everything in my power to make sure that you keep that look for as long as possible." He swore and left the chambers not noticing a shadow around the corner.

Harry returned to his chambers to see his personal maid in his chamber he entered to see her wearing a blanket around her shoulders. He walked past her and sat down on the side of his bed, "Mary what are you doing here at this time of night?" He asked curious why she was here this time of night.

He noticed her shifting nervously in the same spot and avoided his gaze, "My lord, there has been talk between the staff that you are riding out to fight the horse riders." She said.

Harry nodded knowing that the staff would know a little of what's happening, "Yes, its true I ride with my army at dawn." He said.

She looked down and he saw tears threatening to spill from her eyes, "Mary what's the matter? Why are you crying?" Asked Harry concerned for her.

She wiped the tears away with the back of her hand, "My lord I'm afraid." She said.

She took a deep breath and continued, "I'm afraid you won't be coming back." She choked out desperately trying to hold back her tears.

"Mary." Said Harry taking her in his arms.

He couldn't stand the sight of someone looking like his mother crying, "Don't cry Mary, I will be coming back I promise. So please stop crying your marring such a pretty face." He said trying to comfort her.

She sobbed, "Please my lord please do, I don't know what I would do if you died, you were the one who took me from the gutter I was sitting. It was you who gave me clothing, food and work, everything I am now I owe it to you." She said gazing adoringly into her handsome lords eyes.

She took a step back and dropped the blanket revealing her naked body to her lord, she smiled seeing him blush while gazing at her body. Honestly her loins were really wet seeing him stare at her body, her nipples hardening as well, "My lord I belong to you, please allow me to warm your bed tonight." She said keeping her gaze to the floor, hoping he would say yes.

Harry couldn't help gazing at her body Mary was twenty two name days with the body a body to dire for. She had lovely slender face with green eyes and cute nose, a slim hour glass figure with large perky breasts capped with light pink nipples. A smooth flat stomach that dipped down to her maidenhood, which was smooth except for a small puff of red pubic hair above the mound, he also noticed she had a nice, plump butt.

He quickly turned away when she proposed what she wanted, "You want to lay with me?" He asked.

She nodded her head, "Yes my lord If that is what you wish." She said hoping he would say yes.

Harry sighed and slid under the covers for his bed looking expectantly at her, getting the hint she quickly slipped under the covers beside him. Harry turned to her, "Mary you are a beautiful girl, its just I'm still too young and I'm about to fight tomorrow. I just want to have a nice long rest tonight, now I admit I don't want to spend it alone, so I just want to sleep with you." He said.

Mary nodded resigning herself to just sleeping in the same bed as her lord, "As you wish my lord." She said and settled down for bed.

Harry surprised her when he placed his arm around her and started to spoon with her, "Huh I could get used to this." Thought Mary as she spooned with the man of her dreams.

Harry grunted as he awoke to the sun in his face, he groaned, he felt refreshed and ready for the day. He felt something soft in his hand and squeezed trying to find out what it was, he froze as he heard a throaty moan. The moan of a woman then he remembered what happened last night and who was in his bed, "Mary." He said.

She sat up not caring about modesty and yawned rubbing her eyes, "Yes My lord." She said smiling down at him.

Harry cleared his throat, "Would you please run a bath for me." He said.

She giggled causing her breast to bounce drawing his eyes to them, "Of course my lord, I will get to it immediately." She said getting up from the bed and leaving to get it ready.

Harry let out a sound of happiness as he was now clean fresh from his bath, he donned his clothes and head towards Oxley's chambers. He knocked on the door and it opened to see Oxley already dressed in his armor for battle, "Well you are certainly prepared, so we have yet to get my armor and weapons as we were interrupted yesterday." Said a determined Harry.

Oxley finished securing his great sword to his waist, "Aye my lord, we should correct that immediately." He said and stepped out his chambers.

They arrived at the vault a few moments later and opened the door the same way they did yesterday. Oxley walked in after his lord, "Now that you already have chosen your weapons you need armor." He said.

Harry groaned, "Can't I have armor made for me by our blacksmith." He groaned out.

Oxley shook his head calm as ever, "No, the armor the Peverells have, has been passed down for generations. Most of them created in the time where magic was still strong, so they have special protections contained within them as well as special abilities unique to that specific armor. That's why the lord of the house has always been given the honor of wearing one of the armors." Said Oxley.

Harry was in awe at the possible power of the armors contained within the vault, "So let's get this started." He said out loud to himself.

He closed his eyes and let himself be lead to the one he felt most drawn to it didn't take long for him to feel a strong connection pulling him into a certain direction. He opened his eyes to see the most beautiful set of armor he had ever seen it was a bright gleaming silver full armor, "Absolutely beautiful, Oxley help me put it on." He said eager to try on this masterful piece of craftsmanship.

Oxley was amused at the eager tone in his lords voice but complied non the less and quickly helped him don the armor.

He whistled in appreciation at the armor his lord now wore, it was beautiful his lord stood clad fully in a shining silver armor. A rustic helmet with a narrow slit enough to see the glow of his green eyes he made an intimidating figure. He examined the armor further it is the work of the delicate and nuanced workmanship of its smith's utmost effort, succeeding in granting it an air of formidable and fine construction. It is a perfect armor that can be called neither exquisite nor crude, and it instead perfectly melds magnificence and functionality. It is carved with countless marks and scratches armor truly fit for a king he noted.

Harry marveled at the armor he now wore, "Its so light and flexible and the helmet does not impede my vision at all. This is truly the work of masterful craftsmanship and magic, it must be to create something this beautiful and functional." He thought flexing his hands.

He turned to Oxley, "So what do you think?" He asked hoping for his mentors opinion.

Oxley eyed him, "Very impressive My Lord, the men will definitely gaze at you in awe you cut an impressive figure in that armor. Though we can't really talk right now we have run out of time, we need to report to the stables your men are waiting for us outside the wall." He said.

Harry nodded understanding the importance of punctuality, "Alright let's go I've already said my goodbyes to Vaserys and Daenerys." He said quickly grabbing Caliburn and the Liberator from the rack.

He quickly tied Caliburn to his waist and slung the Liberator on his back he was about to leave when he felt another pull but in three different directions. He stopped alerting Oxley as well, "Something wrong my lord?" He asked concerned.

Harry shook his head motioning him to go on, "Go on ahead, Oxley are my knights of round waiting for me in the chambers?" He asked.

He nodded his head at the question and with that left to join the men waiting for them.

Harry returned heading first to the strongest pull he was led to a rack that held a large great sword it was definitely unique as the blade was a deep purple that had a half moon curve at the end. (Think the Excalibur of Bismarck Waldensteins Galahad.) He took the blade in its scabbard, he then went to the other strong pull towards another blade two handed great sword it was shining silver, a pure holy blade. He took this blade as well instantly knowing who would receive the blade Arondight as well as Excalibur. He finally got to where the final pull was ten beautifully crafted blades, he now knew why he got the pull these weapons where meant for his knights of round. These ten blades were enchanted Valyrian steel that would change their shape to suit the personality of their users.

He pulled one of the blades out the scabbard, "Valaryian steel." He noted and sheathed the blade. Harry grabbed eight of them and departed to the chambers to meet his knights. He arrived a few minutes later and entered the chambers, "Greetings My lord." Came the voice of Ser Bismarck Waldenstein.

Harry nodded in greeting and motioned them to remain standing, "I know the rest of the men are waiting for us so I will keep this sort, I will assign you your rank in my guard. Monica is my knight of ten, Liliana Knight of nine, Sasha Voban knight of eight. Harris Black knight of seven, Dorothea Ernst knight of six, Iskander Einburg knight of five, Arianna Blackford knight of four, Guilbert Guillford knight of three, Lancelot Du lac knight of two and Bismarck Waldenstein my knight of one." He said.

They all bowed grateful for their positions, "Now Bismarck and Lancelot step forward." Harry called them forth.

Both men stepped forward and knelt on one knee Harry stepped forward with two blades in hand, "To you Ser Bismarck I present you with Excalibur, treat it well as it is a powerful blade." He said, presenting the blade to his knight.

Bismarck remained on his knee taking the blade, "Thank you my lord, I promise I will use it well." He said strapping the large blade to his back and returning to the line.

He turned to his knight of two, "And to you Lancelot I present to you the blade Arondight it is a powerful blade that will not break under any blow. Respect it and take care of it and it will take care of you." He said smiling seeing his old friend finally becoming the knight he was meant to be.

Lancelot gripped the beautiful blade in his hands tightly not believing his lord would entrust him with such a treasure. He bowed his head, "My lord I don't know if I'm worthy of this honor, but I promise to use this blade to protect the people and defend you from any threat." He vowed.

With that he stepped back in line tying the blade securely to his waist on the left side.

Harry then brought the eight other blades, "Don't think I forgot about you, these are powerful enchanted Valaryian steel from my personal vault of weapons, treat them well." He said distributing the weapons to his knights who took the blades eager to test them out on the Dothraki.

"Let's go." He said.

Harry had his horse trot out the gate and to the front of his men accompanied by his rounds, Oxley as well as lord Blackford trotted up beside him.

Harry looked out at his men seeing them all armored and ready for battle, "Let's move out!" He commanded.

He turned and started to ride to their destination, "Watch out Dothraki, cause we are coming." He thought to himself.

Five days later

Harry was in his tent with a map on the table surrounded by his officers, "So this is where we make our stand here in the dead fields, have you finished the preparations with the damn over looking the field." He asked Lord Briggory.

He looked up, "Aye my lord, but are you sure this is going to work if it doesn't we will suffer heavy losses in the assault." He said.

Worried over the plans his lord had proposed.

Harry looked over the plans, "Trust me it will work, once I kill the khal it will break the Dothraki warriors and that's when we finish them off." He explained.

Lord Caron stood up, "My lord who will lead the vangaurd?" He asked.

Harry gestured to an older looking man is his mid forties, "Lord Blackford will be leading the vanguard." He said.

Everyone accepted his decision as that was where the blackfords shone especially the lord Blackwood. Harry then gestured to the map, "From our scouts reports the Dothraki are heading right to us they will be here in the morning, we will be ready. The nine thousand infantry will be se right here further away from the dead zone, I will take five thousand of the Cavalry and draw the Khal Drago and part of his forces away." And so he explained his plan to the rest of his men.

Once he finished he looked up to the rest of his men gauging their reactions, "Well that is crazy, but it just might work." Chimed in Ser Bismarck.

"If that's all I bid you all a good night." He said and with that he escorted everyone out the tent.

Harry gazed out at the camp and all the men that had joined him, "I wonder will most of them make it home alive." He asked himself out loud.

"If all goes to according to your plan then yes we will suffer minimal losses." Came the reply of his knight of two Lancelot Du lac.

Harry chuckled, "I hope it goes to plan, so how is the blade I entrusted to you?" He asked.

Lancelot bowed smiling at his lord, "Lancelot you don't have to bow or call me lord when we are alone. We have known each other for a few years and you did save my life once." He said.

Lancelot smiled, "I have grown used to it my lord but thank you for the consideration, so are you ready for this?" He asked.

Harry stared at his hands which were shaking, "I think so but my hands are shaking." He said.

Lancelot smiled, "Good it means your not an idiot." He said smiling and with that last comment left the tent.

Harry arrived at his tent and sat at his desk and wrote down his thoughts for the day, "I should get to bed." He thought.

He was taken by his thoughts by his tents opening fluttering signaling someone had come in. He turned to see Dorothea had come and he gestured to her to rise as she had knelt, "My lord, I have come to you to confirm my fears." She said.

Now Harry was interested, "Oh and what are they my knight." He asked interested.

She looked to him eyes filled with sadness, "My lord I need to tell you the real reason I joined your army, my father a lord had grown tired at the Corruption in Myr. He refused to take part and feared they would try to hurt him through me so he sent me away to Pentos hearing of you and your good deeds he sent me to observe you. He sent word and today I received his letter and confirmed our fears Myr is planning to expand its empire starting with Pentos. They have allied themselves with Tyrosh and the second sons, and plan to attack soon." She finished.

Harry was silent because he was thinking rapidly, "Do you know a rough estimate for when they are going to attack?" He asked.

She nodded her head, " Yes probably in a month maybe two." She clarified for him.

Harry grit his teeth, "Damn so soon we won't have enough time to get ready, I would have to ask help of Braavos. Even though Pentos is allied with them it was two the magisters they will no doubt try to get rid of me then. Damn what to do, what to do." He thought to himself.

"Thank you Dorothea that was most helpful." He said grateful for the tip, Jacques would have serious work to do once he sent a raven.

He dismissed her she stayed however to Harry's confusion, "Is there something else you wanted to say to me." He asked.

Dorothea nodded, "My lord my father would like you to know that many want things to change in Myr. Right now only the ruling class prosper while the rest of us go through the motions during the day. He would like you to know that should you take the city the people, most of the military and some nobles would support your take over." She said eyes void of emotion staring down at the floor.

Harry was surprised at the words coming from Dorothea's mouth, "That's well I wouldn't decide to do that lighltly, but if I have to do that to end the fighting with Myr I will. Now please leave me I want to get some rest." He said motioning for her to go.

She bowed again and left the tent, Harry's mind was reeling Myr was going to attack them along with Tyrosh and the mercenaries Second sons. "I need to warn Lord Caron and lieutenant-General Ironhide." He said out loud writing down a message and attaching it to a raven.

He let it go and watched it fly away, "Fly true my friend." He said.

He turned back to his tent and entered, he put on his night clothes and got into his bed.

Harry woke up with a start, "Woah, what was that dream about." He thought.

He dreamt that he along with his army successfully defeated the Dothraki sustaining very little casualties and when they arrived back at Pentos. They found the forces of Tyrosh and Lyse laying siege to their city and where starting to break through their defenses. He watched as they sacked the city, killing men women and children, raping the woman and destroying everything in sight. He was horrified as he watched all of this, what stood out as well was the faces of the leading officers. Who stood and watched over their handy work, the first one was a mountain of a man at Seven feet tall, shaved head, a large jagged scar across his face. He wore chain mail and boiled leather armor and wield a large war hammer that he handled with expert ease, smashing the heads of men in with ease. The other commander of Tyrosh he was a slender man decked out in pitch black armor, he had his helmet on the entire time. Then there were their hounds they were drunk with blood lust, he did get their names, James waters, Harly Samson, Jaga Snake, Osiris Stell.

Harry grabbed his head, "Dorothea told me that Myr and Tyrosh would band together to attack us, however in my dream they were with Lys. That must mean that Tyrosh has betrayed Myr and allied themselves with Lys." He thought to himself.

He tried to reassure himself that it was just a dream, but he instinctively knew that what he experienced was real. From his memories of his old life there such things as visions of the future were real, such as seers, divination etc.

He massaged his temples and went to his desk writing another letter to his men at Pentos, once he finished it he tied it to the leg of a raven and set it off.

He changed into his armor with the help of his servant and strapped his blade Caliburn to his side, "I still haven't even drawn it yet." He muttered fingering the hilt of the blade.

He then secured his shield to his back and stepped out of the tent helmet held under his arm and walked into the war council tent, that was set up when they had arrived. He was greeted by his men as he arrived, "As you were." He ordered them.

"Lord Blackford Report." He commanded.

The man now decked in heavy armor stood up, "My lord the scouts have reported that the Dothraki would be here in an hour." He said.

Harry turned to Bismarck, "Are the men ready?" He asked.

Bismarck now in his armor looked the part of a true knight, "Yes my lord these men are willing to die for you." He said murmurs of agreement greeted his statement.

Harry slammed his fist on the table silencing everyone in the tent, "No they shouldn't be willing to die for me, they should do everything in their power to live for me. My men aren't dying here today, follow the plan and we will suffer little casualties." He said.

The lords were silent by his speech but as one accepted it, their lord was a very kind and gentle person. It pained them that he would have to fight. But this was a world where the strong ruled the weak. To them there was no one stronger than the young man in front of them, Lord Hadrian James Peverell. Harry grinned at them once they finalized their plans, "Well let's not keep the Dothraki or their Khal waiting." He said.

The men cheered and with that Harry climbed on to his steed Snowfeather and prepared for battle. He had his infantry in a wedge formation, Nine thousand stood ready for battle with Ser Bismarck Waldenstein, Lord Blackford and Lord Brandford leading them.

He himself stood with five thousand cavalry waiting for the Khal and his men to come, he didn't have to wait long as he saw the Khal along with all his men enter the the area, Black field. Black field was once a fertile piece of land that was used to grow crops, unfortunately the men destroyed the land and abandoned it. The Black field was a large square piece of land with forest on the eastern side and tall long grass on the surrounding area, part of the Flatlands. He urged his horse forward his calvary following him, Lancelot and Oxley to his right and Arianne, Monica, Liliana and Dorothea to the left. He saw the Khal Drago send his horse into a gallop, Khal Drago was a large man at Six foot three, dark skin, long hair braid and very muscled wielding a Arakh.

He sent his horse on a gallop towards Khal Drago determination shining in his eyes. He drew his sword Caliburn for the very first time, the blade glowed brightly in his hand blinding his enemy. The arrows of the Dothraki archers missed his men as the glow died down he saw through his peripherals his men gazing at him in awe. He set his eyes forward toward his enemy, "Now!" He roared out twirling his sword in a circle, giving his men the signal.

He along with his calvary banked left and rode swiftly to the forest that lied on the east of the the battle field. He noticed that the khal as well as half of his horde of men were following him, he turned to Bismarck and gave him a nod and galloped into the forest.

With Bismarck, Blackford and Brandford.

Bismarck watched his lord as he rode into the forest with the khal and his horde following closely. He turned to see the rest of the Dothraki that were charging towards himself and his men, "Let's hope that your plan works, My lord." He thought to himself.

He was rewarded with the sight of a large wave of water running down and soaking the field, along with knocking some of the Dothraki off their horses. After a minute or so the water stopped allowing Bismarck and the others to see that most of the dothraki were drenched and on the ground as well as the horses. The rest were trying to regroup and attack them again, however Bismarck was not giving them the chance.

He gestured to the man beside him Lord Brandford who blew his horn, signaling their friends. He roared out a battle cry and charged along with the men leaping out of the tall grass and hit them from the right flank.

With Harry in the forest

He raced past a surprised Dothraki rider and severed his head, he sped past and engaged another. All was going according to the plan, once they led the Dothraki to the forest they dispersed into the forest. All his men knew exactly what to do, in the open terrain the Dothraki were deadly. But here in the forest they were targets. He left three thousand of his Cavalry in the forest to ambush them, this was mainly employed to cause chaos and disarray in the ranks of the Dothraki.

Which worked and his men swooped in at all angles and engaged the Dothraki, cutting down quite a few of them in the process. He ducked under a blow from a Arakh, and swiflty cut through his chest kicking him in the chest. He rode on killing any Dothraki in his way as he sped toward his target. He saw the Khal knock one of his men off his horse and cut down eviscerate another. This caused him to speed further and meet him head on, causing them to fall off their horses.

Harry quickly got to his feet pulling the Liberator off his back and readied his blade for the battle ahead. He saw Drago already ready with an Arakh in each hand charging toward him. He block the first and second blow with his shield, "Wow I barely felt that and it looked like a powerful blow, is this the power of the Liberator. The power to absorb the impact of any strike as well as being light and extremely tough." He thought to himself.

He struck quick and hard delivering three strikes one to the stomach, another to the chest and to the throat. Drago blocked the first and second strike before ducking under the throat strike. He leapt to the right and gave a mule kick, which Harry swiftly danced out of the way. He retaliated with a horizontal blow towards the Khals abdomen he followed up with a shield bash, which connected against Drago's face. It stunned him long enough for Harry to disarm him of one of Drago's Arakh and knock him to the ground.

He tried to put his blade through the Khals neck, but he swiftly rolled out of the way and rose to his feet. He roared and viciously started raining down swift blows onto Harry who blocked it with his shield. Even though the shield absorbed most of the impact he still felt the strength of the blows, he knocked the blade up. Which left the khal temporarily vulnerable, Harry immediately took advantage of the opening and slashed the Khals right leg. This brought him down to his knee, Harry danced around his opponent and his blade cut cleanly through the khal Drago's neck.

He saw he had quite the audience as he saw a few of his men as well as some Dothraki stared at the scene, some in disbelief others in awe. He lifted his blade up, "Khal Drago is dead, let's end this men." He bellowed out.

Harry was met with cheers and battle cry's as his words and actions, caused the men to fight with renewed vigor and started tearing into the Dothraki.

With Bismarck, Lord Blackford and Lord Brandford.

Bismarck grunted as he parried a blow from a Axe before swiftly bisecting a man with utter ease. Bismarck marveled at the sharpness and durability of the blade His New lord had given him. He had blocked a number of blows with the blade as well as some arrows with the side of the blade, yet it showed no signs of marks or scratches on the blade. He was torn from his thoughts by cutting through the legs of a Dothraki's horse, then crushing his skull with the heel of his boot. He noted that the numbers of the Dothraki had thinned out and were slowly retreating and smiled. The plan had worked perfectly, the water build up that they had caused had flooded the area as planned. This drenched the Dothraki and their horses injuring them and wetting the field which made the muddy field hard to move in. This along with the men he had hiding in the tall grass had surprised them.

He was interrupted by hearing the hooves of multiple horses coming from the forest, he watched with anticipation of who was coming. He didn't have to wait long 'til he sighed in relief at seeing the shining silver armor that was worn by his lord. He watched as the cavalry being led by Harry rode down and swiflty cut their way into what remained of the Dothraki horde. It wasn't long of cutting and hacking his way through horse and rider until he saw them begin to falter and retreat.

He raised his blade in the air, "Give chase men their retreating." He ordered and gave chase.

Bismarck managed to obtain a horse from a dead Dothraki and was about to go after the remainder, when the horn was blown in two short bursts which signaled them to halt the attack. He stopped and watched the remainder of the horde ride away in defeat.

Harry smiled largely and raised his blade high in the air it was glowing brightly once more, "Warriors of Pentos, we have emerged victorious." He shouted and the men cheered in victory.

When one soldier suddenly shouted, "All Hail Lord Peverell!"

This surprised him even more when the rest of his soldiers joined in, "All Hail Lord Peverell!" Was all that was heard from a distance.

Chapter end

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