Aha, hey again, guys! Sorry it's been so long, but I figured I'd give everyone in the Zero/X community a little something, considering how little people have. I hope you enjoy it!

- Kenny

The elongated table that Alia, X, Axl, Zero, Lifesaver and Signas occupied was covered in papers and plans. Some were finished, however most of them were covered in footnotes and scribbled upon. Alia was speaking to the group, listing off things most of them had already knew.

It was a required meeting from their higher-ups, and though it wasn't really necessary because they were all so tight anyways, they nonetheless conducted it. It was either this or being forced to scrub the locker rooms with their own polish rags.

"—And that's about all I have on the matter. X, do you have that report so I can look over the numbers?" Alia asked, looking over at the blue Reploid. He nodded, brunette locks falling out of his helmet as he removed it and set it aside, next to his laptop.

It was abnormal for Reploids to even use laptops considering the fact that they could search the internet and sue such programs at will without the need for an external source of connection unless it was of a complicated nature. But X found that is helped him keep track of everything better, especially since he had rather… embarrassing last time he had written up a report by hand Signas had returned and reprimanded him for having someone else write it for him.

Besides, typing things out made things much easier for everyone. He had already printed out three copies of the report—one for his own files, one for Alia, and one to be sent to the official files kept at the HQ's library. So why print another out when he could simply pull it up?

He flipped open the machine, the screen coming to life immediately. But what greeted him wasn't the usual picture of him, Zero and Axl.

It was simply Zero…in a rather /provocative/ position.

He was laying on their bed, sheets about him. All he had on was a pair of tight-fitting briefs that dipped low and clung to his hips. Blonde hair was splayed about him in a deceivingly innocent way, completely contradicting the look he was giving whoever was taking the eyes—the brightest blue—were absolutely piecing lust clouding the bright ocean that swam within them. His back was slightly arched off of the bed, legs spread apart and toes digging into the sheets. One hand was resting on the band of his underwear, his fingertips just barely dipping below, teasing. The other fisted the sheets as well.

X's face immediately turned bright red, eyes widening. He let out a small, indignant squeak as he slammed his computer shut as fast as he could. "I—uh—I think I left it, um, on the desktop at the—at the office…" he trailed off awkwardly.

"Something the matter, X?" Zero asked. He had a certain tone to his voice, one that made it obvious to X who had done that. Though how anyone else would manage to get this kind of picture of him was perplexing to say the least. The blonde Reploid quirked a carefully shaped eyebrow. X glared at him through his blush.

"S-Shut up, Zero."