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Kung Fu Panda 2: My version

Chapter 1: Tragic Beginning, Happy Ending

Long ago the peacocks ruled a city in peace and had a fascination with fireworks. The two rulers had a son named Shen who also was fascinated by them but for a much darker reason. He wanted to use them to create a weapon of mass destruction and his parents fearing for their son's life went to a soothsayer to help ease their troubled mind. Yet, to their dismay the soothsayer predicted that if their son continued on his destructive path a warrior of black and white would defeat him. Shen hearing this vowed to change his fate but his actions only sealed it. This is where the story begins. A peaceful village filled with pandas were enjoying another wonderful day. Men pandas were walking with female pandas as children pandas ran through the grass flying kites. A baby panda with jade eyes was crawling with a huge grin. Just then the air was still and the sky darkened. Everyone stood around as fear spread through their hearts. The sky darkened and Lord Shen and his wolf army appeared and he shouted", Kill them all!" Wolves ran at the pandas slaughtering anyone they got their paws on. Fires broke out as screams echoed in the flames as the baby panda began to cry. A wolf lunged at him but a bigger panda with a weapon appeared it was the baby's father. The baby's mother full of fear for her son and husband looked at her husband with fear.

"Susan, take our son and hide go!" he shouted and the last thing he saw was his wife picking up their baby and running into the woods. Susan held her baby close as she ran for her life while a demented wolf warrior chased her. She saw a boat down by the river and placed her son in a radish crate. The baby began to cry as his little arms reached out for his mother to hold him. She tried to shush him as she held his paws and smiled at him to reassure him that everything was okay. The baby smiled and the mother kissed her baby's head for the last time and let go of his paws and ran away leading the wolf away from her child. Her baby's cries echoed in her mind as she ran away. The baby felt himself being lifted up and soon the motion of the waves made him fall asleep. Shen returned to the palace proud of his actions but his parents were mortified. With no other option they banished Shen but he vowed to return to claim his birthright and to rule all of China. Very far away in a Valley called the Valley of Peace lived a goose named Mr. Ping. He owned a noodle restaurant and heard the delivery out back. His order of vegetables had come and he went out to fetch them. To his surprise when he opened the radish crate all he saw was a very hungry baby panda. The baby smiled at him and Mr. Ping unsure as to how the baby got there looked around. Mr. Ping was expecting to see someone looking for the baby. A frantic mother or maybe a worried father but no one came. So, he led the baby into his shop and fed him as he gave him a bath. Then tried to put some pants on him but the baby kept crawling away thinking they were playing a game. When he hit his head and started to cry Mr. Ping held him and with a loving look made a very important decision that changed his life forever. He took the baby panda as his own and gave him a name. He named the baby panda Po and unbeknown to him. The events were in motion as Po's destiny was being written and it was a destiny for greatness. Yet, his destiny would lead him down a dangerous path, a path that could very well end his life. For Lord Shen was unaware of Po still living and he was biding his time till he exact his revenge and rule China. Yes, he and Po would face each other as the soothsayer predicted but only one would live from the battle. And so this is where the story truly begins.

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