Chapter 11: Future Choices

"Where is the Dragon Warrior? It is my son's birthday and all he wanted was to see the Dragon Warrior", asked an annoyed pig mother.

"I am sure he will be back", Mr. Ping said trying not to cry. When Tigress came that morning when they were all heading towards Gongmen City to save Po and China. Mr. Ping was beyond worried especially since how Po was the last time he saw him. Po always called him dad but what if Po stopped for now he knew Mr. Ping wasn't his dad. It was painful but the truth even though Mr. Ping raised Po since he was a baby and fed him and clothed him. Was always there when Po needed him and if that wasn't a father than what was? Po was his son and he would always see himself as Po's father. He just hoped that Po would still see him as his dad too. Just then the once grumpy little boy began to grin and laugh and Mr. Ping turned around to see Po carrying a crate of radishes.

"Po, you are okay!" Mr. Ping exclaimed running to his son crying.

"Hey dad sorry if I worried you", Po said placing the crate down and hugging his dad.

"So, did you save China?" his dad asked happy his son was alive.

"Yeah we all did", Po said smiling.

"Oh good because I made these shirts saying "My son saved China", Mr. Ping said holding up a t-shirt showing Po and the Furious Five saving China.

"They look awesome dad. Can I talk to you alone for a second", Po asked nervously.

"Sure son follow me", Mr. Ping said and led Po into the kitchen in the back. Before they left Po said happy birthday to the pig boy making both the boy and his mom happy.

"Dad while I was in Gongmen City I found the village where I was raised and I know how I wound up in the radish crate. And through everything I realized something", Po said looking at his dad in the eyes.

"And what was that Po?" his father asked almost afraid to hear the answer but put on a brave face.

"That you are my dad and I love you", Po said smiling as he hugged his father. Mr. Ping was bursting with joy as he hugged his son back.

"I love you too son. My Po, my little boy", Mr. Ping said as tears fell from his face.

Far away in a distant Valley an adult male panda that looked like Po wearing a green robe stood up. "My son is alive", he said in a shocked tone. Below him was a panda village that was thriving with pandas and the panda had to find his son and bring him home. Later that night Po and Tigress were at the Peach Tree looking up at the stars.

"Say it again", Tigress said holding onto Po's arm.

"Kitten I already said it 49 times", Po said fighting back a laugh.

"I want to hear it again", Tigress said stubbornly.

"Okay, Tigress I promise never ever to leave you again and if I do you can tie me up and lock me in your room forever and ever", Po said kissing her forehead.

"Thank you Dumpling", Tigress purred kissing his cheek and nuzzling into his fur.

"Am I forgiven now?" Po asked in a gentle tone.

"Almost", Tigress said in a teasing voice.

"Well I think I have something in my pocket that may make you forgive me completely", Po said grinning in a mysterious way.

"What is it?" Tigress asked with excitement.

"First, Tigress do you remember that question I was going to ask you before we had to stop the wolves from stealing the metal?" Po asked her. Tigress looked back through her memory file and for a brief second almost forgot about it due to all the other events that took place.

"Yes, I remember what did you want to ask me?" Tigress questioned growing curious. Po held her paw and smiled at her and got down on one knee. Tigress fought back tears as her face went wide with shock.

"Well basically in my own way I wanted to ask you if you will do me the honor of becoming my wife", Po said holding up a gold ring.

"I will", Tigress said as Po slipped the ring on her finger. She burst into tears as she lunged at Po kissing his lips as he swung her around. Both hearts were complete that day and they ran off to tell the others of their plans to wed. Yet, off in Gongmen City the soothsayer eyes opened wide with true fear. Her whole body was shaking and she had to go to the Valley of Peace to warn the Dragon Warrior of her vision. She remembered only flashes of a tiger of orange and black in terrible danger by a shadowy figure and the warrior of black and white coming to the tiger's aid and falling over dead as the Tiger wept in sorrow. The shadowy figure letting out a cold laugh, like ice and then everything went black as the soothsayer came out of the vision. She had to act fast for if she didn't the warrior of black and white would die trying to protect the warrior of orange and black. Dark forces were at work and the panda will die. The soothsayer would try and stop her vision from coming true but her visions were never wrong.

The End

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