Chapter 9: A Warrior's Pain

Down in a river as the rain poured and the sky darkened. A motionless figure was being carried away by the current. It was Po floating unconscious as his body stopped at a dock and a shadowy figure tapped his chest with a stick. Po let out a moan and the figure knew he was alive. With two strong hands Po was pulled out of the river and carried to safety. A small drop of water fell on Po's nose as his eyes opened. Every bit of his body ached as he tried to remember what happened. The last thing he remembered was facing Lord Shen and having a cannon ball blasted at him. Someone was screaming but Po couldn't remember who. Then his eyes widened for it was Tigress who screamed. His friends were still in the clutches of Lord Shen. Po had to get up and save them before it was too late. Getting to his feet he barreled over in pain as a shadow fell over him. "I would recommend drinking this before trying to get up again", said an elderly voice. Po looked up to see the Soothsayer standing before him.

"You", was what came out of Po's mouth.

"Me", the Soothsayer said nodding her head. She held a wooden spoon in her hand with a clear liquid inside. "Drink", she said in a firm tone. Like a mother would tell their child when they needed to take medicine to fight off an illness. Po looked at her with hesitance for this lady who did apparently saved him still worked for Lord Shen. "If you wish to save your friends and stop Lord Shen from destroying China you will have to take this", the Soothsayer told him. Po looked away knowing she was right so he took the spoon and drank the odd liquid. Instantly his body was healing and he was able to stand on his own two feet again.

"I don't understand why did you save me?" Po asked.

"Because you are the only one who can stop Lord Shen", the Soothsayer said.

"I don't understand why did Lord Shen kill all the pandas why did you say only I could beat him?" Po asked his mind oozing with questions.

"Sit by the fire panda and I will answer your questions", the Soothsayer said. Po did as he was told and the Soothsayer began her tale. "Many years ago when you were a cub the peacocks ruled Gongmen City in peace. They were fascinated with fireworks and their son Lord Shen was fascinated with them too but for a darker purpose. He wanted to use them to create a weapon that would conquer all of China and his parents fearing for his life came to me. I cannot explain why you were chosen panda only what my visions tell me. But I had a vision that if Shen continued on his dark path a warrior of black and white would defeat him. Shen hearing this vowed to change his fate but his actions only sealed it", the Soothsayer said as a tear fell from her face. She got up and looked at Po and said", Come". Po followed her outside and saw they were at the remains of what looked like a village. "Does this place look familiar?" she asked him. Po looked around and he felt like he had been here before but couldn't remember when. Suddenly he heard children laughing and a flashback was coming but Po wasn't ready to handle it. "Don't fight it panda let it flow", the Soothsayer told him. Po saw a rain drop fall onto a flower and remembered what Master Shifu had said. To master Inner Peace a warrior was be truly at peace with themselves and Po knew in order to master Inner Peace knowing his past would help him. He closed his eyes as a rain drop fell and he began to move the raindrop with his fingers as the flashback flowed through his memory.

He saw a bright sun and children laughing as they flew kites. The village was bright and beautiful as female pandas were walking with male pandas. He saw himself as a baby crawling down some wooden steps the very steps he just walked down. A yellow butterfly was on his nose as he was smiling. A male panda that looked just like him but his eyes were blue picked him up. "Hey big man you will be walking soon in no time", his father said as he held him.

"My sweet baby", said a female panda that had Po's eyes. His father handed him to the female as she gave him a panda toy. "We love you son", they said together as they kissed baby Po's head. Suddenly the sky darkened and his mother set him down as she walked closer to her husband. An army of wolves appeared as Lord Shen stood in front of them.

"Kill them all!" Shen yelled glaring at baby Po. Wolves sprang like demons burning houses as the screams of their victims echoed in the flames. Baby Po began to cry as a wolf lunged at him only to be knocked away by his father who stood between Po and the wolf. His mother stood next to baby Po looking petrified.
"Susan take our son and run go!" his father shouted. His mother picked up baby Po and ran into the woods. A wolf warrior hunted them until she saw the boat by the docks. She went down and pulled out some radishes and placed her son in the crate. Baby Po began to cry as he held up his tiny paws for his mother to hold him. His mother shushed him as she held his paws and smiled at him to assure him everything was fine.

"I love you my baby never forget that", she whispered as a tears fell from her face. She kissed Baby Po's head and ran away leading the wolf and Shen away from Po as Baby Po cries were swallowed up by the darkness.

Po dropped the rain drop onto the flower for now he knew the full story. The Soothsayer noticed a change in the panda and asked", Who are you?" Once her words hit his ears memories flooded through him. His dad finding him, meeting Tigress, saving the lady and her son from the fire, dancing with Viper, dancing with Tigress at the Festival, becoming the Dragon Warrior, beating Tai-Lung and that was when he answered her.

Opening his eyes with a serious look on his face as he said", I am Po and I am going to need a hat". Back in Gongmen City the Furious Five were tied together still in shock over Po's death.

"Ah why the long faces you all will become part of something beautiful", Shen chuckled. Tigress let out a low growl causing Shen to back away. "Once we reached the harbor I will launch my weapon and you all will be destroyed along with whatever my baby hits so enjoy your last moments together. And fear not you will be with your precious panda soon enough", Shen said softly. Tigress snarled as her body lunged at Shen causing the rest of the five to swing around. Shen moved away in terror but dusted himself off and moved away from them.

"Well guys I didn't know it would end this way I always thought I would meet a girl, settle down and she would eat my head", Mantis said sadly.

"We cannot give up Po would want us to remain hardcore, right Tigress", Monkey said looking up at Tigress. The female tiger remained silent as tears fell from her face. Po was gone and he was never coming back. Memories flashed before her as time stood still as they rolled on down towards the harbor.

"Nice to meet you Tigress, my name is Po. Hey Ti, you made it let's play. Don't you ever call my friend a monster ever again! I made this Ying Yang necklace for your birthday present because it is the perfect symbol of our friendship. They are just jealous because I get to dance with the most beautiful girl at the festival. I love you Tigress. I promise never to leave you".

Po's voice echoed through her mind as memories of them flashed before her. Their first meeting till now and she couldn't believe it was all over. No more meals made by Po. No more adventures or training or meditating under the Peach Tree. Never seeing those gorgeous jade eyes staring back at her or hear that musical laugh. No more tickle fights or playing checkers and the thought of never having their relationship progress made her heart ache. She wanted to fight but what was the point. Without Po around everything was lifeless and dull. China was doomed but Tigress didn't have the will to fight. Po was her will for when she saw those bullies pick on him and when the leader pushed Tigress to the ground. Seeing Po stand up to the bullies even willing to take a beating just so she wouldn't be harmed gave Tigress the courage to fight. For Po a person who could barely defend himself still helped people then so could she. The odds were always stacked against him but somehow he pulled through and with him by her side she felt unstoppable. She was a waterfall of emotions. Sad that Po was gone, angry at Shen for killing him and at Po for not staying in the jail cell where he would have been safe. Scared because she would soon die and could only imagine the horrors Shen would inflict on China. They came to a bridge and General Fang said", Sir a bridge is in the way".

"Blow it away for nothing will stand between me and my goal", Shen said coldly.

"Yes, sir", General Fang said as he went towards the cannon to light the fuse.

"You coward!" Tigress yelled angrily. She and the rest of the Five watched in horror as General Fang was about to light the fuse. When out of the darkness a hat whizzed by and hit General Fang's paw as he dropped the match yowling in pain. The hat hit a wall and another as it spun back into an open paw. Standing just a rooftop away surrounded by shadows stood a lone figure and Shen demanded answers.

"Who dares defy me?" Shen roared. To his horror and the five's amazement out of the shadows stood Po.

"Po, is alive?" Tigress asked with wonderment unable to believe her eyes.

"Hey Shen, guess what I' m baaack", Po called giving the peacock a smile.

"No it can't be I got rid of you! I got rid of you!" Shen yelled looking like he saw a ghost. Po only smiled as he threw his hat at the chains that held his friends and with a snap they were free. The Five leaped into action as Po jumped in the middle of them smiling at them.

"Hey guys miss me?" he asked gently.

"Yes", they all said together.

"Well we have to catch up later right now we have a peacock to fight", Po said tensing up.

"What is the plan Po?" Tigress asked still amazed that he was standing before her alive.

"Step one rescue the Furious Five", Po said as he punched a wolf out of his way.

"What is step two?" Tigress asked hitting another wolf.

"I honestly didn't think I would get that far", Po admitted.

"Po!" Tigress snapped.

"Okay stop Shen before he gets to the harbor!" Po said as they spread out. With one last look at Tigress he said", Ti, if we die I want you to know I love you and you were and still are the best girlfriend ever".

"Let's not die then because I am not losing you a second time", Tigress said. Po nodded and began to fight. Once this battle was over and she got Po alone she would either beat him till he was black and blue or smother him with kisses. She wasn't sure all she knew was she was never letting him out of her sight again.

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