Hey, guys! I know I haven't been active in quite a while and I am truly very sorry for that. Life has been extremely busy the past few years and I just haven't had the time to write for a while. It was a very tough decision, but I'm deciding to put this story on hold. I'm not sure if I will continue with this story or not, due to not having many ideas or inspiration for it lately. If I come up with any more ideas or a better ending for the story I will definitely take it back up again. Feel free to message me if any of you have any ideas for The Doctor and Claire!

On a brighter note, I am currently planning to start a new story about Greek Mythology. The story will be following the goddess Amphitrite and her husband Poseidon. I am extremely excited for this story and I hope some of you would like to check it out when I release the first chapter.

Anyways, thank you all for supporting me with this story and I always enjoyed reading all of your reviews. Thank you!