Moriarty looked somber in his chair, his hands folded lightly in his lap. Jim's eyes followed the two men as they left the room. When the door shut with a small click he exhaled. John watched him carefully. Moriarty's eyes were moving back and forth in small, quick movements. He seemed to be debating something with himself. When his eyes finally met with John's, it seemed that he had made a decision.

"I was a bit out of sorts yesterday." He said casually. John got the feeling that this was Jim's way of apologizing. He continued.

"I told myself, before all of this started, to look but not touch… but then again I've never been one to follow rules very well." Jim's eyes flickered to John's bottom lip, which was swollen and bruised. Jim rubbed the side of his face with his hand. He fell into silence, looking at nothing. The minutes stretched out. Jim broke the silence.

"Sherlock is on his way back right now. He'll be home in four hours." John could feel a thread of stress, which had been constantly present since this ordeal began, start to dissipate. Sherlock was coming home. He was alright. Everything was going to be okay. He must have visibly looked relieved because Jim gave a tight smile.

"I told you I wouldn't hurt him."

John nodded, not knowing what to say.

Jim crossed his legs. He made a small gesture towards the door.

"You can go."

It took John a minute to understand what Moriarty had just said. Go? He gave a questioning look. Jim chuckled.

"I mean it. You can leave. I won't stop you."

John remained seated, not moving. Moriarty's eyes went over him, analyzing him. Jim looked thoughtful.

"Why?" He finally asked.

John gave him a firm look and replied, "The deal was four days. You kept your end of the deal, I'll keep mine."

Jim's face looked mildly shocked, and a little more than just pleased. He quickly composed himself and put on a nonchalant smile.

"Very well."

They stared at each other, not exactly sure how to proceed. Jim's eyes seemed to darken and intensify. John felt his heart speed up at the sight. John stood up and and took a step near Jim, his eyes never leaving the consulting criminals. Jim stood up as well and closed the small gap between them. They were close, close enough to feel each others body heat. Jim's hand went up between them. With two fingers he gently traced John's hot swollen lip. John parted his lips and let his tongue tentatively touch Jim's fingertip. Jim's hips pressed against him as he slid part of his finger into John's mouth. Jim moved his hips slowly, creating a delicious friction between them that made John's cock ache. He sucked gently on Jim's finger. Jim removed his finger and brought his lips to Johns. He brushed against the the bottom one gently, his tongue darting out and tasting the bruised flesh.

Jim kissed him slowly, a burning heat blossoming between them. John wanted to kiss him hard, to press against him roughly, but Jim kept the pace maddeningly slow, his hips keeping the same steady pace, his lips whispering over John's own. He felt light headed. Moriarty's tender kisses sent cold chills down his spine.

John pulled their hips apart far enough to fit his hand between them. He rubbed Jim's erection roughly through his slacks. Jim moaned into his mouth. John hand went up and loosened Jim's tie. Jim shrugged off his blazer and threw it to the side.

They both undressed quickly, making their way to the bed. When both men were completely naked, Jim pushed John onto the bed and fell on top of him. Their lips met again, but with more urgency. John relished the feeling of Jim's hot cock rubbing and brushing against his own. Jim left John's lips and went down his neck, his nose and lips just barely touching his skin. He traced down until he got to John's shoulder.

He softly touched the smooth pink surface of his scar. He kissed the area tenderly, his tongue tracing light patterns on the delicate skin. John pondered over this briefly. It was such a loving, affectionate thing to do. As if each kiss lightly brushed on the bright pink skin was meant to take away the pain that etched it there. Jim lingered on the scar, seeming intent to trace every bit of it with soft kisses.

He eventually pushed himself up, straddling John. He reached over to the nightstand and opened the drawer. Jim pulled out a small tube of lubricant. He twisted the cap off and put a generous amount into his palm. He grabbed John's cock and rubbed the lubricant down the shaft. John's hips thrust up involuntarily at the touch. Jim pumped his erection a few times, getting it slick. He then reached behind himself. John couldn't see, but he knew when he had inserted his finger inside himself because Jim's lips parted and he gave a delicate moan. John watched as the the lean muscles in Jim's arm moved slowly under the pale skin as he worked his fingers into his arse. John felt he could come just by watching him.

Right when John thought he could wait no longer, Jim removed his fingers and slowly raised himself up. He grabbed John's slickened cock and led it to his entrance. John felt the head of his cock push into the ring of muscle. Jim eased his way down, until John was completely in him. Jim shuddered delicately. John couldn't think coherently. He could feel his cock throb inside Jim. His arse was unbelievably tight. Jim rose up a few inches before bringing himself back down. John's hands went to Jim's hips. Jim rode him slowly, his eyes closed and his mouth slightly open. John admired Jim's form on top of him. His ribs were faintly visible under his pale skin. He could see the muscles in his thighs flex as Jim brought himself up and back down. His cock, a rosy pink, was achingly hard before him. John's mind could think of nothing but how beautiful this man looked right now.

Jim positioned his hips slightly differently when he came down this time. A pleading moan escaped him and his thighs grasped John's sides tightly. Jim picked up his pace, staying in the same position so that John's cock repeatedly rubbed against that same spot. His breathing was quick and shallow. John knew that Jim's orgasm was building.

John grabbed the man's hips firmly. John rolled over, guiding Jim down to the bed so that John was on top of him, making sure to stay inside him. Both men were breathing hard. John placed his forehead to Jim's, waiting for him to gain control of himself. John wasn't ready for him to come. Not yet.

Jim's breathing slowed and his lips met John's. He kissed him back slowly. John carefully pushed himself further into Jim, eliciting a small needy noise from the man. He continued to swirl his tongue in Jim's mouth, thrusting into him achingly slow. Jim wrapped his legs loosely around John's waist. John had to concentrate to keep the pace slow. Jim moaning deliciously into his mouth was not making it an easy task.

Jim lifted his hips slightly so that when John slid into him, his cock rubbed against that small spot that made him shiver. John's slow thrusts repeatedly brushed that spot, making Jim moan desperately.

"Faster." He breathed.

That one pleading word broke all of John's control. His thrusts became quick. He only pulled his cock out partially before bringing himself completely back into Jim.

"Harder, oh fuck." Jim moaned.

John could feel his climax building. He rammed into Jim, his thrusts rough and quick, making sure to hit the same spot over and over.

Jim's thighs tightened around him as his head jerked up from the bed. Jim came with a throaty noise, His nails digging into John's back. John brought himself into Jim one last time before he hit climax as well. Jim raised his head up and locked John into a kiss. John's knees felt weak as he spilled into Jim. Every muscle in his body was tensed with the orgasm. His vision seemed to dim and his head was swimming with a pleasure so acute John felt he might faint.

The feeling slowly passed, leaving John feeling unsteady and drained. He collapsed onto Jim and kissed him, their chests sticking together lightly with Jim's come. John's softening cock slid out of Jim.

He eventually rolled off of Jim and they both laid in bed, a few inches apart, looking at the ceiling. After a few quiet minutes passed Jim spoke up in a delicate voice.

"Sherlock will be home soon."

John turned his head towards Jim. His dark eyes were wide and solemn. Jim's eyes met his.

"He'd never forgive you if he found out about this."

John remained silent. Jim sighed.

"Fate is a twisted and cruel thing."

His dark eyes looked forlorn as he turned his head back towards the ceiling.

"He appreciates you, you know. He may have a hard time showing it, but he does. He needs you."

John rose silently from the bed and grabbed his pants. Jim stayed on his back, lost in thought. John dressed slowly. When he was finished he stood a few feet from the bed, not sure what to do. He swallowed.


He made his way to the door. Jim sat up. His wide eyes seemed to shine.

"We're very much alike, Sherlock and I." John looked at the pale man, his dark hair tousled and his mouth set. His eyes had a desperate quality to them, trying to convey what the he couldn't with words. John gave a slight nod. He turned away and knocked on the door. He heard Jim lay down again. John breathed in deeply.

Sherlock was coming home.


So this is the first story I've written. I know it isn't the best. John wouldn't be such a softie towards Moriarty. But hey, it was a lot of fun to write. I hope it was equally fun to read.