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Ruinned Makeup; Ruinn

Chapter 1: Her name was Rachel

Rachel Berry loved herself. She did. Or at least that's what she'd tell herself every night. She loved her fathers, they were all she had and needed, and they'd say that they loved her too, but she couldn't help feeling that they hated her. If they loved her so much, why would they subject her to the close minded halls of Lima Elementary School and all of the judgmental eyes that appeared there?

A childish, yet undoubtedly mean voice rang from behind her. "Hey, Faggot Spawn!"

The boy calling out to her was ignored. The short brunette continued to walk away without any hesitation. Her name was Rachel and if anybody wanted her attention, they would address her as such. With that thought in place, she entered her classroom with her head held high. That was an action she would soon learn to regret.

Recess came around and 7-year-old Berry was sitting atop of the monkey bars. The small Jewish girl was singing quietly to herself until she was surrounded by a group of boys.


She ceased her singing and smiled down to the boy who called her.

"Yes, Artie?" Her response came cheerful and innocent.

"Get down here," the small, but muscular boy ordered.

Being the trusting person she was, she followed his demand and stood right in the center of the crowd.

"Was there something you needed?" Her voice was bubbly and ignorantly unaware of the evil glares casted her way.

"I'm going to make you regret messing with me," he stated.

"Excuse me? I don't ever recall messing with you, Artie. Have you perhaps mistaken me for someone else?"

"See? That's what I'm talking about! You think you're so smart, don't you? You think you can just ignore me when I call for you? Stupid Faggot Spawn!" he shouted, enraged.

"Artie, if I ignored you, I sincerely apologise, but my name is not Faggot Spawn. I am hardly a bundle of sticks' offspring," Rachel replied coolly.

"Stupid! Do you not even know what faggot means? It's what your parents are!" A look of confusion quickly flashed across Rachel's face.

"I assure you that my fathers are not a bundle of sticks. That is quite impossible," the small girl tried to explain.

"I'm done talking!"

Art grabbed a handful of dirt and threw it into the small girl's eyes. She immediately started to cry as more dirt followed. A bell rang loud and clear, halting the mayhem. There, below the monkey bars, she was left stranded and alone for the first time.

Rachel felt pathetic, but she was against violence. She couldn't have made the boys stop no matter how much she wanted to.

The sweater she was wearing was picked out by her daddy and made by her dad and now it was full of dirt. She didn't understand what just happened, but she didn't want her parents to worry so when she came home, her mask fell into place and stuck to her like super glue ever since. Unfortunately for her, Lucy Fabray had already seen through the overly bright smiles before they began. Rachel hadn't counted on someone other then the boys tormenting her to have witnessed the scene caused by Artie.

Everyday that followed, she felt a pair of eyes on her. Lucy couldn't help, but watch in awe at how strong and smart Rachel had seemed. It was shocking how even with the insults and random attacks, Rachel still kept a bright smile on her face and never reacted to anything other then her name. She noticed that within the first week, Rachel had already pointed out four mistakes made by their teacher. Every time the brunette corrected their teacher, she couldn't help but giggle.

Artie bullied Rachel each and every day and made sure the other boys followed suit. Finn didn't think twice about joining him. They believed that Rachel never took it too hard which was partially her fault. She wrote it off as jealousy to the public eye, but inside, it really did hurt and she knew that no one was jealous of her. Some pitied her, but that wasn't what she wanted. It was just easier to pretend that people were jealous of her talent. Lucy saw that and decided to approach her one day after school.

"Um, Rachel?" she started nervously, her fingers fidgeting with each other.

"Lucy? Is there something you wish to discuss?" Rachel questioned with a smile. She was a little concerned because she didn't think she's ever seen or heard Lucy speak to anyone before.

"Yes, um, I was wondering if you were... okay?" It came out more of a question than a statement. Lucy's brow furrowed in worry as her hazel-green eyes reflected in sun's light in a way that left the small brunette at a momentary lapse.

"Of course I am. Thank you for your concern, Lucy. It means a lot to me," the smaller girl replied, smile still in place.

"Are you sure? You don't seem okay," the slightly overweight girl mumbled.

Rachel's mask broke for a split second as the smile slipped off her face before it came back in place.

"I assure you that I am completely alright. Your worries are misplaced and unneeded although very much appreciated," she managed. It was getting harder for her to continue this conversation. "You should go," Rachel blurted out. Lucy looked hurt and Rachel inwardly lectured herself. "I apologize for the way I said that. It wasn't meant to be taken in offense. What I meant to say is that you should leave before someone catches you with me. The boys might begin to immaturely bother you if they are ever come to the realization that you have conversed with-"

"Lucy!" shouted Artie.

Rachel sighed and innerly berated herself. It was too late.

Lucy stared blankly at Artie. Her knees wobbled a bit as she took a step back. She was obviously afraid of him.

"What are you doing?" he called out as he jogged over to her.

"Uh, um... I was just-" the frightened girl stuttered out before being interrupted.

"Just talking to Faggot Spawn. I guess ugly girls like to swarm together," he hissed harshly.

Tears brimmed Lucy's wide eyes. Artie pushed her down so he could tower over her. She was a little big for her age, both ways, but she still owned those beautiful eyes. Lucy was a very pretty girl. Or at least that's what Rachel had always thought.

"Isn't that right, Lucy Caboosey?" he taunted.

She stared at the ground before her, lips trembling and tears finally escaping their confinement.

"Excuse me, you must be confused so allow me to intervene. This beautiful girl before you goes by the name Lucy Quinn Fabray," Rachel grounded out. She was pissed that Artie could pick on such a sweet girl.

"Are all the dwarfs sticking up for pudding cups now? Or did you go gay like your faggot fathers?" Artie sneered.

"Believe what you must, but please, just leave Lucy alone," Rachel begged.

But of course Artie was defiant. Fire flickered through the small girl's eyes as she saw Artie step on Lucy's right hand, pressuring it down. Lucy yelped at the contact and that was what drove perfect little Rachel into oblivion.

Rachel gripped his wrist, dug her heels into the ground, and swung him off of Lucy and onto the ground. She would have lectured him, but Lucy's loud sobs made her turn her attention to the one she was protecting. She offered her hand and pulled Lucy onto her feet. The frightened girl immediately pulled Rachel into a tight embrace which Rachel immediately returned.

They both heard the disgusted snort from the boy that the brunette had left on the ground. Taking Lucy's hand, Rachel guided her away from the school.

"Faggot Spawn! Get back here! Faggot Spawn!" Artie shouted.

But his calls were ignored. Her name was Rachel and that was all she would respond to. Except, maybe now she would respond to Lucy's cries too as Lucy was sure to respond to Rachel's unshed tears.

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