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Summary: Eliot has to go undercover as a stripper. At first the team thinks his annoyance is funny, but they soon learn that there's more to it than meets the eye and suddenly things go very wrong and the team has to fight hard or they'll lose their Hitter, SLASH (Nate/Eliot and maybe more)


Warnings: SLASH Nate/Eliot established relationship (please read the A/N II at the end about this), slight non-con (only mentioned), nudity and strippers... I'll probably add some more as the story progresses, just that you're warned...


Disclaimer: None of the Leverage characters belong to me and I just borrowed them for this little story... this story doesn't mean to offend anybody… this is just for fun… and not for money either...


The Private Dancer Job

Chapter 1


"You are aware that I'm going to be very mad when I get back, right?"

Eliot's annoyed drawl came over the coms and Nate and Hardison, who were back at their hotel room suite that doubled as a headquarter during their newest case, looked at each other, not sure what to make of this kind of off-hand comment. Parker was off doing surveillance on the right hand man of their mark and Sophie was with Eliot.

"Yes," Nate finally answered warily, not sure where this was going.

"And you also know what I like to do when I'm angry and there are no bad guys for me to beat up?" Eliot added, his voice even deeper than usual, a sure sign that yes, he was indeed angry.

"You throw knives at targets," Hardison answered, even though he really didn't want to give that answer. Eliot's first reaction was a deep, dangerous chuckle, before he spoke again.

"And now guess who the targets are going to be this time."

Nate and Hardison looked at each other and both made a mental note to stay invisible to the Hitter for a while. They both knew that Parker and Sophie were safe, since Eliot was too much of a gentleman to ever attack a woman unless she attacked him first.


Deep down they both also knew that Eliot was only joking and was trying to scare them a little to get revenge for putting him in the position he found himself in right now. But it had been the only way to get an in on this case. Nevertheless it didn't hurt to ask just to be sure, so Nate did the deed.

He questioned carefully: "You're not really mad, are you, El?"

He had used the nickname for his lover on purpose to get an honest answer, but he didn't get any answer in the first place, well at least not from Eliot, who only growled for a second.

Sophie, who was with him as his sort-of-manager to sell the con, finally took pity on them and gave an answer.

"Well, Nate, maybe he isn't serious about actually coming after you with his knives, but he's pretty insistent that you're not getting laid in the next days," she answered and Nate could practically hear the sadistic grin in her voice. She had taken it in stride when Nate and Eliot had finally admitted to her that they were lovers, but she occasionally enjoyed tormenting and teasing them about it a bit. And Nate swallowed a little. Eliot threatening him with the lack of sex was way worse than the Hitter coming after them with his knives. At least then death would be quick and painless, but having to watch and and unable to touch Eliot was torture, plain and simple, especially with the nature of this case. And even Hardison took pity on him, because he came to his aid.

"Come on Eliot, you know that we didn't have another in," he started and Nathan quickly took over.

"And Eliot, just for the record, I really don't like that other men get to look at you half-naked, but as Hardison said, we didn't have another option," he told him in an attempt to pacify his irate lover.

The only answer he got was another snort and then they heard some shuffling and rustling, probably Eliot pulling the sweater he had worn when they had left the hotel to go to the club, over his head to reveal the tight fitting shirt he wore and normally wouldn't be seen dead in.


"You shouldn't take this personally, man," Hardison added, scratching the back of his head.

"If I weren't needed on the computers then I would have gone," the Hacker explained, not serious in the least, because no, he really wouldn't have wanted to play the role in the con that Eliot was playing now. But he really, really wanted Eliot pacified, because he still feared the knives and maybe something else he had sometimes fantasized about and what had lately seemed a remote possibility.

But he also still had a smirk on his face, because Eliot couldn't see him, so he felt safe and he looked forward to mock Eliot just a little if the other man was still mad at him when he returned, because he wouldn't make things worse then.

"Wipe that smug grin off your face, Hardison, or I'll smash your hard drive once I'm home," Eliot's now more than annoyed sounding voice came through the coms and Alec's eyes widened a little and he again wondered when he had become an open book for Eliot Spencer to read, even when the other man wasn't in the same room. This time it was Nate who came to his aid and put a calming hand on Hardison's shoulder, before he talked to Eliot again.

"El, please don't make this any more difficult than it already is. I know you're uncomfortable with this and I don't blame you, but you also know what's at stake if we don't succeed," he said softly, using the voice he normally only used when he talked about his dead son. And Nathan knew that it was unfair to use Eliot's emotions as blackmail, but they couldn't risk him backing down at the last minute or screw it up, because he was too mad to play his part properly.


The team had taken a big risk and they had deliberately not told him what exactly his part of the con was until it was too late for any of the other members of the team to take over and so they had made sure that he had to do this. But slowly they all began to understand that this might have been a mistake and Nathan had the distinct feeling that there was much more to Eliot's flat out refusal to do this than simple annoyance at having to do this and Nate made a mental note to talk to Eliot about this when he got back tonight. He was determined to get the real reason out of him, no matter if he was threatened with knives again. He hated the thought that he had hurt his lover with this.

Nate's words were met with silence and the man sighed. He had to live with a grumpy Eliot now and it would take a long while until the Hitter would forgive him for putting him into this position, how long, well that depended on what Eliot hadn't told him...


Nathan realized that he wouldn't get an answer to this from Eliot any time soon and since he didn't want to make the Hitter even angrier, he decided to get back on a little safer territory and talk about the con, addressing Sophie and Eliot this time.

"Hardison has hacked the security cameras in Marcheda's office, so we can see everything. Where are you?"

"We're on our way to Marcheda's office and should be there in two or three minutes. You know that he wants to meet every new dancer personally to make a final decision," Sophie answered.

"More like inspect the merchandise," Hardison murmured quietly. That was one of the reasons why the Leverage team found themselves in this city.

In Luca Marcheda's club seven of his employees, all male dancers, had disappeared n the last two years. No one had really made a connection between the disappearance, well until their clients that was. Mr. and Mrs. Leech had turned up at their office, a letter from their missing son in their hands. It was a call for help, telling them that he had been kidnapped and was about to be sold to the highest bidder soon. So the team really was on borrowed time and they had needed an in. And so, since Eliot had, for a few weird reasons, fit Marcheda's hiring criteria and was the one to most likely be able to defend himself should anyone attempt to kidnap him, Parker had made sure that his application with the fake history Hardison had created, had landed on top of all the others on Marcheda's desk. And the man had been very enthusiastic when he'd called them back only a few hours after Parker had planted the file.


So here they were, hoping that Eliot would be able to pull off this part of the con and that he wouldn't back out at the last second. And Nate, Hardison, Parker and Sophie were very well aware that he was only doing this, because he didn't want to let innocent people suffer only to spare his own dignity. So yeah, Eliot bitched about it and Nate knew that he'd be the one to suffer the wrath of his lover, but Eliot was going to go through with it, if Marcheda liked what Eliot had to offer. And that was the biggest hurdle right now, because Eliot was going to have to pretend to be a dancer and not just any dancer, no, Eliot Spencer had to pretend to be a stripper...

And when Sophie and Eliot entered Marcheda's office, the team didn't know how many old wounds this con would reopen for Eliot and that they would have to be on their best game not to lose their Hitter...


to be continued, if you're interested *smiles shyly*


A/N II: Well, yeah, so here it is, the Magic-Mike-inspired story and once again it has turned out way differently than I imagined and it's going to be a lot darker than I wanted it to be... but still, it has stripper!Eliot, so I guess that's worth something.

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