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Logan Mitchell settled down on a cold patch of grass, a shiver coursing through his body as soon as his bottom hit the ground. It was a clear and chilly night outside, but he was determined to talk to Kendall despite the weather. He had something to tell him, something that had been consuming day and night for the past two months. He just hadn't had the strength inside to let it out. It was simple, yet the words seemed to be caught in his throat. All he wanted to do was thank Kendall.

Logan cleared his throat, trying to find his voice as the words swam in his mind. Finally he looked up, a tiny half smile gracing his pallid features. Why were tears pricking at the back of his eyes? He promised himself he wouldn't cry. Kendall didn't like it when he cried. It made him feel broken inside. Logan didn't want to hurt Kendall.

"You probably think I'm a doofus right now," Logan joked, his voice low and cracked He raised his tone so that Kendall could hear him. "I know it's really cold out here but I wanted to talk to you in private. Well, really I want to thank you. I think it's time you know everything you've ever done for me and how much you changed my life.

"When I first moved to Minnesota, I was this tiny little weird kid with skinny arms and legs and floppy, long hair. You probably remember. I was made fun of a lot. The first time you talked to me was when the 3rd grade bully ripped off my glasses and smashed them on the floor, claiming I would never have a date to the Valentine's Day Dance because I was a nerd. You beat the crap out of that dude, and then you and Carlos and James went to the dance with me. You had a date with the cutest girl in the whole school but you told her you couldn't dance with her because you were going with friends instead. It was the first time I ever heard anybody call me their friend. And my whole life after that, time after time again, you were there for me. You went through so much yet you have been able to stay this solid rock, even after your dad died. You know, you didn't just step up as the man of the family for Mrs. Knight and Katie. You have always been the man in my life, too. I don't have a dad or brothers. I was so lonely growing up yet you gladly stepped in to be the big brother I never had, the father I never had. Everything I know, I learned from you. I know how to be strong and I know when it's okay to break. You taught me to never give up. If it weren't for you, I would still be this quiet nerdy kid in small town Minnesota, lonely as ever. You changed my life. And I can never repay you for that, Kendall," Logan finished.

His words were met with silence. The wind cut through the brunet like a frigid knife. He wished Kendall would just say something, anything.

"Thank you buddy," Logan mumbled. Small, pale fingers reached out to touch Kendall, his fingertips meeting the cold, gold-plated letters etched into stone. He wished that he could actually be touching his beloved best friend right now, and not just his gravestone. He needed Kendall arms to engulf him and hold him until he finally felt alright again. But nothing would ever be fine again without him. A single tear fell down his cheek. "I guess I'm just a little too late though, huh?"

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