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Bree's POV

"Alright guys, I have some good and bad news for you!" Mr. Davenport said. "Good news first!" Adam shouted getting excited. I rolled my eyes but smiled at the same time. "Okay, you all have the day off, since me, Tasha and Leo are going on a family trip! We would take you guys with us, but if we see anyone we know, then they will get suspicious of random kids coming with us." Mr. D explained.

"Sounds good to me!" Chase said smirking at Leo. We all knew Leo hated going out the house. Leo just stuck his tongue out at Chase. "So what's the bad news?" I asked concerned. "Well, a certain lab rat is going to be in a lot of pain and the other 2 have to take care of the other lab rat. And trust me, its going to be hard!" Mr. D said laughing as he saw our expressions.

"This is why you are leaving aren't you? So you don't have to take care of the hurt lab rat." I asked narrowing my eyes. "Yaa!" Mr. D said dragging out the A. "Haha suckers!" Leo said as he ran out of the lab. We were all to worried about who was going to be in pain.

"Who and why will this lab rat be in a lot of pain?" Chase asked. "Well this lab rat will be in pain because for breakfast this morning, I put a device in there food. This device will help find this lab rat if they ever get lost. But the device will cause pain to there stomach and ears. For some reason there chip locator is not working. But they will only be in pain for about 6 hours." "Well who is it?" Adam asked hoping it wasn't him.

"Both you boys have to take care of Bree. She's going to be in some serious pain. BYE!" Mr. D said before running out. My jaw dropped. "Why me?" I thought.

"Eddy do you know when the pain is going to start?" I asked nervously. "Ya, davenport said in about 5 minutes. Since I don't want to hear your screams, I am going to have my beauty sleep now! BYE!"

I was honestly freaking out now. Was it going to hurt that much that I was going to scream? "Bree don't worry, me and Adam wont let anything happen to you." Chase said smiling. I weakly smiled back. I knew that Adam and Chase would be protective of me. They always were when it came to something serious.

"Im going to try to sleep through this." I said calmly. I walked into my capsule and close my eyes. I knew that Adam and Chase were watching me. Then I started to get dizzy. I always feel dizzy when I try to sleep when im not sleepy. "This isn't going to work out for me!" I yelled getting out of my tube.

"Lets just go up and watch tv." I said groggily. Whenever it comes to me being sick, my brothers our the best brother in the whole world. They would do anything for me.

I ran up using my super speed. A few second later Adam and Chase came up as well. I put my head on chase's lap and put my feet on Adam. They didn't mind so might as we watched tv. Then I felt my ears starting to get blocked up. I hate it when that happened!

It always hurt like crazy for me. I tried to keep a straight face for the sake of Adam and Chase. I didn't want them to take care of me using there time. It began getting worse and worse until I let a tear drop. Adam was already asleep, I didn't know how he could sleep without his capsule. I let another tear drop and slowly started sniffling. "Bree? Is your stomach hurting or ears hurting?" Chase asked looking at me. "M-my e-ears hurt Ch-chase." I chocked out sobbing now. "No Bree, don't cry, it makes me sad." I knew it was true.

It seemed when I was in a good mood, my brothers were in a good mood. But if I was sad or angry, it would affect my brothers. Excluding Leo. Leo is definitely my brother, but I feel closer to Chase and Adam. They really get me. But I still love Leo to death.

Chase's POV

"No Bree, don't cry, it makes me sad." I said looking down on my little sister. Bree is a strong girl. We all know that. But when she cries, she's like a baby that you cant ignore. Bree is always careful to not let anyone know her weaknesses. That's the reason she doesn't have many friends other than Caitlyn who is a freak. Bree never trusts people enough to even go close to here. The only people who know Bree's weaknesses are me, Adam, Leo, Tasha, Eddy and Mr. D. Bree's weaknesses are:

English ( subject)
People yelling at her
People slapping her

And that's it. But she is deadly afraid of Roaches, planes ( because her ears pop) and clowns.

Bree's Ears are really sensitive for some reason.

"Bree try yawning, it helps pop the ears." I said looking worried.
But instead she started screaming. "MY EARS HURT CHASE!" She yelled suddenly sitting up straight. Finally Adam woke up. "BREE DON'T YELL!" Adam shouted shooting up. Bree just started crying more. "Adam don't yell at her!" I said in a lower volume but an angry tone. Finally Adam realized what her did. "No, Bree sorry, I wasn't sleeping in my capsule. Stop crying!"
Adam said apologizing as quickly as possible.

Bree calmed down a bit but she was still bawling her eyes out. Then she put her hand on her stomach and screamed. Great, the pain spread to her stomach now! I am pretty sure you noticed the sarcasm. "Adam can you go and get those pain killers?" I said pointing to the counter. "Why cant you get it dork?" Adam asked. "Well Bree's head is on my lap! So go and get it fast!" I said pointing to Bree. Adam took one look at our crying Bree and got up. "Wish she put her head on my lap, so I wouldn't have to get up!" Adam muttered under his breath.

Bree took the pain killer's but they barley worked. She just reduced to softer sobbing now. "Bree just hang in there! This will be over before you know it!" I said trying to cheer her up. Then the phone rang. "Adam g-" "I know, I know I got it! Bree's precious head is on your lap!" Adam said rolling his eyes. I just rolled my eyes as well. "Oh hey Ethan!" Adam said happily. "Oh Bree, Ethan said you both had a date?" Adam asked. Bree stopped crying for a second then again started crying. She couldn't go in this pain.

"Just tell Ethan she cant make it!" I told Adam. "Ethan want's to talk to Bree." Adam said nervously. Bree tried to stop crying and managed to reduce to sniffles. "Oh hey Ethan!" Bree said trying to sound excited. "Sorry, I know it's the 3rd time I cant make it! But I feel really sick…No No, you don't have to come over! Adam and Chase are taking care of me….no I am not ditching you on purpose! …No don't apologize, if you think I would do that then don't bother calling back!" Bree yelled her voice starting to crack. We knew she was going to start crying again. I just grabbed the phone. "Ethan, Bree is busy, she will talk to you later! Bye!" I said rolling my eyes. That guy annoyed me.

5 hours was filled with screams and crying from Bree. We tried cheering her up but nothing was working. At least are sister would be okay in an hour. "Oh Bree is still crying?" Eddy asked popping up. "Eddy can you call Mr. D?" I asked. "Sure, but just for Bree!" Eddy said. Then Mr. Davenport's face appeared where Eddy's should have been. "Mr D! You never said it was going to be this bad!" I said yelling angrily.

"look Chase, I know you and Adam are mad that I left you alone with Bree, but there's a good reason! Bree feels less pain when she is with you guys. If you weren't there, then Bree would be in a lot more pain. Since Bree is the youngest, she feels safe with her older brothers." Mr D explained. "But don't worry, you guys have half an hour left! We will return in about an hour! Bye!" Mr. D said before hanging up. "Okay Bree, you made the past hours, just half an hour more!" I said trying to cheer her up. It actually helped. She started sniffling. That was definitely a good sigh.

25 minutes later

Bree was still sniffling. I pulled Bree on my lap and cradled her. She was my baby sister, I had to do something. She snuggled closer to my chest and kept sniffling. I remember Bree doing that when we were smaller. She used to do it whenever she was cold. I smiled. 5 minutes later Bree stopped crying completely. "Sorry I had to drag you through this." Bree apologised in a shaky voice. "Anything for our baby sister." I said kissing her cheek and tossing her beside me. Bree laughed and turned on the TV. Adam had gone downstairs because he kept yelling at Bree for being to loud. And every time he yelled, Bree cried more. So it wasn't really working out. Bree put her head on my lap again and fell in deep sleep. Then the door opened softly. "Is bree sleeping?" Mr. D asked. "How did you know she would fall asleep?" I asked curiously. "Well whenever bree got hurt when she was small, she would fall asleep remember?"

"oh ya!" I said chuckling a bit. "Anyways, thanks for helping for helping her. You and Adam reduced a lot of pain." Mr. D said. Leo suddenly barged in the door holding a bunch of bags. "Help!" He squeaked and collapsed on the floor. I rolled my eyes and picked up Bree bridal style. "I'll take Bree down to her capsule." I whispered. "Chase I never knew you were that strong!" Leo said giggling like a girl. "Leo, first of all Adam is the slowest. Bree is the weakest. I am the all in one package." I explained. "Although my speed and strength is no were close to Bree and Adam, I am still stronger and faster than normal humans." I finished of. "That story made me bored and hungry so later!" Leo said walking to the kitchen.

I walked down stairs and put Bree in her capsule. "Good night baby sis." I whispered and kissed her forehead. "Good night big brother." I heard a small voice replying. I smiled and slept in my own capsule. Adam was already asleep.

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