I don't know what time I got to sleep last night after Jacob left, all I know is that I wake up early in the morning and start to rush round my house, finding some clothes to wear, as well as packing some spare clothing. It's hard to know what to wear when you go cliff diving in Washington, in LA I wore a Bikini top and a pair of denim shorts, I guess I could do the same here, y'know if I wasn't bothered about getting hypothermia.

I sneak my stuff downstairs, feeling thankful that my mother and Faith are still sleeping, if Faith found out what I was doing, she would be sure to tell my mum. And, I have a small feeling that my mum would like my plans for the day about as mush as she would like a hole in the head. I write a quick note to them both informing them that I will be gone for the best part of the day. My mum won't be working until later, most likely the night shift. I meet Bella out by her truck, I don't waste any time in dumping my belongings in the bed of her noisy truck and climbing into the passenger seat.

We drive down to La Push with a semi awkward silence between us, Bella has the truck going as fast as it possibly can, which isn't really very fast at all. When we get to La Push, I half expect to see Jacob waiting for us out front, just like he usually is whenever we stop by. To say I am disappointed is an understatement.

"Where do you think he is?" Bella asks, she cranes her neck slightly, trying to get a better look around the house, and surrounding areas to see where he is.

I shrug my shoulders half-heartedly, "I don't know." I say, "Sleeping, I guess. He's been pretty tired lately." I inform her. Bella and I fall back into silence, I rest my head against the back of the seat and look out of the passenger side window.

Jake had been right about the weather changing. Sure, the sun isn't bright, and the sky, as always, is still grey. But beneath that, is heat. The weather is pretty sultry, I remove my jacket quickly, and tie my hair up with the hair tie that I thought to bring for when we jump into the water. I feel better almost instantly once I have my hair up in a high pony tail.

"I'm bored." Bella says breaking the silence, "I'm gonna see where Jake is." She says, she gets out of the truck, leaving her sweater behind her, obviously she is just as warm as I am. I jump out of the truck, and jog to keep up with her, once Bella and I reach the small house, she knocks on the door quietly.

"Come in you two." Billy says, Bella and I walk into the house to see him sat at the kitchen table, finishing a bowl of cereal.

"Hey Billy." I greet him cheerily, "Is Jake still sleeping?" I ask, pointing in the direction of his bedroom.

"No." Billy says, he sets his spoon down, and his eyebrows pull together.

My heart seems to sink, just by looking at his expression it is easy to see that something has happened. "What happened?" Bella asks, verbalising my thoughts.

Billy sighs and says, "Embry, Paul and Jared crossed a fresh trail this morning." He says, "Sam and Jake had to take off to help them- Sam is hoping that she's hedged her way closer to the mountains, he thinks that they stand a pretty good chance of finding her and putting an end to this." He tells us.

"Oh no." I say, I can feel my heart rate increasing drastically, the thought of any of them being out there risking there lives puts me on edge, and makes me feel slightly uneasy. But to know that Jacob is out there as well, and that the pack thought that is was drastic enough for all five of them to be out there, is putting my panic into overdrive. "Oh god no."

Billy chuckles slightly, and shakes his head at my reaction, good to know you find this so funny, I think sardonically. His chuckle is deep and low, and reminds me slightly of how Jake laughs. "Wow, I didn't think you liked La Push that much." He says, "Do you really wanna extend your sentence here, because y'know, Grace, you and Jake are dating now; you can just come here whenever you want."

I shake my head slightly, "I appreciate that, I really do, but please don't make jokes about this, not now anyway." I say, "I mean it, this is seriously bad, I'm terrified." I say.

Billy nods his head slowly, "You're right, this is pretty scary, so I am sorry." He says, "But this is a tricky one." His voice is complacent when he speaks now, and his ancient eyes are far too difficult for me to read at this moment in time. I bite my lip nervously, "Look." He says, "It's really not as dangerous as you think it is for them, okay?" He says, "Sam knows what he is doing, they all do for that matter." He assures us, "You should both be worrying more about yourselves than about them. She doesn't want to hurt them, she want's Bella, and she will let nothing stand in her way of getting her. She'll hurt anyone she has to to get what she wants in the end." He tells us, "The main thing she is focusing on now with the wolves, is how to get around them to get to Bella."

"How does Sam know what he is doing?" Bella demands, "How do any of them know what they are doing, so far they have only killed one vampire." She says, though I do have slightly more faith in them than Bella does, I can see her point. Killing one vampire doesn't exactly make them experts, I mean, I dissected a frog in science once, that doesn't make me a trained surgeon.

"We take what we do very seriously, girls." He says, "Everything they need to know has been passed down to them through the generations, it's passed down from father to son, it has always been that way, and nothing has ever been forgotten." He says. Though this has eased me slightly, I can still feel the tension emitting from Bella. As Bill goes back to eating his breakfast, Bella and I go and sit in the living room, and flip though the channels, trying to find something that is worth watching.

"What's wrong with you?" I ask breaking the silence that seems to constantly sit between the two of us nowadays, we never used to be like this.

Bella sighs, before turning to me and saying, "I am really worried about all of this, Grace; I know what Victoria's like." She says, "I've seen her, I've seen how she moves. She's agile, and extremely cat like." She shakes her head slightly, "She's lethal, and I know for a fact that if she can't get passed the wolves, then she'll go through them." She takes a deep breath and says, "And that's when this will get really dangerous."

I sigh, "I get that you're worried, okay? I really do. But you need to have faith in them, Bells." I say, "Look I am petrified, I am, but I can't sit here and dwell on something that might not even happen. And I won't sit here and think like that, I refuse to. We need to go and do something to just try and clear our minds. No matter how hard it might be."

Bella stands slowly, and grabs hold of my arm before dragging me up with her, "We'll be down at the beach." She calls to Billy as she drags me out of the house.

I widen my eyes at the dark haired girl, "Are you serious?" I ask, already knowing what Bella has in mind right now. "Are we still seriously going to go though with this?" I ask.

"Yeah, why not?" She asks shrugging, with a small smile tugging at the corners of her mouth.

"Because it's pretty idiotic," I say, "It's border line suicidal. Neither of us even know what we are doing." I say, "What if one of us gets hurt, I mean, we're not exactly big people. We're not going to be much help to each other." I say.

"You know CPR, right?" She asks me. I nod my head, I had done a small amount of training in it, which consisted of a course that ran for a couple of week, I did this when I was fourteen, though. "Well then there you go, besides, I thought you had been cliff diving once before."

I shake my head slightly, and smile at her, "Yeah I've done it, once." I say, "And I was in a huge group of people, there were like ten of us, maybe more, we made some friends while we were down on Venice beach and they joined us, it was a bit safer than this. If anything had happened to me then, there were a lot of people on stand by." I say with a small shrug.

"Look," Bella says once we are out of the house and by her truck, "You and Jake said you'd take me cliff diving, I want to go, and we were supposed to be doing it today, and I know that If I don't do it today, I never will." She says.

I sigh, knowing that weather I say yes or no, Bella will go cliff diving today. I close my eyes, and shake my head before saying, "Fine. I'll go with you, but only because I know you're going to anyway, and I don't really want to miss out on the experience." I say. I had been looking forward to cliff diving again.

"Okay then, let's go." Bella says, pulling open her truck door hastily I climb into the truck as fast as I can, and fasten my seat belt, it isn't long before Bella and I are driving down the roads that head to La Push beach, my heart already beating rapidly in my chest.

She pulls into one of the first car parks she comes to, and climbs out of the car, I watch her carefully, knowing we are nowhere near the cliffs, they are further on than this, Bella notices me watching her. "I just want to go for a walk before we do the whole cliff dive thing." She says, sucking in a deep through her nose, and letting it our through her mouth.

When Bella and I reach the beach, the first thing she does is sit on the small drift wood log and look up at the sky, the look on her face tells me she is contemplating something, "Y'know," I say, "We don't have to this, we could just go see a movie, then get something to eat. We don't have to do all these daring things all the time." I say with a shrug.

She shakes her head, "No, I want to. I really want to. I was promised cliff diving today, so it's happening." she says.

I take a deep breath and say, "Fine let's go." She jumps off the log with a groan, that makes me furrow my eyebrows. "I can't help but feel like you are a little at war with yourself right now." I say.

She shakes her head, "No. I'm not," she says, though, her voice doesn't sound all that confident.

"Alright," I say, "If you say so." I say.

Bella and I start to walk back towards her truck, so we can drive up to the cliff side. It's not a long drive, but I can feel my hands shaking slightly, as I think about the thrilling experience, that is just moments away.

I keep looking out for turns or forks in the road, knowing that Jacob had planned to take us to the lower ledge of the cliff. However, the road keeps going, it doesn't take long for me to realise, we are going to the very top, and that there is only one way down.

After Bella has parked the truck, we both climb out, I can't take my eyes off the cliff before us, as I look up at the cliffs that are much bigger than I expected them to be. As I stare up at the cliffs, the first few rain drops start to hit my face.

"I want to jump from the top," Bella says.

I turn to face her, and furrow my eyebrows, "Are you serious, it's pretty high, we were only supposed to be jumping from the lower ledge." I say, that's what had been planned, that's where Jacob was going to take us, that's where he used to jump from, though now, I am almost sure he'll jump from the top, just like the others.

"The way I see it, that's our best bet for the maximum adrenaline rush." Bella says, her voice shaking.

"Trust me, you'll get the rush no matter where you jump from." I say, trying to assure her that there is no need for either of us to jump from this height.

"How high was the cliff you jumped off in LA?" Bella asks.

"High, but it wasn't as high as this, and the water bellow wasn't as choppy." I say, "I don't even want to think about what it's going to feel like jumping into that thing." I admit.

"We'll be fine." Bella says, as Bella and I walk through the trees, the ocean seems so much further away from us, all I can hear are the faint wooshing sounds of the waves rippling through the sea before the crash against the jagged rocks bellow us.

Bella and I step out onto the edge, I can feel the wind whipping around me with a greater force now I am up here, the rain is icier and harsher too. I see Bella close her eyes, and draw in a breath, and that's when I know she is waiting. Waiting for him to make his inevitable appearance into her mind, just like he has all the other times she... We, have done something stupid and reckless, though this, is by far is the stupidest thing we have done to date.

A small smile spreads across her face slowly, as she exhales her breath, she stands for a little while longer, smiling, as she inches closer and closer to the edge of the cliff, I know she has received what she wanted. She lifts her arms up into the air, and flings herself off of the cliff. I hear her scream grow fainter as she hurtles closer and closer to the dark water.

It's not a frightened scream, that much I can tell, it's a scream that is filled with exhilaration, a scream of enjoyment. I watch as she cuts through the water like a torpedo. I smile slightly as I stand watching her, soaking up her enjoyment, only hoping that my experience is as successful as her, and hoping I enjoy it as much as I did the first time round.

I take a deep breath, and waste no time in jumping in to the water bellow me. I am filled with adrenalin, and if anything, experiencing the jump from higher, only makes it better. The water is much colder than I expected it to be. But still it only adds to the enjoyment. as I come back up to the surface of the water, I take another deep breath, finally feeling like I am able to breathe again after the longest time. I can't stop the smile that spreads across my face. I turn to face Bella, who watches me with wide eyes, and a huge smile of her own. I start to laugh slightly. But that's when I see the current hit her.

My eyes widen in shock, I am unable to move as I watch the brute force of the wave knock her backwards and drag her into the dark water. I watch as she tries to fight against the current, and swim against the tide, and parallel to the beach. All her attempts are to no avail, all I can see is Bella being battered and ragged around by the water, as I myself try to keep afloat and safe.

I manage to fight against the current, while I scan the surface of the water around me for any signs of Bella. I can see her, trying her level best to swim against the power of the water, but I have always been the better swimmer, so I start to swim towards her, but that's when another waves comes crashing down, only to hit me. It pushes me full force into a jagged edge of a rock, that does deep into the water. The stone slams hard against me. A wave of sickness passes over me, and my rib cage starts to burn slightly. I fight against the water the best that I can, but with each move I make, more pain surges through my body. I get back to the surface, and take another breath. That's when I see her again, Bella has given up, she's allowing herself to be dragged further into the ocean, she has finally lost the ability to fight. She no longer cares about living, that much is evident with the way her body already seems so limp and lifeless. Months ago, had someone told me Bella would eventually give up, I would have believed them. But as she started to spend more time with me and Jake, is started to hope that she would carry on. I watch, as another wave drags her under the water, and she doesn't even try to fight it. I swim to her, fighting against the water myself, fighting against the pain. But more importantly, fighting for us both to get out of this alive.

I am not ready to give up just yet, Bella might be, but not me. She might be ready and willing to call it quits, but I am not. I refuse to let that happen.

I reach her, after what feels like a life time, my ribs feel like the are on fire and my breathing is ragged, but still I grab her with one arm, and start to swim my way back again, struggling against the current, it's harder to swim, now that I am not only swimming for my life. I gulp in large intakes of unwanted salty water, as the waves splash up against my face.

This isn't it. We aren't dying, not today, and not like this. Are the only thoughts I can muster, they play in my head over and over again.

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