Hello, I am WinryElric24, I am here to post a story called "Lost Girl." I came up with this story while reading an InuYasha and Kagome fanfiction called "Speak." I hope you all like this this story! R&R! Disclaimer: I do not own Metal Fight BeyBlade- I only own the plot and some OCs! This fanfiction is not based of "Lost Girl" the series either! Please enjoy this story!

Chapter 1: Tennis, New Friends, and Annoyance...

A tall 16-year old is sitting in her room listening to music on her I-Pod, looking out her window. The girl's name is Madoka Amano, she has been living alone-in an one bedroom apartment for 5 weeks. Her parents died... she is also an only child. Tomorrow she will be going to her first day at Metal High. Yesterday her aunt came by to give her a pendant she was supposed to get for her 17th birthday from her parents... it is an eight-pointed star locket. It had a picture of her mother and father on one side and her on the other side looking up at them while they were looking down at her. The locket was colored a silver.

Next Day!


*Punch across the room*

Madoka gets up and does the usual: shower, gets dressed: pink half-jacket with big yellow buttons, white shirt with an a yellow star on it, black skinny jeans, brown converse, and faded pink fingerless gloves. She eats breakfast and leaves at 8:15 A.M.

But she made a big mistake-school doesn't start 'till nine, so Madoka goes to a Cafe' across the street and goes inside, and hands the cashier a note, "Okay that will be 2.25$ "

Madoka pays, gets her coffee and goes to sit on a bench, takes out her I-pod and listens to music. 30 Minutes Later...

"Um.. hello?" Asked a teen about Madoka's age, he had spiky red hair, and brown eyes.

"So what's your name," the teen asked. Madoka took out a paper and pen wrote something down and handed it to him. "Madoka... okay! My name is Gingka Hagane. (A/N: I LOVE HIS LAST NAME IT MEANS FULLMETAL) Nice to meet you."

"Hey Gingka!" yelled a boy with short whitish hair and, silver-black eyes.

"Hey, Hyoma, hey guys!" Gingka said as he spied the group, he called them over and introduced Madoka to his group.

Kyoya- Spiky green hair and, blue eyes, and has scars on his face.

Gingka's Sis, and Kyoya's Girlfriend- Vixen- Red long hair, and, blue eyes.

Kenta- Green hair, and, brown eyes.

Yu- Golden-Orange hair, and, 3merald Green Eyes. (CUTE PUPPY DOG EYES!)

Hikaru-Blue-ish Hair, and onyx eyes.

During Last Bell...

"Hey why don't ya talk," asks Gingka from next to Madoka. Madoka didn't answer. "Come on! I'm not trying to be rude or anything!, just please talk to me."

Madoka then showed him her neck- it had a big scar across it-it looked as though it was healing but Gingka wasn't sure. Madoka handed him a note and left the room

The note said:

"My vocal cords are... messed up-a little... well not a little. I can talk though, it's just hard to."

Gingka followed her quickly out the door "Hey Madoka, do you want to come to Ginkga's house with us and the group?"

Asks Hikaru as Madoka walks up to the group. Madoka nodded. And Hikaru dragged her off to the mall. "So do you have a tennis uniform or outfit of some sort," Madoka shook her head."Oh My Flippin' Kami! We need to get you one-like now!"

Hikaru grabbed a tennis uniform off the shelf-it was a faded pink tank top, and a white skirt with a stripe of the same faded pink on it.

"Try it on... NOW!" She handed Madoka the tennis uniform and pushed her in a changing room and wouldn't let her out 'till she tried it on, Madoka banged on the door until she eventually surrendered. Madoka put it on and knocked on the door. Hikaru let her out and took a look.

"Oh... my! You look nice," But the only thing Hikaru was staring at was the healing scar on her leg and, her neck. "Now let's go!"

Madoka changed back and Hikaru payed for her new tennis uniform, ignoring the girl's protests. Then they went to Gingka's house-or what he thought was a house-it was huge- a MANSION! The girls went inside and were greeted by the rest of the group...well not really, Hyoma was trying to beat Gingka in how much pizza he could stuff in his mouth. Madoka and Hikaru had both a disturbed and an annoyed look on their faces.

End Chapter 1

I hope you like this it has a little bit of "Speak" in it-but it is not a copyright nor is it a Metal Fight Beyblade version instead of an InuYasha version. I hope you like it! R&R!