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What is darkness?

Throughout the ages the question has been asked and each generation gave an answer. But were any of them correct. Hard to say for all see the shadows in their own way as is their nature. It is my nature.

I have existed since the beginning. One of many who witnessed the Great Sacrifice. I have learned many things in my billions of years of existence. The universe was always in motion, always changing due to the wills of being with far less power then I could ever imagine.

Yet they took pride in what minuscule power they had, striving for more they sought to control the world around them. Craving answers they tried to find the purpose for all things. But in some ways they were trying to find their own purpose. That desire manifested in how they reacted to the world. How they saw reality.

For some the shadows are strange yet interesting. Others see the darkness as the conduit of evil and should be purged from this world. Light worshipers, I have learned, are a lost cause when it comes to reason. They are willing to die for their foolish cause. Something I can relate to, but can't help feel disappointed when they refused to see the other path. I was foolish for thinking words could open their eyes; brute force is the only method they could grasp.

Dozens of worlds were lost to this refusal to bend. A refusal to except a new reality. I had seen death countless times before. I'd thought I was numb to the sensation as the souls of the deceased passed into the eternal cycle. But every time I failed to save a world something stirred in the core of my being. It burned and with every world I felt it grow more and more difficult to contain.

I was sure if I was a weaker force the all consuming fire would have laid waste to the universe the Great One so painstakingly crafted. So every solar cycle I thanked those how saw the truth.

Those who were not blinded saw the darkness, my darkness for what it truly was. A necessary force to balance the elemental circle and bring order. The shadows take in all but give up nothing. It protects those under its power, striving to aide them. Unlike the wretched light that uses and abuses the trust of mortals and the divine just to turn them into puppets. It twists them into its pawns only to throw them away.


It pains me that so few understand that simple fact and so I ask:


It is the question that has been asked for centuries with hundreds of meanings. It is used constantly and yet do we truly ever find the answer. I cannot say, for see the truth is neither have I.

I have lived since the beginning, formed through combat, hatred, and darkness. But make no mistake I am not what is known as evil. Oh no, that belief can easily be a description for my counterpart.

The Light of Destruction.

I don't understand why are they so faithful towards it. After everything that it has done they still love it. And after centuries of protection, they forbid me from ever being accepted. Those who try to care about me are ostracized and scarred for their beliefs. I don't understand, why?!

It has always been an annoyance for countless millennia in each of the twelve worlds. The question that I ask is why are the beings accepting of the force that strives to eradicate all free will? And yet they despise me, their protector, for the element that I embody.

I could understand if they denied both of us, but why would they embrace the light so eagerly without even knowing what is truly is? So many allow light to enter their heart and twist it until the creature it was before is little more than a puppet.

Not all mortals are so easily swayed, I am forever grateful for those that understand to truth and embrace the dark. They accept the dark and by doing so except my anger despite the corruption it has become. Even through all the pain those few refuse to leave me. They take the pain and aim it at the fools who dare to enforce the Light's will. They are called demons, monsters, evil and so the puppets of light attempt to crush them to prevent as little trouble as possible for their master. What fools these mortals can be.

No matter, I am patient.

I have been growing in strength for years, because of my ally's actions. I may not be able to completely cleanse the universe of that parasite, but so, very soon I will be able to have access to a new host body on the mortal plane. I know where the Light has been feeding and soon we will meet face to face as we once did millennia ago.

I might feel guilty for bringing an innocent human into my struggle, but I can live with that. Bringing him over to the dark would spare him the pain of being devoured by the light. But this was a delicate matter it had been centuries since I took a human vessel, ever since that poor prince of Neo Space. No matter I have learned much since that era and who knows I might be able to grasp the concept that makes these humans so attached to the Light.

If I know what draws them to it I could destroy it. Open there eyes to the truth.

One day we will meet without any distractions or shields between us. On that day we will finally see the extent of our capabilities. In the end only one of us will walk away!

Even if it took me the rest of eternity the Light would never win! I swear it on the Great One's!