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Still Christian

"Well, I see everything has been wrapped up satisfactorily." Aunt Talulah came through the door a bundle in her arms, "Your sailboat is lovely."

"Auntie?" Mckenna gaped, "What are you doing here?"

"I arrived yesterday, but had some things to tie up. You girls did well."

The three concious McGovern girls mumbled respectful thank-you's, fully cowed. The sight was strange as shit.

"Alliana?" Auntie referred to Allie who had been laid on the couch, Andre's jacket draped over her, the only evidence he'd been in the room. His person suddenly and conspicuously absent.

"She fainted when Trudy ripped out Lincoln's throat." Christy offered, giving Trudy's head a congraulatory pat.

"Of course." Auntie nodded as if Trudy's throat ripping and Allie's fainting were normal and expected. "Ana refused to leave?" The question was directed his way.

"Yes." He affirmed.

"Ah," A smile, small, but no doubt proud curved the woman's lips, "Well, she is a McGovern, after all. We are rather blood-thirsty when it comes to protecting the ones we love." Aunt Talulah patted Teddy's back, "Teddy was an angel, but I believe he needs a change and would like to eat."

"Ana's in the kitchen."

"I'll show you." Kate said, leading the woman away, "So, how long have you known Andre?"

"You brought Auntie in." Mckenna said.

It wasn't a question, but he had no problem explaining his reasoning. "I wasn't trusting my wife and child to just anyone."

"Damn," Lena gave him a look that could only be described as awestruck, "Way to go to the top, Hot-stuff."

16 hours earlier – Mckenna

My eyes fly open to a circle of pure white in a black sky and the scraps of knowledge that had been tossing and pitching in my mind for the last twenty-four hours go abruptly still and settle into place. There. There it is. So simple, really. Attempting to roll from the bed, I realize the heat wrapped around me is not a blanket, but warm, solid, heavy male. I go to disentangle myself, but his arms pull me back, "Just where do you think you're goin'"

His breath is hot on the back of my neck. Explaining myself, that's a new one. "I have to go outside."

"What?" His arms tighten, "It's four in the mornin'"

"Full moon."

"Hmm," Lips brush the back of my neck, "Is this another crazy McGovern thing."


Gavin moves, and suddenly I'm under him and caught in warm and way too knowing gaze, "You're not thinking' of putting those wall back up, are you, babe."

"Of course, I am. It's instinct."

"Wont' work." Large hands cradle my head, his thumbs brushing light circles on the sensitive spot behind my ear.

"Believe me, I'm aware." I've known Gavin my entire life, once he takes a hill, it's good and taken, "But that has nothing to do with this."

"Mm-hmm" He hums against my neck, his lips lazily making their way down to my shoulder. Dear Goddess, the man's talented, "Gavin, please..."

"So you coming back?"

"Where else would I go?"

"Nowhere I couldn't find you." Mumbling into my chest. zhe's worked his way down, knowing if he gets much further, I'll never make it out of bed, I shove at him, "Gavin McIntyre, enough."

He let's me push him up, "No, Mckenna" hot eyes bore into mine, "It's never enough."

Well okay, yes, he's sexy, "Gavin, I have to."

"All right, but if you're gone more than an hour, I'm coming after you." He rolls off me.

"Deal." Jumping out of bed, I look around for the clothes he yanked off me spread all over the room.

"Damn, you're pretty in the moonlight." I look over, he's giving me a get over here so I can fuck you stare.

"Uh-uh, not gonna happen."

The stare turns to the panty-dropping grin, "Wanna bet?"

Well, not till I get back, anyway. I shove my clothes on and slip out the cleverly hidden pocket door. Once outside, I make my way around to the deck that wraps around two thirds of the back of the house, Christy's already there, a mug in her hands. I know this time it's not coffee she's sipping, but Granny Rose's tea. The one that helps with what we've come to know as Burning Moon Madness, or as Lena calls it the I'm gonna go fuck like a bunny moon.

"Hey, how are you feeling." I lower myself to the steps beside her.

"I'm okay, a little jittery. How's Gavin?"

"The man has stamina, I'll give him that."

"Are you alright?"

"I'm not sure yet, maybe."

"Well, Sawyer's dead to the world."

We turn around to see Lena, already showered and dressed with a giant mug of what has to be coffee. My sister hasn't taken so much as a single swallow of tea since she was old enough to throw her sippy cup across the room, "Poor thing finally passed out."

"Damn, Lena."

"TMI" Christy wrinkles her nose and waves the hand not holding her mug like she's trying to wipe the image from her mind.

"Hey, it's the blood. What's a girl to do?"

"Is that Allie with the Corsican?"

I follow Christy's pointing finger, sure enough Allie and Andre' are walking towards us.

"That pervert. What the hell did he do?" Lena's death-ray stare locks on the possible threat to her twin.

"Nothing happened Lena."

"What the fuck? How do you know?"

"I know Allie and I know Andre', nothing happened." It's a bluff. Something went down, it's in Andre's body language, but not what Lena's thinking. I jump up, heading off the bad-ass ready to break bad, "Let me, I need to talk to him anyway." I'm already walking down the steps and across the lawn.

Stopping in front of them, I take in Andre's usual calm elegance, and Allies's nervous little movements. Hhmm, she's wearing the same that look she used to get when we caught her playing in Aunt Heather's makeup as a child, only without the lipstick all over her face, "Um, Andre' was just..."

"Don't bother, Allie. I think I've got the gist. Go assure your twin that Andre' did not prey upon your virtue before she flies over here and castrates him."

"Oh, right." Allie's eyes dart nervously up to the deck where Lena's pacing like a caged beast. Then turning to Andre', "Um..well..."

"Good-bye, Sweet Angel." He cuts her off, brushing a kiss across her forehead, then steps back, "Now, please go reassure the hellion. I'm rather fond of all my parts, I'd like to keep them."

Allie, gives him a small smile and heads towards the house, but not before I see the tears filling her eyes. Torrill's eyes are glued to her back, following her all the way to the deck. Yep, something went down.

"Granny Rose had this saying,"

"Ah, wisdom from the insane Granny," Turning to me, his dark eyes taking on the usual calculating shadiness.

"Can't argue with that, but she used to say when fate comes knocking, you best open the door. It'll just blast it off its hinges and come crashing in anyway, and that can get messy."

"Yes, that sounds like her rambling nonsense."

"She said it with that Sottish accent, made it sound profound."

His low chuckle is musical, rich. Everything about the man is seductive.

"What did my sister do?"

"She attempted to sabotage, any attempt you might make to sabotage your happiness."

"Ah, got it."

"I, was of course, a perfect..."

"Oh, shut up."

A sad smile hovers around his sensual mouth, "I never had a chance, did I?"

"Andre'," I reach out and take one of his hands in mine, "Has it occurred to you that, perhaps, that was the whole point."

I see shock for the barest flicker of a second then the usual sardonic mask is back. It would have fooled most people, "Don't bother, I'm a freak of nature."

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"Sure you do. I was safe to love because I could never love you back."

"You know," His head tilts, the sadness tinged with fond affection, "Just once, I would like you to be wrong."

"Put me behind the wheel of a car, you'll see it plenty."

"Ah," A full out smile, "You do have an unfortunate tendency to get lost."

Tendency? He was being generous. I can get lost in a square room. I have no sense of direction and left and right are forever confusing to my dyslexic brain.

"Beautiful, brilliant girl." He leans close and brushes his lips on one cheek and then the other. Then peers into my face his eyes serious, "What's going on?"

Andre' could always sense when my mind had settled. His intuition is off the charts. Not quite as good as Trudy's, but still remarkable. Comes with the survivor's instincts.

"Lincoln and Sorenson were smuggling."

"Really? What pray tell?"


"Oh, well, we'll be killing him."


"What do you need?"

"I need to give them what they want."

"Ah, of course, dear old daddy's foolproof. I assume, you won't be telling any of the men about this little plan."

I snort, "Are you kidding, all that Alpha shit would give us away in half a heartbeat."

"Yes," Andre's flash of grin, is pure sin, the man can't help it, "All that honorable nonsense can ruin the best laid plans. And when they think they've won..." The grin disappears, and what's left is...nothing, an emptiness that would be terrifying if I didn't see my own darkness reflected in it.

"We kill them all."

Mckenna - Back to current time.

"So those guys in the trees snapped their own necks, is that it?" Detective Carson demands, looking like he wants to spit nails. I can't much blame him.

We've been at this almost three hours now, and yes, this time he has plenty of reasons to be frustrated. Not the least of which was being pulled out of bed. I glance at Gavin's watch - one fifteen a.m. Damn, I rub the grit from my stinging eyes. When this is over I'm sleeping for a week. "No, I'm just saying I can't say how their necks ended up snapped." Which was true I couldn't say, I knew sure, but Andre liked to keep a low profile. Another reason I didn't tell Gavin. He has this thing about lying to government types, being he was one of them. We McGoverns aren't that squeamish.

"Right." Carson reaches for that half-empty bottle of Rolaids and we are right back were we were twenty-four hours ago.

This time, Gavin and I are on the hideous leather couch, Christy and Allie are in the matching pleather chairs. Lena and Sawyer are doing their wall leaning thing and Masters and Taylor are backed up against door. Christian and Ana are absent. Grey insisted on having their interviews conducted at the house. A reasonable request, being that his wife had a baby a little over 48 hours ago.

"Detective, I understand your frustration. Mckenna can be difficult to understand." My head jerks in Allie's direction. She's sipping on another coke. The officers at the fourteenth precinct were very concerned about her when they discovered she was involved with a shoot-out. They'd been extremely solicitous. "But it's really not her fault."

"I'm sorry," Carson put down the water he'd been gulping, "I'm not sure I'm following you."

"Her mind works so quickly she makes plans and forgets we all don't know what she's thinking. She thinks we already know because it's so obvious to her."

"I see." The man nodded like what my sister said made a damn bit of sense, which it didn't.

Never-the-less, Allie continued, "She woke up this morning knowing that Lincoln had been involved with human trafficking."

Carson turns to me, "And how did you come to this conclusion."

"Bosnia." I said, "Sorenson had offices there. Lincoln traveled there."


"Bosnia is one of the biggest hubs of child prostitution."

"That's it? That's nothing." This from Sawyer.

Carson throws an overflowing handful of Rolaids in his mouth and reaches for his water.

"It's everything." I snap. Idiocy at one a.m. makes me bitchy, "They were moving something - something big. It wasn't lumber. It wasn't legal."

"People." Taylor the spoke up from his position by the door.

"People." I give him a little nod.

Sawyer's staring at me like I'm a circus freak. Lena elbows him.

"Ouch, hey?"

"Get over it already. She's brilliant. She figures things out." Lena said, "You'd think she was shooting lightning from her fingernails or some shit. Damn!"

Sawyer's eyes go wide for a second, then he bursts out laughing, "Fine, okay, point taken."

"So, he never intended to kill Mrs. Grey?" Caron manages to ask in between gulps of water.

"Now that's the interesting part." I said, "The reason it was so hard to pinpoint what he was doing was he wasn't doing one thing. He hired an assassin.

"The guy from the roof." Carson nods.

"Exactly. And he took out a bounty, to which we can attribute the failed explosion and he hired men to kidnap her. The attacks also forced Grey to bring in more security..."

"Giving him more opportunities to either corrupt or coerce a man on the inside." Carson concluded.

"Yes. Multiple tacks. I think taking Ana was the gold, but he'd have settled for silver."

"Mrs. Grey dying."

"Yes. He wanted Grey to suffer. He wasn't as particular about how he achieved it. Bounty, Assassin, and kidnapping all three."

"Hoping one would work." Carson concluded.

"Well, damn, the guy was smart." Sawyer again.

"Yes, and the cretin got his throat ripped out for his trouble. All in all, I'd say a most gratifying outcome."

Everybody turns to the door, and there is Andre' and beside him is a little toad of a man and...Oh. Shit! "Grab Lena!" I shout and jump on top of Gavin. He's already rising out of the chair murder in his eyes. Sawyer gives me the are-you-bat-shit crazy look and Lena's already moving, "Goddammit, somebody grab her..." Both Allie and Christy go for her, but Lena's too fast.

She's in front of the little man she's vowed to pulverize into a bloody mass before anyone can stop her and...


They both go crashing through the door and out into the precinct. All of us flooding out of Carson's office behind them like clowns out of a car.

Lena shoves the little weasel's face down into the door, puts her knee in his back, yanks his arm up behind him and systematically starts snapping fingers, screaming curses at the top of her lungs.

The little weasel formerly known as Bart, is wailing like a stuck pig. Every warm body in the precinct is frozen. I'm wrapped around Gavin like a monkey trying to hold him back and not even slowing him down. He's storming over to help Lena in her attempts to kill the man who'd drafted me into government work behind their backs and nearly gotten me killed.

"Goddammit, what the hell's going on?"

Carson storms out of his office looking like a man ready to walk up to the Grim Reaper and shake hello.

Then a clear, single shout. "LENA!"

Lena's head popped up, the shout came from Christy. I can count the number times I've heard my youngest sister yell on one hand, and still have a finger or two left over.

"You've got to stop. Detective Carson can't take any more."

Lena's eyes narrow, I can see her wondering if killing the man she's wanted dead for the last five years is worth Carson's impending coronary, but Christy stomps over to her, and...Oh shit and Ouch.

"Owowowow! Dammit Christy...EEEOOOWW!" My bad ass bitch sister screams like a twelve year old girl, as my sweet as pie sister grabs her by her ear and twists.

"Enough!" Christy yanks Lena up off the man by that ear she's twisting, "The detective has a heart condition. Stop behaving like a selfish child. If you want that waste of space dead so badly, you can tell Auntie."

"Fine, fine, Goddammit let me go." Lena's doing contortions to keep her ear attached to her body.

"Promise me you'll behave." Christy gives it another little yank.

"Ow dammit, okay, okay, I promise."

Christy releases her ear, then shoots Gavin a look.

"Uh, yeah, I'm behavin'" Gavin holds up both hands, his eyes wide, but sliding down his body, I see his lips twitching.

"Damn." Taylor's voice from behind me, "You sure you know what you're doin', getting involved with these women?"

"Yeah, she might be the death of me, but what a way to go." Sawyer's response earns him Taylor's disgusted snort.

"Well, on the plus side detective, I'm sure the federal government will be good for the door." Andre's voice.

I shoot him a glance, he's got that smooth as caramel look on his face. What the hell is he up to?

One of the officers helps Bart up off the floor, and settles him in one of those ugly pleather chairs.

"Detective," Andre continues, "this is Neil Battram. He's with FBI, and what I'm sure he'll tell you as soon as he's able is this is now a federal investigation."

"What?" Carson's eyes go wide with hope.

'Uh, yes," The little weasel speaks up, his beady eyes watching Lena warily. Smart as she's still giving him her death-ray stare. He reaches into the pocket of his cheap suit and pulls out a sheaf of papers. The Detective grabs them, yanking them open and the relief on his face would have been funny, but he was so pale and sweaty I was too worried to find the humor.

Apparently, so was Christy. Marching over, she pulls the papers out of his hands.

"What the..."

"Detective, your pale and clammy." She throws the papers on a nearby desk and starts taking the detective's pulse.

"Now wait just a minute..."

"Shush," She cuts him off, "Whoever's in charge when the detective isn't here needs to take over. Lena get the detective a chair." That was smart. It forced Lena's attention from her soon to be victim, but as soon as Carson's settled in the chair she provided, she's back to stalking the weasel who nearly got me killed.

"Where's your medication?" Christy's full attention is on the detective.

" my desk. Top right drawer."

"I'll get it." Allie volunteers, as she's still in the doorway to Carson's office. Simultaneously three of the officers, who'd just been standing around watching us first destroy, and now take over their station, offer to help. Practically tripping over each other to help my sister look in a drawer, but Andre' moves with his usual unhurried grace and somehow, beats them to the doorway. Leaning against it, he proceeds to casually pick lint from the sleeve of his multi-thousand-dollar suit, and he's scary as shit doing it. The officers freeze, then, with the instinct of all prey animals about to become a predator's midnight snack, they back up. Slowly.

Allie returns with a prescription bottle in one hand and Carson's huge water bottle in the other. Andre' steps aside, but his eyes shoot to every officer in the room in under a second, the message clear as crystal, and that message was one word only... mine.

"Shit, no way in hell." Gavin whispers in my ear.

"Shush." I elbow him in the gut. He oomphs, but stays silent.

"Here you go, detective," Allie hands him his water and opens the pill bottle for him, "How may?"


She drops two pills in his open palm, "You poor thing. Honestly, we're not usually this bad."

"How'd you know about my heart condition?"

Oh, yeah, that.

"Well, now don't be mad detective..." Allie blinks her big, concerned, blue eyes at him, "But you didn't look well yesterday, and Lena is rather good with computers, so I had her look into your medical files. I know, it was terribly forward of me, but I was worried. Can you forgive me?"

You could hear the collective sighs of every officer in the room. And the thing was, it was absolutely true. After watching Carson down half a bottle of Rolaids yesterday, my soft-hearted sister had been anxious and insisted we find out if the additional stress of having McGovern chaos around was bad for the Detective's health.

"Well, now," Carson blushed to the roots of his balding pate, "Uh.. that's illegal, but being that you were worried..." He drifted off when my sister leaned down and kissed his cheek.

"Thank-you," Allie said.

Carson's blush turned full-flaming red.

I looked around. Every man in the place was staring at Allie, like bunch of love struck ninnies. Well, except for Gavin, who was shooting daggers at Andre' who looked ready to jump on every male in the room and snap their necks, starting with poor Detective Carson, simply for receiving Allie's affection, benign as it may be.

Allie, oblivious, turned to Christy, "Don't you think the Detective should get some rest?"

"Yes, but he shouldn't drive."

That started Carson blustering...

"Now, detective," Allie tsk, tsk'd patting his hand, "Christy knows best, she's a medical professional. Besides, I'll be glad to drive you home, if one of the officers could follow in your car, then I can bring them back here..."

Oh, hell. Sometimes Allie's compassion ran ahead of her sense. She'd start a riot. The officers would kill each other to get to her...

"I'm sure one of the officers will be more than happy to see the Detective home safely." Andre' speaks up, stepping forward and pulling Allie to his side.

"Oh, well yes of course." Allie blinks up at him, her face pinkening.

At that Lena's death-ray stare leaves Battram and zero's in on Andre, "Oh, hell no."

"Thank-you." Gavin gives her an approving nod and crosses his arms over his chest, immensely satisfied to have an ally in his death to Andre campaign.

I shoot my sister a warning glare and pinch Gavin's arm.

"Shut up, both of you."

Gavin reluctantly settles down, but Lena's out pinching range. She starts moving, but then Christy looks up, "Lena, by the Goddess, I will twist your ear slam off."

Lena takes in the positively fierce look in Christy's eyes, and backs down, grumbling about not letting her have any fun and not the boss of me.

Oh, we are all kinds of mature, we are.

"Damn," Masters speaks up for the first time, "Is it always like this?"

"You get used to it," Gavin shoots over his shoulder, then under his breath, "If it doesn't kill you first."