Hey guys, this is a little rough, but everybody was anxious for this update so here you go. Oh and I got a little confused with my names. Tommy wasn't the Pip. It was Steve...Tommy's boyfirend's ex...confused myself...

Christian - ten minutes ago

Rolling his shoulders in an attempt to relieve the the tension in his weary muscles, his phone at his ear, Grey inserted the key to take the elevator straight to the penthouse. As exhausted and frustrated as he'd been after dealing with every government agency from the port authority to the coast guard to homeland security, to the San Diego P.D. he found he couldn't stand not having Ana with him, so he'd gotten on the corporate jet and returned home. Spending the entire flight on the phone with Welch, and the new President of Soren Shipping. He checked his watch, 11:38 p.m. He wondered if she was even home yet. He had no idea how long a drag queen beauty pageant lasted.

'You have...four..new messages'


Sugar buns?

"Jose' here,

Oh, well, he'd been called worse...

"I hate to collect on that favor so quickly, but we've had a bit of an emergency, and we're going to have to use the penthouse for a little get together. Now, don't you worry. We know how to behave ourselves...You won't even know we've been here. ….."

"What the hell?"

The elevator rose.

'Next new message'

"Adonis, um I hate to bother you, but it's just well, Sabrina had to give up her crown and it's her birthday, and her boyfriend's a weasel, and we have all that cake...and oh, I hope this is alright...but I said they could have the party here at Escala...Jose' promised to keep it simple. I hope everything is alright there...I'll...um save you some cake..."

Save him some... what the fuck?

'Next new message'

The elevator stopped.

"Mr. Grey, sir, this is Sawyer, everything is fine here, but if you could call me when you get this message. Uh... I'm not sure how to proceed with this whole party thing...uh...yeah...just call when you can."

The doors slid open

Next new message

"Hey Bro, heard you're throwing a party. I gotta say, I'm a little hurt I didn't get an invite..."

'End of new massages'

He stepped into the vestibule...and Holy Fucking Hell!

Everything was...pink. No, the lighting was pink, casting everything in a pink glow. He was half afraid to go any further, but then he heard Ana's voice...

...Adonis is very private...

..So, he's not in it...

Three more cautious steps took him into the Great-Room where an explosion of color, light, and feathers nearly blinded him...and if he wasn't mistaken, his ears were picking up 'Midnight Train to Georgia'. He squinted into the dizzying swirls of pink light to see Ana all over another woman he assumed to be Kate. She looked to be trying to film something with her phone. His eyes drifted to the make-shift stage in front of the Piano. So this was the source of the music. A short, older lady with bright red hair was singing the Gladys Knight number and behind her...one 'pip' spun right into...Shit was that Sawyer?... shoving him into... holy fucking hell..Elliot? Well damn, he couldn't blame Kate for wanting to get that on film. He had half a mind to whip his own phone out...

"Oh, hi, you must be Christian." The husky voice beside him drew his eyes from the comedy playing out in front of him.

He turned to see a woman, a tiara sitting atop her shocking purple hair and a purple sash across her red dress identifying her as Miss Drag Queen Seattle 2013.

"Yes, Christian Grey," he extended his hand, "allow me to congratulate you on your win."

She grasped his hand in both of hers, and sighed, "Gorgeous, rich, and well-mannered, I could almost hate Annie, but I can't hate anyone so sweet and generous. I'm Macarena, It's so nice to meet you."

He was distracted from answering by the shouting...

...won't allow you to violate sugar-buns...

Oh, hell.

To her credit, Macarena responded with just the smallest giggle, "We um...were under the impression you wouldn't be arriving home until tomorrow. We would have had all this cleaned up..."

"Yes, that was the plan..." he was distracted again by the melee of a floor show happening in front of the Piano. For some reason, Sawyer jumped about a foot in the air and came down on the only fully functioning 'pip'. They both crashed into his brother, who didn't see them coming because he was bent double laughing. He watched, stupefied, as all three men went crashing to the ground...

The entire room erupted into laughter, and he had to admit, he wished he'd been recording. Then, over the din of chaos he heard that familiar, cute as hell, hooting snort, and the tension he'd been carrying for the last eight hours melted away. Fighting his smile, he brought his hands together in slow, spontaneous applause. After all, the show had been plenty entertaining.

Silence settled on the room like a blanket. Sawyer jumped up from the floor. The red-headed woman stopped singing. His kitten had her back to him. Her shoulders tensed, but she wouldn't turn around. Damn, he had to get his hands on her. It seemed to take forever to cross the suddenly still room. Finally he stood behind her. Reaching out, he turned her around, lowered his head, and brushed his lips along her silky cheek.

Breathing her in, he whispered against her ear, "So kitten, have we cut the cake yet?"

"Uh...well..um..it's just...Bree got dumped..." the words tumbled out of her.

He pulled back to look into her blue eyes, wide and panicked. He bit back his smile, "Did she?"

"Actually, I did the dumping." A tall blond drag queen in a shiny pink dress offered.

"Oh, right..." Ana's wide gaze darted over to her, "Sorry, anyway...her boyfriend's a weasel..."

"Ex-boyfriend." The queen spoke again.

"A weasel?" he felt his lips twitch, his hands feathered up and down her bare arms. Nottouching her wasn't an option.

"Uh-huh...and a bastard..."

"..and a vile cheating she-whore.." This from Kate. He glanced over to see a vicious expression on her lovely face, "I still say she should have clobbered his nuts with the peep-toe."

"Damn, right." The red-headed woman with the mike agreed heartily.

"Yes, I imagine that would have been quite a memorable lesson." Major ball-buster was right. Elliot was in for a shit-load of trouble with that one, the thought almost had his smile breaking free.

"And he owns the club...and It's Bree's birthday..." his kitten continued to stammer.

"And since Bree was wearing the peep-toes, I'm assuming she's the one who gave up her crown." one hand left her arm to rest low on her hip.

"Yes, uh yes that's right...and well, they couldn't have the party at the weasel's, and we have all that cake..."

"Yes, it is a lot of cake..." his eyes moved to the cake that, like his penthouse, had undergone a major transformation, "There's pink glitter all over it."

"It's edible." Jose' spoke up for the first time.

"Yes..um.. Tommy's boyfriend's ex, Steve, is a party planner..." Kitten pointed a shaking finger over at the red-headed pip.

"It's quite a transformation." He stated the obvious.

"Thank-you," came the pip's gracious reply, "It's easy when you're working with such a wonderful space."

He acknowledged the compliment with a slight nod.

"...and his boyfriend owns one of those extreme cake design bakeries." the woman in his arms rattled on, "I'm not sure I got his name..."

"Trent, Trent Wallace," a voice spoke from the kitchen, where a bald stocky man in a blue and white striped shirt and a yellow bow-tie, stood next to a tall African-American with vivid green hair, both had their arms full of liqueur bottles. He decided not to ask, "Nice to meet you."

"And, um.." Ana's hesitating voice brought his eyes back to hers in time to see her bite down on her sweet, plump bottom lip, "I thought you weren't coming back until tomorrow..."

So did he...

Reaching out he tucked a lock of hair behind her ear, his fingers lingering around the delicate shell, "I missed you," the simple truth fell from his lips. His hand on her hip flexing, caressing the soft warmth he needed closer.

Her mouth opened in a surprised gasp,"You did?" the words were barely more than a breath... and everything around him faded out of existence.

"Mmm-hhmm..." He lowered his head, his lips meeting hers, "Very," he sipped that sweet bottom lip, "very," moved up and sipped the little bow on the top, "much." a brush against her damp mouth.

Gradually murmurs around them filtered into his consciousness.

"Oh, oh my..."

"Sign me up for some of that..."

"Mercy, is it hot in here?"

"If only I were twenty years younger..."

"Try Forty, Frannie..."


"That is what I call yum-yum good.."

"Got to get me one of those..."

"I think my panties just melted..."

"Christian, perhaps we should cut the cake?"

What the hell? His head shot up, "Mom?"

"Hello, dear," his mother looking elegant as always, walked over, from the bar.

He lifted his hands from Ana's hip and tucked her into his side. Leaning down to give his mother a kiss on the cheek, "What are you doing here? Not that I'm not glad to see you..."

"Yes, well, Elliot and I were having dinner nearby..."

"And Bruce the snitch," Kate interrupted, " My former body-guard, called to inform your jack-ass, nosy, good for nothing brother that we were having a party."Kate's eyes were shooting venom at Elliot, where he still lazed by the Piano. He proved he had no sense at all by laughing.

"Now Katie-Girl, what kind of guard would he be if...Hey! Shit! What the fuck... OW! Dammit that hurt!

"Elliot! Language!"

"But Mom...she threw a shoe at me!"


"Damn," Grey whispered, " Jose was right. She is fast."

"Kate pitched softball in high-school." Ana explained.

"Shit, she must have been damn good." He watched the second shoe fly across the room.

"Oh yeah," Ana nodded, with a sympathetic wince as the shoe slammed into Elliott's chest, "State Champs."