Here we go! I don't have time for a second proof. It's already late ad I gotta go put a pizza in the oven. For those wanting more C&A. This is the wind down of Ana's big Adventure. I will be dealing with more intimacy issues between our favorite couple next. There is some alone time for the two though and a rather juicy lemon scene. There's also a wrap up of McGovern Madness. As we will not be seeing the sisters again in this story. So something for everybody. Thanks for your feedback and patience and as always enjoy.


The doctor arrived a few minutes after they did. The same doctor who she'd peed in a cup for the morning after her night at the sex club. Since Sara was getting Sophie to sleep. He'd seen Kate first. The heel of her friend's hand was swelling up. Bone-bruise Kate said when she joined Ana in the den. She had a bottle of Chablis in one hand and a plate of chocolate chip cookies in the other. May, her hazel eyes so like her brother's sparking with gold lights, produced a few wine glasses from the dry bar, but laughingly stated that if Kate wanted to chug it straight from the bottle after a day like today she was entitled.

May was a charming and warm hostess. She also was gifted at handling the Alpha male. When Sara came out of her session with the Doctor and asked if she could get a ride home. Maurice, who'd been watching her all night in that deceptively lazy way of his, pushed off the wall with the look of an Apha about to lay down his Alpha-law. May stepped in front of him.

"Sara, why don't you stay the night here?"

"I don't want to be any trouble..."

"Nonsense, we have plenty of room," May cut her off smooth as silk, wrapping one arm around the tiny girls shoulders, "Besides, Sophie is already asleep."

Oh she was good.

Sara gave in with a murmur of thanks, allowing her gracious hostess to lead her from the room. Ana saw May shoot Maurice a significant look on the way out. He grumbled and fell back against the wall. His eyes following Sara's back all the way across the room. Shit, Ana knew that look. Sara was being stalked.

But then Adonis was pulling her from the sofa and dragging her into the kitchen, saying she was next to be seen by the Doctor. Rolling over her protests that she was fine with a clipped, "Humor me."

So she sat and let the Doctor ask questions, take her pulse, listen to her heart. It was all very serious, but she could see the hidden humor behind the man's eyes when he proclaimed her fit as a fiddle and no worse for her experience.

She'd then insisted the Doctor look at Adonis' hand. He'd balked. She jumped up from her stool, planted her hands on his chest and shoved. Taken off guard, his butt hit the stool behind him. She leaned in, her lips at his ear, "Humor me," She nipped the lobe of his ear and pulled back, stepping away.

He stared at her in dumb shock, one lock of messy hair falling onto his forehead, his mouth dropping open. Holy crap, he was too frickin' cute. Ana blinked the stars out of her eyes and took advantage of his temporary silence, "He cut his hand."

"Well, let's have a look." The doctor didn't bother to hide his grin. Unwrapping the bloody gauze and examining the wound.

Her Demi-God sat, grumpy and growling like a bear with a sore paw, but allowed his hand to be dressed and bandaged.


Humor her? His ear tingled and his body ached from exhaustion, but true to form his dick twitched. The damn thing was obsessed. The last six hours had been hell. So many emotions pounding inside him, he didn't know why his chest didn't burst. Rage that she'd been taken, gradually giving way to relief that she was safe. Fear, though was winning out. Fear that he could have lost her. Even with all of his precautions, she'd been taken from him. It could never happen again. Never.

And now, here she was standing over him, looking so soft and sassy and safe. His kitten didn't have so much as a scratch. He wanted to grab her up, take her away and just hold her. No, if he were honest, he wanted to hold her then fuck her then hold her some more, then fuck her again.

He reminded his wayward dick that Ana had been through an ordeal. It twitched again. Damn, his dick was literally a selfish prick.

"She really is fine, Grey." The doctor spoke, unwrapping the bloody gauze, "Came out the best of the three of them." Then pulling his hand up and turning it under the lights, "Damn, and all three came out better than you did. You mangled this palm."

"I know how Sara got hurt," His kitten muttered, an adorable crease in her brow. He wanted to kiss that crease and keep right on kissing, "But Kate…"

"Ah, she said it happened when she busted some…uh… " The doctor paused, probably editing Kathryn Kavanah's statement for content, "man's nose."

"Oh right," The little crease smoothed out, "She jammed that creepy guy in the nose."

"The cuts aren't deep though." The Doctor went back to his analysis, but Grey was more interested in what Ana said.

"What creepy guy?" He demanded, barely noticing the sting of antiseptic.

"Oh, there were these two men who wanted demonstrations of that date rape drug."

"What?" He jumped from the stool. The doctor stumbled back, barely holding on to the open bottle of antiseptic. Grey barely noticed, "Where was that fucking fucker who was supposed to be protecting you?"

His kitten rolled her eyes, stuck one arm out straight and pointed to the stool with a snap of her fingers, "Put your behind back in that stool so the doctor can do his job and I'll tell you."

Put his behind…What the fuck? He blinked at her.

She tapped her foot, raised her chin, and snapped her fingers again.

A different but equally strong emotion rose to the surface battling, twisting, and then merging with the rage. His dick twitched. His palm itched, but he sat his behind back down. The doctor snickered.

Ana gave him that prissy nod of approval, "André, aka the Angel of death was held up by two men that Jeffries sent to kill him."

She proceeded to tell him how Sara ripped one of the creep's balls off. Kate smashed the other one's nose. Then, her nose wrinkling, she explained how she'd grabbed the guys 'squishy parts' and twisted.

"Squishy Parts?" He grinned. The good doctor had to take a break from bandaging his hand to laugh out loud.

That cute little nose wrinkling further, she waved her hands in front of her face as if warding off the image, "I don't want to think about it."

And just like that, rage receded the fear left, the tension in him uncoiled, and he took his first easy breath in six hours. The doctor finished wrapping his hand. Leaving the kitchen with a knowing smirk and a muttered, "I'll uh, just go check on….someone...else."

"Thanks Greg." Grey spoke to the man's back, reaching for Ana at the same time, "Come here." He pulled her between his legs. She came, unresisting, and melted into him, her hands planted on his thighs. He pulled her close, buried his face in the curve of her neck and inhaled, " You feel like heaven, baby."

A sigh and warm breath tickling his ear, "When can we go home?"

"Home?" He opened his mouth on her throat. A little gasp and her hands left his thighs, sliding around his neck just under his collar. Light strokes of her nails up his nape and back down again. God, he loved her touch.

"Um, yes..ah." another sigh when he sucked her fragrant flesh into his mouth, "Escala."

He pulled back to face her at that, a grin stretching his face "You said home, our home."

"Yes," She nodded with an answering smile.

"Yours and mine." He reiterated, pleasure at her admission pushing out any remnants of fear.

"Yes." Big blue eyes rolled, "Our home."

"Mmm.." his hand squeezed her hip, one sliding under her shirt to touch silky skin, "As soon as we can, baby." He nibbled back up her throat and along her cheek, "As soon as we get confirmation about Jeffries."

"Oh," he sealed his mouth over hers, her hands went to his hair. It was a tender tasting, a mutual quest for reassurance, but it wouldn't stay that way. If he kept this up he'd be hauling her off behind the nearest closed door. Reveling in her little mew of protest when he released her. He distracted himself and his rapidly inflating dick, "So tell me about the creep with the squishy parts."

"Oh," she blinked passion drugged eyes at him, licking her lips like she was gathering his tatse. But before his dick could fully rise to the occasion, "The Angel of Death took care of him."

"What?" That distracted him from his dick.

"Andre," she clarified her voice going dry, "I think you referred to him as the fucking fucker."


"He was Jowly's cousin."

"Jowly?" His lips twitched. Those nicknames of hers, damn.

"The drug lord, he had a jowly face."

"Aah, okay." Of course he did.

"Well, I suppose I could just call everyone a fucker like you do."

"I don't."

"You called Stinky a little fucker, Stan and Maurice mother-fuckers, and now the Angel of death a fucking fucker."

He bit back his grin, "Ah, valid point kitten. I'll have to be more creative."

"Uh-huh, Anyway, this cousin of his, he was…." She paused,nibbling the bottom lip he wanted to feast on, "Oh I don't know, he's hard to describe. He showed up when Boris was choking Sara. Boris was huge, and André was built like you. In fact you're probably the same size."

"Got a good look, did you?" His jealousy was ridiculous, but he remembered Stan's 'pretty boy' comment.

"Adonis," Ana's face went dead serious, "He killed Boris from thirty feet away, across a dimly lit barn with a flick of his wrist and no gun."

Holy Shit! "How?"

"Knife to the neck. It was over in seconds."


"Then he killed the two men Jeffries sent to kill him. And while the babes were shooting it out with Maurice, he killed creepy and skeevy, two of the drug lords men and two more of Jeffries giants." His kitten counted off on her fingers, "I'm no expert, but I think it was two knives to the lungs, one broken neck, a gunshot to the head, and two knives right in the middle of the forehead. He killed them in seconds."

"Shit," Mckenna McGovern had called that right, damn, "Well I get Angel of Death nickname…"

"No, no you really don't. He made it look easy," Ana cuddled to him, he felt a shiver go through her, "Fluid and elegant. It was the most terrifying thing to watch. He made death look beautiful. Probably because he looked like a Fallen Angel."

"What?" Yep, he was jealous. Damn, love made a man insane.

"Oh, he was um, rather good-looking." His kitten verified Stan's claim.

"How good-looking?" He asked, disgusted with himself for wanting to know.

"Oh," Blue eyes skittered away from his.

Damn, THAT good-looking? Shit, was it possible Ana thought this André character was better looking than him? Oh shit, oh no, he didn't like that a bit, and hell yes, he was a crazy, jealous, love-sick idiot, but fuck it! He didn't care and he didn't like it. No. He. Did . Not.

"Um, well you know," Ana stumbled over her words, "He was Hispanic…um just…"

His dick demanded he grab his woman, take her somewhere and fuck her senseless, and shit but he was half-way ready to do just that, but then...

"He. Was. Gorgeous!" Ana spun around. He looked over her shoulder to see Jose coming toward them fanning himself with both hands, "And sexy, I mean sah-molder-in' hot."

"Smoldering?" He quirked a brow at the woman I his arms, but she was too busy shooting warning looks at Jose to notice.

"Jose is exaggerating." She said, in an attempt to get Jose to shut up that was as obvious as it was ineffective.

"Oh and that laugh." Jose raved on, oblivious as always, "I'm telling you that man leaves a trail of flaming panties everywhere he goes."

"Oh for fuck's sake." His kitten muttered, then took a different tack, "How'd you get here? Are the babes here?"

Jose stopped to get a couple of cookies from the cooling rack, "Annie Steele did you think I was going to hang around some smoke-filled Moose Lodge and wait for word when you could have been lying in a heap of wreckage?".

"But you saw we were fine." Ana's puzzlement reflected his own.

"You were fine when you got in that helicopter sure, but who knows what could have happened after that. It could have blown up, or crashed, or Sugar-buns could have done some wild evasive maneuver and you could have fallen out and plummeted to your death."

Even Grey rolled his eyes at that.

Jose took a bite of his cookie, and immediately raved, "Oooh, these are delicious." He took another bite, chewed, swallowed, "I got Frannie to drop me off. I would have been here sooner, but those crazy girls stopped to get photos of the burning buildings."

"Oh dear," Ana whispered, "They are something."

"Certifiable." Grey muttered

"Oh you have no idea." Jose' stopped in front of them, set down his cookie, and went to tug Ana from his arms. Instinctively he held on.

"Oh don't be growly. I'll give her back. Besides, Stan's looking for you. I think they're about to talk to crazy brilliant girl, and Annie you need to call Ray and Barb. I texted them as soon as you were in the air," Jose handed her his phone, "but they'll want to hear from you."

True and true, so with a kiss to Ana's forehead he gave in.

He left the room as Jose was inspecting his Annie for any signs of 'wear and tear' knowing full well he'd just been handled. And not for the first time he wondered just where in Grey Enterprises Holdings was there a space big enough for Jose to fill.


Fifteen minutes later Grey was standing between Maurice and Taylor in the room Rand called his office, but war room was more accurate. Multiple screens, computers and monitoring equipment surrounded Rand who rolled his substantial bulk between it all on a sturdy metal stool with equally sturdy metal wheels.

On the largest of those screens was Mckenna McGovern, and damn the woman looked like hell. Smudges hung under weary eyes that appeared far too vast in a face so pale it was nearly translucent. She looked wraith-like. Damn, had she looked this bad only hours ago?

Stan, who was closest, was the first to speak, "Mckenna, you look like shit."

"Why Stan, you charmer you." Came the dead-pan response. Then she was all business, "Jeffries and Sarcosa are dead."

"You're sure?" Maurice asked.

"André put six bullets in Sarcosa's chest."

"Damn," Stan was standing in front of Grey but he got a clear view of the man's frown in the little square inset at the top right corner of the screen, "That seems excessive for him."

"It was personal." Mckenna explained, "Sarcosa had branched out into selling girls as well as drugs."

"Shit, always did hate that fucker." Stan's face contorted with disgust, "No, André wouldn't go for that. Hell, he got off easy."

The comment earned them a careless shrug, "We were short on time."

"He shoot Jeffries?" Maurice again.

"No, I did." Dark eyes turned black, "One shot in each shoulder, one in each thigh one in his hand and the killing shot was to his gut."

Shit, Grey knew nothing about guns, but that sounded like a painful way to die.

"Fuck, Mckenna." Stan's white face in that little box confirmed it.

"Damn…" Rand breathed.

"Gut shot, damn, that's a bad way to go." Taylor muttered.

Maurice seemed the only one not horrified, his response a succinct approving "Good, he suffered then."

"Yes, you may tell Sara he died in agony, terrified and alone." The woman didn't even blink. Emptiness swimming in her black eyes. Then, she looked down and ran one white hand through her hair. Grey heard her take a deep breath. When she looked back up the swirling vacancy was gone, replaced her usual mechanical detachment that Grey decided was marginally less disturbing, "The cleaners never even got out of their black hawks. Just got a look at the explosions and kept flying.

"See, told you it would work." At the dry comment from somewhere off-screen, Mckenna McGovern's dark eyes hit the ceiling, "Yes, Lena we are all very glad you had the forethought to blow everything sky-high. You were right. It was the perfect move. Absolute genius."

"Damn, bitchy much?" Lena shot back.

"Lena, leave her alone. She's tired." The husky reprimand was accompanied by shining blond hair and a feminine profile that slipped into view beside Mckenna.

"Mac, here I brought you an Excedrin, and please drink your tea."

She snorted, "Uh, no."

Grey could understand the reluctance, having been on the receiving end of his mother's powerful flu cocktail.

"Please Mac, it will help with the pain. We didn't drug it. I promise."

"Allie," Mckenna's frustration was tempered with wry affection, "I am in the middle of something."

"Oh," The profile turned and Grey was looking into the face of an angel. Eyes of vivid blue and long sooty lashes blinked at them, "Oh, yes I'm sorry to interrupt."

"Hey there, gorgeous." Stan grinned at the beautiful woman.

"Hey, Allie-cat," Maurice stepped up and joined Stan in the inset box, greeting the beauty with obvious affection, "How are you, sugar?"

"Oh hi Stan, Maurice, How are you?" The lovely woman smiled, her eyes lighting up, genuine warmth radiating from her so strongly, you could feel it pouring from the screen, "Is everyone okay? Nobody got hurt did they?"

"We're all good, sweetheart." Rand answered, pushing the stool into the view of the camera, his tough face softening.

"Hi Rand, it's so good to see you." She greeted him like a long-lost friend, "How are May and the boys?"?"

"We're all fine. May loved the perfume you sent her and the boys never turn off that rock band video game."

"Oh, I'm so glad. Give them my love."

"Is that Rand?" Another disembodied female voice, "Ask him about Daisy Lou."

"Hey, Christy," Rand answered the unseen girl, "Daisy Lou is the happiest damn cow on the west coast. May and the boys spoil her rotten. And before you ask, Charlie's knees are doing great. That liniment you sent took care of the arthritis."

"Oh good," Christian saw one big blue eye behind large round black-framed glasses, half a forehead, and a tiny piece of a nose pop onto view on the other side of Mckenna, "You know, he might do better if we got you another horse to run with him. I could call the equine shelter where we got Charlie….."

"Uh, no." Rand's hard face looked on the verge of panic, "No we're good. The boys run Charlie around just fine. Thanks though."

"Uh, Excuse me?" Mckenna waved her hands around, her exasperated face more normal than Grey had ever seen her, "I'm trying to give a briefing here."

"Well, I'm not going anywhere until you take your Excedrin and drink your tea." The blond raised her chin and stood her ground.

"Yeah, Mac," Lena called out, "You're seriously bitchy when you're in pain. Take the damn pill."

"I swear by the Goddess, I did not drug your tea." The one blue eye looked wide and innocent from behind the thick black frame - too innocent.

Well shit, Mckenna McGovern was about to be slipped the mickey.

Watching, as with a huff, the woman threw back the Excedrin and gulped the tea, Grey searched his mind for any remaining unanswered questions, "Miss McGovern, can you tell me about the FBI agent connection."

"Oh that," She lowered the empty mug, "As I'm sure Stan's contacts will confirm, the agents normally assigned to your location were sent on a wild goose chase somewhere else, so you ended up with the B-team. Every agency has their share of idiots. Orders came in an e-mail from the district office, funny thing is nobody knows who sent it. Feds are looking into it."

"Shit, those fucking num-nuts, couldn't find their own asses." At Lena's derisive interruption, Mckenna buried her head in her hands, Grey thought he heard a muttered, "Goddess help me."

"I'll trace it back to the source in hours." Lena assured them all.

"Lena," Mckenna's head swung right, "Can it."

"Just sayin'"

"Well don't."

"Damn, Mac you need to get laid."

Shit! Grey had to cover his mouth to stifle his shocked laugh. Beside him Maurice chuckled. And Taylor broke his usual silence with a terse, "Stan, you better head this off now."

"Lena, by the Goddess…." Up on the screen, Mckenna McGovern's face said she'd reached her limit.

"They wanted to slow us down." Stan interrupted, heeding Taylor's warning, "Lines up. I just spoke with the agents who should have responded before I came in here. They're good guys, smart solid agents."

A derisive snort came from off the screen. Mckenna McGovern turned and threw her mug at it.

"OW! Dammit that hurt."

Well damn, now that he understood. He'd been tempted to heave heavy objects at Elliot's hard head more times than he could count.

"The men who needed to silence Jeffries underestimated his desperation and his stupidity." Mckenna informed them, deliberately ignoring her sister's extended rant in the background, "Sarcosa had some pseudo-military connections. He was given the simple task of keeping Jeffries where he was until the cleaners came in. Jeffries kidnapping the billionaire's girlfriend meant FBI involvement. The feds getting to Jeffries first meant exposure. They needed to delay long enough for the cleaners to do their job. The women would have been collateral damage."

This statement led to violent curses from every man in the room.

"Who are these assholes?" Grey pulled out his phone, intending to dial Welch. He'd find every one of the fuckers. He had the money and the resources…..

"I'm not sure yet." The hesitant admission pulled Grey's eyes back to the screen and only years of practicing neutral expressions kept him from reacting. Mckenna McGovern had the strangest most human look on her face, almost sheepish. Grey realized she'd taken his question literally. She thought he expected her to have already identified all the players involved in what was turning out to be a multi-level scheme with high-ranking military and possibly even political connections. And the girl was embarrassed she didn't have an answer.

"Well, we all have off days, Mckenna." Stan responded, a glint of affectionate humor in his eyes.

Rand was smiling at the screen, "I wouldn't worry about it. You had a busy weekend. What with the wedding and all."

An elbow to Grey's ribs and significant throat clearing had his gaze swinging to Maurice, who raised both brows and tossed his bald head towards the screen.

Aahh, right, "I'm sorry Miss McGovern," He apologized, suppressing his smile. For men who constantly talked about how bat-shit crazy she was, they were awfully concerned about Mckenna's feelings, "I was merely thinking aloud. It was a rhetorical question."

"Oh," Large dark eyes blinked once, then darted away from him, "Right, um…" a flush stained her cheeks. Grey saw her hands twisting in front of her, "Sometimes I can't tell…."

"Shit, they drugged her." Maurice whispered.

"Yeah," Stan had backed up his voice low, "She'll be out any second now."

"How can you tell?" Grey didn't think from their reactions they'd known the girl with the one big blue eye was lying.

"You ever seen her act this uh…vulnerable?" Maurice asked.

"Uh…." No, no he had not.

"It's the drug." The words were no sooner out of Stan's mouth than Mckenna's large eyes rolled back in her head. She slumped sideways and was caught by tiny hands with vivid red nails. Another pair of hands joined them and they lowered the girl till she was gone from view.

Well, damn, that was...hell he didn't have a name for it.

Then the beautiful blond filled the screen, "Um, did you get everything…."

"Why Sara Heather Alliana," Stan gasped in mock shock, "You sly little liar."

"Well, now we didn't exactly lie." The Goddess nibbled on her on her lower lip, reminding him of Ana. "We didn't put the sedative in the tea. Um, Christy altered the Excedrin."

"Okay, that's different then. You're in the clear." Stan's shit-eating grin filled the little feedback box.

"Oh pooh, Stan Wyatt, you behave."

"Now, sugar, you know I don't behave."

"Oh, well yes," The lovely woman raised her chin, and one finely arched brow, "I've heard."

Stan stiffened. With a silent, "Oh shit!" Maurice shrank back - way back, planting himself against the wall across from him. Rand Conover, with a shove of his large feet on the floor sent himself and his chair flying in the opposite direction. They ended up at opposite corners as far away from the screen as they could get without leaving the room.

What the hell?

"Now Allie, honey," Wyatt fell back on charm, his smarmy grin growing, "You can't believe everything…."

"Don't you 'Allie Honey' me Stan Wyatt," The Goddess puffed up, unimpressed. "Subjugating women! Honestly!"

SHIT! Grey's mouth dropped open. Rand coughed and choked down a bark of laughter. Maurice grunted and turned away bracing his hands on the wall, his massive shoulders shaking. Taylor slapped his hand over his mouth muffling his single hoot of surprise.

"Uh…" Stan's failed charm assault had him scrambling. The face in that little box was showing signs of panic. Grey decided he liked that little box.

"I'm just glad Granny Rose is already dead," Big disappointed blue eyes tragically filled the giant screen, "This would kill her. You were her favorite McIntyre."

Shit! Grey doubted even Grandmother Trevelyan could lay the guilt on that thick, and damn if seeing Stan squirm like the worm he was on the shiny hook of the Goddess's disapproval wasn't turning his day around. Grey bit down on his cheek, determined to keep from laughing so he didn't miss a single word.

"Now Allie, you don't understand. It's not like that." Stan was snapping his fingers behind his back trying to get Rand's attention. Rand was too busy doubling over, silently laughing his ass off to notice. "It's about trust."

"Oh, please," A dainty, disdainful sniff cut Wyatt off, "It's about tying women to your bed and getting them to call you Master of all Masters…."

Oh Fucking Fuck! Grey slapped his hand over his mouth so only a couple of howls escaped. Across from him Maurice spun around and fell against the wall, both hands covering his face, his large frame shaking so hard the wall behind him trembled. A thud to his right turned out to be Conover falling off his stool. He was rolling around on the floor holding his sides, his face a contorted mask of vivid red. If Grey didn't know he was suppressing laughter, he'd be dialing 911.

A shout from behind him and heavy footfalls told him Taylor had run from the room. His howls echoed down the hall then were abruptly muffled. He suspected the man had closed the pocket door and was howling in the Victorian Parlor.

"What you need Alec Blaine Stanton Wyatt the third," The Goddess announced, "Is a good woman."

"Oh Fuck," Stan's dread filled whisper had Grey biting his cheek so hard he tasted blood, his abdominals burning with silent laughter.

"There are several single women in my book club." The wonderful woman went on making Grey's day, thoughtfully tapping one red tipped finger on her glossy bottom lip, "Karen won't work. She's bitter and kind of bitchy, but Ariel…..oh she's nice…and Tamara, she's very smart and quite pretty. Aren't you coming out here for a few months at the end of the summer?"

"What? No….." Stan's panicked eyes started searching the machinery in front of him.

"Pooh, don't lie to me. I already spoke with your mother." The Goddess on the screen dismissed Stan's panicked denial with the flick of one red nail.

"Rand," Stan called out in desperation, "I think I'm having reception trouble."

Somehow the man down on the floor got it together enough to sputter, "Nah, you're good."

Stan shot him a look that promised blood-soaked death. Rand just snorted, sputtered, and struggled for air.

"Let's see…" Up on the screen, the woman who Grey decided was one of his favorite people, tapped her phone, "I'm hosting book club in August, and you can casually drop in…. Oh, but there's that new lady veterinarian at Christy's clinic. She grew up with three brothers. Oh yes you should definitely meet her. She'd take care of all that 'Yes sir' please sir, Thank-you sir' nonsense."

Grey lost it, collapsing onto a spare stool. It popped out from under him, he went down hard right on his ass. The stool shot across the room, missing Rand's head by millimeters, it slammed into the back of Stan's legs. Maurice howled and slid down the wall. Stan didn't notice. Muttering under his breath, cursing Rand and his complicated spy shit, he was smacking at keys and flipping random switches, "Allie honey, you're breaking up."

His new favorite person looked up, clapping her hands, her face lit with a beatific smile, "Oh I know, I'll have a dinner party. Just something small maybe twenty people….."

"Allie, Allie…Are you there?"

Through his watery eyes he saw the screen go black and silent.

Stan flopped down in the stool, holding the cord he'd just unplugged from the wall.


What in the world? Ana stood in the doorway of a room straight out of some spy movie.

"What in blue blazin' balls?" Jose pushed her into it.

Adonis, Maurice, and Rand were all rolling around on the floor, howling. All three faces were deep deep red.

"Are they choking?"

"I think they're laughing."

"Goddamnit, Rand what the fuck?"

Uh-oh, Stan wasn't laughing.

Rand pulled himself into a seated position. Ana thought he was trying to form words. Maurice managed to get his feet under him, his huge body shaking, with a series of 'whews and 'fuck mans' he rose, but was bent over his hands braced on his knees.

Adonis flowed to his feet with his usual grace, his laughter dying down to a few chuckles, "Who the hell is Granny Rose?"

At that, both the Rand and Maurice started laughing again.

"Shit, I'll get even with you fuckers." Stan swore.

Oh, whatever they were laughing about Stan wasn't getting the joke.

Adonis came over to her and tucked her under his arm, smiling down at her, "Hey kitten."

"What the hell happened in here?" She asked.

"That will take some explaining and I have a feeling it's still playing out." He kissed the tip of her nose, "So uh, let's just stand over here against the wall, out of the line of fire."

But then Elliott burst into the room, his clothes in disarray his hair mussed and his face covered in Kate's signature red lipstick so it was no surprise that Kate, who was right behind him had lipstick smeared around her mouth.

"Ah…shit! I missed it?" Elliot turned desperate eyes on Rand, "Please tell me you taped it."

"Sorry man, I couldn't move." Rand plopped down on a metal stool, "Damn, the best five minutes of my life. Shit!"

"Fuck you man. Fuck all you. Goddammit, Maurice, we have a code!" Stan raged, his hands flying.

"Ah hell no," Maurice wiped his eyes, speaking between lingering hoots, "That code is for Mckenna. When it comes to beautiful matchmaking blondes handing you your ass? That's every man for himself." He clapped Stan on the back then jumped away before the punch he threw could land, "Master of all Masters, damn I didn't know Allie-Cat had it in her."

"Shit, the testosterone is thick in here." Kate whispered

"Uh, Kate," Ana hissed from the side of her mouth, "Your blouse is buttoned wrong."

"Oh," Kate went about fixing herself, "Taylor took us by surprise."

"Alright boys, playtimes over." May joined them in the doorway. Her hands on her hips. Instantly the testosterone level in the room plummeted. Yep, the woman knew her Alphas.

"Best five minutes of your life?" May cast her husband a look of feminine challenge.

"Well, that's not counting May minutes, darlin'," Rand pushed off and sent himself and his stool flying at his wife, "You know that." Stopping in front of her he took her hands in his, kissing first one palm and then the other, "May minutes, that's heaven on earth. So that's not really life is it?"

May was working very hard to stay unmoved by the charm assault, but Ana could see the gold sparks in her eyes, "You've been kissing the Blarney Stone again, I see."

"Now, darlin', that be the truth." Rand took her hand and kissing each of her fingers between his corny Irish dialauge, "I swear it on the sacred hill of St. Patrick, himself."

May quirked a wry brow, "There is no such thing and you're not Irish."

"In me heart, me darlin' May. In me heart."

Ana had to give May kudos for trying to stand firm, but she finally cracked a smile, and who could blame her. Seeing the dangerous man so obviously smitten was just…

"Oh sweet Jesus, another one?" Jose muttered, turning his back and stalking away, "I just can't watch anymore. I'm crying in my pillow every night as it is. Just how many sweet straight men with hot moves and hotter bods am I supposed to endure?"

Adonis' chuckle tickled her ear, "Let's go home, kitten."

After hasty thank-yous and Goodbyes. Adonis was leading her to the SUV. Taylor was driving them home. Jose was riding shotgun like the, "lonely single boy that I am."

"Oh, we need to find him someone." Ana said as they settled themselves in the back seat of the Audi.

"I'll get right on it first thing tomorrow." Adonis promised, his arm going around her.

"Humph, I heard that. I would think that you'd feel some gratitude for my quick thinking and risking my neck to save your girl."

Oh like they could have kept Jose away. She would have rolled her eyes but her lids were too heavy. Jose's constant chatter as he relayed the Babe-a-licious rescue op faded and she slipped into the space between relaxation and sleep. It seemed they arrived at Escala in seconds. Adonis lifting her from the Audi. She felt the pull of gravity as the elevator rose, heard Jose say something about Adonis, Apollo and He-man hotness….


"Tell me more about this Andre character."

Oh dear lord. Ana opened one eye at the whisper in her ear, "Adonis, go to sleep."

"Jose said he was smoldering."

Oh for fuck's sake. Ana crossed her fingers, and tried to put Adonis' ridiculous insecurities to rest so she could get some herself, "Adonis he saved our lives, and yes he was hot, if you're into that whole latin-lover thing, but he's not beautiful like you.

A chuckle brushed her hair, "Miss Steele I think you're stroking my ego."

"Adonis, I'm too tired to stroke much of anything. Go to sleep."

"Yes, ma'am." A kiss behind her ear reminded her who it was that made her tingle in all the right places, "Good-night Kitten."

She was at the circus, or maybe a carnival.

Jowly was standing behind one of those big ping-pong ball lotto machines calling out numbers. The babes were lined up and were shooting their bingo cards from twenty paces. Kate came barreling through with a gun and a shot up card yelling "BINGO!" and insisting she get her phone back as a prize. Andre stood in the back of the room casually stabbing various men in black as they tried to get in the door, saying with his smooth velvet voice that they didn't have tickets. Sara was challenging a blond woman to a mud wrestling competition. Jeffries was drowning in a large vat of green stuff she somehow knew was a margarita. Then she heard someone calling her name she looked up. Adonis was in his helicopter. Shouting her name, reaching out to grab her hand.

She reached up but he was too far away.

"ANA!" She flew upright in total darkness. Someone was screaming.


He was screaming her name over and over. Thrashing in tangled in sheets.

"Christian! Wake up." She touched his arm.

"NO!" He threw her off and heaved away from her nearly falling out of bed.

"Christian!" She pulled him back to her.

He grabbed her arms and spun his body crushing her into the bed. Yanking her arms over her head in a bruising grip, snarling down at her, his face contorted in rage and fear.

"Adonis!" the man above her jerked then went still. In the dim early morning light, gray eyes blinked, the bruising grip on her wrists softened.



It was all she got out before his mouth slammed on hers. Forcing her lips apart, he invaded taking her mouth with a voracious desperation. Dimly she was aware of him adjusting her wrists over her head holding her with one hand while the other skimmed down her body impatiently shoving at her t-shirt, yanking his mouth away. He growled down at her, "Leave your hands where they are. Don't move."

"Uh…yes, sir?" She didn't know what was going on, but whatever demon riding Adonis in sleep was still with him.

He lifted off of her and jerked the shirt up her body, "Lift."

She raised her hips and arched her back. He yanked the shirt up, but instead of removing it, he wrapped and twisted till her wrists were bound over her head.

"Your mine." He stared down at her his eyes glittering with primitive hunger she'd never seen,

"Yes, sir." She decided to just go with it. After all she had her safe...

"What's your safe word?"

Oh. Shit. "Pandelorum."

"Good Girl." A tight nod of his head and then...

"Roll over on your stomach. Pull your knees up. Spread your legs." His harsh words bit the air, "I want to see you."

Oh. Oh, that was hot. She spun around and rose to her hands and knees. A rough had gripped the hair at her nape forcing her down, "No, keep your head down. I want that pretty ass in the air."

Oh god. Resting her head on her arm, she lifted her ass and spread her knees. "Wider." A sharp smack to her thigh. Her low moan and damp thighs didn't allow for denial. Wrong or right her body didn't care, she was helplessly aroused.

"Arch your back." She did her best to comply. His low hum of approval slid over her. She felt the ghost of a touch circling her slit, "So wet," He rumbled, "Always ready for me."

"Yes," She choked out, straining to get closer to that whisper of his finger.

Her protest when he pulled that touch away ended on a sharp cry at the crack of his open palm on her raised ass.

His hand stayed, holding the burn turning it to delicious heat. Then oh god, a low groan rose in her throat when his open mouth slid over her, his wet tongue bathing the flesh he'd marked.

"Oh..oh…God..yes..aahh…" The sweet pull in her belly taking her down to that dark place where pleasure waited. God, she was going to come before he touched her.

A nip of teeth, sent her muscles into torturous mini spasms. Ah God she needed to be filled up. Then he was over her, his heat at her back, his breath in her ear, "You like that, baby?" Sweet and dark he tempted.


"You want more?"

"Yes, oh yes sir please sir."

His satisfied predatory rumble, vibrated through her, "Good girl."

She shivered in the loss of his body heat. "Again then," The growl came right before his hand came down on her other cheek.

Her gasp turned to a hungry groan she didn't recognize, welcoming the exquisite pain that was burning pleasure. And oh, his mouth was next. His breath caressed her, "So pretty and pink," An open mouth kiss, "You'd like the crop sweet girl. We'll do that soon."

"Yes." God she'd agree to anything. This was dangerous and bad and good, so good. She lifted her ass pleading for more.

A rasp of wicked laughter, and wet words sliding over the place he marked, "So greedy, baby." Another kiss… the slide of his tongue, and with a final sucking kiss he left her.

Then his hand was falling on her ass again and again. Crack and burn and wicked, wicked heat.

Strange groans and pleading screams filled the air. She knew they came from her, but she wasn't aware enough to care. Hunger frenzied intense mindless coursed through her. Making her a creature of sensation. She writhed on the bed rubbing her hard nipples against the sheets, her hips rising to the burning hand in jerky twisting motions.

"Please, God please Christian…sir…" She couldn't stand it. Pleasure and pain twisted inside her till she knew she'd die if he didn't fuck her.

She sobbed when finally his hand stopped falling. More, more,more, pain pleasure...just more. The bed shifted and her thighs were taken in large hands, and pulled back parting her even more so she was wide open, helpless, and God she wanted to fuck.

At the first pull of his hot mouth she came. A scream tore from her, sensation ripped her open. She ground down on his face mindlessly thrusting into his mouth. His hands slid through her slick flesh, and went higher. Kneading her ass, as well and thoroughly he fucked her with his tongue. His low hums vibrated on her clit, the pleasure cresting drawing out and she knew he was sending her to another climax.

"No…God…I…can't…" but she pushed down into his talented mouth, "Oh god, yes…oh…Ah…" She gave up, coming on his tongue, circling just inside where she convulsed. Her swollen clit tickled by his pleased groans. Moaning helplessly she gave herself over to his sensual mastering of her body. He tasted and teased and stroked, wringing every rippled of pleasure from her, releasing her with a sucking kiss to her quivering clit.

"Good girl, so sweet." A nuzzle to the crease of her thigh.

She lay spent and panting, when he once again rose and lowered himself over her back, "That was good, baby," Hands slid around to cup her breasts, his thumbs flicking her straining nipples, "Now I'm going to give you my cock."

Oh, God how would she stand it, but she eagerly agreed, "Oh, yes, yes please, now."

He filled her in one powerful thrust but he was out again almost before she felt him. He lifted her hips her head was low. She braced on her elbows and looked over her shoulder. What she saw nearly sent her over the edge again. The man above her could have been a stranger. His face harsh in the cold pre-dawn light, glistened with her juices. His eyes dark with sexual hunger, he held her thighs up and apart, and thrust back into her, a hard pounding rhythm. She was being taken, completely the mercy of the man above her. It should have frightened her. It didn't. The sight sent her flying. Her orgasm broke and shattered. She had no screams left, laying her head down on her arm, she moaned, savoring the sensations bombarding her with wanton abandon. A groan and the stiffened stilling of the hardness inside her and her quivering muscles were bathed in fire and silk.

"Ana," the murmur in her ear, brought her back from weary, spent, oblivion. She felt the tug at her wrists and they were freed. Sliding from her body, Adonis gently lowered her. Laying down, he pulled her to him, his body curving around her back, and wrapped his arm around her, resting his hand on her belly. She could feel him trembling, "Did I hurt you?"

"No, Christian. It was perfect. We were perfect."

Silence, then a tentative whisper, "I was rough."

"Hmmm," She did her best to sound sultry, "You were."

"You liked it?" The relief in his voice nearly broke her. She'd lost count of the number of times she'd come. He'd given her pleasure she didn't know existed, and still he was unsure of her. Her poor beautiful, lonely Adonis, so ready to be rejected.

"Oh, yes, very much." Somehow she kept the sorrow out of her voice, not wanting him to misinterpret it.

"Good." He sighed, burying his face in her neck. He seemed to do this when he needed reassurance.

"You had a nightmare." She ventured.

"Yes." The body curled around her stiffened, and as much as she wanted to know, she wouldn't ask. Probing questions were not what her Adonis needed right now, "Then you woke up."

"Yes…" His confirmation was a question, nervous tension thrumming through him. He was unsure of where she was going.

Ana smiled the secret smile of a woman who knew exactly where she was going.

She was following her heart.

"And I was here." Taking the hand on her belly in her own, she lifted it to her mouth. And as the first rays of sunlight shattered the gray Seattle sky, she pressed a tender kiss to the hand that held her heart's promise, "I'll always be here."