The Prophecy - Legolas Edition by Annielle

This story is an alternate universe of The Prophecy. As I was writing Children of the Prophecy, I had ideas and flashes of what the story would have been if Legolas had been the main character of the story. Many readers expressed their interest in seeing a different version, with slightly different characters and different events, and I think you will enjoy this new version.

It is not necessary to read The Prophecy to follow the Legolas Edition. Although you might want to read it if you wish to see the Haldir version if you have not read already...

Summary: Legolas is the elven champion described in a prophecy about the rebirth of elven heroes that will unite the people of Middle Earth and help them defeat Sauron. The Legolas version you had been waiting for! Legolas/Valerie, Thranduil, Elladan, Elrohir, Haldir, Galadriel, Celeborn, Elrond, Mithrandir, Glorfindel and a cast of original characters

Disclaimer: I do not own Lord of the Rings and any of its characters.

Warnings: Alternate Universe, some content not suitable for minors.

Chapter 1 – Two Paths

When the fiery storm and the elven champion meet,

the Halls of Mandos will release the fëar of the great

Scholar, minstrel, warrior, new blood in the elven lines

Reborn kings, twin, warden, hope in dark times

For in Men the Eldar must have faith

And unite to accomplish a glorious feat

before they sail to the Undying Lands

Lady Galadriel was watching the surface of the silvery water in her basin, reflecting her image like a mirror, and she repeated the words of the prophecy over and over again, bringing herself in a light trance. Finally, the water became blurry, and images after images started running on the surface, showing her two completely different destinies side by side. She had difficulty following both scenarios as they were developing before her attentive eyes, but kept her gaze on the basin until the water became calm and silver again, reflecting once more her delicate features and long golden hair.

Two decades before this day, Mithrandir, known as Gandalf by the non-elven people of Middle Earth, had found in the library of Minas Tirith an old parchment that had been written during the second age. It described events to come, a prophecy whose accomplishment would bring hope to the elves. All beings that fought on the side of the light were in dire need of hope, with the dark rising once more in the East. Sauron's evil spirit was back, he had built a new army of orcs in Mordor, with the Great Eye ever searching for his ring. One by one, all realms would fall under his attacks, unless Men and Elves united in order to defeat him once and for all by destroying his ring and the creatures that served him.

The Lady of Light closed her eyes and grabbed the sides of the basin, breathing deeply to recover her usual calm demeanor. Finally! Finally the Valar had allowed her to see the meaning of the prophecy! For many years, she had thought the fiery storm was literally a storm of fire that an elven champion would have to survive. But the year before, she had briefly seen images of a red-haired mortal woman, and had understood that the prophecy was about a woman and an elven champion who would have children together. And today, she had completely seen what the prophecy truly meant. The woman was not in Middle Earth but lived in an entirely different world. As for the elven champion, she had debated numerous times with her mate Celeborn and their son-in-law Elrond about his identity. There were only three warriors that could be considered the champion of an elven realm: Glorfindel of Gondolin, Lord of the Golden Flower for Imladris, Haldir Finalfinion, Marchwarden of Lothlorien and Prince Legolas Thranduilion of Greenwood. But today, she only had seen two scenarios. Only two champions were truly a possibility. Each of them could accomplish the prophecy with the mortal woman.

Celeborn, Elrond and Galadriel had long debated how to approach this issue in the past year, and had decided that the three warriors should be informed about their potential destiny. These revelations had been postponed until they had found the elleth that would be the mother of the reborn elves. And now, Galadriel had just realized that the elleth in question was in fact a mortal woman, living in a different world, and who would become half-elven and immortal when she was brought to Middle Earth. Which rose an entirely different and unexpected question: how would they bring this woman in Middle Earth? All these years, they had been talking about the future father of the elflings, without realizing that finding his identity was probably the simplest part of their task.

Galadriel left her private garden where her mirror was located and walked to the bottom of the greatest Mallorn tree of Lothlorien. Lost in her thoughts, she climbed the stairs that were encircling the tree trunk until she reached the upper flet where the royal talan was situated. The guards at the front door bowed deeply when they saw their lady approach her talan, and so did the servants as she made her way to the private dining room. She heard Celeborn, Elrond and Mithrandir discuss how to approach Prince Legolas with the description of his possible destiny, since he lived with his father Thranduil in the caves of Greenwood, now called Mirkwood by the mortals. The Wood Elves were living in their forest, rarely gathering with the rest of their kin in Lothlorien, Imladris and the Grey Havens. In fact, it had been at least two years since there had been no communications between Greenwood and the rest of the world.

"We have much more important things to discuss, my friends," she told them, sitting beside her husband. "The Valar finally showed me who the elleth is." She noted with satisfaction the dumbstruck expressions of the males sitting around the table. She thanked a servant who brought her a bowl of vegetable soup and a freshly baked piece of bread.

Celeborn recovered first. "Finally!" he exclaimed. "Why the grim expression?" he asked his mate, realizing that she was not as happy as the visions in her mirror should have made her. She had been longing to see this elleth for twenty years!

"She lives in another world," Galadriel replied.

"Which world?" Mithrandir asked with interest. Galadriel found his question strange. He did seem surprised that she was not in Middle Earth, but once the shock had been absorbed, he was interested to know where she lived exactly, as if he just knew what to do once she disclosed that essential information to him.

"Why would it matter?" Elrond asked the wizard. "The fact that she is not in Middle Earth makes this prophecy improbable! It was just an old parchment with meaningless words..."

"And what if it was not? Do you think the Istari wizards have never traveled to other worlds?" Mithrandir asked with impatience. "Which world is it, my Lady?"

"A place called Earth. Only men live in that world. There are no elves, no wizards, no orcs - "

"I am fairly familiar with this world, my Lady," Mithrandir replied. "I have had the pleasure of going there twice in my life."

"And why were we never informed of this?" Celeborn asked.

"Because until today, there was no need for you to know," the wizard replied with confidence and haughtiness. "I went there for Valar business, which I cannot tell you about, as I am sure you will understand. The positive side of this," he continued, to make sure the elven lords and lady would soon forget the fact that he had had some unknown missions before, "is that I have the capability of creating portals, in which I can send people in this world and bring them back here with a few incantations."

"You can bring this woman here?" Elrond asked to confirm that this unforeseen difficulty was easily fixable by the Istar.

"Yes, yes." Mithrandir sat back on his chair and took out his pipe, enjoying the Old Toby weed he had bought in the Shire a few weeks before. "Now back to our prior conversation. Did the mirror show you who the father of the elflings will be?" he asked the Lady of Light.

It had indeed. The mortal woman had unparallelled strength of character and open-mindedness that would have her break many elven traditions, whichever path she would take. She would have a very active role in the unification of the elven folks, and would be an ambassador for her realm, a warrior, the mother of the largest elven family in the entire history of Middle Earth.

The first path, the one in which Prince Legolas was binding with her, was leading the woman towards the creation of links with mortal realms. She would spend most of her life in Greenwood, in the caverns of King Thranduil. She would turn upside down the disciplined and selfless warrior life of the prince and give him the desire to fight the darkness with even greater determination that he currently was. She would also change King Thranduil, the ever mysterious and withdrawn Elvenking.

She had seen the second path better, her eyes having been naturally more drawn to the path that would be closest to herself. She had seen Haldir's life if he was the one who was going into her world and bringing her back to Lothlorien. In this path, the woman would create links with Imladris mostly. The love between Haldir and her would be passionate and without compromise. She would challenge his natural authority as Marchwarden and test his patience numerous times, having legendary fights with him, but in the end, their love would always triumph. Galadriel absolutely wanted that second path to take place. She wanted this woman to live in Lothlorien and was interested in guiding her in her many endeavors. She would be like a daughter to her. Galadriel dearly missed her daughter Celebrian who had sailed to the Undying Lands many centuries before, and her heart was enchanted with the possibility of being close to another female living under her tutelage.

"It showed me two possible paths," Galadriel finally told the wizard. "It is either Haldir, our Marchwarden, or Prince Legolas. Sorry, Elrond, the elflings will not be reborn in Imladris."

"That is a shame!" the lord mumbled. How he would have liked to witness the accomplishment of this prophecy as a main player! He had already pictured Glorfindel as the patriarch of a great family and himself involved in their lives with his own children, Elladan, Elrohir, Arwen and his adopted son Estel, known as Aragorn.

"Both paths will end up having the same effect – the elves will unite to fight the evil rising in the East. I have foreseen young elflings, although I was not able to identify them. It was as if the Valar wanted their identity to remain secret until their birth. The woman, who will become half-elven when she arrives in Middle Earth, can be happy with both ellyn. At this point, it is a question of which champion will cooperate better with us in order to start the prophecy. Haldir is a warrior, extremely dedicated to his duty, and he appreciates his celibacy and the freedom it gives him. On the other hand, Prince Legolas lives with his father Thranduil, who has a well-known dislike for change and anything that does not meet his high standards. The king would be none too pleased to know that his only son and heir would bind with a half-elven elleth that comes from a different world. Prince Legolas is also the captain of the Greenwood forces, and spends most of his time protecting his realm with his warriors. He too, will be upset by the idea of becoming a father."

"If they are the only ellyn chosen by the Valar, then both must be approached with this nonetheless," Celeborn decided. "Haldir is in Caras Galadhon for another few days, before going to the borders for two months. I will speak to him tomorrow morning, and let you know what his reaction was."

"Be convincing, Celeborn," Galadriel whispered to her mate. "I absolutely want this elleth to live in our realm. Haldir must be the one going in her world."

Elrond, who had heard her comment, nodded to his father-in-law. If he could not participate in the prophecy in Imladris, seeing the woman in Lothlorien was better than nothing. Sending her to Greenwood would make them lose control on the accomplishment of the prophecy.

Still smoking his pipe, Mithrandir knew exactly what the three elven leaders were thinking. They wanted the woman and the elflings for themselves. Their intentions were good and honorable, but they would probably try to coax the Marchwarden into compliance with their desire...


"You cannot be serious, my Lord! How could I be the ellon of this prophecy? I am Marchwarden of Lothlorien, I do not have the time nor do I have the inclination to start a family! The attacks of Sauron's beasts are increasing in frequency at our borders, and my wardens are exhausted! The protection and security of Lothlorien and its inhabitants should and will remain my first priority. I am respectfully declining your proposal."

Haldir was vehemently defending his position, and Celeborn could only admit that his arguments were solid.

"Through the ages, many great warriors had children, Haldir," Galadriel said, entering the throne room where her mate and the Marchwarden were discussing Haldir's potential role in the prophecy. She had sensed through their bond that her mate was miserably failing in his mission to convince Haldir to accept his role. "You would not be the only one nor the last. Even your own adar – father – had three sons while he was Marchwarden..."

"As far as I can tell, the concerned champion and his mate would have at least seven children. I am not aware of any great warrior that had such a large family."

"You are right," the Lady of Light admitted. "But I want to reassure you that the Valar believe it can be done, and with great success, I might add. I have seen it. You would be a great father, Haldir."

"Who is the elleth?" Haldir asked, frowning. He realized that the Lord and Lady of Lothlorien would insist to discuss this further. He wondered if they would force him into this path against his will, and if he really had a choice in the matter.

"She is not an elleth per se," Celeborn said. "She would become half-elven when she arrives."

"What is she then if she is not an elf? And she would arrive from where?"

"She is a mortal living in a different world," Galadriel said, waiting to see the effect of her words on her captain. "You would have to go to her world and convince her to follow you here to bind with you and accomplish the prophecy."

Haldir's expression would have been comical if she could not read in his mind his consternation and outright refusal to even consider the idea. He was appalled to think he might have to bind with a mortal. In Middle Earth, very little mortal woman kept their beauty beyond their twentieth birthday. They lived harsh lives and their health was quickly destroyed by numerous pregnancies and various diseases for which there were no cures.

"She is extremely beautiful for a mortal, Haldir. As far as I can see, she already has three children from a previous union - "

"She is already bound?" he asked, shocked.

"She is not bound to a man."

"Haldir, the accomplishment of the prophecy would bring so much hope to the elves all over Middle Earth," Celeborn reminded him. "I have heard you discuss this with your brothers in the past – how the wardens would need a new hope in order to continue their valiant fight against Sauron's forces. You would be key to this prophecy. You would bring hope to the elven people. You must think about it, Haldir."

"I am sorry, my Lord, my Lady. I understand your point of view. But you need to understand mine. I cannot accept this. I cannot willingly do this! Can I be honest with you?"

"Haldir, you have been our Marchwarden for centuries and have always spoken freely with us."

"Pardon my bluntness, but I would only go to this world if... if it is a direct order. Only then would I do my duty and try to bring her back and... try to live with this mortal," he finished, his tone barely hiding his distaste.

Galadriel and Celeborn looked at each other, and Haldir wondered if they were communicating through their bond and deciding if they would force him to accept this destiny he dreaded most painfully.

"We need to go to Greenwood to visit King Thranduil," Lord Celeborn told his Marchwarden. "We will leave in five days. Please make sure we will have an escort. You will be coming with us."

"My warriors will be ready to protect you during your journey," Haldir replied. "What is your decision about... the matter of the prophecy?"

"We will take a decision later, Haldir," Galadriel replied. "It is an important decision, we must consult with more people. Thank you," she dismissed him a little coldly.

When he was gone, Celeborn turned to his mate. "I am not surprised by his reaction. He is in shock. I am sure he will come around and show more interest in the near future. He will think about it, you will see!"

"I do hope he will see reason before we reach Greenwood. Should we tell him and Prince Legolas that they both are possible options?"

"If the prince reacts like Haldir, we might find ourselves with two ellyn expecting that the other will sacrifice himself."

"This is no sacrifice!" she insisted. "Please, my love, use the proper words to ensure we do not alienate them! Whoever crosses the portal to join her will come back a happy ellon with a fëa-mate and an extraordinary future. They should fight for this opportunity, not fight to avoid it!"

"You are right, as usual, Galadriel. Should we ask Elrond and Mithrandir to accompany us to Greenwood?"

"Mithrandir for sure, for he will have to open the portal for Haldir or Prince Legolas. Elrond's presence is not absolutely required."

"He will be disappointed, my love. You know how he has been studying this prophecy with us. He was already disappointed to hear last night that Glorfindel is not the champion."

"I know. But Thranduil has been maintaining very little communications with Imladris and Lothlorien in the past centuries. If we arrive the four of us, he will think it a conspiracy against his realm and against his heir in particular. Believe me, we should ask Elrond to remain in Lothlorien or go back to Imladris. He can be present when she arrives in Middle Earth, and he will have to be content with that."


Legolas was listening to the report one of his scouts was giving him while a healer-warrior was taking care of the wound on his arm. They had encountered a band of orcs earlier that day, and had taken care of them quickly but not without some pain. Many warriors had been injured, thankfully none too seriously, and Legolas, as was his habit, was the last one receiving the care of the healer-warrior. He listened closely to the report, trying to ignore the fact that the healer was about to put alcohol directly on his wound to clean it.

The scout could not hide his admiration when he saw his captain did not even wince when the healer poured down alcohol on his open wound. Prince Legolas was known as the best archer that ever had been born in Middle Earth, but what few people knew about were his surprising strength and outstanding endurance. The healer started to do stitches while the scout was finishing his report.

"Why would Lothlorien send a delegation to Mirkwood?" the prince asked out loud, but the question was more for himself. He knew the scout would have no idea. "They must know that the darkness is moving North with every passing year, and that we can no longer guarantee the safety of the Old Forest Road." The road that was crossing Greenwood, nowadays called Mirkwood, was going from West to East, cutting in two the woods between the Elvenking's realm in the north and the zone that had fallen to darkness at the south of the road. Even the mortals of Lake-town, the city of Men located eastern of his father's realm, were now rarely taking this road. When they did, they asked the Elvenking for the protection of his warriors, a safety they were paying with generous amounts of goods and money.

Creatures had taken residence in Dol Guldur, Sauron's ancient fortress in the southern part of Greenwood, and they seemed to be multiplying like vermin. The elves had seen more spiders and orcs in the past year than they had seen in the past century. The spiders had grown in size and in cleverness. Fortunately, the orcs had remained the same dumb brutes they had always been. Every year, more creatures were coming north of the road, and many small elven colonies had disappeared, their people either sailing to Valinor or moving to King Thranduil's fortress in the caves near the Forest River. The forest was just too large and the population of Greenwood could not afford to keep watch over such a vast territory. There were around 300 elves living in the kingdom. There were a few counselors, almost 250 warriors and less than fifty ellith. Most ellyn had forced their mates to sail to Valinor in the past decades, which explained the uneven number of males and females in the realm. Furthermore, there had been no elfling born in Greenwood in the past century. No elf could bear the thought of bringing into this world innocent souls who could be slaughtered by Sauron's forces before they reached their majority.

Legolas listened to the sounds of the forest around him. It was complete silence. No innocent animal still lived in that part of the woods. They all had moved to the northern part of the forest, closer to his realm or even northern of the caves. Legolas heard the familiar sounds of the whistles his warriors used to communicate while they were on watch.

"Lieutenant Hadron is on his way," the scout commented.

"Yes. You are dismissed," Legolas told the scout who bowed respectfully before jumping down the flet.

"I am almost done, Captain," the warrior-healer told him. While Legolas was on duty, his warriors were calling him Captain instead of Prince, and he liked it this way. He wanted to be recognized for his warrior deeds rather than for being the only heir of the Elvenking.

Legolas realized that his arm was now bandaged, and that the pain had greatly diminished. Hadron climbed on the flet at that moment and ceremoniously nodded to his captain.

"My lord, there is a large group of elven warriors that have successfully crossed the forest and are now safely on the eastern part of the forest."

"A scout already told me, Hadron. They are wearing the uniform of the Lothlorien wardens."

"What the scout probably did not tell you is that Mithrandir is with them, along with Lord Celeborn and his lady."

"Lady Galadriel and Lord Celeborn are traveling to our caves?" Legolas repeated, bewildered.

"So it would seem. I have met them two centuries ago when your father traveled to Lothlorien. I recognized them."

"Why would they be coming here?" Legolas wondered. There had been no contacts between his realm and the other elven realms for the longest time. The high elven races, the Noldor and Sindarin elves who lived in Imladris, Lindon and Lothlorien, had always looked with contempt at the more common Silvan elves who lived in Greenwood.

"I know not, Captain," Hadron added. "I cannot imagine what was so important that they would take such risks to come visit the king in person instead of sending a messenger. The High Elves have always acted as they pleased, without consideration for their security. And we are having just another proof of that today. You will see, I am sure their motives for coming to see the king are not as important as they think it is. It might even only be a courtesy visit!"

"I need to leave. If they are visiting Greenwood, I need to welcome them with my adar – father. I must rush back through the woods and arrive before them to warn him about their visit."

"I am done, Captain," the healer said. "I would have preferred for you to rest for a few hours, but I understand that nothing will keep you here. Just make sure that you see a healer once you get back to the fortress, to make sure your wound will not get infected."

"I will," Legolas promised, although he doubted his wound could get infected with the amount of alcohol the healer-warrior had put on it. He arranged his bow, quiver and elven blades on his back. The healer jumped down the flet, leaving Legolas and Hadron alone to discuss. "Hadron, you are in charge until I am back. Make sure that we have at least five warriors on duty at all times on each watch flet. I find the forest too quiet. I hope it does not mean that another attack is imminent."

"Thranduilion, please be cautious." Hadron had been Legolas' childhood friend and he called him with familiarity when they were alone. "I would prefer to send a few warriors with you while you go back -"

"Hadron, my naneth was killed many centuries ago, and I do not believe you are a good candidate to replace her," Legolas jested before putting his hand on his lieutenant's shoulder. "I will be back shortly. Send me a message should you need more warriors in case of an attack."


They were escorted by Greenwood warriors armed to the teeth, looking at them suspiciously as they led them through the path to the gate of the Elvenking's caverns. Obviously, their arrival had been foreseen and the Elvenking had sent an escort to both guide them and watch them while they traveled closer to the caves. Haldir was riding his horse right beside Lady Galadriel, protecting her from the menace he felt his Greenwood kin was.

"Relax," Mithrandir whispered to him. "They are wary to have visitors of this importance. We have not visited Thranduil for more than two centuries. They wonder what our purpose is. They will not harm us."

After another hour of silent ride, they approached the great gate of the inground fortress. Numerous warriors were waiting for them near the gate. They dismounted in the courtyard, and stable staff took care of their horses while a counselor was approaching to welcome them. He bowed respectfully and held out his hands in welcome.

"Lady Galadriel, Lord Celeborn, Mithrandir and Lord Haldir, we are honored by your visit in our realm. My name is Bronadon, and I am King Thranduil's First Counselor."

"You are following your adar's path," Lord Celeborn replied, recognizing Bronadon as the son of a former ambassador of Greenwood. "Where is your father?"

"My father sailed decades ago, my Lord. The king offered me his position, which I gratefully accepted. Although I still have much to learn before I can call myself his equal."

They were impressed by the humility of this scholar, so unlike the proud Elvenking. Maybe their future discussions would be easier, if Bronadon could cool his king's ardor.

They entered the palace and were lead through corridors with torches enlightening the otherwise dark paths. Skylights were strategically placed on the ceiling, allowing some natural light in the caves. Exquisite tapestries were hanging on the walls, both for decorative purposes and to fight the humidity of the caves.

The fortress was much larger than they had expected. The king had excavated more tunnels in the mountain since the last time they had visited the realm. They eventually arrived in front of large wooden doors, and Bronadon knocked, waiting for a reply from inside. A chamberlain opened the doors and introduced them in the throne room, where the Elvenking was sitting on his throne with his only son standing beside him in his armor. He had obviously been called from one of the borders and had arrived just before them.

Both ellyn were watching them with a cold, unreadable expression and they remained immobile until their visitors were closer to the throne. Only then did King Thranduil stand and slowly come down the few stairs to meet them in greeting while his son was following him a few feet behind.

Thranduil nodded to the visitors who in turn bowed to him. After all, Thranduil was the only crowned king that still lived in Middle Earth. Celeborn and Galadriel, Elrond and Cirdan were lords of their realm without being officially crowned.

"Galadriel!" Thranduil said gallantly, taking the lady's hand to his lips to kiss it lightly. "What a pleasure to see you again!" His eyes contradicted him, and Galadriel could read his suspicion directly in his mind.

"The pleasure is all mine," she replied, lying through her teeth. Thranduil had always been a difficult ellon, and the tragic passing of his wife had made his character more rigid and irritable.

Celeborn was greeted with more coldness, while Haldir was completely disregarded. Only for Mithrandir did the Elvenking spare some authentic courtesy. His son, although as wary as his father, showed more diplomacy and welcomed them with respect and impeccable courtesy.

"You must be tired after this long journey. Bronadon will show you to your rooms. Of course, there will be a feast in your honor tonight. Unfortunately, I have very little people in the fortress nowadays. Most of my warriors are in the forest, protecting the realm and the Old Forest Road from attacks from Dol Guldur. And most of our ellith have fled to Valinor..."

"Our population is predominantly male nowadays too," Celeborn informed him. "Many of our warriors have preferred to send their mates to the Undying Lands. Our situations are not so different, Thranduil."

"Our situations cannot compare, Celeborn. You do not have a fortress of Sauron in your forest. So far, you have been spared attacks by these humongous and vicious spiders, whose venom can either poison you or paralyze you until they feed on you. We suspect that a Nazgul is in residence in Dol Guldur, planning attacks on our realm. Only dim-witted and disorganized orc bands are attacking your borders."

"Let us not have a contest of the most desperate situation," the wizard intervened before the tension escalated to even greater heights. Celeborn and Thranduil had never gotten along, and today was obviously not the day where a friendship would suddenly flourish between them.

The wizard looked at the son of the king who was watching the exchange with a smirk. The ellon had less pride than his father, a sure indication of his half-silvan heritage. While Thranduil was a pure Sindarin elf, the queen of Greenwood had been a beautiful and joyful elleth of silvan ascendance. Their son had inherited some of her qualities, such as her curiosity and her sense of humor. He also had inherited the Silvan's renowned lethalness in combat. Prince Legolas looked innocent and simple, and could easily fool the people that didn't know him well into thinking that he was not dangerous. A mistake, when you discovered that he had inherited his adar's suspicious nature, his intelligence and his ever strategic-thinking mind.

Sensing the wizard's gaze on him, Legolas understood that Mithrandir was asking him to intervene to ensure the king would not send the entire delegation home before they had time to communicate the reason of their visit.

"I am sure Lothlorien has seen its lot of attacks, Adar, and that their wardens are almost as courageous and deadly as our own warriors," the prince said to his father, putting his hand on his shoulder to remind him to control his temper. He smiled at the Marchwarden who had perfectly understood the cutting remark that had been made about his warriors.

Haldir kept his tongue in check, even if it was difficult. How dare the silvan prince said that the Greenwood warriors were better than the Lothlorien wardens! Galadriel spoke in his mind, asking him to disregard the remarks that would be made about Lothlorien for the sake of the success of their mission.

Seeing that the Marchwarden would not take the bait, Legolas turned to Celeborn and Galadriel. "It is an honor for Greenwood to receive your visit. Although my father and I are curious about the reason behind your unexpected but welcome visit, I strongly believe that we should wait after dinner to discuss this matter of importance. Bronadon, please show our guests to their rooms, and make sure to give them all the required information about dinner tonight."

Bronadon bowed to the visitors and asked them to follow him while Thranduil watched the proceedings with annoyance. Before Bronadon could close the door behind him, the guests heard part of the hushed conversation between father and son.

"How dare they come to my fortress to shower us with their contempt and unduly pride!"

"Adar, please give them the chance to explain the reason for their presence. The rulers of Lothlorien would not have made such a journey for trivial matters..."

"You will see, they have abandoned us centuries ago, but will turn to Greenwood again for help on some of their mysterious and perilous stunts..."

Mithrandir did not hear the rest of the conversation, but he was amazed by the king's perceptiveness. Thranduil felt that they were in Greenwood to ask them to participate in some difficult task. What would be his reaction when they told him that they wanted to send his only heir to a different world to bring back a mortal woman to mate with her? He shivered. That conversation would certainly not go well.

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