Maka's POV

"Class dismissed " Professor Stein said , we all left the classroom . I was walking out when Soul grabbed my hand . We are Boyfriend and Girlfriend . We had different classes ,so we separated . I headed for Mifune's class . Kid ran up next to me , " hey Maka " he said, " hi kid " I replied . We walked in and kid sat next to me , Patty sat on the other side of me , " giraffeeeeeeeesssssss!" she sang .

Patty's POV

Though I was drawing a giraffe, I still did what sis told me to do , spy on kid . I t is really obvious , he has a crush on Maka . He kept looking up at her , blushing . Maka was oblivious, Really oblivious.

Kid's POV

I walked out of class , when Maka came out Soul popped out of nowhere and held her hand . I was friends with the guy who was dating the girl I liked , pretty weird . Soul was my friend and all , but I liked Maka a lot . She had perfect symmetry . She was strong enough to defeat the kishin Asura .She is Brave . She has so many qualities . We headed for the next class , I sat next to Maka and Soul sat on her other side . Liz sat on my other side .

Liz's POV

I watched kid look over at Maka , I kept myself from laughing . Kid kept looking up and blushing . Patty was right , she really was oblivious . Then Soul saw Kid , Kid didn't know Soul saw him . He blushed and returned to his work , he kept doing it over and over again and Soul watched . His face was full of anger . He looked pretty scary cause of his eyes and teeth . When the bell rang , I pulled Kid away from Maka , " what" he asked , annoyed , I pointed towards Soul who was glaring at him , " I think he would kill you if you got to close " I said , he looked at me serious , " is it really that obvious?", I nodded . He face palmed himself , " dammit" he said , I nodded , " you really are and idiot ". he turned to me angry , " says the girl that is unsymmetrical!" . I sighed , " what about you , you have three white stripes on one side of your head and not the other !" I said , I should not have said that , " I'm garbage !" he said and fell to the ground I patted his back , " you are not garbage ".

~Authors Note ~

I am not sure where I am going with this ! Oh and review to help me decide between Maka x Soul or Kid x Maka . I really don't know how to deal with choosing ! If you review I will give you a cookie! Oh and I added Mifune as a teacher !