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Contently the new girl scanned her classroom, looking for any familiar faces. The room seemed to go silent and stare at her coldly. After all she was dressed rather uncoordinatedly. She didn't seem bothered at all. Her eyes caught a short, friendly looking boy's eyes. When he realised she was looking at him he blushed, then quickly turned his head and got out his books. She walked towards him and took out her books, then placed her bright yellow bag on the seat.

"Is this seat taken?"

"Oh, I mean, no" replied the buck-toothed boy nervously.

The girl pulled out her stool and sat next to him. "I'm Luna, by the way"

"Neville," he smiled at her then, feeling self conscious he stopped and looked down at his text book. "So why haven't I seen you before?"

"I was travelling with my father, I went to several schools around the world and now we have moved back here. You see my father works for the Quibbler and he has always wanted to look for some lake uppidies and rare tiger-print vianmerlows and write about them."

Before Neville had the chance to reply, Professor Snape walked through the door. His voice echoed through the classroom and caused most students to jump out of their seats.

"Potter I suggest you stop passing notes, unless you wish for me to read out your love letters. 10 point from Gryffindor. Oh and welcome back. This year we will be studying..."

"Neville is he always like this?"


"Ah, Longbottom I'm rather astounded that you passed last year, perhaps you should be paying more attention this year, rather that chatting up the new girl another 10 points." Snape smirked at Neville who had turned a deep red

"Sir, I was just asking to borrow his ink pot" Replied Luna, not in an aggressive way, but a calm and dreamy tone.

"Then perhaps I should take 10 points from Ravenclaw house too." Snape snarled then walked to the front of the classroom to start the lesson. Neville could see the others laughing at him but for once he didn't care. He spent the whole lesson watching Luna who seemed to be great at potions. She even helped him when his potion looked a green colour rather than red and started to let off unpleasant fumes. She quickly fixed it before Snape had the chance to comment on it.

When the lesson finally ended Neville whispered "You really didn't have to do that"

"I know, I wanted to" Luna walked down the corridor then turned her head to smile back at Neville before disappearing around the corner.

Neville had never had someone stand up for him like that; he vowed that he would do the same. She wasn't in many of his classes because she was a Ravenclaw. He didn't sit next to her in any other classes either. In some ironic twist the one lesson that he hated the most, became his favourite lesson of them all (Even Herbology, although it was a close second) he valued their friendship more than anything and he didn't know it himself but he had a crush on the new girl from Ravenclaw.

"Oh hey Neville I was wondering if you could help me with my Herbology essasy? Madam Sprout said if I had any problems come to her or you."

"Sure" said Neville, he had been reading under the shade of a tree by the great lake, even though it was autumn it was still sunny. Luna sat down beside him and looked at him, she didn't really need any help she just wanted and excuse to talk to him. She thought it was really cute when he got lost in his love of Herbology. He was confident and it made him act like himself. Normally he was really shy around her but when he knew what he was talking about he was unstoppable.

"Do you want me to write this down? ... Luna" Suddenly she jumped out of her daydream and looked at him blankly. She had only just realised that she was resting her head on his shoulder, she sat up and as she did an orange leaf fell from the ash tree above and got tangled in her hair. Neville leaned closer to her and gently ran his fingers through her hair and got the leaf out. He looked deep into her eyes

"Can I kiss you" he asked clumsily. Suddenly Luna wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him, their noses pressed against each other's and Luna's eyelashes tickled his cheek. The kiss wasn't some fairytale kiss with fireworks, but it filled them both with adrenaline and understanding. There was no tongue or inappropriate hand movement, they just kissed.

"What was that for?" Neville asked in a daze

"If you can't kiss your friends who can you kiss?" Neville's heart plummeted, he felt sick. He smiled at Luna to hide his true feelings and hugged her.

"It's getting dark Luna"

"Yeah come on we should go for a swim in the lake"

"But there are mer-people and other things in the lake."

"Exactly" Neville turned to the castle, he could feel the tears burning his eyes he grabbed his book. He couldn't bear to let her see him this way, he was just being selfish thinking that she would feel the same.

"I've got to go Luna I promised Harry I'd... do something"

"Neville wait." She sighed watching him run towards the castle without a backwards glance. She prayed that she hadn't ruined their wonderful friendship; she had known that Neville had a crush and she felt awful for leading him on like that. She thought that maybe if she kissed him he would have the confidence to believe in himself. She wanted more than anything to stop caring what others thought about him and saw himself like she did. She walked up to the castle slowly and silently, the only thing she uttered was the password to the Ravenclaw dormitories. She avoided everyone and climbed up the stairs to her bed. She spent hours staring at the ceiling Wondering if Neville was doing the same, which he was, Luna wished that she did love Neville but she didn't and it wouldn't be fair to pretend that she did. He was, to use the modern term, friend-zoned.

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