Dear Neville,

I hope you had a great Christmas, my father got me this great book that helps to spot different creatures, which has proven to be very useful yesterday. I'll be back at Hogwarts on Sunday 4th of September. It seems like ages doesn't it? My father and I spent Christmas alone but for New Year I'm going over to my Nan's house so that should be good fun. I hope you had fun at the Yule ball with Ginny, ooh also when we get back we are going over to see the Weasley's home, although there won't be much point, Ron, Ginny, Fred and George are all at Hogwarts with you. Oh well Have a great New Year and I'll see you soon.

Love Luna x

P.s I hope you like your present!

Neville had read this letter frivolously since its arrival on boxing day; Luna had gotten him some Crucio taste buds (Muggles have something similar called toxic waste) and a beautiful ornament, it was a sapphire eagle perched on top of a roaring ruby lion cub, golden sparks shot off the lions mane whenever Neville thought about Luna and the eagle would spread its wings, whenever Luna thought about Neville. Neville had noticed that Luna thought about Neville a lot, not quite as much as he thought about her, but it was very comforting, even still. After three days the other boys begged Neville to put the ornament in the bathroom because the bright sparks woke them up several times throughout the night. So he did. He had gotten Luna a present but it seemed like nothing compared to what she had gotten him, he had sent her some liquorish wands and he had knitted her some ear muffs because she kept complaining that her old ones were too tatty, but he felt too embarrassed to send her the ones he had made, they were a mixture of brown, grey and orange and he had made lots of mistakes, so instead he bought a hat off Hermione and gave her that. Hermione had been knitting all sorts for the house elves so she was quite good at it. He missed her so much.

September 4th finally arrived, Neville waited at the Main Entrance all morning with Ginny who was waiting for all of her friends.

"Hey Neville, sorry 'bout the Yule ball, I just..." Ginny trailed off at the end of her sentence.

"I know, no sweat, I got to dance with lots of girls," replied Neville.

"I saw you dancing with Fleur's sister"

"Yeah Gabby, she was a good dancer, but a bit up herself, if you ask me."

"Well she couldn't have been if she was dancing with you." Ginny said jokingly. Neville just stared at her, he was quite hurt, but he didn't want her to know.

"Ha yeah, that's true" Luckily the train arrived and saved them both awkward conversation. Students streamed through the door, Neville stood on a bench so that he could scan the crowd for Luna. The crowd began to thin and Neville couldn't see her anywhere. He walked through the door. "Hagrid, have you seen Luna?" he asked. But before Hagrid could answer Neville ran down the path to find Luna tearing up opposite Malfoy.

"Oh look, loony has your boyfriend come to rescue you?" Malfoy jeered.

"Leave it Neville!" Luna cried

"Yeah she's probably right, wouldn't want pathetic Longbottom to show her up in front of who she really fancies." Malfoy laughed and put his hands on Luna's shoulders, she shrugged him off her. Neville had, had enough he clenched his hand and punched Malfoy on the nose, Malfoy stared in shock.

"I'm bleeding." He said in amazement "Didn't know you had it in you, Longbottom, just you wait. You'll pay for this one; mark my words, you and your freaky little girlfriend." Malfoy raised his wand to Neville then sighed and walked away. He then noticed that almost the whole school had seen it. "You didn't see anything right?" Malfoy challenged a second grader.

"What you gonna do, cry on me," replied the fearless girl. Malfoy had only just realised that the force from the punch must had made his eyes water. Malfoy yelled for Crabbe and Goyle and they scuffled down the corridor.

Neville walked up to the castle with Luna, she was amazed that he had stood up for her like that, when he looked at him she didn't feel pity, she felt proud of him and she was rapidly changing her opinion of him, she didn't know how she felt about him anymore. They approached Hagrid.

"I didn' see that ef anyone asks, but I thin' that he probably deserved it." Hagrid muttered, the two of them smiled at Hagrid then walked into the castle, they felt like celebrities, everyone was cheering his name and asking questions.

They managed to get past them all and Neville walked Luna to Ravenclaw, carrying her bags the whole way. Neville had only just realised that she was wearing the hat that he had made her... well Hermione had made, Luna looked into his eyes, he was a hero, she knew that she could have easily cast a spell to hurt Malfoy, but she wasn't physically strong and couldn't have stood up to him in that way and punched him, he had done it for her. Even though he knew that he would probably get grief from McGonagall and not to mention all of Slytherin house, he still did it. Luna leant towards him and whispered in his ear "Thanks Neville," she started to tear up.

He started to walk backwards and saluted to her.