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"And this is Lucie Manette, coming to you from 94.7 FM G.O.L.D. radio!" Tessa said, her voice booming into the microphone. "You may wonder why my name is Lucie Manette… well, it's not," Tessa laughed, leaning back in the comfortable chair she sat in. "A Tale of Two Cities… that Lucie Manette. Oh, and Sydney Carton! Doesn't everybody want a Sydney Carton…? A man that loves you so much that he is willing to die so that you could have happiness…" Tessa sighed, wishing it was true. Wishing that she could have a man like that… But no one wants Bookworm Tessa. No one ever does.

"More on that later. First, listen to this new hit single by Adele!" Tessa said enthusiastically and pressed a button on her computer screen, choosing the song. The song started to play and Tessa sighed, taking off her headphones.

"That was great!" Cecily said, from the other side of the window. Cecily opened the door to the studio, sitting across from Tessa. "You know, we've become the most popular radio station in London right? They love us!" Cecily said, with joy. "Well, you. Well, Lucie Manette, really. When are you going to reveal to them that you're Tessa Gray?" Cecily asked, for the thousandth time.

"Cecy, I just don't want to. You see me in school, you know what it's like," Tessa said, her voice now quiet and not full of life – like when she was Lucie Manette, sighing again.

"Screw them! You're hot, young and you're freaking Lucie Manette! Everybody loves you!" Cecily said, her blue eyes lighting up. "Everybody at school listens to Lucie Manette all the time."

But Tessa just shook her head. "They love Lucie Manette, not Tessa Gray."

"You're sixteen, Tessa, and you've never gone on a single date," Cecily accused.

"So?" Tessa shrugged.

"So?!" Cecily cried indignantly. The ON AIR sign flashed. Tessa shushed her quickly and put her headphones back on.

Cecily crossed her arms and gave Tessa a cold stare. Tessa refused to look into her eyes. The Herondales had to have some secret gift. All their eyes were such a beautiful blue, but they could give you the coldest stares. Just thinking about it made Tessa shiver.

"And we're back! This is Lucie Manette on G.O.L.D Radio, coming to you from London!" Tessa shooed Cecily out of the studio as she continued speaking. "We're taking callers! Hello, this is Lucie Manette!" Tessa said, pressing another button so that the caller's voice would come loud and clear.

"Hello?" the voice said, distinctly male. It sounded familiar, but then, this guy was just probably another one from her school.

"Hey there," Tessa responded.

"Why do you like Sydney Carton so much?" the caller asked abruptly.

Tessa paused before continuing. "Why…? Why not? Sydney Carton is an admirable character."

"I just think it's stupid. I mean, he could have gotten the girl if Charles Darnay just died," the caller said. Tessa could almost imagine a snarky male face, rolling his eyes at the 'stupidity' of Sydney Carton. But at the same time, she was impressed. Usually, no one knew about the classics that Tessa just loved, so she continued on.

"Well. Lucie Manette loved Darnay. Carton knew that of course. It just wouldn't be the same if Darnay had died. Could Carton even have taken his place? Wouldn't Lucie just feel insulted that Sydney Carton would have been trying to take Darnay's place? Sydney Carton died so that Lucie could have her happily ever after. He saved Darnay out of love for Lucie. Love makes you stupid…" Tessa thought aloud, more talking to herself than the caller now. "But it is under the influence of love when we do our greatest things."

The caller was silent. "Thank you," the caller said simply, before hanging up. Tessa shook her head, as if it would shake out the complicated thoughts in her brain.

"Well, let's listen to some more music, shall we? But you people. Don't forget that tomorrow is anti-bullying day! Share some respect and love to those who need it and wear pink! Pink is a manly colour you know," Tessa said, winking, though nobody else could see it.

"Clear!" Cecily shouted from the other side of the glass. Tessa stood, wanting to go back home and finish her Calculus homework.

"Let's go home, Cecy," Tessa said, grabbing her coat from her chair and exiting the studio. Cecily linked her arms with hers as she skipped beside Tessa to her car. The cool night air greeted them the minute the exited the tall building. G.O.L.D radio was a popular radio station, and Tessa's segments were rated highest, compared to the others.

Tessa was merely sixteen and she could relate to the teenagers better, she guessed. G.O.L.D. radio used to belong to her mom… but when Elizabeth Gray died of a heart attack, the responsibility fell to Tessa. Her adopted brother, Nate, had stepped in as her legal guardian, but he wanted Tessa to have G.O.L.D. "It wouldn't be right otherwise," he always said.

So Tessa now owned G.O.L.D. radio.

And only her best friend, Cecily Herondale, knew that she was Lucie Manette. No one else knew, not even Nate.

Tessa slid into her Civic that Nate had bought her several months ago as her present for getting a driver's license. Nate was tired of driving Tessa back and forth, so he bought her a car the minute she got a license. Cecily slid into the passenger seat beside her and Tessa drove off into the night, wanting the familiar four walls of her bedroom around her again.

The Herondales lived right next to the Grays, and Tessa was grateful for that. It was easier to hang out with Cecily and much easier to drop her off if she lived right next to her. They got out of the car when Tessa parked in front of her house, slamming the door to her white Civic and locking the car immediately.

Cecily waved a goodbye and ran into her house. Tessa smiled at her antics before entering her own house. Tessa took off her flats and walked to the kitchen, wanting a quick snack. The cool white tile of the kitchen floor felt nice under her feet. She took a banana from the fruit bowl and peeled it as she walked out of the kitchen and up the creaky old stairs with the familiar wooden banister that Tessa and Nate used to slide on when they were younger. Her mother, Elizabeth, would always berate them for doing so, and though Tessa and Nate would have looked apologetic to their mother, they would high-five each other behind their backs and held in their snickers. Of course, they would slide down the banister all over again.

She entered her bedroom – the same bedroom she grew up in. The blue walls were painted with her mother and Nate. They had painted it her favourite colour when she was seven. It has never changed since. It was always blue.

She fell onto her white sheeted bed, dropping her bag on the floor, next to her guitar. Her shelves of books took over a complete wall, and Tessa had a mini recording studio in her room as well – if she wanted to 'work' at home. She peered out her window.

Tessa's room was on the west side of her house, and had a nice view of… the Herondale house. The enormous house that the Herondales' owned blocked Tessa's view of everything except for the room next door.

Which just so happened to belong to…

"Watching for me again?" William Herondale called from the Herondale Manor. Tessa groaned, though internally she was smiling. Her window was always opened, just so she could talk to Will – who next to Cecily, was her… she didn't know what to call him. Will was snarky and sarcastic, though Tessa had no idea why she continued talking to him, she did anyways. Will's window was usually opened as well, and Tessa and Will often bickered through the windows, talking about everything and nothing, all at the same time.

Tessa slid out her window and sat on the little ledge of her house. Will did the same, resting on the ledge of his house. The space that separated the ledges was about an inch wide, so Tessa often snuck over to the Herondales to sleepover with Cecily.

"Where were you?" Will asked immediately. Tessa stiffened. "You're always gone on Thursdays. You and Cecy both. Is it some kind of girl ritual?"

Not so much a ritual as a secret radio station… Cecily often questioned why Tessa kept her radio station under wraps.

But Tessa would always avoid the question. Why was it so hard for Tessa? But it was. Tessa was the one who lingered on the fringes of social circles. She rarely spoke in school, and many people teased her for it. Tessa was never without a book, thus her nickname Bookworm Tessa.

"Does it matter?" Tessa avoided. Will narrowed his eyes, giving the familiar Herondale glare. "Alright, alright stop!" Tessa said, covering her eyes with her hands. "It burns!" Tessa complained.

Will was smirking, crossing his arms. "So tell me."

"Nothing. We just do stuff. Girl secrets, you know," Tessa said, but even the excuse sounded lame to Tessa.

Will scoffed, but switched to another subject nonetheless. "Any good books for me to read?"

Unbeknownst to everybody except for Tessa, Will was a lover of books, much like her. Surprisingly, he enjoyed the classics and he often switched books with Tessa. Will had a space in his room that was completely devoted to the classics, and had a library in his enormous house. Tessa was completely envious of it. Walls lined with books… the familiar scent of pages and ink and the beloved dog-eared copies of Dickens and Beckford. There was Jane Austen and many other books that Tessa admired.

"Have you read a Tale of Two Cities yet?" Tessa asked, recommending her favourite book.

Will frowned. "I've heard of it. I know what it's about. About how Carton died in place of Darnay and, that kind of stuff."

Tessa climbed back into her room and grabbed her dog-eared copy of it. It was battered and bruised, but Tessa loved it. It was a well-worn book, but it was her favourite. She had read it many times.

She climbed back out into the cool London air and passed Will the book. "Carton could have gotten the girl," Will muttered.

"But he died for her happiness!" Tessa protested. "Love… it makes you stupid… but it is under the influence of love when we do our greatest things," she said, quoting herself. A small smile played on her lips as she thought of the radio station she loved. And of the sacrifice Carton made for Lucie.

"Didn't Lucie Manette say the exact same thing tonight?" Will asked. "I didn't think you listened to her."

Tessa froze. Crap. She had to be more careful next time. Tessa played it off with a shrug, though Will's blue eyes were narrowed. "Doesn't everybody?" Tessa stood up, afraid she might spill more, but she slipped on the shingles of the slanted ledge. She let out a small scream as her body fell, about to crash onto the ledge, and though she knew she wasn't going to fall two stories below because the space between the ledges was simply too small for Tessa to fit through, she couldn't help but feel like she was going to anyway.

But she didn't fall onto her back. Will caught her, concern in his blue eyes. His face was merely three inches away and she could feel his breath on her face. Her cheeks turned red. "You alright?" Will asked.

Tessa scrambled to get up, and climb through her window again. "I'm fine. Good night Will," she said tersely, before slamming her window shut and letting the blinds fall. Her breathing was almost laboured and she pressed a hand to her heart. Her heart was beating wildly in her chest at being so close to William Herondale.

Tessa just had to admit it. The truth had haunted her for the past year – since her mother had died. "I like William Herondale," she breathed, in the darkness of her room.

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