Has it ever cross anyone's mind as to why Hana has round eyes while her mother and brother has sharp eyes? I always wonder about it and, because of that, her eyes inspired me to write this story.

In this story, there are only wolves and humans. Don't expect vampires or demons.

I do not own Naruto.

Deep within the forest, under the moonlit sky, a celebration was being held. Everyone wore black without any color to mimic the night sky. Music was heard in the background as children danced and played around while the adults chatted about their daily lives. Everyone were enjoying themselves on what the night has to offer.

A group of friends stood by and watched as the guests were having a good time. Each one had a drink in their hands and occasionally would take a sip. Sometimes their gaze would go over to a group of girls that were busy talking to one another. Judging by the look in their eyes, they were filled with hunger, obsession and lust.

For the blond haired young man, he watched the violet haired girl who was staring at the ground. The second she looked up their eyes met and immediately looked away leaving the young girl's face red. He smirked at her reaction and turned to one of his friend.

"I just want to go over there and claim her right away. Why does your cousin have to be hot, Neji?"

"Please do not talk about Hinata in my presence, Naruto. Unlike you, at least I can control myself."

"I doubt it since Tenten is right over there wearing that outfit."

Neji growled out at the mentioning of her name. Naruto chuckled at his reaction.

"Relax. I don't want her. I just want your cousin."

"Watch it, Naruto."

Naruto put up the peace sign with his fingers at Neji.

"This is a drag. Why does it have to be in the forest instead at your place? Your father must have invited everyone, Sasuke."

"That's because it is my brother's birthday, Shikamaru. He wanted to make it special for Itachi."

"I know that. Thank goodness he is not my father."

Shikamaru then focused his attention to the two blonds and sighed.

'Troublesome girls. Why do I find the both of you attractive? Now I have to choose between the both of you.'

"Whatever. I could care less about him and my brother."

"Don't be mad because your brother is going to take over the Uchiha clan, Sasuke."

He glared at Naruto and was trying his best to not give him a beating. Instead, Sasuke drank the bottle in his hand.

All of a sudden, the music stopped playing and everyone became silent. At the sight of his father, they all bowed in unison and greeted him with the exception of his son, Sasuke. He was the only one that did not bow.

Entering the celebration, Uchiha Fugaku made his way towards the campfire that was at the center of the group. Once there, he glanced around and was pleased by the number that have showed up tonight. Fugaku then told them all to rise. The guests followed his command.

"Welcome, everyone. Tonight is my son Itachi's twenty-third year in this world. Let us celebrate this night to the fullest. Please welcome my son."

Everyone cheered for the guest of honor and continued until the look of concern appeared on their faces. Fugaku noticed and looked around for any sight of Itachi.

"Where is Itachi?"

Fugaku watched them as they talked amongst themselves. One of the guests walked up and spoke to him in a whisper. Eyes glowing red as to where is his son, Fugaku yelled out his son's name in anger.

"Thank you for shopping. Have a nice night."

The cashier thanked the customer and in turn bid farewell to the employee. Exiting the store, the woman walked down the sidewalk with a bag full of groceries in her arms. As she made her way home, the woman greeted anyone that crossed her path. After walking the few blocks, she came upon a building. Reaching into her pocket, she pulled out her keys and unlocked the front door. It closed behind her once the woman went inside the building.

Across the street from the building were three friends inside a car. Each of them watched the woman enter through the front door. The one in the passenger seat was pleased by her arrival and turned to the driver.

"It's about time she arrived home. Can we leave now, Itachi?"

Keeping his gaze at the building, Itachi answered to his friend.

"Wait until the lights in her room are on, Sasori. We can leave until then."

"We should not be here, Itachi. Your father would have an uproar if he finds out about this."

Itachi turned to look at his friend sitting in the back seat. Part of his blond hair covered his eye and the rest was up in a ponytail. Just like their friend, he was anxious to leave.

"My father have no business in my affairs, Deidara. What I am doing is of no concern to him."

Deidara leaned back in his seat and crossed his arms.

"It is to me, yeah."

Sasori tried to cheer up his friend. He laughed at Deidara seeing him act like a child.

"Can't you see? Itachi is in love with the half-"

Itachi's eyes flashed red at him. Sasori sank back in his seat and kept his mouth shut. He was suddenly afraid to even look at Itachi.

"Don't you dare say those words, Sasori. As long as I'm around, you are forbidden to say those words in front of me."

He quickly nodded at Itachi understanding his words.

Itachi returned his attention back at the building. Suddenly, he saw the lights at an apartment turn on signaling him that she made it inside her place. True to his word, he turned on the ignition letting the engine come alive. He gave one final look at the building.

"What happened, Itachi? You used to make her life a living hell. We all did. What changed all of a sudden?"

Putting the car into drive, Itachi drove away but not until he answered his question.

"Everything, Deidara."

As the car disappeared around the corner, the woman was at the window looking behind the curtain. If anyone was there to see her face, then all they would see were hatred and rage. However, her eyes tell a different story.

They held the look of sorrow, despair, but the most important one of them all in her eyes was fear.