The car ride home was silent between Sasuke and Sakura. Even as he drove in the early hours of a Saturday morning, Sasuke occasionally glanced at her looking out the window. He was glad that Sakura accepted his offer to take her home, but the scene between them right now was not only awkward, but also downright annoying. He was annoyed that she was treating him as a stranger.

Before then, Sakura would give her undivided attention to him which made her grades to go down a bit, and would get mad whenever she was interrupted from fawning over Sasuke. He accepted the fact that she, a human, was his mate, but as they grew older, Sasuke did not like it that Sakura was being like the other fangirls in class. It was bothering Sasuke too much, and he wished for Sakura to cut it out.

If she did that, then he would tell her. Sasuke wanted her to be proud, not acting like a lunatic. He imagined that it would have been worse once Sakura learned the truth. That had sends chills up and down his spine if that was to happen.

His wish came true right after the beginning of summer vacation. However, Sasuke began to notice the changes in Sakura's behavior.

Whenever they would hang out together with their friends, Sakura would make excuses just to leave early, and looked away whenever he stared at her. She was less enthusiastic with him around, and when it was time for Sasuke to attend camp two weeks later, Sakura did not show up to see him leave. His inner wolf became restless, and Sasuke had a miserable time at camp.

When he came back to start the eighth grade, Sasuke was surprised to see Sakura without her long hair. It was cut right above her shoulders instead of reaching down her back. When he went to greet her, Sakura's response was simple. It wasn't like the past greetings she gave to him. She didn't even used the suffix to his the eight grade, her greetings to him was plain and normal.

He missed the attention Sakura used to give to him. He missed the affection that Sakura would show him. All in all, Sasuke missed his mate doing that to him, and had to settle with her being distant. He wondered what on earth did he do for Sakura to treat him that way. Sasuke believed it had to do with the fact he did not told Sakura, and, because of that, he did not get the chance to tell her. He waited and watched her excel in school, and decided not to distract Sakura.

In high school, Sakura focused on her schoolwork, and became the top student in all of her subjects. Then, she decided to volunteer at a hospital for she wanted to become a doctor. Sasuke was proud of Sakura, but there were a couple of things he was not proud of seeing. He saw Rock Lee, a human, trying to ask her out on a date and Sai, another human, calling Sakura ugly. He wanted to rip them apart so badly for harassing his mate.

Mate. That word was useless if she was not next to him, so he planned to make her his mate after five years of getting the cold shoulder from Sakura. Sasuke thought very hard as he ran through the woods earlier and decide to tell Sakura what he should have done so a long time ago. Hopefully, she would take him.

Sasuke pulled up towards the apartment building where she and his brother's mate lived and stopped the car. A few times he had caught Hana looking out the window, and he could not help but to feel remorse for her. What went inside his brother's mind to do all of the things against Hana?

"Thank you for the ride home, Sasuke. I'll see you at school on Monday."

Unbuckling the seat belt, Sakura reached for the handle to open the door. Immediately, Sasuke grab a hold of her wrist to prevent her from leaving, and told Sakura what he wanted to say.

"Why do you fear me, Sakura?"

Ignoring his question, Sakura focused on her intention to leave. The mood inside the car suddenly became unpleasant for her to handle, and Sakura did not want to be in there for another second.

"Let me go, Sasuke."

He had enough. Sasuke could no longer stand to see Sakura act that way. His anger rose to the surface, and Sasuke yelled out his frustration at her.

"As your mate, stop ignoring me!"

She looked back at him the second he had said those words. Deep down inside, Sakura was thrilled to learn that she was his mate. It was all she could have ever hoped for since she had first seen Sasuke. She and the other girls had a crush on him. Sakura was well verse on learning about the history of wolves, and when she came across a page on how rare it was for a wolf to be mated to a human, Sakura wished to be Sasuke's mate.

Doubt filled her entire being allowing her excitement to go away, and Sakura shook her head. Sasuke saw the fear rising in her eyes, and quickly calmed down. If there is one thing all males do not want to see was their mates being afraid of them.

"How can I believe you, Sasuke? How can I make sure that you will not do to me like your brother did to Hana? After learning about what Konan did to Kiba's sister that night, I've lived every single day thinking that it will happen to me."

Sakura blinked her eyes as she began to cry.

"I'm afraid that you will do that to me."

Sakura cried in her seat letting her words materialize in Sasuke's mind. Sasuke realized that, all of this time, Sakura was afraid that he would do the same to her like his brother did to Hana. That night was the cause for Sakura to treat him differently.

She was afraid that he would be just like his own brother. Sasuke had to change her views about him right now. Both of his hands went to wipe the tears that stained her beautiful face, and Sakura gasped when he felt his touch.

"Listen to me, Sakura. I'm not my brother. In fact, I have done nothing to do anything to hurt you, but it hurts me to see you fear me. Let me prove it to you, Sakura."


He bit his lower lip as he pondered on how to answer her question. Instead of words, he answered it with actions. Sasuke gently pulled her towards him until they were face to face. Up close, Sasuke noticed that she was starting to calm down as he stared into her green eyes.

They were suddenly closed as their lips met and pressed together. Sasuke's inner wolf was wild with excitement as they shared their first kiss. Sasuke then reached up to cup the sides of her face as their kiss deepened, tongues swirling in a dance that was meant between them, and pulled away to catch their breaths. Their foreheads touch, eyes meeting again, and Sakura had no choice but to smile as he finally answered her question with words.

"You're mine, Sakura. It will always be like that until the day I die."

She cried again, but with tears of joy. She was happy with his answer, and Sakura could tell that he was also feeling the same way.

"Consider yourself lucky that I still love you, Sasuke."

Sasuke smiled.

"Does that mean that you accept me as your mate, Sakura?"

Sakura giggled before wrapping her arms around his neck.

"Of course, Sasuke-kun."

They kissed again, and Sasuke was glad that not only Sakura agreed to be his mate, but he also was glad that the Sakura he had once remembered came back to him.

She inhaled the scent and breathed out a sigh of relief as Sakura stood in front of the stove where a pot of beef curry was being made. Reaching for some spices, she sprinkled some of it inside the pot, and picking up the big spoon, Sakura mixed it around allowing the flavors to blend. Scooping some of it, she lifted it towards her mouth, and right where she was about to taste it, a buzz rang inside her home.

Putting the curry back in the pot, Sakura placed the spoon down and made her way towards the entrance of the kitchen where the intercom was placed on the wall. Pressing the black button, she spoke into it.

"Who is it?"

A few seconds later, Sasuke's voice was heard.

"It's me, Sakura."

Sakura quickly pressed the white button allowing him to enter the building, and headed for the front door. Gazing through the peephole, Sakura waited until Sasuke came into view to open the door. She invited him for dinner earlier in school today, and with graduation being tomorrow, Sakura wanted to celebrate their last day as students with him. Luckily for her parents, they were out for the night and Sakura went ahead to prepare dinner after she came home from the supermarket.

Her mouth curved into a smile as Sakura unlocked the door. She stepped aside to let him in, and closed the door behind her. Sakura walked pass Sasuke to lead him inside the kitchen, but his words stopped her.

"So, you made rice and beef curry with extra spices for dinner, Sakura. I can't wait to eat it."

Sakura was shocked for him to know on what she had made, and turned back to Sasuke.

"How did you know what kind of dinner I was making, Sasuke? It was supposed to be a secret."

All of a sudden, she gasped as Sasuke rubbed his nose against hers. His actions allowed her cheeks to become rosy. Sakura was not used to that kind of affection before they were together. Sasuke wasn't the type to act that way, but she figured he would only be that way with her.

"I picked up the scent on my way here, and not only that..."

Her eyes widen as Sasuke backed Sakura up against the wall, and leaned down towards her neck to inhale the aroma that surrounded Sakura's presence. Then, she froze as she felt his tongue lapped at the base of her neck in one stroke. Sakura's heart raced inside her chest, but became steady once he removed himself away from her. A smirk graced his lips seeing Sakura that way.

" smell and taste just like strawberries."

She had no choice but to agree with that comment. Sakura then led him to the kitchen where he sat down at the table, and watched her filled both plates with rice and beef curry. She then carried and placed them on the table. After that, she went to grab two cups and the pitcher of iced tea from the fridge. Once she closed it, Sakura headed for the table, and after pouring the tea into both cups, she sat down to eat.

Both of them prayed for their meals before eating. Sakura picked up her spoon and scooped up some of the rice and curry. Right before she could eat it, Sakura froze.

Spoonful after spoonful, Sasuke ate his meal in rapid succession. He ate everything in a minute, and gulped the tea down his throat. Sasuke saw her reaction and sighed. He had forgotten that humans were slow eaters, and did not bother to eat at the same pace with Sakura.

"I'm sorry, Sakura."

To think that the dark haired, dark eyed wolf boy was her mate...well, that was something Sakura had to get used to it for the rest of her life.

Sasuke stayed for another hour before leaving her apartment. Walking down to the third floor and right where he was to reach the next flight of stairs, a faint scent belonging to his brother alerted Sasuke.

Sasuke followed and glanced through the third floor hallway to see a red, rectangular box on the mat in front of a door. After staring it for a minute, he continued down the steps and out the building to go home. As he got inside his car, Sasuke smirked for he knew what his brother had done to himself.

He wondered what her reaction would be once Hana finds out what was inside the box.

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