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"Alright! Everyone on the ship quickly now captains' orders! We are about to take off!" ordered the docking pilot. I was excited to visit Quintessa, it was a planet inhabited by elementals. It's said that some elementals can see the future, my sister Aisha and her fiancé Boone were going to "seek guidance" for their future together. I on the other hand just wanted to see the planet, and support my dear sister of course. I heard that Quintessa was a beautiful and peaceful planet, and that not many humans pay visits.

We quickly handed in our ruck sacks to the loader as two men walked passed us, one was a cop and the other was a convict who's hands, and feet were bound by cuffs while the eyes were blindfolded, and the mouth had a horse bit in it disabling him from talking.

'Wonder what the hell he did' I thought to myself as I watched him walk into the Hunter-Gratzner. He was very well built, and buff, was kinda tall…probably around 5'8" or 6'0", he was bald, and was wearing an all-black wardrobe… black shoes, black pants, black wife beater, black belt. He looked a bit scary, even though I've served a few years in the Corps I've never encountered anyone like him.

"Whachu looking at?" asked Boone breaking the trance I was in.

"Nothing." I answered back, while he looked in my direction.

"Let's get on before they leave us", laughed Aisha.

'Right' I thought while shaking him out of my mind. We climbed up the ramp and walked through the corridors passing civilians, not engaging into any conversations but just giving them a light nod, as they climbed into their own personal cryo-chambers.


'Hands, and feet bound by cuffs, a blind fold over my eyes with a horse bit in my mouth come on Johns you can do better than that' I thought as a smirk flew across my face.

"Get moving, let's go, come on now!" Johns demanded as I growled at him while walking up the ramp. I felt many eyes on me as I chuckled, all of them had something to fear…until I smelled someone…no a group, they smelled like government issue, I gave them a low growl as I walked passed them.

"No funny business ya hear me?...try anything and I'll blow your head off."

'Was that a threat? Really Johns blow my head off? You and I both know that I'm worth more alive than dead, you wouldn't risk it…all you care about is your damn payday, whatever happens…you'll never get it 'coz I'll never go back to the slam' I growled again. He started to strap me into my cryo-chamber, was pretty comfortable compared to all the other chambers I bet.


We got to the very end of the vessel, finding out that our chambers were located near the cock pit. We were riding with the captain, docking pilot, navigator, the cop, and the convict whose cryo-chamber was massive and was located at the base of the cabin. Unfortunately for me my chamber was located directly in front of the convict's next to the cop. The letters plastered on the front of his chamber read 'lockout protocol no early release'. I felt his gaze on me, there was something odd about him, about his presence…

"Not nervous are you?" The cop asked as he watched me looking at the convict, chills ran up my spine breaking me from the trance again.

"Not at all", I said with a smile.

"Why not?" he asked confused. I looked up at him and gave him a smirk causing him to do the same.

"Names Johns, William J. Johns, and you are?" he questioned sticking out his hand.

"Lana Hale" I responded with a confident voice shaking his hand firmly. Then we heard the announcement to get into our cryo-chambers to enter deep sleep.

"His name is Riddick, he's an escape convict, murderer", Johns added in a cocky voice pointing to the convict hoping that he would scare me. I turned from my chamber and looked right at him, blue eyes with blond hair, very light tan skin, and an arrogant/cocky attitude. Does he even know who he's talking to? Johns chuckled as I heard Riddick growl.

"Ok", was all I said before climbing into my chamber, as it closed putting me into deep sleep and leaving Johns yet again confused.


I felt her staring at me while I looked back in her direction. Her chamber was located directly in front of mine.

'Perfect', I concluded as a small grin started rising. Then came Johns.

"Not nervous are you?" He asked, as cocky as always.

"Not at all", she said.

'Not scared of me? How interesting...'

"Why not?" He asked…and she didn't respond instead I felt her eyes fall on me again, scanning me.

'You don't know what you're dealing with girl'

"Names Johns, William J. Johns, and you are?" he asked.

'You actually told her your name? Your full real name? What's the matter Johns getting all soft 'coz of a girl?'

"Lana Hale" she responded confidently.

"His name is Riddick, he's an escape convict, murderer", Johns added in a cocky voice. I felt her stop staring as she turned away from me to look at him. Johns chuckled, as he looked at me and then back at her, while I let out a growl conforming that I am in fact dangerous, but she stayed clam as ever.

"Ok", was her only response as I heard her climb into her chamber. She…she was one of those government issued people I can smell it on her.

'You don't know who you're fucking with girl.' I answered back mentally.

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