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We started off at a jogging pace with the light cords wrapped around our bodies, Johns, Imam, and Boone were dragging the sled along with Paris who was holding the cutting torch, and Fry running beside him behind the sled; Aisha and I were along the sides between the kids with Riddick leading us a few paces from up front. We all depended on him now…to get us all safely back to the skiff. I knew Johns, Boone, and Aisha were still a bit hesitant about trusting him, but he's all we got and if we wanted to get off this rock without being eaten alive, we had to trust him. I have my doubts too, but I trust him nonetheless…he seemed like he did care about us…I mean he did saved my life twice already and he earned my trust.

Jack was super fidgety, I understand he was nervous but he seemed the most spooked out of all the kids.

"Relax Jack, we have light. They can't touch us without hurting themselves" I reassured him, he gave me a weary smile. We all gotta stay positive about this, we gotta keep hope.

Riddick's POV

Jack's smell was getting stronger, and it seems like these animals go off on blood, they were swarming the group behind me, just waiting for the right moment. They've been following her since we left the ship, having her around was like an invitation to dinner. She didn't say anything at the ship, she didn't tell anyone her problem…guess she didn't trust anyone either.


Everyone slowed down a bit, and the cutting torch went out. Paris gulped nervously.

"Well stay close" Imam demanded the group, as we heard those creatures call out with their wooping sound. I never thought a sound could make me as nervous or as scared as I am now.

Riddick's POV

They stopped for a second then started moving again, apparently their cutting torch went out.

'What are they gonna do now?' I smirked, they were running outta lights. I heard something fall from a bucket.

"Wait!" Jack called out.

'Just leave it kid' I thought, but she went for it, she went to get it and that's when all hell broke loose.

"JACK!" Fry called out to her to came back, but she didn't listen.

'Damn' I saw one of the creatures make a move, it was headed right for Jack. Johns saw this too and took the opportunity to fire a few shots at it while Imam went to get the kid. He grabbed her and rolled her to the side causing the creature to fly over them.

"JACK!" Fry and Aisha called out.

"Stay together!" Boone ordered, but panic arose. Johns continued to fire rounds almost shooting Fry in the face, she gave him a dirty look and went over to help Imam and the girl up.


Everyone was going their separate ways, the only ones by the sled were Imam's kids, Johns, Paris, Aisha, Boone and I.

'Where's Riddick?' I thought he was no where to be found. I started to get a sick feeling in my stomach.

'Did he leave us behind?' but he couldn't we had the power cells and if he did leave us where would he go?

"PARIS! GET BACK HERE!" Fry yelled. Paris started panicking and was knocked over by a creature flying above him, I quickly ran over to his side to see if he was alright.

"Come here lemme see" I told him sitting next to him, he didn't seem to have any scratches he should be fine.

"No scratches you should be fine" I informed him.

"This can't be happening" He whispered.

"What?" I asked.

"This can't be happening" he said a bit louder pushing me to the ground. He looked like a scrawny little dude but he was strong. He started crawling away chanting "This can't be happening" over and over.

"Hey get back here!" I demanded. Boone who was standing with Aisha in his arms looked over to me and ran after him, he was dragging the power source with him!

"Boone!" I called out and Aisha darted after him.

"NO!" I screamed and ran after them.

'I'm not gonna lose you, not here not now' I thought but was tackled to the ground, I shut my eyes as I felt a sharp sting in my arm.

"LANA!" Aisha called out to me. I opened my eyes to see a creature hovering above me and a pain shot through my body, I felt my self stop breathing. It's razor sharp teeth were just hovering above me and its skin was being scorched by the light wrapped around my body. Why was it was bold enough to go for me?

'Oh god' I thought, I was gonna die, the creature had already marked me as his, and now it was time…

"NO!" Aisha yelled and whacked the creature. She pulled me from under him and we double timed back to the sled, Johns saw us running towards him and fired a couple more rounds at the creatures that pursued us.

"Where's Boone?" I managed to choke out, the lights cords were dying out, Johns tactical light was our only guide back to the group.

"Where's Boone?" I asked again a bit louder, she looked behind her tears rolling down her cheeks.

"He was right behind me" she whispered, when we caught up to Johns, Aisha immediately lifted my shirt sleeve up a bit having Johns shine his light on my wound.

"It's not deep, you'll make it. When we get to the skiff use one of the syringes and it shouldn't take long to heal." She poured some alcohol onto the wound making me scream out in pain, Imam came over and tore a piece of his robe off to help dress my wound.

"Thank you." I thanked him. Then we saw a puff of fire, it was Paris surrounded by those...creatures, they all squealed from being exposed by the sudden burst of light...then we heard a crunching sound.

'Oh god' I thought looking away, but where was Boone?

Riddick's POV

He made it, he made it alive but he was losing blood...too much, too fast.

"Riddick?" he asked, I was standing alone in the dark away from the group, away from the killings. I didn't look at him nor did I answer him. He breathing was getting shallow. I saw Fry light up a flare and the rest started getting bottles of alcohol to light up, he saw the light and slowly wobbled his way over to the group.

"Aisha" he wheezed out.

'You're not gonna survive'


I saw a figure, coming towards us...a man wobbling, Riddick? I thought, it looked like Riddick but when he stepped into the light my heart stopped. It was Boone drenched in blood. Aisha looked at my surprised expression and turned to look in the direction I was looking in. She started crying instantly falling to her knees. He wasn't going to make it, not with all the blood he lost, he already looked weak enough to faint. Boone waddled a little further and fell next to his loving fiancé. Everyone stood in silence as he rested his head in her lap. Tears rolled down my cheeks, they were having a conversation a silent one...their hearts and eyes were talking to each other, they didn't need words. It was a precious moment, she put pressure on his abdomen to slow the bleeding.

"Why" I thought out loud and he looked at me.

"No man left behind, we're all survivors of the crash. We're all family now, and family looks after one another, if I could go back and redo it...I would do it again." he smiled, making me cry. Why Boone why, I walked over to him.

"Wellll it's good to see you're okay" Johns sarcastically added looking at Riddick who had rejoined the group. He walked around a few paces before stopping a few feet in front of me.

"We're not gonna give up on you, you're coming with us...you'll make it." I whispered kneeling down in front of Aisha so he was laying between us. He gave us a weary smile and looked up at the stars visible in the dark sky. Imam came over with another longer torn piece of his robe and handed it to me...but my hands started to tremble. Imam pursed his lips and placed a hand on my shoulder, he kneeled down and started dressing Boone's wounds himself.

"Do I even wanna know?" Fry asked standing behind Riddick, he watched in awe as the beasts probably feasted on Paris's body...he didn't reply he just looked at her.

Riddick's POV

Johns walked up to the three and helped Boone up to his feet. Fry, Jack and the kids held up the alcohol bottles that were lit with fire.

"We got him" Lana and her sister supported him on either sides of his body. They stood between the crowd, with them around and bleeding they were like walking targets for the creatures. Imam and Johns took over the sled and I started walking again with me leading. I had to buy some time, we won't all make it that's fore sure. I glanced over my shoulder.

"Are we getting close? Can we pick up the pace?!" Fry asked. Johns became annoyed and dropped the rope, and looked at the ground. I crouched down onto one knee, and he approached me.

"Wanna tell me what the hell's goin' on?" Johns demanded.

"We crossed our own tracks" Fry explained to the kids who looked confused.

"Why have we circled? Are we lost" Imam asked walking over to me.


"Do you even know where we ar-"

"-LISTEN!" everyone paused and stood still, Johns started pointing his gun around.

"Canyon ahead, I circled once to buy some time to think."

"I think we should go now" Imam suggested.

"Ohh I dunno about that. That's death row up there, especially with the three of 'em bleeding."

"Three Whaa Fuck you talkin' 'bout its only two." Johns said.

"The girl"

"What girl?" he asked.

"Her" I looked at Jack.


Everyone stood still for a moment in disbelief. He was looking past Fry and at Jack...Jack was a girl? Everyone's eyes widened as we all turned to face Jack for an explanation.

"You gotta be kiddin' me." Johns said in disgust, Jack started tearing up.

"I-I just thought it'd be better for people to be for a guy-"

"-Jesus Jack!" Fry started to get pissed.

"I just thought they might leave me alone they're always messing with me." she sat down hugging her knees to her chest. Fry's anger dyed down and she started to comfort the bo-girl?...Girl, she sat down next to Jack.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry are you really bleeding?" She whispered, slinging an arm around Jack and hugging her to her chest.

"Could've left me at the ship right that's how come I didn't say something sooner."

"Jack honey, we would never, you could've told one of us." Aisha gave hi-her a sympathetic look, man this is gonna take some time getting used to.

"They've been nose open for her ever since we left. In case you haven't noticed they go on blood."

"Look this is not gonna work" Fry stated standing up.

"W-we're gonna have to go back." Johns turned around with fire in his eyes, he looked furious, Jack gulped as she looked at him shaking in fear.

"What'd you say?" he asked her, like a parent asks when their child back talks to them.

"You're the one that got us out here in the first place, and turned us into sled dogs-" He pointed at her.

"-I was wrong I admit it okay?" she remained clam, no one intervened their conversation... they've been holding back for so long, this was something that needed to be let out.

"Can we just...get back to the ship?"

"I dunno Caroline, nice breeze, wide open space, I'm starting to enjoy my fucking self out here."

"What are you high again? Just listen to yourself Johns."

"No no you're right Caroline, what's to be afraid of? My life's a just a steaming pile of meaningless shit anyhow. So I say "mush on" The canyon's only a couple of hundred meters, and after that it's skiff city. So why don't you bunch up, stuff a cork in this fuckin' kid and lets go."

"Alright that's enough" Aisha spoke out, Boone was starting to go in and out of conciousness.

"You shut your fuckin' mouth" he glared at her.

"Don't talk to her like that!"

"What are you gonna do about it sunshine?" He was inches away from my face.

"We should listen to her" Johns backed away a little.

"Listen to her? When she was so willing to sacrifice us all-"

"-What's he talking about?" Jack asked.

"Johns!" I warned him.

"This does not help us at all." Fry spoke.

"DURING the crash she tried to blow the passenger cabin, tried to kill us all in our sleep."

"Shut your fuckin' mouth!-" Fry screamed over his words.

"-We are disposable, we're just walking ghosts to you?"

"-SHUT YOUR FUCKING BLOWHOLE!" she ran to attack him but he pushed her to the ground.

"Fine! Fine! You made your point. We can all be scared." Imam held out his hands between the fallen Fry and Johns who stood over her like a hungry dog. None of that really mattered now anyways, she's been trying her best to do what ever she can to help us survive. We were all scared.

"Ohh Caroline. How much do you weigh now?" he smirked, everyone grew silent.

"...The verdict's in. The light moves forward." Johns lit up another one of his flares staring Imam down, then walked forward. Boone's body grew heavier and I took a look at him.

"Aisha" I whispered, and she too looked at Boone. He looked weaker, he could barley keep his eyes open, and his skin was getting colder.

"He's getting weaker" I whispered again.

"Don't give up now Boone we're almost there" Aisha encouraged him laying a soft kiss on his cheek. Boone grunted and I took a look at his shirt, he was bleeding through the makeshift gauze.

"Just hang in there Boone" I encouraged him, trying to keep him from crashing down on us.

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