Ch 1

As Peeta walked through the woods he nervously wiped his hands on his pants. When he stopped to look around; realizing he actually had no idea where this meeting was taking place, he was suddenly tapped on the shoulder.

"Geez, don't do that." Peeta started, "How did you even find me?"

"Well you kinda sound like a hovercraft so it was pretty easy." Gale smirked, rolling his eyes as Peeta blushed. "So why are we meeting exactly?" Gale asked, raising an eyebrow. Peeta gulped and took a deep breath, gathering confidence.

"Well, I… uh, I wanted to… eh-"

"Come on, spit it out." Gale sighed. Inside he was extremely curious as to what Peeta wanted, not daring to hope he could be that lucky if it was what he really wanted Peeta to be thinking. Looking a little scared, Peeta straightened his stance and looked Gale straight in the eyes,

"It's you." He said simply.

"Huh?" Gale asked, hoping beyond hope that he wasn't setting himself up for failure.

"It's you, not Katniss. I've never loved her but I had to keep up the act so we would get out alive. I'm not sure about her but that's not my problem. It's never been her… It's always been you." Peeta finished and looked away, fearing Gale's reaction. 'Stupid! Now he's going to hate you forever and go and tell her straight away and-' His thoughts were cut off as he felt lips on his own.

Gale had been reeling after that confession, so overjoyed that he did the only thing he could to properly convey his feelings. Gale Hawthorne the hunter; who was supposed to hate Peeta because of his alleged jealousy of his place with Katniss, promptly kissed the Baker's son, the man he loved. Peeta Mellark.