*Meanwhile in the BU Showers*

"Really Chlo why do we always have to meet in the showers, especially this late in the night?" Tom questioned anxiously.

Chloe clearly had something important to tell Tom because she was restless and wasn't even naked this time.

Tom and Chloe have known each other for years and have always been best friends; whenever one of them had a problem they wouldn't hesitate to help the other out.

"Because it's the only place where we have privacy and this is really important, so I need you listen Tommy." Chloe said it while her head was hanging down. Tom didn't like that because Chloe never lets up a chance to shine her bright blue eyes his way. Also, Chloe had called him Tommy so he knew this must be really bad.

"Chloe, I'm here and I'm listening but you're starting to freak me out please tell me what's wrong." Tom said while grabbing Chloe's tiny childlike hands in his.

"I'm... I- I can't say it. I mean I will but it's just really hard so bear with me." Chloe takes a slow deep breath. "I'm pregnant." Chloe paused to search for Tom's reaction but he had nothing but concern in his eyes. "B-But that's not all... remember that Jesse guy?"

"The guy you hate because he used to come on to Beca? Of course, that guy's a real weirdo."

"Well that weirdo is the father of this child."

Tom couldn't hide the surprise in his reaction, especially because he knew how much Chloe loved Beca.

"I know it surprised me too, but after Beca had to leave the frat party I was bored and sad so I decided to play beer pong with a couple of the Trebles and then after I loss at the beer pong game I felt weak like Jesse was superior to me. So I ended up betting Jesse that I could out drink him and we got hammered. One thing led to another and next thing I know I'm lying next to him naked bawling my eyes out." Chloe finished her story with eyes full of hot, angry tears running down her face. "How could I be so stupid! To do that to myself and to Beca, I can't believe that I could be so selfish!"

Tom didn't know what to say so he just wrapped his arms around Chloe in a comforting hug.

"Chloe look at me," Chloe looked up still shaking with fear, anger, and regret. "Does Jesse or Beca know that you're pregnant with his child?"

Chloe just nodded her head. "Jesse knows but how the hell am I supposed to tell Beca!? She'll leave me I know it; you have to help me I don't know what to do."

"Is Jesse going to be involved? Like, is he going to help at all?" Tom was growing very protective over Chloe, she's the sweetest person ever and for her to be going through this is breaking his heart.

"I think so, but he has it set in his mind that he does not want to tell Beca."

"Okay, so let me step in Chlo. Instead of being 'Uncle Tom' like we originally planned years ago, I can be 'Daddy'."

"Tom, I can't ask you to do something like that it's-" Chloe was quickly cut off.

"But you're not asking, I want to." Tom hugged Chloe again while Chloe stood there silently going through all of her options. She just didn't know how everything would turn out if she let Tom take all the responsibility. She did know one thing; she would tell Beca she's pregnant but wouldn't tell her that Jesse is the father.

"Hey, Jess? Have you noticed anything weird about Chloe? She's been acting really weird lately and I'm starting to worry about her."

Since Beca shot down Jesse for Chloe, Jesse and Beca have gone back to being really close friends. They'll occasionally watch movies and hangout together but Jesse still hasn't gotten over her so he is slyly making his way back into Beca's heart.

"No, she seems normal to me. Maybe she's just stressed or hiding something from you." Jesse says with a subtle smirk sporting his features. The way Jesse sees it, by adding fuel to the fire Beca and Chloe will break up and Jesse can have an all access pass to Beca.

"Gee, thanks for the reassuring words pal" Beca says sarcastically.

Right when Jesse is about to respond Chloe comes darting through the door running straight to the bathroom. Beca quickly gets up to check on Chloe but the bathroom door is locked.

"Hey, uh Bec I don't wanna catch whatever Red has so I'm gonna go."

"Okay, well I guess I'll text you later."

"Yeah, okay." Jesse says quickly while nervously leaving Beca and Chloe's apartment.

"Babe, are you okay in there?" Beca ask while subtly trying to force the door open.

"Oh, definitely I think I just had some bad lunch I'll be fine." Chloe tries to say reassuringly. She;s just happy she's not showing yet but this morning sickness just might give it away.

"Alright well I'll be in the living room waiting on you with some ginger ale and a kiss." Beca says with a comforting smile even though Chloe can't see her.

'Damnit, why does Beca have to be so good to me while I'm being an asshole to her.' "Uh, okay thanks baby. You're too good to me." 'No really,' Chloe thought to herself, 'you're too good to me.'