AUTHORESS: Amaya~Ikari


TITLE: Forbidden

ANIME: Naruto

PAIRING: Hentai: SasukeXOC/ItachiXOC (Amaya)

STATUS: Multichapter: Completed


WARNINGS: Domestic abuse, violence, nonconsensual sexual themes, sex between male and female, AU and OC Story.

~Life has taught us that love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking together in the same direction~

I rubbed my forehead when I started coming out of heaven. Otherwise known as sleep. Of course, when you come out of heaven, you come straight into hell; the early morning. I looked at the other side of the bed, sighing in what I didn't know was relief or disappointment. He wasn't there. He rarely was, and it had been so for nearly a year out of our three year long relationship. I guess I was one of the stupid women, staying with a man like him. But, even some of our friends told me in private that he was just going through tougher times. I should be supportive. After all, I'd been living in his house for quite some time now, I would be an ungrateful whore if I left him.

I couldn't argue with the fact that no, he hadn't always been this way. The first few months we'd dated had been fun, happy, and I thought it would end up great. But doesn't everyone think that when they first get into a relationship? The guy is nice, intelligent, and attractive. No sign of anything going wrong. No sign of him changing before it happened like someone pulled a trigger.

But what are you supposed to do when it all goes wrong?

And everything, about Uchiha Sasuke changed.

I remember meeting him. I'd been sixteen and moved to Konoha City on my own, to get away from the life I had really messed up in and begin a new one, with new friends. I'd met someone named Naruto at the ramen restaurant they had here, where I ate most of my meals seeing as I had little money and ramen was cheap. I had changed when I moved and instead of avoiding everyone, I let Naruto talk to me, he's incredibly hyperactive and boisterous, a nice change from the dreary folks I used to live around. He was surprisingly excited to learn I was going to his high school and offered to walk me there.

I wasn't about to decline, it was a good idea to know someone before entering a new school. I let him know which apartment building was mine and he met me outside of it the next morning, showing me the quickest route to get to school. Which was pretty cool, seeing as the way I'd planned to go would have taken half an extra fifteen minutes; I was taken aback by how old timey the school was, it was rather welcoming.

I went to my new principal's office, pleased to see she was female. I had a… Kind of mistrust with men. I could be all right around younger men, but… Never mind. I thanked Principal Tsunade for giving me my schedule and a laydown of the rules, walking back out. Naruto had a few other friends with him, a girl with pink hair and a friendly smile and a boy with shaggy brown hair and red tattoos on his face. He called me over and introduced me to the two, the girl was Sakura and the boy was Kiba. Sakura was sweet, but kind of short tempered. Kiba was friendly, especially when I told him I liked dogs. I'd brought my black half-breed along with me, though my landlord didn't know. I was thankful that Yoru could keep herself quiet. She was part wolf, part German Shepherd, so she was mostly active at night when I took her into the forest nearby.

I had four periods with Naruto, a free period, and two without him. He said he had friends in the other classes, Sakura was in my biology class. Gym was last period, I wouldn't know anyone there, but I guess I could make it work. Though in gym, kids were social… And I had problems making friends. Naruto made friends with everyone, I learned; and he'd made most of my friends for me. I'm not saying they didn't like me, hell, I was surprised that they actually seemed to want to be my friend instead of humoring Naruto.

The school day went by easily, the kids here were loud and rather nice. Naruto introduced me to so many people, my head was spinning. I think the girl I liked the best was either Hinata or Temari, Hinata was very nice and easy to talk to, she was quiet and calm, which kept my often overwhelming personality at a decent level. Temari was a good friend to have, she was loyal and protective. I enjoyed being around boys better though, simply because I always seemed to get along better with them. Kiba and I got pretty close. It being my first day, in my required Algebra, Biology, English, and History classes all I really did was read over the syllabus and learn about how the classes were taught. I liked the teachers in each class, luckily. I was given notes about the lessons they'd already gone over so I wouldn't be too far behind.

During my free period I wandered, making sure I knew how to find my way around and how to get what I needed. I sighed when the next period started, making my way towards the gym which was centered in the middle of the school. I hated gym. I wasn't athletic. I wasn't fat exactly, but I had curves that classified me as "not thin." I changed into a tank-top and shorts, the uniform they gave gym students. I walked out into the gym, receiving a couple of curious looks.

I remember Naruto saying he had a few friends here, but he hadn't said their names. There was another girl, she had hair that was a brighter shade of red than mine. Hers looked like crimson where mine was deeper, maybe like a rose, it was pretty and she had it styled in a unique fashion. She wore glasses, her eyes were red. She was a very pretty girl, my own eyes were a light green color. I shook my head, I knew better than to do that. I was trying to get over my self-consciousness. It wasn't working.

I felt someone's eyes on me, but when I turned around no one was turned my way. A boy with black hair was standing with another boy that had white hair and was chattering away. The raven looked bored, his hair fell to his chin and was spiky in the back. He looked up then, his eyes were onyx and almost seemed amused when he caught my gaze. I raised a brow before turning back around. I felt myself blush a bit at being caught staring.

I came to gym at the wrong time of year, they were doing the one mile run. I jogged at the very most, the coach said I was fine since I hadn't been here for the practices. How the hell do you practice running? The red-haired girl turned out not to be very nice as she passed me running, her long legs shown off in the shorts. "God you're slow. Move faster, maybe you'll drop a bit of weight." I sighed, wanting very deeply to shoot back. But I said I wanted a new start, that meant dropping my violent temper. I ignored her, keeping my jogging pace. I was startled when the black haired boy from before suddenly started jogging beside me. I was the one to say hi, he offered a soft hum in return and I learned he was not a conversationalist. We shared names and maybe three or four sentences about me being new here. This got me on the bad side of that girl, whose name I found was Karin. She liked him and apparently didn't like any other girl talking with him. Did she not see that it was him that first came up to me?

I was caught off guard when I learned Sasuke was Naruto's best friend. The blonde told me Sasuke seemed to not care about anything and said he was shocked Sasuke had started hanging around me. We mostly only ran together at gym, and to be fair I thought that was because he was actually just nice and was trying to stop Karin from treating me like crap. It was when the math teacher asked him to tutor me so I wouldn't fail was when we began going to each other's houses, tutoring became coming over just to talk, and coming over started to become going out to places to have fun. About a month later he started driving me to school and home and people began talking about us being a couple.

I still remember the cute stuff of high school, we had another year there. The sweet things like walking to class together, the prom both he and I were somehow convinced into going to by Naruto and Sakura, the times when things were innocent and it was just high school dating. When school ended I was surprised when he continued coming to see me, most relationships ended when school did, at my former home.

Time passed, I'd jumped from small job to small job to save up money for necessities and hopefully college. I wasn't responsible, I never had been, but I had to start trying to save so I could fulfill my education. I wanted to be a writer, but that took time and I knew I wanted to help people too, so I started applying to colleges in hopes to get a degree in psychology. Sasuke encouraged that, in the beginning.

He was amazing, he would drive me to the small college that had accepted me, which was lucky seeing as with my grades I didn't think I would ever be allowed into the colleges around here. Though of course, school took up any money I had left over. I had a little bit that I used for food, but I knew I would be evicted soon. I had to choose between a home or an education. But, once again, I was given another reason to think Sasuke was the perfect person for me.

He asked me to live with him. We'd been dating for a little over a year, and he said he wanted to take the relationship to the next level. I said yes, albeit a little unsurely. I didn't want to live off of anyone or be a burden, I'd wanted to make it on my own; but he was kind in his offer and I wasn't stupid, I didn't want to end up homeless. Besides, most people dating this long did begin living with each other.

I was no stranger to his home, in fact it wasn't even that big of an adjustment with how often I'd been there. Maybe it took getting used to as far as sharing the same bed, but soon enough it was comfortable. You know, it seemed perfect. I was going to college, he had begun working for his parents at their company. I'd known he wasn't hurting for money, but I didn't know he was rich. Although, that may have been stupid on my part, seeing as his house was two stories high and looked straight out of a magazine. He didn't like animals, but let Yoru stay around the yard, she mostly went into the woods anyway. I don't think he liked her because she was such a big animal.

He told me he loved me, and I felt like I loved him too. It was the only way to describe how I felt towards him. But then, almost exactly one year ago, something crashed in our lives and I was thrown far off the tracks that I'd been happily walking on through this "new life." He changed. He came home one day, and nothing had been different. We always were pretty opposite from each other, and I was aware that our personalities occasionally annoyed the other. But that day, I thought he'd just had a bad day or something, we all get those. I asked him if he knew where Yoru had gone as she'd been out for a while, and he snapped that he didn't know where she'd gone, saying I shouldn't be lazy and go look myself. I was easily offended, and of course shocked since he'd never insulted me in any way. I told him he should change his attitude and stop being such a jerk.

That was the first time he hit me.

But it was not the last.


This is an intro basically discussing their relationship, how they began. I know how OOC Sasuke is, he wouldn't have just come up to talk to anyone. However, this is AU and there was no massacre and you all saw how nice he was as a child. I say that still would have stuck with him had the massacre not happened.

Seriously, I don't even favor Itachi. I love him, he's one of my favorite characters, but when it comes to writing stories? Kiara or CrystalDarkSamus is better at pairing an OC with him. My OC probably would be too wild for him, which is why normally she's with Hidan or Sasuke. Or Naruto, but you'll never see those stories… Too explain, I was laying down trying to sleep last night, when my mind wandered, which it does often. This is a blessing and a curse to a writer. Anyway, I don't even really remember what sparked this idea… If I were to be honest, this idea has been a solid daydream of mine for some time. But it was Hidan abusing Amaya and Itachi starting to take notice, thus falling for each other. But a quote, in which you'll see later, made me want to write it this way.

NOW to be fair, I don't think Sasuke would abuse a woman. He would kill her, but if he'd settled with one and calmed down a bit, I don't believe he would harm her. I've seen a few abusive stories with him (wherein you can see he's a bad influence on whomever he's with) but only a couple where he's genuinely hurting his partner. I feel bad making Sasuke the bad guy, especially since I like him, but I can't get the idea out of my head! I hope this doesn't trigger anything for anyone, I put warnings up, but you know some people ignore them. I was on and it asked me what my favorite word was, that's where the title came from. I like the word "forbidden," but don't know why.

So, review.