I pretended to be asleep while Sasuke got dressed, listening until I heard the front door open and click shut again before I slowly dragged myself out of bed and into the shower. I scrubbed his filth off of me and rubbed at the bruises on my hips and breasts. I looked like I'd been assaulted.

I got out when I finished showering, not stopping to converse with the woman in the mirror, I don't think she had anything nice to say that day. I dressed in black jeans and a red tank-top, looking outside to see the snow had stopped; though it still covered everything like a smothering blanket, I put on my jacket. The school was kept hotter than the inside of an active volcano whenever we had cold weather, so I would die if I put a sweater on and wasn't able to take it off. You know how you put a shirt beneath your sweater and when you try to take the sweater off, your stupid shirt wants to come with it? Relax shirt, no one here wants a strip show.

I brushed my hair, sighing dejectedly. Maybe if I had blonde hair he'd like me. People seemed to like girls with blonde hair. I wasn't sure why, I'd seen girls with brown or black hair look just as pretty. But I wouldn't dare to try to understand society. I shook my head and swallowed thickly. Why didn't he like me? He used to; did people just completely change like this?

I walked outside, packing my things and placing my work from last night inside carefully. I let Yoru outside, she was excited to be out once more and she looked funny diving into the snow. But I couldn't bring myself to smile. She always could make me smile, no one else could if she couldn't... I hoped this sorrow would break soon, I didn't want to be like this all day. Teachers were nosy. I don't get why, it's not like we're kids anymore; if something is wrong it's our job to take care of it, so I don't know why they make it out like they care.

"Are you all right?" I started slightly when the soft question broke through my apparent trance. I glanced up to meet Itachi's dark eyes. Huh, I never noticed that before; his eyes were a bright, obsidian color, a blacker shade than Sasuke's. They were much warmer, too, welcoming you to get lost in them. I hadn't really looked him in the eyes that often, so I hadn't noticed.

I cleared my throat, nodding. "Y-yeah, just staring into space, I guess." I said, surprised at how unconvincing my tone was. I could do better than that, I'd become an award winning actress with pretending I was okay. His eyes bore into me, obvious disbelief in them. He sighed, turning around and walking into the kitchen. I let out a breath of relief I hadn't realized I'd been holding, picking up my bag. It hit me like a train then, I felt awful, exhausted and nauseous. I had to sit down after picking the bag up. I rubbed my forehead, sighing in annoyance. Why didn't this ever go away? It should! The doctor told me it would, when I was a kid!

I blinked in surprise when a plate was held out to me, taking it and looking up at Itachi. "You know better than to not eat. They make supplements for anemia, perhaps you should look into some." He told me before walking back into the kitchen. I didn't move for a second. He knew I was anemic? I don't even think Sasuke knew that. I'd told him before, but he didn't often remember what I said. I slowly ate the toast he'd given me, dwelling on how he knew me as well as he seemed to. People didn't usually retain details they didn't care about, so perhaps Itachi had an eidetic memory. I sighed softly, walking into the kitchen and washing my dish. "Thanks." I murmured as I exited the room, picking up my bag. I swung it over my shoulder, wincing when it hit my hip. I readjusted it, slowly rubbing the sore spot. That supposedly made it worse, but I couldn't remember not to do it.

"Do you want another ride?" I heard Itachi ask as he put on his own jacket, looking over at me. I hesitated, but gave him a nod because I was too lazy to want to fight past the snow and bustle of the people. I got into the car with him, leaning back. "What happened to your face?"

I jumped at the question, not knowing what he meant; I flipped down the overhead mirror. My eyes widened at the bruise on my jaw, realizing Sasuke had gripped it too tight last night. Damn him, he wasn't this careless. He was always careful not to mark me in a place I couldn't hide. "I probably hit myself sleeping or something else stupid." I replied carefully. Itachi stopped at a red light and turned to look at me with a hard look, I could almost hear him calling me a liar. I very nearly snapped at him, feeling my annoyance and defensiveness rise. I wanted to ask why he cared so much about this, he'd not been this questioning before. He was a soothing, quiet presence. Was it me that was getting careless, to make him become so curious? I looked out of the window, not wanting to falter under his gaze and slip up. He was silent until we got to the school, as I started to get out he stopped me. "Amaya, you know you can talk to me." He said. I paused in thought, caught off guard by the statement. I did talk to him, what did he want from me? I pursed my lips, nodding at him once before getting out and walking into the school. I was grateful towards him, but I didn't want him asking questions.

Because I wanted to tell him the truth.

You know, school would be awesome if we didn't have anything with numbers.

I'd gotten another ride from Itachi, thankful he didn't ask anything else. I was at home, not having any homework seeing as it was the weekend and I'd finished my projects. I think my school just didn't care, they probably didn't want anything else to grade. I was on the couch, flipping through pictures on an app I had on my phone. I nearly dropped it when it rang, scaring me to death. I quickly answered it to shut it up, glancing at the name. "Damn it, you gave me a heart attack." I muttered, sitting up straight. It was my sister, Kiara, she was just finishing high school. "Ha, you're welcome! A scare does you good now and again. I was wondering if you were busy this weekend, I wanted to stop by and see you."

I smiled, excited at the thought. She was the only one I still had contact with from home, I loved her and couldn't completely leave her. She came here every so often, telling our parents she was visiting an old friend that had moved. "Sure, you can come. Sasuke probably won't be here tomorrow but he will be Sunday." I said, picking at my nails. I had a bad habit of that, I always messed with them. I heard her scoff. "Great. You shouldn't be with that dick, anyway." She muttered. I shook my head with a sigh. "Don't disrespect him, Kiara. Promise me you'll be nice, I'll try to make sure he's civil too." I hung up then, knowing she'd only tell me off. She hated Sasuke with a passion. She didn't know what he did, she only heard some of the things he said and she thought I wasn't the same anymore and believed it was because of him.

I heard the door open, turning to greet Sasuke. I normally would have ignored him, but I had to tell him she was coming over. He glanced at me, not replying to my greeting. I stood up and offered to make something to eat. He sighed before waving his hand at me, basically telling me yes. As I cooked I brought up the subject. "Kiara is going to come over tomorrow, she's staying until Sunday." I said, bracing myself for his answer. "What? Why didn't you ask me?" He said, I tensed at his annoyed tone. "She's my sister, I haven't seen her in almost a year and you probably won't see much of her. I saw no trouble in it."

He cursed at me, but I knew he wouldn't hit me while I was cooking. I could burn myself and require a doctor's visit or break something in the kitchen. That, and I don't think Itachi was very far from where we were. "You're not that stupid, are you? It's my house, and you know I don't like her. She's worse than you are." He spat, I could feel his glare.

"Why, because she's not afraid to stand up to you? You hate that, don't you." I muttered, shoving the plate at him. I started to walk away but he jerked me back by my arm. "Don't walk away from me. Tell her something else came up. I'm not having here-" He was cut off by a knock at the door. I pulled free to go and answer it, wondering who would come this late, it was almost nine at night.

I opened the door, jaw dropping in surprise as my sister smirked at me in the doorway, waving innocently. "Wh-what are you doing here? You just-" She cut me off by hugging me tightly. "I might've lied, I was already here when I called. That was sort of a warning." She said, walking inside. I closed the door and turned around, catching Sasuke's furious glare. I shrugged, there wasn't anything I could do about it now.

"Hello, Sasuke. Glad to see you're friendly as ever." Kiara deadpanned. I cleared my throat, glaring at her when she turned. She rolled her eyes and sat down, crossing her legs. Sasuke looked like he was going to say something, but I cut him off. "Sasuke, Naruto called earlier. He said he and a few other friends were going out tonight at ten, he wanted to know if you'd go." I said quickly. He shot me a hateful look, but I ignored it. I got lucky and he took his coat, leaving. I sighed as I did the dishes.

"I hope that asshole gets his ass kicked in a bar fight." Kiara muttered, flipping her hair back. She had deep purple colored hair, to our family's surprise. Our mother had red hair and our father had black hair. Maybe the gene pool got screwed up somewhere. "Kiara, stop. He's just had a bad day." I chastised. She made a scoffing, disgusted sound. "He's an asshole every time I'm here, and I know he's the same when I'm not. Leave him, Aya!" I sighed deeply at the old nickname. I couldn't leave him. She didn't know.

Itachi walked out from his room, glancing at Kiara as he handed me a book he had borrowed from me. "Hello, Kiara. Are you staying for the weekend?" She nodded, smiling cheerfully. I rolled my eyes at the innocent smile, turning around when someone else knocked. What was with people tonight? I opened the door, smiling lightly. "Hi Deidara, come on in." I said, stepping aside to let him in. I noticed Kiara blush furiously, turning her head to hide it.

"Thanks, un." He said, returning the smile and walking in with a folder, which he gave to Itachi. "I just came to give Itachi the finished reports." He glanced at Kiara, I could tell he recognized her. They had met last time she was here. He was two years older than she was and she had gotten a crush on him. I didn't care much, there were worse people to be with. "Hey, Kiara. Did you let your hair grow out? It looks nice, hm." He said, smiling with far more charisma than I would have liked. I was only a little protective, so what?

"Thanks. It's taking forever to grow." She muttered, sparing him a small smile. God, she's never this shy. Hm… "Hey Deidara, tomorrow I have a job interview and will be leaving Kiara for an hour or two, I hate for her to be alone. You two could do something, keep out of trouble?" I said innocently, making a point to ignore Kiara's glare that could have melted steel. He looked surprised before his eyes brightened slightly. "Sure, we could go to a movie or something, if you want." He asked Kiara, who looked like a deer caught in headlights. "I, uh, sounds fun." She said, smiling slightly. "Great, I'll call you." He said, waving goodbye and leaving. Kiara threw a pillow at me. "Bitch! I don't know what to say to him!" I shrugged, putting the pillow back and sitting next to her.

"Just say whatever. You both act like love struck teens when you're together, just shut up and go." I said, smirking. She stuck her tongue out at me, very mature. "What job are you going for?" She asked, leaning back. "It's a writing job for the library." I replied, feeling myself smile lightly. "That's amazing! You'll definitely get it, they'd be brain-dead not to take you." She said. She narrowed her eyes then. "Your face is bruised." She said in an accusatory tone. I shrugged. "I probably did something stupid." I said, tilting my head back. I ignored Itachi glancing at me. It was quiet a moment, until he went back to his room to look at the folder Deidara brought.

"Liar." I blinked my eyes open when Kiara muttered the word with venom. I looked at her. "You can't do that to yourself. Who did it?" I snorted, shaking my head and standing up. "No one, I don't bother people. I'm really sorry, but this week sucked. I'm going to bed, but tomorrow we can spend time together." I kissed her forehead and went to bed, not willing to sit and go through an interrogation. I sighed irritably. Both her and Itachi were going to drive me insane.

(Third Person Pov)

Kiara glared after her sister, her arms folded. She had a feeling then, that she knew who had done it. She picked up Amaya's phone, looking through her photos and apps for an hour. She didn't turn when the door opened, knowing it was Sasuke that walked inside. "What are you doing?" He asked her, tone clearly stating he wanted her to leave. She didn't reply, but her fists clenched.

He rolled his eyes. The woman was beyond any stupidity he'd ever encountered; she was in his house and she still acted stuck up. He put his stuff away, starting to walk to his room, he was stopped when Kiara said something. "You hit her, didn't you." She said, making it less of a question and more of a statement. He whipped around, anger in his eyes. "How dare you accuse me of something like that, you miserable brat." He hissed. Kiara stormed up to him, getting inches from his face. "Don't you fucking talk to me like that. She might take your crap, but I don't. She has a bruise on her face and I know you did it. You're pathetic!"

He shoved her back away from him. "I don't touch her. Ask her." He spat, turning and leaving. He cursed angrily when a book hit him in the back. "You asshole! Who the hell confesses when their abuser hits them? How stupid are you! I should kill you for hurting her!" The teenager spat angrily. He got close to her, tempted to hit her for her rudeness. "Shut your mouth. I won't have anyone standing around insulting or threatening me in my own home, you worthless little rat,"

"Crack!" Kiara wasn't sure who was more surprised, her or Sasuke, when her hand connected with his cheek. She didn't wait around for him to bitch, shoving him out of her way and slamming the door to the guest room shut. What he said was true, though; unless Amaya stood up to him and admitted he was abusing her, there was nothing she could do. She couldn't stand that thought.

(Amaya's Pov)

I was lying in bed, I had heard muffled voices talking and I knew whatever Kiara and Sasuke were talking about would not be good. Especially not for me. The door to our bedroom flew open and Sasuke stormed in, slamming it shut once more. I had just walked out of the bathroom after getting ready for bed; I backed up so my back was pressed against the bathroom door, wary of the hostile look in his eyes. "Why the hell is she questioning me, what did you tell her? I should have thrown her ass out the second she got here, she acts like she owns this place and I'm not going to stand around and be talked down to by a stupid kid. She dared to slap me, I should have beaten the hell out of her." I glared at him after that and walked up to them, he could insult me all he wanted but he was going to leave Kiara out of this. How dare he threaten her. "Don't talk about her that way; she deserves respect the same as you do. I'll talk to her tomorrow about it. I didn't say anything to her; she just assumed it all on her own, and don't you ever threaten her. Why did she hit you, Sasuke? What did you say?" I said in a rather satirical tone, knowing he had to have provoked her, she wouldn't attack someone for no reason.

I sank to my knees as his fist connected with my stomach, wheezing for air. To say I was shocked at the hit would not be the full truth; I always should expect him to turn violent if he got angry. It would be stupid to act ignorant about it. He grabbed my hair and forced me to look up at him. "If you ever breathe a word to anyone I'll rip your tongue out. No one would believe your wild story, who would take your side over mine? You're just a poor, uneducated wench from a bad background. You'll make up any lie to get money in your pocket." I let my head hang down in shame, knowing that even if I tried to argue it would be in vain. He was right of course, I would never try to deny that. No one in their right mind would believe me over him, he was everything in the business world and even if someone wanted to believe me they wouldn't dare to go against him.

He went to the bathroom and I heard the shower start. I got up off the floor and got in the bed, still trying to catch my breath from the hit. I love my sister more than anything, and she only meant well. But I really wish that she wouldn't talk to Sasuke, it only made him angrier and she couldn't help me.

No one could help me now.


So I got a very nice PM from one of my readers asking for Kiara in the story because they liked her character and wanted her to say something to Sasuke. So I asked my sister and she's all for it. She'll only be here until next chapter and that's probably the last of her appearance.

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