Narration by Galadriel

"It was during the end of the Second Age. A group of elves, who were wandering through the forest of Mirkwood, had come across a strange stone tablet in the middle of a forest atop a small stone pillar. The elves would bring this stone tablet back to their home and present it to their leader. This stone tablet… Held a prophecy. The prophecy told...

When darkness would cover the land.

When the world was in peril.

A Man, not of this world, would come in the darkest of times.

This man who had defied even Death itself.

Would come to our world, and help those who had been chosen by fate.

To rid the land of the darkness that would cover it.



Would bring hope, and light to these Dark times.

And help the chosen heroes to bring about the end…

Of the evil that would threaten the land.

Narration Ends

We then see this stone tablet, sitting on a pedestal in the home of the elves of Mirkwood, with the words written on it. And at the very bottom. A figure in strange armor stood with the outline of a shining light behind him…

Date 2557

Location Deep Space

Approaching an Unknown Planet…

UNSC Forward Unto Dawn…

Inside the half destroyed ship of the UNSC Forward Unto Dawn, inside a cryostasis pod at rest was the famous SPARTAN II super-soldier of the UNSC, John-117 better known as Master Chief. In front of his pod sat a small cylindrical platform, just then warning lights begin flashing as the sound of the alarm began to go off. The platform activated as on it appeared the AI (Artificial Intelligence) who had been by Chief's side for a long, long time, Cortana, looking around seeing the warning lights. She looked at a nearby screen as she saw that the Dawn was on a crash landing course with a planet.

"That's not good." Cortana said

Cortana quickly went to work as she began to deactivate the cryostasis tube to wake up the Master Chief to warn him.

"Chief! Chief! Wake up!" Cortana yelled

Inside the cryotube hearing Cortana's voice yelling like something bad was going on. Chief quickly woke up from his sleep and pushed his cryotube's hatch open and jumped out.

"I'm here Cortana. What's going on?" Chief said

"Chief the Dawn's about to make a crash onto this planet." Cortana said pointing at the video screen

"What planet are we about to crash on?" Chief asks

"I don't know. I couldn't find any data on this place." Cortana says

"How long do we have?" Chief asks

"At the most 20 minutes till we crash." Cortana says

"In that case we should hurry to the armory, grab what we can, and head to an escape pod. We better hope that when this ship does crash that it isn't destroyed. Crashing onto a unknown planet with what we're going to have isn't going to be good." Chief says

Chief quickly pulls out Cortana's chip out of the platform and inserts her chip into the back of his helmet. Chief then quickly hurries out of the room and heads towards the armory room. Arriving at the armory he quickly decides at best to take a MA5D assault rifle, a combat knife, two energy swords, a pistol, and a Sniper Rifle quickly placing the guns on his back, his Magnum pistol in his pistol holster, the two energy swords on his sides, and the combat knife in a slot on his right arm. Chief grabs a UNSC pack and begins loading up ammunition for his three guns as well as a couple of frag grenades, and some plasma grenades. With what he has Chief quickly takes off towards the escape pods.

"10 Minutes Chief!" Cortana says

"Almost there." Chief says as he turns a corner into the hallway where the escape pods are located. Chief quickly jumps into the nearest escape pod and inserts Cortana into the systems to get the pod going as he quickly straps in.

"This is going to be a bumpy ride!" Cortana says as the Escape pod launches from the ship towards the ground below as the Dawn continues its descent.

Meanwhile in the forest below…

Four young men…four hobbits were running through the forest after having just escaped from a rider wearing a dark cloak.

"What was that?" the Hobbit known as Merry asked as he laid on the ground panting from exhaustion.

Laying right next to him on his left was his close friend the Hobbit known as Pippin, on his right standing up while bending over breathing heavily was the hobbit known as Samwise Gamgee, also known as Sam. And in front of them was the hobbit known as Frodo Baggins. Frodo stood in place as he held close to his chest his right hand, in his hand a small gold ring sat. All of a sudden all around the hobbits the ground started to rumble startling the hobbits. They begin to hear something coming from the sky above them as all four hobbits looked up just in time to see a large fiery object fly over them. They watched as the object flew over them and the tree line and disappear. After a minute or two of silence the hobbits then heard a loud BANG! As the ground around them shook once again for a couple of seconds.

"Okay. What was that?" Pippin asked

"Great. As if things weren't weird enough, now we have fiery objects falling from the sky." Sam said

"We better keep moving. We don't know what that thing that fell out of the sky was. And that Black Rider…He could still be looking for us." Frodo said


Chief kicks the door of the escape pod off using his SPARTAN strength and exits the pod.

"Cortana you okay?" Chief asks

"I'm alright Chief." Cortana replies appearing on a small screen in the upper left corner of his HUD.

"You got a location of the Dawn?"

"Not very far from your position. Just a couple of miles to the Southeast."

Chief immediately begins his trek to the Dawn.

A couple of Hours Later…

The sun begins to set as Chief finally comes across the remains of the Dawn. The ship has become damaged more from the crash as some wreckage lays about the area with the majority of the ship still remaining intact. Chief enters back into the Dawn finding the armory intact, the hangar with two Warthogs, a Scorpion Tank, an two Pelicans undamaged from the crash, and then they come across the bridge.

"Chief put me into the systems. I'll try and see if I can get off a distress signal. Hopefully that still works." Cortana says

Chief takes out Cortana's chip out of his helmet and then places it into the bridges systems. Cortana then appears on the same kind of cylinder platform as in the cryo room.

"Okay Chief. I got good news and bad news. Which one?"

Chief then gives Cortana a look to which she replies "Yeah, yeah Bad News always first."

"Okay so the Bad News…We are on a unknown planet, no info on any natives if this planet has any, meaning that we may be here for…quite a while if the beacon works."

"And the good news?" Chief asks

"The good news is…The beacon works." Cortana says

"Alright then. Get that beacon online then." Chief says

Cortana then activates the Dawn's beacon. "Well all we have to do now is hope and wait that a UNSC or Covenant Separatist Ship pick up our beacon, then we can get out of here." Cortana says

Just then through a broken window, Chief hears from the forest that surrounds the Dawn a strange and loud screech that pierces his ear causing a bit of pain in his ear.

"What was that?!" Cortana says

"I don't know. But it doesn't sound friendly." Chief says as he pulls out Cortana's AI chip and places it back into his MJOLNIR helmet.

Chief exits out of the Dawn with his Assault Rifle at the ready pointing it in all directions waiting for whatever that screech belonged too appeared.

"Cortana you picking up any kind of movement?"

"I'm not picking up anything near us."

Just then another sound broke the silence of the forest, the sound of someone yelling.

"That sounded almost human." Chief says

"But if there were humans here, wouldn't there be a UNSC fleet above this planet, or Pelicans searching this crash site by now?" Cortana asks

"Still sounds like someone's in trouble, we better go check it out at least." Chief says as he hurries off into the woods.

With the Group of the Hobbits…

"GET DOWN!" Sam yells as he and the other hobbits quickly get behind the brush as they see off in the distance a black rider on his horse as it continues to look for them. After waiting and staying silent for a couple of seconds the Black Rider then heads off in the opposite direction.

"I have to leave the shire." Frodo says as he looks at Merry who looks back at him.

"Sam and I must get to Bree."

Merry nods his head followed by "Right… Buckleberry Ferry. Follow me."

The four hobbits then get up from their hiding spot. They begin to follow Merry with Sam and Pippin behind Frodo, however they don't get far however when all of a sudden from out of nowhere a Black Rider appears in front of Frodo. Frodo tries to find a way past the Black Rider as Sam and Pippin quickly head to their left.

"RUN!" Pippin yells as he and Sam are able to catch up to Merry as they quickly head towards the Ferry.

"This way follow me!" Merry yells

Chief's POV

Chief continues to run through the forest as he soon hears people yelling. He hears someone yell "RUN!" and then heads in that direction. After running a bit Chief stops as he begins to start scanning through the trees trying to see if he can see anyone. All of a sudden Chief catches sight of the outline of someone in the dark riding what looks like a horse. He then sees a small person near the person on the horse, what appears to be a child as it tries to find a way around the horseman.

"Looks like that kids in trouble!" Cortana says

"Not for long." Chief says as he takes off at full speed towards the rider and then jumps into the air towards the man.

Frodo's POV

Frodo finds himself backed against a tree as the Black Rider turns towards Frodo and raises its sword as it is about to give the final strike. Frodo yells in fear when all of a sudden something jumps out from behind Frodo at the Dark Rider and tackles the rider to the ground. Frodo opens his eyes as he sees the strange figure as it stands up and sees the figure to be very… very tall. Frodo cannot get a good look at whoever this figure was because of the darkness but as the moon's light passes overhead he then sees this figure to be wearing some kind of dark green armor, but only for a moment as the light disappears into the darkness again. Just then he hears the giant say something in the common language.

"Get going kid. I'll handle this."

Frodo snaps out of it and while he does want to say he's not a kid, he doesn't know how long this stranger might be able to hold off the rider and then quickly starts running after his friends.

As Frodo runs he quickly takes a short look back to see the stranger get into a fighting stance with his fists but quickly continues to run.

Chief's POV…

"You know it's not nice to pick on a little kid." Chief says at the hooded figure who just stands back up.

The hooded figure says nothing but from the coldness of the night Chief can see the breaths of the figure. Chief then sees the figure pick something off the ground and to his surprise, a long metal sword.

"Uh Chief I must be seeing things but is that guy holding a…Sword?" Cortana asks

"You're not seeing things Cortana." Chief replies

The figure then charges at Chief and raises the sword high and brings the sword down. Chief quickly and easily dodges the sword swinging his body to the left and turning it sideways and quickly follows with a kick to the hooded figures stomach with his left foot and then a roundhouse kick to the figures face sending the hooded figure flying back into a tree with such force that on impact the tree breaks and falls to the forest floor. The figure lays motionless against the tree stump.

"Never bring a sword, to a fight with a Super Soldier." Chief says as he then quickly runs off in the direction of the "kid" he saved. He nears the edge of the forest when he then sees the "kid" jump onto a small raft with three others. Just then he sees two other riders in dark cloaks ride past him on their horses as they are heading somewhere else.

"Cortana can you amplify my Armor's audio strength so I can hear what their saying over there?" Chief asks

"Give me a sec….Got it." Cortana says

Chief then looks towards the four "kids" and begins to listen to their conversation.

Frodo's POV

"How far to the nearest crossing?"

"The Brandywine Bridge. 20 Miles." Merry says

"Mr. Frodo are you alright?" Sam asks

"Yeah I'm alright Sam…(Frodo then thinks about the figure he had just seen in the forest that saved him). Just fine." Frodo says

Chief's POV

"What is it Chief?" Cortana asks

"I don't know…Perhaps we should follow that kid." Chief says


"I'll explain it to you later. Right now we better head back to the Dawn."

Chief then heads back to the Dawn.

Back at the Dawn an hour and a half later…

Chief finishes loading the last of the weapons and ammo equipment onto one of the Pelicans.

"So Chief, why are you putting all those weapons and the ammo on the Pelican?" Cortana asks

"Cortana is there any way to put a copy of yourself onto the Pelican, that way you would be able to control the Pelican from anywhere?"

"Well I could try. But why Chief, what are you doing?" Cortana asks

"Think about it Cortana. That kid might be heading to a town nearby. If we can follow him and find the town he and his friends are staying at, we might be able to find out what kind of civilization there is here. And with any luck, they could have a communication system there. We could contact any nearby UNSC fleets instead of waiting for them to pick up our distress beacon. We can get out of here more faster that way." Chief says

"So what does the Pelican, and all this have to do with our little scouting mission?" Cortana says

"Just as insurance. We're on a unknown planet, who knows what we might run into out here." Chief says

Chief has Cortana upload a copy of herself onto the Pelican and then after doing so the two then mount onto the only undamaged Mongoose and then heads out of the hangar.

"Alright Chief the Pelican is under my control, whenever you say it the Pelican will be there. Supply, weapon swaps…"

"And air support?"

"Unfortunately no, the weapon systems are damaged from the crash. And yes the weapon systems for the other Pelican are the same." Cortana says

As Chief and Cortana drive onto the main road they soon begin to pass by the dock when Chief sees a wooden shack near the dock and decides to check the shack out for anything that might help find out where he is. Chief kicks the door down and enters, activating the flashlights on his helmet. Chief checks the entire shack but to no avail finding nothing that could help him find where he could be, however he does take notice of a cloak near the door. Deciding not wanting to try and attract too much attention with his armor, not knowing what the people on this world could look like he takes the cloak and puts it on. The cloak had managed to cover almost his entire body, the only thing it had failed to cover however was the bottom part of his boots. All he had to hope now was that no one would decide to take a notice of his boots. Chief got back onto the Mongoose and then drove off.