Along the way to Helm's Deep the refugees have made camp to rest for the night and continue tomorrow morning. The Chief and his group sit by their Warthog either resting up or eating some of their rations while also talking amongst one another.

"So that's how you guys got here?" Chief asks

"(Nods his head) Hm it was a bit odd to say. An antimatter charge has never done something like that before. It makes me wonder what could off caused it to do what it did." Arbiter says

"Huh it does sound interesting." Cortana says

"So Arbiter how have things been for the past four years while I've been gone?" Chief asks

"The peace between our races has been going well as a matter of fact. Better than I thought it would have been. Although there are still people of my race who do not like the idea of now working alongside those who we have been fighting for so long. In fact the same can be said for some of your race as well. But the past four years have changed many of their minds but still there are those who resist. As for what's left of the Covenant the Loyalist are still trying to find ways to activate the Halo rings. Even after the lies of the Prophets are exposed and all dead as well. We've managed to get the Mgalekgolo or the Hunters as your people call them to come to our side and have been of great help in the fight against the Loyalist." Arbiter says

"Wow Chief we've sure missed a lot the past four years." Cortana says

"You still trying to convince the other races to abandon the Covenant and join yours?" Chief asks

"Yes. While we know that the Brutes will never give up and will most likely have to be forced into a surrender we still hope to convince the others to try and join us and leave those still loyal to the lies of the Prophets." Arbiter says

"So how long do you guys think we'll be stuck on this planet?" Mickey asks as he eats some of his rations.

"Who knows. I for one don't really want to go all medieval like having to ride horses around, use swords and whatnot. Not really my thing." Lockett says

"Not to mention the clothes here are terrible. It's a miracle they could live wearing that kind of stuff." Pfc. Williams says

"Seriously you're worrying about clothes?" Rogers says

"What we can't exactly wear our armor or our tight suits 24/7. And there's nothing probably here that could clean our gear." Pfc. Williams says

"Huh that's just like you little sis worrying about clothes. Takes me back to the old days when you first joined up and had trouble wearing the marine gear cause "it was heavy"." Cpl. Williams says

"Tch. Come on why you gotta mention that!?" Pfc. Williams replies getting a couple of giggles from some of the others.

As the group continues to do what they are doing Eowyn then walks over holding a pot and some bowls.

"Hello um do any of you want some stew? It's not much but it's hot." Eowyn says

"I bet it's better than the rations we have." Parker says as he puts down his canteen of water and grabs a bowl of stew that Eowyn dipped into the pot.

Parker takes the spoon by the handle and then puts the soup into his mouth. He all of a sudden stops holding the spoon in his mouth still and then slowly pulls it out and swallows.

"Its…uh…it's really good stew!" Parker says

"Thank you." Eowyn says

"Really? Mind if I have some?" Sanchez asks

"Of course um anyone else?" Eowyn asks giving the bowl of stew to Sanchez.

"I would like to try some of this stew." Vraak says

Eowyn then hands a bowl of stew over to the Elite and then walks off. Sanchez takes the spoon putting it in her mouth and then spits the stew out onto the grass.

"What the…Parker what is this!" Sanchez says as Parker then pours the stew out of the bowl onto the ground with his face having the look of disgust.

"What I didn't want to hurt her feelings." Parker says

"You couldn't off said something before I put this stuff in my mouth!" Sanchez says spitting again trying to get the taste out.

Vraak takes a sip of the stew from his spoon. "Mhmm. I do not understand what you talk about humans. This stew is rather tasty."

"Figures we don't like a food the lizards might." Dutch says

"Jeez Dutch you ever going to give up on the whole thing." Mickey says

"We'll just see." Dutch says

Eowyn walks over to where Master Chief, the Arbiter, and Cortana are talking.

"Hello there Spartan." Eowyn says

"Hello there Eowyn what is it?" Chief asks

"I'm just passing some food around I made some stew for everyone. It's still hot and I was wondering if you or your friend wanted any." Eowyn says

"I'm fine Eowyn thank you." Chief says

"As am I Shieldmaiden of Rohan." Arbiter says

"One of the downsides of being an AI I never get the chance to find out what food tastes like. But then again I don't have to worry about dehydration or starving. Otherwise I wouldn't of lasted all those four years long by myself watching over you Chief." Cortana says appearing on the Holotank catching Eowyn of guard.

"And who are you?" Eowyn asks

"Oh right haven't introduced you to everyone yet. Eowyn this is Cortana. She's a friend of mine who's been a great asset to my missions. She's an AI which stands for Artificial Intelligence. She's not a real person but she is based off one and has the feelings of one as well." Chief says

"Oh well then it is nice to meet you Cortana." Eowyn says

"Nice to meet you to Eowyn." Cortana replies

"Well if you don't want any stew I will go see if anyone else will want some. I will see if Aragorn will have some." Eowyn says as she walks off.

"Cortana you still have control over the Pelicans on the Dawn?" Chief asks

"Still have good connection Chief." Cortana says

"Well get one of them ready once we arrive at Helms Deep if Saruman attacks we're going to have to be ready. We're going to need all of the weapons and ammo on the Pelican." Chief says

"Gotcha Chief." Cortana says

The Next Day…

The group packs up the camp and then continue on their way towards Helms Deep. Gamling and Háma ride to the front. Legolas watches them as they pass. Chief walks beside the Warthog as Buck drives the Warthog taking the driving seat for the remainder of the trek, Arbiter still in the passenger's seat, the ODST's sit in the back while the Marines continue to walk alongside the Warthog. All of a sudden the quiet air is disrupted by a loud yell in the air as well as a loud growling noise coming from the direction the two Rohirrim went in.

"That didn't sound good." Ratchet says

Chief immediately runs ahead soon joined by Aragorn as they arrive at the top of the hill and see as Legolas kill a orc and by the orcs side a creature of some kind.

"A scout!" Legolas yells

"What is that thing?" Chief asks

"A Warg…Warg Riders." Aragorn says


"I already got the data Chief." Cortana says

Chief then starts running back heading towards the Warthog while looking at the data about Wargs.

"What is it? What do you see?" Theoden asks

"Wargs! We're under attack!" Aragorn yells

Hearing the alarm, the villagers begin to cry and panic.

Chief jumps on the back of the Warthog. Everyone weapons at the ready now!" Chief says as the ODST's get their weapons at the ready with Buck tossing Romeo his assault rifle, Dutch taking out his shotgun, and Mickey and the Rookie taking out their Silenced SMG's while Chief takes out his Battle Rifle that he got from the supplies of weapons from the Pelican and readies it up and the Arbiter taking out two Plasma Rifles.

"All riders to the head of the column!" Theoden yells

"Sir what do we do?" Rocky asks

"There's no room here on the Warthog and the enemy we're dealing with right now have mounts and move fast. Stay with the villagers protect them just in case any hostiles get past us or ambush you." Chief says

"Yes sir!" Rocky says as he and the Marines and the three Elites move out as the rest of the Villagers begin to move out as well as the Rohirrim, Aragorn, and Gimli begin to ride out towards the Wargs. Buck steps down on the peddles and drives forward.

Legolas takes aim at the distant target and fells a warg rider. He draws another arrow and kills another. Just as he reaches for a third arrow, he sees Théoden and company approaching. He quickly runs and mounts Arod with a smooth leap and joins in the fray with Gimli behind him on horseback.

"Geez louise what the hell are those things?!" Mickey says

"Their call Wargs." Chief says as he takes aim with his Battle Rifle

"Their dead now!" Dutch says pointing out his shotgun.

"CHARGE!" Theoden yells as the two attacking forces charge towards each other and soon collide.

The Rohirrim and warg riders crash head on and the battle begins. Théoden and company hack away at the warg riders. Buck drives the Warthog being careful not to hit any of the Rohirrim as Chief, Arbiter, and his squad open fire with their weapons at the warg riders. Chief fires off a burst from his battle rifle taking out a warg rider, Romeo fires his assault rifle trying to hit the fast moving wargs managing to hit one across the side killing it and sending the rider flying. A Warg rider charges at the Warthog from the side but Dutch takes aim with his shotgun and fires a shell taking out the Warg Rider. Mickey and the Rookie fire their SMG's at the Warg Riders who get in their view taking out a couple of them with some well placed shots. The Arbiter continues to fire his Plasma Rifles taking out a couple of Warg Riders himself. Buck continues to maneuver the Warthog throughout the plains being careful of the Rohirrim while doing so.

"Geez not easy driving a Warthog when your allies use horses and can come from all over the place!" Buck says to himself.

As he turns to his left a lone warg charges towards the Warthog and jumps over "Oh shit!" Buck yells

Chief turns his head to see what happened to Buck but then sees a warg as it collides into him sending him and the warg flying off the Warthog as he lands on the ground and rolls a few feet away from the warg.

"Chief!" Romeo yells

"He can handle himself Corporal." Arbiter says as he fires his Plasma Rifle taking out another Warg Rider.

Chief gets up from the ground and grabs his battle rifle as the warg also gets up and charges at him. Chief raises his gun and fires a burst from his gun taking out the warg in mid-air and making sure to dodge the flying body. Chief turns around but is hit by a warg sending him rolling to the ground and losing his battle rifle from the hit. He quickly recovers turning around as he sees the Warg and the Orc on it prepare to charge at him again. Chief takes out his Energy sword as he gave his second one to the Arbiter as his was damaged from the crash and waits for the right moment to activate it. The Warg rider charges at Chief who keeps on waiting for the right moment. The Warg then jumps at Chief to which Chief steps to his right and activates his energy sword as he then slashes along the wargs side killing the warg as it falls to the ground dead. Chief pulls out his pistol and takes aim at the still alive orc and puts a bullet between his eyes and then turns his attention to another attacking warg.

The Rookie continues to fire his SMG taking out a orc rider just as a group of wargs come alongside the Warthog and the orc riders jump off the warthogs and attempt to climb onto the Warthog.

"Sorry but no extra passengers." Romeo says as he fires a round into the head of an orc and Dutch blows the head of the other orc off.

Mickey hits the orc in front of him in the face with the butt end of his SMG causing the orc to fall off the warthog and the Rookie punches the orc in front of him in the face and then follows with a shot to the head taking care of the final orc.

Chief destroys an attacking orcs sword and then decapitates the orc with his energy sword just as it runs out of energy and he places it back on his armor to let it recharge. Chief then notices as the battle begins to wind down as the Rohirrim finish off the last few wargs and Orcs. Chief looks around him as he sees between 10-15 dead Wargs and 7-9 dead orcs.

"Hm not bad Chief." Cortana says

Just then Buck drives the Warthog over to the Chief "You alright Chief?" Buck asks

"I'm alright Gunny." Chief replies

"Huh these guys aren't so tough." Dutch says

"Aragorn!" Legolas yells catching the Chief's attention as he then walks over to Legolas as the ODST's and Arbiter check to make sure the wargs and orcs are dead.

"Legolas what is it?" Chief asks

"It's Aragorn. I cannot find him." Legolas says as Chief also begins looking around but does not see any sign of him.

"Aragorn?!" Gimli yells out

Legolas, and Chief walk over to a nearby cliff as they then begin to hear wheezing and laughing coming from a still alive orc. The two walk over as Gimli walks over and puts his axe over the orcs head.

"Tell me what happened and I will ease your passing." Gimli says

"He's (cough) dead. (Laughs evilly) He took a little tumble off the cliff." The Orc says

Legolas in anger gets down on his knees and grabs the orc by the collar of his armor "You lie!"

The orc then chortles and dies. Legolas looks down at the orcs hand and finds the Evenstar pendant. He takes it, runs to the edge of the cliff with Chief and they look down to see the great drop and rushing waters below, with no sign of Aragorn. Gimli comes to stand beside them.

"Get the wounded on horses. The wolves of Isengard will return. Leave the dead." Theoden says to his men

Legolas turns to Théoden, an expression of perplexed anger on his face.

"Come." Theoden says

He leaves as Chief, Legolas and Gimli to stare down at the river.

The Rohan villagers are drawing close to Helm's Deep. Cries of relief are heard as the refuge is within sight.

"Helm's Deep! At last! There it is!"

"We're safe, my lady! Thank you!" an Old Woman says to Eowyn.

The Marines and Elites look at the sight of Helm's Deep.

"Well it's better than Edoras. For one it has actual stone walls." Walker says

"Yeah well at least with Edoras you could have a way of retreating at least as long as it wasn't surrounded. Look at it this place is right up against that mountain. This place is a deathtrap itself if the forces here began to get overrun." Rico says

The villagers arrive at the gate as two guards open it for the villagers. Many have already taken refuge within and are resting along the passage. Meanwhile Éothain and Freda spot their mother and run towards her.

"Well looks like the kids found their mother. One mission accomplished sir." Sanchez says to Rocky.

The marines and elites notice many of the refugees who didn't know them give them looks of confusion and fear. Some of them begin talking amongst one another but the refugees who already knew the marines begin to calm the others saying they are friends and allies.

"All right everyone scout out the entire layout of the place. We need to know the layout of this place in and out." Rocky says

The marines then walk off in groups of two as the elites stay together as they begin scouting Helms Deep out. Rocky and Walker locate where the food is being stored for the moment and counted up.

"Where is the rest?" Eowyn says catching the attention of the two marines as they turn and see her talking to an old man.

"This is all we could save, my lady."

The two marines then look around at the supplies of food which is mostly bread.

"This is all?" Rocky says

"Not a lot. Probably might last a month or a half if people are conservative." Walker says

All of a sudden the voice of Gamling rings out "Make way for the king! Make way for Théoden! Make way for the king!"

Eowyn, along with the group of marines and elites rush over to see the Rohirrim return from the battle with the Warg Riders. Meanwhile Chief, Arbiter, and the ODST's have had to park the Warthog outside for now until they can find a way to get it behind the wall and to safety and then join with the others. Just as before many of the refugees who do not know give the Chief and others looks not knowing who or what they are.

"Sir how did things go?" Rico asks

"We kicked those Warg riders back where they came from that's what." Romeo says

"Doesn't look like many Rohirrim made it." Walker says

"Took heavy casualties unfortunately. One of them being Aragorn." Buck says

"Wait they got Aragorn?!" Lockett says

"A warg dragged him off the side of a cliff into a river." Chief says

"So now what?" Eckhart asks

"Now…we prepare for war." Chief says


"Helm's Deep has one weakness. Its outer wall is solid rock but for a small culvert at its base which is little more than a drain.' Grima says

Inside the tower of Orthanc Saruman is pouring some dark dry substances into a vessel. Gríma is holding a lit candle in his hand.

"How? How can fire undo stone? What kind of device could bring down the wall?" Grima says moving his candle close to the opening on the vessel until Saruman stops him and pushes the candle away.

"If the wall is breached, Helm's Deep will fall." Saruman says as he walks towards his balcony

"Even if it is breached, it would take a number beyond reckoning, thousands to storm the keep." Grima says following him

"Tens of thousands." Saruman says

"But, my lord, there is no such force."

Both of them exit out onto the balcony of the tower. Gríma suddenly sees and hears the enormous armies laid out below in neat rows and is astounded and awed. He continues to hold the extinguished candle aloft as he gapes at the vast army below. A horn is sounded, announcing the appearance of Saruman. A loud cheer is heard from the army. Saruman raises a hand.

"A new power is rising. Its victory is at hand!" Saruman says

The army cheers and roars.

"This night, the land will be stained with the blood of Rohan! March to Helms Deep! Leave none alive! TO WAR!" Saruman yells

The army cheers and roars even louder.

"There will be no dawn for Men. No one…not even the Spartan and his men can stop our army of ten thousand Uruk-Hai." Saruman says to Grima

A tear flows down Gríma's cheek. The Uruk-hai army began their march to Helm's Deep.

Chief and the others check the entire base of Helm's Deep and start making their plan of defense if an attack comes.

"Alright so here's our strategy (Chief then uses the Holotank to pull up the layout of Helm's Deep that Cortana recorded) Now then this area is known as the Deepening Wall it has high ground so at the most we might be expecting Saruman's army to have some type of sieging weapon that would allow them to get onto the wall and attack. In the middle here is a small little grate used for draining of water we still don't know what kind of weapons they could have but if they have any types of explosives they might try to use them here to blow it up creating an entryway. We also have the gate up here but a narrow pathway towards it. They will most likely try to attack from both sides and try to breach both ways. Me, the Arbiter, the Rookie, and Gunnery Sergeant Buck will handle the Deepening Wall. Romeo you and your team of sniper consisting of Sanchez, Parker, Lockett, Higgins, and Vraak will man the walls around the keep and provide sniper support. Everyone else you'll be on the wall over the main gate and shoot any Uruk-Hai that come up that pathway. We have the higher ground and the defenses while the Uruk-Hai will be charging towards us through that wide open field. That's going to be our killzone. Cortana has a Pelican on route here with some more weapons and ammo we could use in the battle." Chief says

"Now then just because we have powerful armor on us doesn't make us invincible men. We can still get killed if we get stabbed in our open areas where our armor doesn't cover. So in which case don't get cocky and think you're invincible." Buck says

"Now than any questions?" Chief asks

"What's the number of hostiles we're expecting?" Ratchet asks

"As of now it's unknown but it's most likely going to be a lot maybe hundreds, maybe a thousand." Chief says

"Just to be ready I have Cortana bringing in some supplies and weapons that I packed onto a Pelican back at the Dawn before I left it." Chief says

"Better safe than sorry." Romeo says

A hour later…

The people of Rohan continue to prepare for Saruman's army, Chief walks along the wall above the gate getting a view of the open field before them.

"If I remember correctly we packed two AIE-486H Heavy Machine Guns on the Pelican. We should choose carefully where to place them. One of them could be here on this wall, it has a good field of fire and arc which should be able to cover the walkway to the gate from the side, and then the field in front of us." Cortana says

"The other one will need to be somewhere else. I say we should place it behind the Deepening Wall in case the army does breach we can cut them down as they charge forward through the opening." Chief says

Chief then turns his attention to the walkway and then notices an incoming brown horse with someone riding it. As the horse heads up the runway Chief then sees who the rider is…Aragorn.

"Aragorn?" Chief says

Aragorn rides into Helm's Deep to the amazement of all.

"He's alive!" a refugee calls out

"This guy is one lucky SOB for surviving a fall off a cliff." Dutch says

"Where is he? Where is he? Get out of the way. I'm gonna kill him! You are the luckiest, the canniest and the most reckless man I ever knew! (Hugs Aragorn) Bless you, laddie!" Gimli says

Chief then walks through the crowd and walks towards Aragorn who takes notice of him.

"So looks like you cheated death too." Chief says

"Perhaps some of your luck is beginning to rub off on me Spartan." Aragorn says

"Gimli, where is the King?" Aragorn asks

Gimli gestures towards the hall and so Aragorn signals Chief to follow him to which Chief turns and signals Buck and the Arbiter who walk with him towards the hall.

"A great host, you say?" Theoden says

"All Isengard is emptied" Aragorn says

"How many?" Theoden asks

"Ten thousand strong at least." Aragorn replies shocking Theoden.

"Ten Thousand?" Theoden says

"It is an army bred for a single purpose: to destroy the world of men. They will be here by nightfall." Aragorn says

Buck and the Arbiter look at each other hearing the number of Uruk-Hai heading there way as Chief still looks towards Aragorn and Theoden waiting to see what Theoden's reaction will be.

"Let them come!" Theoden says walking away resolutely

"Uhh he just said ten thousand right?" Buck says

"That is correct Sergeant." Arbiter says

"Uh Chief how much weapons and ammo are we talking about here?" Buck asks

"Theoden is too cocky. He thinks that just because this fortress has held in the past doesn't mean it could fall in this attack. That cockiness is going to get a lot of men killed." Chief says

"Ten Thousand!" Higgins says

"That's what we heard." Buck says as the ODST's, marines, elites and Spartan wait on the Deepening Wall for the arrival of the Pelican so they can get the weapons and ammo.

"Master Chief sir I hope you have a lot of guns and ammo. Anything less and I have a feeling we're going to run out of ammo before we can even get rid of half of them." Rico says

It is then Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli walk over to the group after having talked to Theoden and try and convince him about sending out riders for allies but to no avail.

"Master Chief have you already made plans of your own on how you and your friends will help us in the defense of Helms Deep?" Aragorn asks

"Everything's been planned out. We're just waiting for our weapons and supplies." Chief says

"How is it that you plan on getting these supplies of yours?" Legolas asks

"Chief the Pelican's almost here ETA about 30 seconds." Cortana says

"You're about to see." Chief says

All of a sudden from over the mountain the Pelican flies over frightening many refugees as well as causing many of the Rohirrim to grab their weapons at the sight and sound of the Pelican. Theoden sees this and watches as the Pelican begins to hover in front of the Deepening Wall in front of Chief and his group. Many refugees and Soldiers stare in awe at the sight of the Pelican.

"What is this?" Gimli asks

"It's called the D79H-TC Pelican Dropship. It's a vehicle we use to deploy troops onto the battlefield by means of air." Buck says

"Alright ladies and gentlemen…and Sangheili. Pick your weapons." Cortana says as the ramp then lowers revealing to the ODST's, Marines and Elites the stash of UNSC and Covenant Weapons onboard the Pelican ranging from Spartan Lasers to Machine Guns, and more.

"Uh Chief you sure your definition of 'some' is right. Not that I'm complaining." Romeo says

"Oh yeah we are going to give these Uruk-Hai some hell with this stuff." Dutch says

"Let's start unloading all of the equipment and begin to set up." Chief says

Chief and the others then start unloading the ammo and weapons while also switching out their weapons with whatever will suit them for the upcoming battle. Chief switches his weapons taking back a MA5D assault rifle but taking as his second weapon the M739 Light Machine Gun in hand. Buck remains with his assault rifle but also takes a shotgun for when things get close quarters. The Rookie keeps his Silenced SMG and takes as a second weapon a BR85HB SR Battle Rifle for long range. The Arbiter takes ammo for his Plasma Carbine while also taking two new Plasma Pistols for close quarters. Romeo and his sniper team gear up with Sniper Rifles with Vraak grabbing the Type-27 Special Application Sniper Rifle also known as the Beam Rifle. Dutch grabs a Spartan Laser placing it on his back while grabbing a DMR with Mickey takes a shotgun and also grabs a assault rifle. The Marines and Elites gear up and then begin to place grenades and ammo into their rucksacks to keep with them for the battle.

While they do this the refugees and Rohirrim stare in awe at the weapons the Spartan and his group take off the Pelican with Theoden watching from the wall of the Hornburg. He begins to hear some of the Rohirrim close to them as he hears them say that with the Spartan and his men they may survive the battle, inside Theoden knows that with the Chief and his men fighting by their side in the battle should raise the morale of his men.

"That's a lot of weapons you have Chief." Aragorn says

"One thing I was taught during my training always be prepared no matter what. It always helps when that moment comes." Chief says

Legolas and Gimli take a close look at each of the weapons that are brought off from the Pelican and are amazed by what they see.

"Perhaps we will survive the night." Gimli says

Chief and the others then place the Machine Guns into position with one of them on the wall above the gate making sure to check to see its arc to see if it covers the field and the causeway as well. Then finally the final Machine gun behind the Deepening Wall should the Uruk-Hai breach past it. Chief then has the Pelican to pick up the Warthog and then move it behind the Deepening Wall as well and then has Cortana send the Pelican back to the Dawn.

The sun begins to go down as the people of Rohan continue to get ready for the incoming army of Saruman getting all who can fight geared for combat and getting the food, women and children into the area known as the Glittering Caves.

Chief walks throughout Helm's Deep helping those who need assistance, an amusing soon sight catches his attention on the wall above the gate. Chief walks over to see a group of Rohirrim gathered around the marines Ratchet and Higgins. Ratchet has his shotgun raised in the air above his head.

"And this here my friends is what we call a BOOM! Stick. Known as the M45D Tactical Shotgun. This little beauty right here holds 6 of these (holds up a 8 gauge shell) 8 Gauge shells with enough power behind it to blow the head off anything that is unlucky enough to be on the end of this barrel." Ratchet says

As the two Marines continue to talk about their weapons before the Rohirrim Cortana then speaks to Chief. "Well it seems these guys are enjoying themselves before the battle."

"Just trying to lighten the mood a little bit. There are marines who do this kind of stuff." Chief says

"Huh you know I could never imagine you doing something like this. And if you did do something like this…well let's just say that I'd be seeing you as a whole other person." Cortana says

"Yeah that's not going to be happening anytime soon." Chief says

Chief walks into the Glittering Caves as he sees the refugees are already trying to find a proper place for themselves to stay. He sees as the two pilots Roberto and Temple sit against a wall of the cave having to been ordered by Buck and the other high ranking Marines to stay out of the fight due to Roberto's injury and Temple due to the fact that he is a pilot and is not use to ground to ground combat or well experienced as the others are. Chief watches as old men and young lads are being drafted for war at the same time. The women and children say their tearful and reluctant farewells as their fathers, husbands and sons are led away by soldiers. In his mind he thinks "Farmers, farriers, stable boys. These are no soldiers."

"I can't believe that these people even have to fight. Some of them are too old to be fighting, and some of them are too young to be fighting as well." Cortana says

"There's no chance of convincing Theoden to leave the young and old alone. He's already made his decision. Let's just hope that with our help we can protect them." Chief says

In the Armory…

Chief and his group watch from the doorway as armor and weapons are distributed among the men and boys.

"This is ridiculous this guy's sending out old men and kids against these Uruk-Hai. They won't stand a chance. They have no training or are either too old or young to even wield a sword." Mickey says

"That is not the worst of it. There are only around three hundred even with all those who can wield a weapon." Luro says

"Three hundred…against ten thousand. I'm not liking those odds at all." Romeo says

"Numbers do not win a battle Corporal." Arbiter says

"Yeah…but they do help. And in cases like this…a lot." Buck says

"We still have some hope." Cortana says catching the groups attention

"We still have Gandalf out there. Looking for Eomer and his men…along with any of our own who could still be out there." Cortana says

"Cortana has a point. If we can hold out until Gandalf arrives with the reinforcements we just might have this battle won." Sanchez says

"We have a long night ahead of us Pvt. Sanchez don't get your hopes up just yet. Not until that hope…actually happens." Chief says

"Spartan we should start getting ready ourselves." Arbiter says

"Go on ahead I'll meet up with you in a bit." Chief says as the ODST's, Marines and Elites walk out of the armory

Chief continues to watch the men get ready for battle. He sees as an oversized helmet is placed on a wide-eyed boy. Another stares at the axe that he is handed with frightened eyes. Another child wearing oversized chain mail takes up a huge shield. Chief may have been taken as a child for military use as well but he was at least trained for many years and actual grown to normal military age before seeing combat, these young boys with no training, no experience at all…was something that Chief could not stand as he clenched his right fist in anger.

"Chief you alright?" Cortana asks

"It's just that…I just can't believe that Theoden would just send these little boys into combat even though they have no training…no experience…nothing that will prepare them for this." Chief says

"Not to mention all the families in the cave who are probably praying that their son survives." Cortana says

"How could Theoden just do this?!" Cortana says

"He's frightened…he hopes that Helm's Deep can continue to do what it has done in the past and save his people and protect them from harm. Which is why he sends them out, because he thinks that the walls of Helm's Deep can protect them from harm." Chief says

Everyone is getting ready for war at the battlements.

"Move! Move to the outer wall." A Rohirrim shouts

Aragorn is sitting on the steps to the hall, he sees a young lad in armor holding a sword looking around nervously.

"Give me your sword…(the young boy walks over and gives Aragorn his sword) What is your name?"

"Haleth, son of Háma, my lord. The men are saying that we will not live out the night. They say that it is hopeless…"

Aragorn gives the battered sword a few swings. "This is a good sword, Haleth, son of Háma. (He hands the sword back to Haleth and leans close to him, putting a hand on his shoulder) There is always hope."

Inside the armory the Chief and his group check over their weapons making sure the gun is okay and does not have any kind of flaw that could hamper it in battle. Buck takes out his combat knife and gives it a few swings and then sheathes it back in his knife holder on the right if his chest. Romeo looks down the scope of his sniper rifle checking to make sure the scope is clean.

"Alright everyone sound!" Chief says

"Gunnery Sergeant Buck ready!"

"Corporal Dutch ready!"

"Lance Corporal Romeo ready!"

"Private First Class Mickey ready! And so is Lance Corporal Rookie!"

"Sergeant Major Rocky ready!"

"Private First Class Lockett ready!"

"Private Parker ready!"

"Private Sanchez ready!"

"Lance Corporal Eckhart ready!"

"Private First Class Williams ready!"

"Corporal Williams ready!"

"Staff Sergeant Roberts ready!"

"Lance Corporal Rogers ready!"

"Sergeant Walker ready!"

"Lance Corporal Rico ready!"

"Private First Class Ratchet ready!"

"Private Higgins ready!"

"Major Sras 'Talum ready!"

"Vraak 'Marsune ready!"

"Luro 'Zamene ready!"

"The Arbiter ready."

"Alright then. Let's show those Uruk-Hai not to mess with the UNSC or Sangheili Elites." Chief says

"Oh-Rah!" the Marines and ODST's yell while the Arbiter and Elites let out a battle cry.

"It seems you are all ready for the battle." Aragorn says from behind Chief as he, Legolas, and Gimli watch the event unfold.

"We always are." Chief says turning around

Just then, a horn sounds in the background catching their attention.

"That is no Orc horn." Legolas says as the group then rush outside.

The guards look down in wonderment.

"Send for the king. Open the gate!"

"Open up the gate!"

Marching up the causeway are elves in black cloaks with some of them carrying the flag of Lothlórien and the rest carrying their bow in hand. The Rohirrim soldiers look upon them in wonderment and delight as they pass. The elves of Lothlórien soon arrive in the Hornburg led by Haldir just as Theoden walks out.

"How is this possible?" Theoden asks

"I bring word from Elrond of Rivendell. An alliance once existed between Elves and men. Long ago we fought and died together. (He looks up to see Aragorn, Chief, Legolas and Gimli running down the steps, and smiles) We come to honor that allegiance." Haldir says

Aragorn runs towards Haldir and bows down "Mae govannen, Haldir. (Welcome, Haldir)" He grabs Haldir in a huge embrace. Initially stunned, Haldir hugs him back lightly.

"You are most welcome!" Aragorn says

Legolas and Haldir clasp each other on the shoulder. Haldir then looks up as Chief approaches.

"It is good to see you again Spartan. And now I get to see firsthand your skills in combat." Haldir says

"It's been a while Haldir. The arrival of you and your men is definitely a good sight for many of these men here." Chief says

Haldir then looks up behind him seeing the ODST's and the others.

"I take it those are friends or allies of yours." Haldir asks

"Yes there friends and allies of mine from where I come from. Them along with some others crashed onto this world. You haven't by any chance seen any men like them wandering around have you?" Chief asks

"I'm afraid not Spartan." Haldir replies.

"Well at least you and your men have come. Perhaps now the odds may just be even." Chief says

The elven warriors then turn their heads and turn their bodies towards Theoden and the others.

"We are proud to fight alongside men, once more." Haldir says to Theoden.