Warning: This chapter contains a lemon.

Into the Darkness


Hisoka hummed pleasurably as Tsuzuki deepened their kiss, and the teen reached up to weave his fingers through his partner's silky brown locks. The older man gathered the blond up tightly in his arms, his hands beginning to rove down Hisoka's slender form.

Hisoka shivered at the touch of Tsuzuki's large hands and gasped as he broke their kiss, his pale skin beginning to flush from the heat. Though whether the fire was coming from the adjusted thermostat or his own arousal, he could not say.

Even though they were not yet joined, the empath was feeling Tsuzuki and all that encompassed him. His desire and his need were strong as a gust of wind, and yet the giant's compassionate, protective nature kept it in check. Hisoka shuddered at the feelings that engulfed him, drowning out every bit of his pain and sorrow. He was warm now…so very warm.

"Tsu—Tsuzuki," Hisoka murmured as he felt his long-sleeved shift being tugged off. Tsuzuki's warm arms wrapped tighter around the teen as he began to suck at Hisoka's pale neck. He licked and lightly bit as Hisoka gave off low moans and soon the giant brunet lowered them both onto the bed so that they lay side by side. Though he desired every sweet part of Hisoka, Tsuzuki was careful not to be too forceful. He had learned early on in their sexual relationship that the slightest thing could trigger memories of Hisoka's rape and send the teen off in a state of panic, and so he'd had to use a couple clever improvisations.

When Hisoka's body had hit the mattress, his eyes had widened and he felt a bit of anxiety come on when he expected Tsuzuki to lie on top of him. Despite his arousal, he didn't know if he could bear feeling weight smothering him. As Muraki had permanently tainted the missionary position, it scared him out of his mind, but he was surprised to find Tsuzuki embracing him a different way.

Rather than bearing down on him, Tsuzuki adjusted the boy so that was half lying on the big giant's chest. Tsuzuki's hands still clutched and groped, but Hisoka knew that he could rip away from the embrace if he needed to. Just that small gesture gave him incredible reassurance, and the blond teen was able to open his lips and let Tsuzuki's tongue wriggle between them. Hisoka hummed in pleasure as Tsuzuki cupped his chin and kissed him deeply. After a few minutes, the two began to undo the buttons on Tsuzuki's dress shirt. As he felt his partner's warm, comforting skin, Hisoka sighed and relaxed, letting out smalls gasps as Tsuzuki nipped across his collarbone and down to the pale nubs of his nipples.

"Ah!" Hisoka squeaked as his partner's hand trailed down to squeeze between his legs. The blond teen went weak from pleasure and rested his forehead against Tsuzuki's chest as he felt his hardening dick being massaged. Hisoka was meek as Tsuzuki propped them both up and scooted over against the headboard. Tsuzuki settled the teen on his lap and two sets of hands unbuttoned Hisoka's jeans and discarded them.

Hisoka rested his head against Tsuzuki's firm pectorals, groaning quietly as Tsuzuki began to stroke the teen's erect cock. The giant was surprised at how relaxed Hisoka was, and a smile played at his lips as he watched his partner lose himself to ecstasy. Hisoka was not only in a state of physical arousal, but completely enraptured by Tsuzuki's spirit, sending his mind and body into a floating state of bliss.

But even still, the teen was not shy. Even with his eyes closed and his breathing heavy, Hisoka's hand still patted around and found Tsuzuki's own arousal. The brunet giant growled in approval as Hisoka palmed his member, but soon found the touches falling short.

"Soka," He breathed into the blond's ear. "Are you ready?"

Hisoka nodded shakily and maneuvered off of Tsuzuki's lap so they could shed the rest of their clothes. The teen then crawled back atop the man's thighs, propping himself up on his knees, a shiver coursing through his frame as he felt Tsuzuki's hand grope his thin ass. The giant's fingers were already slick with spit and Hisoka's threw his arms around his partner's neck as he was slowly penetrated by one.

Hisoka pressed his lips together, suppressing any noise as Tsuzuki's thick finger slid in and out, slowing stretching him. But when he added a second, the boy let out a small cry, which surprised Tsuzuki. Unlike most people, Hisoka was very quiet once they got to this stage of sex. Tsuzuki supposed it was a coping mechanism in order for the teen to deal with all the feelings that battered through him as they joined, but tonight he was extremely docile.

Feeling that he should use this to their advantage, Tsuzuki probed his fingers deeper and massaged the boy's prostate, all the while stroking himself into full arousal. As he predicted, Hisoka came within a matter of minutes, coating Tsuzuki's belly with his seed.

While the teen was still inebriated with his own orgasm, Tsuzuki slipped his fingers out and took Hisoka's slender hips, positioning him over his thick, pearling cock. But as eager as he was, he still waited for Hisoka to dip his chin in a nod before thrusting upward.

Hisoka gritted his teeth and took Tsuzuki in with a muffled groan, throwing his sweaty golden head back as he was stretched.

"Ahh…" Tsuzuki breathed as he felt the teen's squeezing heat. His large arms wrapped tightly around the boy as he began to thrust steadily, his teeth nipping sharply at Hisoka's pale throat. The position made Tsuzuki's member go deep and the giant could tell the boy was struggling not to make any noise.

But soon Hisoka could no longer suppress his voice and began to breathe in heaving gasps, his mind in a mixed fog of pleasure, pain, and emotion.

Tsuzuki's need. His need. Tsuzuki's pleasure. His pleasure. Tsuzuki's love…and his as well.

"Gah!" Hisoka barked as Tsuzuki began to go breakneck, sweat rolling down his bare torso as he thrusted harder and harder. The giant's toned body tensed as he finally came and he hugged Hisoka so tightly he feared he might leave bruises.

As white liquid dripped from their connection, Hisoka flopped bonelessly against his partner's chest, his lungs heaving. A few tears had been snared in the blond's lashes during the coupling, and the teen allowed them to fall as physical and mental exhaustion overtook him.

When Hisoka's eyes closed, Tsuzuki carefully laid him down, withdrawing as gently as he could. He stroked the Hisoka's golden hair as smiled down at the panting form, draping an arm around the teen's torso.

After a few minutes, Hisoka regained his breath and the partners moved to spoon underneath the covers. As he felt Tsuzuki's warm chest against his back, Hisoka felt drowsiness overtake his mind, but sleep evaded him as Tsuzuki suddenly spoke.



"Do you know what Muraki said to me that night? When I summoned Touda and tried to burn myself?"


"He told me that we are all descendants of darkness. And we who are born of darkness must walk in darkness as long as we live. And, as much as I hate to agree with a bastard like Muraki, I'm inclined to think his words are true. We are destined to walk forever in darkness." Tsuzuki murmured, a cloud of black shadowing over him even as he held the one he loved. But his amethyst eyes widened as Hisoka rolled over and kissed him on the cheek.

"Then let's walk together," The teen said, giving Tsuzuki a rare smile. "Asato, I'll follow you into the dark."

Tsuzuki's eyes softened with unfathomable gratefulness and he kissed Hisoka deeply as twilight faded and night took over the sky. But even while Tsuzuki knew he would trudge in the dank black of his past and his present, see terrible things, and shed more blood, for now he could be content.

For someone was walking into the darkness with him.

The End.

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