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-8 PM- Daryl POV

It kind of felt awkward. Since he had found out Blade had lived in the compound. Blade told him about what had happened since He had left and how this all started for the older man. Daryl had gone out for some hunting at 7 and returned at about 8:40. He set down a string of 7 squirrels and repaired the old gas stove in 20 minutes.

"So B, You still on that 'medicine' the old man used to give you?" He asked.

"No. I ran out a week ago." Blade answered.

Daryl sighed. "Man B, If you go ape shit on me, on O' these arrows is goin' through your head."

"Sk-Daryl. Where'd the accent come from?" Blade chuckled.

Daryl smirked, "When you live with your brother in a trailer park, this happens."

-10 PM- Blade POV

Daryl had fallen asleep with his crossbow in hand and an empty bottle of beer at his side. He was snoring lightly.

"What happened to the Skud I knew?" Blade asked himself. This new person, looked like Skud, sounded like Skud, but didn't act like the kid he used to know.

Daryl started twitching and mumbling in his sleep. His face twisted into a pained expression. "Carol...Run..." He mumbled. "Don't make me leave you... Not you too." He huffed.

Who else did he have to leave? He mentioned an older brother, and a sister figure whom had lost her daughter. He didn't speak of them much though.

Just what did this kid have to go through?