Sunday, April 25, 2038

"Party!" Sakura screamed, latching onto my left leg.

"Hey, careful." I laughed. "Where's your sister?"

My answer came when Kanna wrapped her arms around my right leg. "Gotcha! Capture complete!"

"Yay Kanna! Mission complete!" Sakura released my leg and fell to the floor laughing. Her twin followed almost immediately.

"Girls, stop bothering Hikaru." Their mother, Yukiko, called from the next room. "She was nice enough to help out today. Don't scare her off."

The girls ran to their mom. "When's people gonna come?" Kanna complained. "I'm bored."

"Around noon." Yukiko stuck her head into the hall. "Hikaru, what time is it now?"

I checked my watch. "Noon-oh-clock." The twins laughed, but stopped abruptly when the doorbell rang. Yukiko answered it and led my parents down the hall.

"Looks good." My dad commented on my decorations for the reunion party. "Hiro said he'd be a little late."

"Kanji, Naoto, glad you could make it." Daichi, Kanna and Sakura's father, greeted them.

"Are you kidding?" Naoto smiled. "This'll be the first time any of us get to meet Jun."

That's right. I reminded myself. Even though I'd traveled in time, I'd never actually met Yu and Rise's son. I bit my lip. I hope he's not stuck up because his mom's a star.

"How did you get here before us?!" Tomoe's voice dragged me out of my thoughts. He and his older sister, Aya, had just arrived with their parents, Yosuke and Chie.

Aya rolled her eyes. "She's been here since this morning. She's been helping set up."

"How the hell do you know these things?!" Tomoe turned his frustration on her.

She shrugged. "I heard mom talking on the phone with her dad."

"You mean you picked up the other line to listen?" I smiled.

Aya was just like her namesake, a little ninja. Of course, I was the only one who knew what her namesake was. She was named after Jiraiya, Yosuke's Persona. Tomoe was named after Chie's Persona. Yukiko had followed her best friend's lead and, without letting her husband know, had named their twins after her persona, Konohana Sakuya.

I hid the shiver that ran down my back. If my parents had kept the idea, my name would probably have been Mikazu, after my dad's Persona, Take-Mikazuchi.

"Don't block the hallway." Hiro, who had finally shown up, scolded Tomoe. "You should have learned that at work."

"Don't look down on me!" Tomoe glared with all his might.

Hiro just smirked. "You should have at least learned it at school."

I hid my smile behind a cough. The four of us had grown up pretty close. Hiro and Aya were the same age, so had been in all the same classes. Tomoe hated the fact that he was the only one of us still in high school, since he was a year younger than me.

"'Come on you guys, break it up.'" Sakura lectured, mimicking what I'd just told her less than an hour ago when she'd been fighting with Kanna.

It definitely lightened the mood. Even Tomoe laughed. I showed them to the room we'd commandeered for the party, then took my place in the hall to wait for the last guests. When the door finally opened, I was shocked.

The boy who walked through looked just like Yu from the past, but his hair was brown. He even had the same bored expression. When he saw me, he laughed. "Kanji really let his hair grow." He mumbled, probably thinking I couldn't hear.

I crossed my arms. "Kanji Tatsumi is in the other room." I informed him. "I'm Hikaru, his daughter."

"Whatever." He brushed off my annoyance, which made me even more annoyed. "I'm sure you're just as violent."

I fought back tears. "I'm not. I don't even play sports. If I did, my heart would fill my lungs with blood."

His face contorted with shock and he looked up. "Shiro?"

I gulped. "I said my name was Hikaru."

"You look like Shiro, from mom's pictures."

"Jun, who are you talking too?" Rise came up behind the boy. "Why would you think Shiro was here?" She looked up and saw me. I could almost hear her thinking Oh, that's why.

"Hi, Hikaru." Yu smiled when he saw me. "Jun, say hello."

"Dad, she looks like Shiro Kuroshin." Jun complained.

"That's impossible." Yu assured him, sounding convincing even though he knew I was Shiro. "Shiro's my age."

"What if she's a time traveler?" Jun insisted. "She doesn't just look like Shiro, she has the same medical crap."

Rise looked over at me as if to say I swear we didn't tell him. I believed her, but it was still unnerving that Jun could tell so much.

Yu scowled at his son, an expression I'd never seen on him before. "Jun, it's not nice to talk like that about someone's medical history. It's prejudice."

Jun hung his head and looked back at me. "Sorry. I didn't mean to make fun of your condition."

I smiled, seeing the crisis was over. "It's okay. I'm learning how to fit in with it. I can even play soccer if I'm the goalie."

"Cool." He smiled. "Maybe we can play together sometime." His face went pale a second later. "You know, if that's okay."

I turned around and saw Hiro standing behind me, glaring. He'd never admit it, but he was a little overprotective. When he first learned about my condition, he wouldn't let me out of his sight for two years. He only stopped when he had to start school.

"This is my brother, Hiro." I quickly introduced. "And I'd love to play soccer sometime."

He nodded and we all walked into the party. I realized that I was now friends with all the kids of my fellow Persona-users. I wonder if we'll all have personas one day. I thought to myself as we all talked and laughed together.

I wrote this extra because I wanted everyone to have kids.

Thanks to everyone for supporting this story. Unfortunately, this is the last of it. But, if you don't want to stop reading about Hikaru's adventures, you're in luck.

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