The Lion and the Lamb

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The mission was easy. Seduce the handsome weapons dealer and gain information about the elusive Spider. It's a shame then, that she couldn't stop blushing.

Rin bit her lip as she slipped into the leather seat facing the imposing glass desk, her small hands folded over her lap. Her brown eyes darted to the red file on the desktop to the elderly woman who was looking back at her with an amused smile. "Good morning," she greeted, bowing her head.

"Aye, morning," the elderly woman's voice cackled with age, "You're nervous," she observed, sitting back into her chair. The young woman's shoulders were tense, her eyes filled with anxiety, her lips pursed. "If yee don't learn to mask your emotions better, you'll fail as an agent."

Rin laughed politely, pushing back her curled brown hair behind her ear. "I joined JIA as a counterterrorism analyst ma'am, not a spy."

The woman's eyebrow rose, placing her hand on her desk. "Really?" She opened the red file, lifting a white page from the pile of papers. "Then why did you recently get your weapons license?" She placed the paper in front of her, "For my analysts are far from the front of the lines."

Rin swallowed, fear racking through her veins. Why did she? Her fingers curled around the paper, dread filling her every pore. "Are... are you firing me?" Her shoulders fell, her mouth dry. One year into the job and she was going to be fired. She groaned internally, her shoulders falling.

The older woman smiled, "On the contrary my dear, I am offering you a new job." She tapped on her desk, the touch-screen computer appearing. She opened a file, turning the image so it faced Rin. "His name is Sesshomaru Takahashi. He is an arms dealer working in Eastern Asia, but he works mainly out of Tokyo. He is suspected to be behind some of the greatest weapons deals East of Iran, with a list of buyers who are wanted by every intelligence agency in the world. Moreover, we believe he supplies weapons to the Spider, which," she caught the younger girls' gaze, "I'm sure you've heard of."

Rin licked her lips, her heart beating wildly, "Of course." She sat up in her seat, eager to continue, "The Spider has been on counterterrorism's watch for a decade. He's thought to be behind the assassination of at least half a dozen political leaders, a drug lord, probably a serial killer, countless civilians..."

The woman interrupted, "Including your parents."

Rin fell silent, shifting in her seat as her gaze fell to the floor momentarily. "Hai," she said finally, that day still playing vividly in her mind. She had been only six when they were killed, right in front of her. Her chest squeezed at the memory, the terror making her ache.

"And yet despite his bravado and air for dramatics with his killings, his identity remains unknown. He's simply a moniker at this point." The elder woman rose from her seat and stepped towards the large window acting as the southern wall of her office, "I know this isn't an easy task I'm asking of you."

Rin suddenly felt cold, her gaze falling onto the image illuminated on the desk. In the photo the target was on the phone, a pair of sunglasses over his eyes. He was wearing a white button-up shirt and grey slim-fit slacks, his long, silver hair tied up in a ponytail. Rin dared to touch the desk, the photo then changing to a close-up of his face. He was exiting a building now, his form exuding power and danger. His facial features were sharp and aristocratic, his amber eyes surprisingly cold and distant. Her breath hitched, for such a bad guy, he was so incredibly attractive. "What exactly are you asking me to do?" She asked, struggling to think. She wouldn't... no. That'd be implausible. No. No way. She looked up and met the older woman's gaze, right?

The woman lifted her chin,"To be his lover."

Rin felt her heart drop, her eyes widening in surprise. "What?" She laughed nervously, shaking her head. "No. No. No, what? Why would you want me to do this? Aren't there other people? Other agents? Other people who know how to," she gestured wildly with her hands, "You know, be seductive? I mean, aren't there already agents out there who's jobs are to seduce people for information?"

The elderly woman chuckled at the young girl's outburst, walking back to her desk. "Yes, we do have other agents, but none of them have your accolades. Your intelligence will keep you by his side, your aptitude for weapons will have him intrigued, and your looks are more than beguiling. I need someone who I can trust, my dear. I have handpicked you from over three-hundred potential women. I know you can do this."

Rin shook her head, "I don't even have a boyfriend. And you want me to, to..." she became flustered, "Be with him? I haven't been asked out on a date in, I don't know, two years? I haven't even kissed a man since then! I don't know how to... to..." She bit her lip, be seductive.

She smiled, her old eyes crinkling around the edges, "You will be throughly trained before you're, as you put it, left to the sharks."

Rin blushed, "Kaede..."

"Rin." The elderly woman walked towards her, placing her aged hand onto Rin's shoulder. "I thought I raised you to never be scared? To be brave, to do whatever it takes to bring justice to the world."

"You did," Rin mumbled, uttering the motto Kaede had taught her since entering her household. "Fiat justitia, et pereat mundus."

"Let there be justice, though the world perish. Rin, if you choose to accept this mission, we may finally learn the identity of the Spider and be one step closer to avenging your family's death."

"I know." Rin glanced down at her hands before flashing her a nervous smile, "You're certain there's nobody else who could do this?"


She looked at her hands, the antique ring she wore on her finger glimmering under the fluorescent lights. "Ok." For her parents. Her brother. The countless other innocent lives taken by one cruel man. Her eyes closed as she spoke, "I'll do it."

"Ok." Kaede pressed the intercom on her desk, "Shippo, bring in Agent M."

"Yes ma'am," the intercom crackled with a reply and a squeak of a chair. Moments later a gangly teenager walked in, an agent wearing a devastatingly handsome suit following closely behind. "Ma'am, Agent M." The gangly man bowed his head, sneaking in a thumbs-up to Rin before he left.

Rin smiled back at her friend, bowing her head to greet the agent.

"Agent M," Kaede extended a hand towards Rin, "I'd like to introduce you to your new agent."

"Charmed," he smiled, lifting Rin's hand and placing a soft kiss on her skin. "It'll be a pleasure, to work with you."

Rin blushed, disarmed by his suave demeanor. He exuded desire and strength. His jet black hair was tied in a short, low ponytail. His violet eyes were sparkling, enticing her with just a look. "Oh, uhm," she stuttered, taken aback by his bold magnetism. "Th-thank you?" She replied, her voice soft.

He laughed, slowly lifting his head to meet Kaede's. "You've sent a lamb to hunt a lion," he spoke in a low voice, his eyes narrowing, "Is this a joke?" His voice turned cold, his change in tone almost terrifying.

"Hardly," Kaede's tone remained even, "She can do this."

"She's a child." His dark eyes moved over Rin, causing her to shrink in her stance. "She's skittish, dresses like a schoolgirl, and blushes like tomato. How is she ever going to be able to seduce him?"

"That, Agent M, is your job, not mine."

"I'm not a child." Rin interjected, her doe eyes clouding with anger, "I'm 22."

He ignored her, turning his back to Rin as he placed his hands on Kaede's desk, "This is a suicide mission for someone like her. This isn't an easy in and out situation, if she fucks up, that's it. He'll know we're onto him. It's not like she's trying to seduce an idiot. It's Sesshomaru Takahashi. He's dangerous, intelligent, hell, he's killed before ma'am. He won't hesitate to hang her by her thumbs and make her bleed if he finds out that she's an agent. She can't handle it because she's nothing but..." he froze as heard the familiar click of his gun, the safety off. His brows rose as he felt the cool metal dig into the back of his neck, "A child."

He turned to face her, moving slowly as she took a step back, the gun held steady at his heart now. "Interesting," he touched his chest, where his gun holster hung, ensuring that the weapon she was pointing at him was truly his. He grinned slowly, his mood shifting jovially, "I'm impressed." He held out his hand, letting out an inaudible sigh of relief when she returned it to his palm. "The kitten has claws."

Kaede smiled, unfazed by his rant as she handed Agent M a file from her desk. "Her report from the weapons commission, you shall be even more dazzled by her talent."

His brows lifted as he read through the document, "28 targets, 19 bullets, 2.03 minutes. Color me impressed." He grinned, "This could work," he muttered, turning the next page. "From guns to grenades, you've got your ammunition bases covered." He looked at Rin, "Far more than covered, actually. How did you learn all this?"

Rin shrugged, her eyes glinting with mischief, "Reading I suppose, as a child."

He smirked, tossing the file back onto the desk. "I can see it now." He walked around her, "She'll be a buyer for a wealthy, Saudi client. He'll be disarmed by your presence, a little japanese girl buying guns?" He grinned, stroking his chin, "Perfect. You'll show off your skills, dazzle him with your charm and intelligence, and he'll be hooked." He grinned, "Hell, I'm already falling for you."

"Then it's settled?" Kaede asked, moving over to the couple. "She'll be the agent."

He nodded, "For now. It'll be my final decision on whether or not she makes it to the field." He lifted Rin's hand and kissed the soft skin, "Seducing the one and only Takahashi. My dear," his charm turned back on, "Get ready for a treat."

Rin struggled to keep up with the gentleman as he strode through the halls of JIA with his long legs, often jogging forward to maintain his pace. "Agent M?"

"Miroku, call me Miroku," he replied, waving his hand to the left to indicate they were turning.

"Ok. Miroku, where exactly are we going?" Her previous job as an analyst had kept her confined to the Northern wing of the fourth floor. They had far surpassed that now by this point, already on the twentieth floor and going past three sets of security measures.

"Training facilities." He pulled out his security card from his pocket and swiped it through the card reader, the large silver doors opening to reveal a long, dark hallway. "After you," he murmured, his voice silky yet daunting.

Rin gulped as she walked through the hall and into a large room. Computer screens mounted the eastern wall, while long desks occupied the centre of the room. The room was bustling with agents, with a set of spectacled techs running from one corner to the other. They were carrying everything from garments and weapons, to coffee.

Miroku thanked the young man who handed him a cappuccino the moment they stepped in together, moving towards the centre desk. "Welcome to the lab." He gestured to the large computer monitor, typing in his password. "Training begins in 30 minutes so I would encourage you to get ready."

Rin blinked, watching as his fingers flew over the keyboard, "I... sure." She bowed her head, before asking a question, "Uh... what type of training, exactly?"

He smirked, taking a sip from his cup, "Let's call it seduction 101. My speciality." He leaned up from his computer, "By the time we're done with you Rin, he'll be putty in your hands."

Rin blushed at the thought, "Oh."

Miroku sighed, shaking his head, "My dear, first thing is first, you need to stop blushing. It was obvious to me within the first minute that I met you that you wear your heart on your sleeve. Your eyes are far too beguiling, too trusting, too revealing. If you don't learn to control your emotions, this mission will fail."

"I can do this." She spoke with confidence, "I've-"

"Anyone can do this Rin," he interrupted, his eyes narrowing. "The more pertinent question is will you? How far Rin," he purred, "Are you willing to go for your country?" He asked, taking a step towards her as he caught her waist and brought her to his chest. "To seduce a criminal? For nothing more than a name?" He hissed, his face leaning in to hers, "No one will ever know what you've done. It's a thankless mission Rin, do you realize what exactly is at cost if you mess up?"

Rin's heart quickened, her breaths coming short and shallow, "I-" she stuttered, her mind hazing with his masculine scent. It was overpowering, her thoughts clouding as she struggled to take a step back. "I'm not..."

"This isn't going to fucking work." He lifted his hands up, "You're skittish, the way you turned red when I said seduce, the way you shrink away when I touched you." He crossed his arms. "You act like you've never been touched by a man."

She closed her eyes, "Miroku."

"Rin," He crossed his arms, meeting her gaze. "I've read up on your psychological evaluation and while I understand that you had an incredibly traumatic experience as a child, I don't know if you have the strength to handle a situation like this. Furthermore, you're obviously naive when it comes to men. If you can't learn to untangle lust from love," he murmured, "I'm afraid you'll fall in love with our mark."

Rin frowned, her brows knitting together, "I'm not going to fall in love with a criminal."

"No? Because I hear he can be incredibly charming when he wants to be." He snapped his fingers, his eyes cool as they surveyed her flustered appearance. A young woman stepped forward with a bag of clothes, "You have until the end of the week to make this work." He leaned back onto his desk, "Change. And for the love of god, stop blushing." He cracked a smile, "You have twenty minutes now. We'll meet in the red room to go over your mission."

"Yes sir," Rin struggled to control the heat radiating from her cheeks, turning to leave before deciding to stop and walk back towards him, "Sir," she held the bag of clothes to her chest, "I promise I won't mess this up."

"Hm." Miroku nodded, "We'll see." He watched as she left to change, his purple gaze hardening. "A lamb to hunt the lion," he muttered to himself, his gaze lying on the image of their mark, "This won't be easy."