Chapter 3

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Sango moved up front her seat as the younger woman entered the armoury. "Good morning," she greeted the girl, taking a sip from her cup. She took in her slim figure clad in navy jeans and a black sweater. Your eyes are far too innocent, she mused as she set her drink down on the table. How are you going to survive?

"Good morning," Rin bowed low, her voice heavy with laboured breath. "I'm so sorry I'm a bit late. The meeting with the director took longer then expected."

"It's fine." Sango waved her hand, gesturing for Rin to come closer. "Let's just get onto it, shall we?" She began as she walked around the underground armoury. Her long hair was tied up, her black heels clicking on the concrete floor. "Working off previous missions, we know that the first thing they're going to do when they meet you is test your knowledge." Sango lifted a long, black box from the shelf. "There's no way he'd deal with you otherwise."

Rin nodded obediently, watching the older woman as she pulled out the sniper rifle.

"Do you know what this is?" Sango asked, acknowledging Rin's slight nod. "Alright, how about this one?" She pulled out the second one and looked through the scope. "What is the firing range?"

"Um," Rin knitted her eyebrows together, "800 metres."

Sango nodded, handing the gun to Rin. "And is this modified?"

Rin took the rifle and laid it on the table, closely inspecting it with a careful eye. Her fingers gingerly ran over the cool metal. "The chamber has been adjusted for wider ammunition."

Sango smiled, "Good." She placed another rifle on the table, "Now take it apart."

Rin gulped, "Wha-oh, ok." She tried to control her shaky hands as she began disassemble the gun. This comes off here, this from here, and this piece last… "I think I'm finished?"

Sango looked over her shoulder, impressed by the smaller girl. "Rin… where exactly did you learn all of this?"

The younger woman shrugged, blushing slightly at the older woman's astonished tone, "I suppose I've been exposed to this kind of stuff since I was young."

"Hm," Sango reassembled the gun. "I don't think we need to waste anymore time then, testing your knowledge. We'll start with your own inventory. Obviously you need a concealed weapon, but since your attire will unfortunately be revealing at times, we'll give you the Rohrbaugh R9. It has 6 rounds and you'll be able to strap it here." Sango gestured to her inner thigh.

Rin blushed at the thought, "Oh… really?"

"Don't blush," Sango told her sternly, "I've been told by Miroku to hit you if you do."

"Ah, hai," she took the gun and the strap, testing it against her leg. "This feels kind of awkward," she noted as she walked around the room.

"You'll get used to it after a while," Sango turned to the rest of the weapons. "Now would you prefer the Beretta or Walther P99?"

"Walther," Rin took the gun from the case, clicking off the safety as she aimed at the door. "Yeah, this feels nice."

"Hm, it's a good fit." Sango bent down and pulled out a black box from the bottom shelf. "Here we have the MAC-11 with a sound suppressor, obviously used in cases when anonymity is meant to be kept."

"Right," Rin set the other gun in the case Sango had laid out for her weapons. "Will I really be able to take all of these with me?"

"Yes, your case is able to withstand x-rays and should pass through security measures easily. And it's up to you to keep it as a top priority that you have access to at least one of these three weapons at all times."

"Hai," Rin felt nauseous at the thought. Would I have to use the silencer? She wondered, and would I really have the guts to put a bullet in another person? To actually murder someone? Putting bullets through targets was one thing, but when it was another person standing in front of her, could she really do it?

"You'll do well Rin," Sango murmured, noting Rin's paling complexion.

"I… thank you," Rin bowed. I hope so.

Rin winced as the surgeon cut through her flesh with the scalpel, her eyes tearing as she felt blood pour out of the wound. Oh Kami, she shut her eyes, trying to relax, trying to ignore the pain but it was almost impossible. It feels like getting your pelvis stabbed.

"The chip," the surgeon murmured to his nurse, taking the forceps with one hand while handing her the bloodied scalpel with his other.

Oh my god, oh my freaking god this hurts. Rin's fists were tight as the chip was inserted in her lower abdomen, no anesthesia was such a poor decision. She cursed herself repeatedly as the surgeon began to stitch up the wound. It doesn't hurt, she told herself, it doesn't hurt.

She looked away from the bright light over head, focusing her gaze on the cabinets. Her gaze was spotting as she felt him tape a bandage overtop the cut. Oh kami, just make it through Rin.

"Alright, you're done." The doctor lifted his surgical mask and smiled at the young woman. "I recommend you keep yourself confined to this bed for the night and then keep your training regimen to a minimum for the rest of the week. You should be ready by Friday."

Rin felt her body shiver at his words, I'll be ready. "Ah, hai," her voice was groggy as she spoke, "Thank you."

"Of course," he bowed his head, "Good luck."

"Thank you," she thanked the nurse who helped prop her up against the pillows. She sighed as she laid back, wiping her sweaty forehead with the back of her hand. It was like period pain, she mused bitterly, but a hundred times worse.

"Hey," Shippo greeted her cheerfully as his head poked through the curtains surrounding the hospital bed. "How was it? Do you feel like a cyborg now? Do you feel bionic?"

Rin snorted and shook her head, wiping her still moist eyes. "I feel like I got my appendix taken out."

"Ah," Shippo plopped down on the chair and scooted towards her. "So you have one week, huh?"

"One week," Rin grabbed the pillow next to her and hugged it to her chest. She looked to him, "Do you really think I can do this Shippo?"

"Of course," he grinned, "You're going to make that bastard fall for you and then you'll find out who the Spider is and become this great hero who saves the day."

Scenario 1, she thought, her smile falling. Because then there was scenario 2. He finds out who I am and I'm ripped into a million pieces and thrown into the river. "Shippo… I might not see you again."

Shippo felt something catch in his throat. "R-rin," his eyes watered, "Don't say that. You'll see me after this and I'll buy you so much fucking ice-cream that you'll get fat."

She laughed, tears flowing down her cheeks. "Promise to keep an eye on my position?"

"Yeah," Shippo pulled his phone and tapped an app, "Look, I'm already monitoring you now. According to this, you're at the JIA hospital."

She held out her arms, "Give me a hug." She demanded, embracing the man. "I love you Shippo," she told him, "You're my best friend, my brother, you're…." She whimpered as he took a step back and wiped her eyes with his thumbs. "I'll come back for that ice-cream."

"You're going to kick-ass you little rockstar. And I'll make sure that no matter what, we get your back."

"Promise?" She asked, lifting her pinky.

He grinned, curling his pinky against hers, "Promise. You're my little sister Rin, I'm going to protect you to the end."

So this is it, Rin thought as shelooked nervously out the black-tainted windows. Her fingers gripped the leather armrests on either side of her. The underground parking lot was ominous, the headlights of the Mercedes eerily illuminating the concrete structure.

"He's here," Miroku announced as a sleek red car drove in beside them, a slim man dressed in black stepping out of the back towards their vehicle. "Stay inside," he told her, moving out of the car to greet the other man.

"Is she here?" The slim man asked, adjusting his sunglasses. He wore a leather jacket overtop a deep green shirt, his long legs encased in skinny black jeans.

"In the car," Miroku replied, gesturing with his head. "And I assure you, she'll get the job done."

The other man snorted, rolling his eyes. "If the job is to be a sex toy for him then I don't doubt it." He spat, his words filled with venom.

Miroku laughed lightly, slapping the man on his back. "Honestly man, lighten up. I promise you, she's different. And if she can't get it done, well then… we're fucked." He gestured to the Mercedes, "After you."

The man sighed, running his hand through his messy black hair. "You should have been fired ages ago." He mumbled, opening the door. He quickly scanned the backseat as he slid in, finding the young woman inside. She was small, her wide brown eyes looking at him a hint of hesitation, her lithe form clad in tight black jeans and a white checkered blouse.

So she was different, he mused, bowing his head in greeting. Unexpected innocence.

"Rin," Miroku introduced the man, "This is Kohaku."

"Hello," she smiled softly, holding out her hand.

"Hello," he replied, taking her hand as he shook it, noting how soft it felt against his calloused skin. But would he like you Rin? He wondered, taking the seat opposite of her. Miroku slid in next to him, taking a file from his briefcase.

"Her information," Miroku offered, handing him the manila envelope. "She's been under my training for a month."

"Just a month?" Kohaku noted skeptically, quickly reading through the notes. 23. Criminology major at University of Tokyo. 4.2 GPA throughout her undergraduate career. But most of all, he was impressed by her weapons training. He glanced up to meet her gaze, "A Beretta 93R has how many rounds?"

"15," she replied quickly, "Or 20, depending on the feed."

"Hmm," he rubbed his chin, leaning back against the seat. "The range of a M24 SWS?"

"800 metres."

A small smile graced his lips, "Ah, so you do know your shit." Finally, someone who could maybe accomplish something. He tossed the folder back to Miroku, "Alright, I'm convinced."

"I knew you would be," Miroku grinned, laying out her passport, flight tickets, hotel bookings and itinerary. "Her backstory is impeccable. Her father was a decorated General with the Japanese military before being hired to become the head of a security detail for a wealthy Saudi businessman. Her mother died during childbirth so she was raised by her father, her knowledge for military strategics and weapons stemming from that. Her father passed three years ago and now she works for the businessman as a liaison between buyer and seller."

"Come on," Kohaku grumbled, "Is this a fucking soap opera?" He asked, rolling his eyes.

Miroku frowned, glaring at the younger man, "Then why don't you care to explain why a fucking 23 year old Japanese woman is working for a Saudi businessman."

Kohaku shrugged, "Fine. Just let me make something clear to you Rin." He leant forward, clasping his hands together. His tone was deadly, his eyes dark. "I'm not your friend. And I'm definitely not going to be babysitting you 24/7. I've worked undercover for three fucking years to make it into his inner circle and I'm not going to risk that for your mistakes. If he catches you and learns who you really are, that's your ass on the line. Do not expect me to be there to save you. Do you understand?"

Rin shivered at his words, slowly nodding her head. She felt cold, "Yes."

"Good." He looked over to Miroku, "Tomorrow night then?"

"Yes. She'll be ready, I assure you."

"You've assured me more than once Miroku," he frowned, "and now one of our agents is laying at the bottom of Tokyo bay."

Rin's eyes widened as she heard those words, her throat constricting, she's dead. Her heart clenched, I could be dead.

Miroku's gaze turned cold at his comment, "She didn't follow protocol. She was foolish enough to fall in love with a dangerous man."

Kohaku scoffed, "And she won't?" Kohaku lifted Rin's chin, inspecting her face. From her wide eyes, her pert nose to her peach-stained lips. "Because she looks like the kind of girl who believes in fairytales."

Rin scowled, "I assure you sir, I stopped believing in fairytales the day my mother was brutally murdered in front of me."

Kohaku released his hold on her, "We all have a sob story Rin. That's why we were recruited." He tossed his aviators back on and moved out of the car, "Tomorrow at midnight."

"Midnight." Miroku echoed, the door slamming shut echoing in the car lot.

Midnight, Rin clenched the locket around her neck, midnight.

Sesshomaru stood on the balcony that looked over the Tokyo skyline, one hand holding his cigarette as he his gaze followed the traffic down below.

"Sir, the liaison has just arrived at the airport. She'll be here within the hour."

Sesshomaru nodded, flicking his cigarette onto the ground, grounding the tobacco out with his expensive leather shows. "Very well." He walked into the hotel room, snapping his fingers to Ah-Un who was stationed in the living room. "Sweep her suite," he ordered, "And have 2 of our bugs placed. The first, lamp on the bedside table. The second, the bedroom closet."

"But sir," Ah-Un dared to interject, "The lamp is-"

"Obvious?" Sesshomaru smirked, "If she has any sense she'll find it within the night."

"Yes sir," he bowed and left the penthouse suite, leaving Sesshomaru alone.

"Sir?" Kohaku knocked on the door as he entered with the hotel card, "Her car is almost here."

"Kohaku," Sesshomaru drawled, his gaze lifting to the younger man's. "If she is less than satisfactory, I might find myself disappointed in you."

Kohaku steeled his gaze, "I assure you sir, she's competent."

"I don't want competent." His tone was deadly, "I want excellent."

Kohaku nodded, unfazed by his cold gaze, "Yes sir. If she's in anyway unsatisfactory I'll personally dispose of her."

"Good. I'm glad we're on the same page."

"Hai," Kohaku bowed as he left the room, taking the elevator to the underground parking garage. Once he arrived he stepped out, nodding to the three men that had been placed out for watch. He scanned the garage for the black Bentley. And there it is.

"Let it begin," he murmured as the vehicle pulled up next to him.

Jaken stepped out first, "She's here."


"She's quiet."

"Hm," Kohaku walked to the other side of the car, opening the door. His eyes followed the long leg that stepped out, smirking at the sight of Rin transformed. She wore a sleeveless black sheath dress that was skintight, revealing long, toned legs and her petite waist. Her hair was long, her eyes smoky grey, her lips red. So she can look the part, he thought as their gaze met, him nodding his head as he greeted her.

"He'll meet with you in his suite," he told her as he gestured for one of the guards to take her luggage. "Bring it to her room."

"Yes sir," the man nodded and lifted the trunk.

"After you," he held the elevator doors open with his hand, waiting for Rin and Jaken to step in.

Sesshomaru smirked at the sight of Rin, taking in her image. She had bowed the moment they stepped in the room, her long hair masking her face. Her form was petite, her legs long and lean, her waist small, and skin so porcelain, that begged to be touched. She could very well be a trap, he mused as he moved up from his seat.

"Jaken, Kohaku, leave us," his eyes never left hers as he spoke, "Won't you?"

Rin felt the blood drain from her face at his words. Alone, with him? She watched the men leave through the corner of her eyes, her form tense. Your gun, she told herself, is still on you. She gulped as he gestured for her to sit across the glass dining table from him, but that would be too loud. Your best bet would be to disarm him and knock him out if anything goes wrong. She exhaled sharply, folding her hands in her lap. Her eyes closed momentarily, breath Rin. Come on. Don't mess up already.

"Ms. Mori, was it?" Sesshomaru asked, the disbelief evident in his tone.

"H-hai," she swallowed her fear, bowing her head once again. "It's a pleasure, Mr. Takahashi."

"Hn," Sesshomaru loosened the cuffs of his shirt. "Why is it that your buyer hired a child to handle his business?"

Rin's eyes narrowed at his comment. "I assure you, Mr. Takahashi, that I am extremely competent."

He chuckled low, "You'll excuse me then, won't you Ms. Mori." He pulled an electronic tablet from "For I'm quite skeptical." He opened a folder on the tablet, "These are from a recent shipment. If you are as competent as you think you are, you'll have no trouble identifying the items."

Rin nodded, accepting the tablet. The pictures were taken in dim light, with different types of guns lying on top of the containers. "AK-47, Glock 18, and a sniper rifle, custom design."

If he was impressed he certainly did not show it. "There were also Glock 17s." He tapped the table, "How is it that you acquired your knowledge of firearms?"

"My father," Rin returned easily, "He was in the military."

"Hn," Sesshomaru's eyes narrowed, his voice dangerously smooth. "What makes me believe that you are truly the liaison between me and your buyer?"

Rin's eyebrows furrowed, her honey brown eyes moving over his lean form. Ignore how incredibly handsome he is, she told herself, and impress him. Her gaze scanned his body, finding the hint of a gun when he leant forward, his navy suit jacket opening from his movement. Bingo. "The fact that I know you have a Walther PPK in your holster."

Sesshomaru smirked, leaning forward again for his drink. He swirled the sake in the cup, his amber eyes roaming over her body. She was interesting, he mused, a deadly flower. "Just like I know you have a Rohrbaugh R9 strapped to your inner thigh?"

Rin swallowed, breathing slowly to control her heartbeat. How could he know that? "Then… I suppose we're even."

"Hn." He took out his phone and dialled Kohaku, "Take her to the warehouse." He began, looking straight into those honey brown eyes, "And make sure she's unarmed." He hung up, standing up from his seat, "Until then."

"Hai." Rin nodded, quickly moving up and bowed her head.

Amber eyes narrowed as he stepped towards her, his hand reaching forward to lift her chin. "You have me intrigued Ms. Mori, I can only hope for your sake that you do not disappoint me."

Rin felt her heart stop at his touch, "H-hai." She stuttered as their gaze met, his amber eyes so vibrant. He's handsome, she told herself, but evil.

He chuckled, the tone dark, ominous. "A beautiful flower indeed, but the ones most beautiful are sometimes poisonous." He smirked as her eyes filled with fear, she's scared. "Good luck, Rin." He released his hold on her and walked towards the entrance of the hotel room.

Rin bowed low as he left the room. "Hai." She held her breath until he left, swearing once the door close. "Shit," she whispered, holding a hand to her heart. Good luck? A warehouse? Is he going to have me killed? She clutched the dining table as she took the moment to calm her nerves, her body trembling.

"You passed," Kohaku murmured as he entered the room, pocketing his phone. He motioned for Rin to follow him, speaking under his breath. "You have one chance Rin," he warned, "Don't fuck it up."