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He woke up, startled. His brown eyes darted around, and saw that the sun was starting to rise. Shit, he had overslept! He stood up quickly, and brushed off the dirt in his pants as he ran. He jumped off his rock and looked around. He quickly found her- her ginger, fluffy hair was unmistakable. She was hugging Belt, and Belt was hugging her back, both snoring softly. Guy stood there for a moment, letting the amusing but adorable image sink in his brain, and then ran forward to wake up his secret love.

"Eep..." he whispered. "Eep!"

"What, Guy?" she muttered, her eyes still closed. "I'm tired."

"I want you to watch the sunrise with me," Guy told her, his cheeks flushing slightly. Eep forgot her sleepiness and jerked her head up.

"You do?" she asked, bewildered. Guy always liked to watch the sunrise alone. It was a special moment for him.

"Uh, yes," he blushed harder. Eep looked at him, her green eyes wide, and then a stupid grin appeared on her face.

"Okay!" she said, excited. Guy chuckled softly and took her hand. She beamed at him and stood up, carefully leaving Belt hugging a rock instead of her body.

Guy squished her hand and nodded over to the farther and highest rock. They walked (kinda ran, actually, so they wouldn't be late) over to the rock. Finally, they arrived at the very top. Eep was going to release her hand from Guy, but he just held it harder. Eep smiled at the ground, and then lifted her head. Far away from them, in the mountains, a soft, yellowish line began to appear. And that line quickly turned into a big circle. Every time that big circle rose higher, the ground was painted with a soft, yellow brightness, illuminating the world. Eep released Guy's hand and lifted it as the sun stroked her fingertips.

Guy imitated her, smiling as the sun rays warmed him up.

"It's beautiful..." Eep whispered. Her hair was slowly moving thanks to the soft morning breeze. Her eyes sparkled at the sun's bright rays. Her smile made Guy's heart skip a bit. Suddenly it was hard to breath for him.

"Yes, gorgeous," he whispered, not taking his eyes off her. Eep locked her green eyes into his and blushed. Guy's hand (which was still in the air, next to Eep's) reached for hers and slowly entangled his fingers to hers. His soft almond eyes locked at her small and perfect lips that were screaming: "Kiss me!"

Guy reached out for Eep's other hand and entwined it, too. His breath quickened just as hers as he leaned in and let their first kiss softly melt in together.

They fit perfectly, as he always had known. Her delicious lips moved slowly against his, and her mouth opened slightly agape, letting Guy's tongue in. The kiss was short, but really sweet, and eventually they had to break apart for air. Their breaths were shaky and their mouths trembled. Guy smiled boyishly at her and locked their eyes together. Eep let out a cute giggle, and Guy chuckled.

"What is this called?" Eep asked, her eyes closed. Guy pressed his lips together in thought for a moment, trying to ignore the flutters inside his stomach. His almond eyes flickered to Eep's lips, and he whispered the word that came instantly into his brain.


From then on, they didn't miss a sunrise together.