A Purgatory fic so spoilers for Season 8. This is not a slash fic. FYI, I usually post about once a week.

Summary: Purgatory - savage and violent, where every evil sonofabitch ever ganked goes to spend eternity, roaming free to kill and plunder at will. What chance do a human and an angel have of surviving in a place like that for a year? None… at least not alone. But making friends in Purgatory may be a double-edged sword.

Chapter 1 - Prologue

Castiel stood quietly, his relaxed gaze focused on the small black slug-like creature slowly making its way across the forest floor towards him. He let out a soft sigh, figuring he only had another twenty-two seconds before he would have to either move or step on the thing.

He took three long, slow paces backwards before resuming his steady stance. "My apologies," he murmured politely to the slug, who now had a full five-minute journey to make to its intended prey.

He resumed his tranquil pastime of watching the slug move, studying its rhythmic waves of muscular contraction with genuine interest. As a Celestial Being in a land of evil and unholy creatures, he had quickly come to appreciate these rare moments of peace. The slug had almost reached him when he suddenly felt the greater threat coming and he pursed his lips in tired frustration.


There was a sharp, hissing sound and a large black ball jetted out of the sky, landing with an explosive thud on the ground a few feet away. It immediately unfurled itself, a pillar of black tar morphing into the shape of a man. The Leviathan never missed a beat before it stepped out of the small crater its landing had created, moving with robotic fluidity as it strode straight towards the angel.

Cas reacted swiftly, drawing the blade appropriated from a pair of Vetala he had killed a few days ago. He swung it in a horizontal arc, aiming for the neck of his attacker but the Leviathan leaned backwards, just out of reach. Eyes hard with hatred and deadly intent, it lunged forward, thrusting a hand towards the angel's chest. Cas sidestepped quickly and swung the blade sideways, this time finding purchase in the soft flesh just above its Adam's apple. A hard pull upwards separated the creature's head from its body and Cas took a step backwards to avoid the spurt of thick, black blood.

He barely waited until the head hit the ground before he winged out, taking himself as far as he could with his limited Heavenly power. He allowed himself a few seconds rest before winging even farther away, hoping it was enough to cover his trail from the others that were surely seconds behind the first. Leviathan rarely hunted alone, usually appearing in small groups of two or three. Cas knew they would catch his scent again and would be coming for him again but for now at least, he believed he was safe.

He wandered along the pebbled bank of a river for the next hour, bothered only by a single hungry Rugaru who mistook him for dinner. He made quick work of killing it, pressing a hand to its forehead and watching its soul burn in a flash of light beneath its skin. Then finally, the Purgatory sun began to fade and he stopped his travels, knowing that time was drawing near.

He found a grassy patch on a high bank and looked around, making a strained effort to take note of the natural beauty Purgatory had to offer. It was a serene spot and he let out a deep breath before settling in to wait.

Only three weeks in Purgatory and he was already finding it harder and harder to distract himself from the guilt of sins past. This place was ugly and violent and full of abominations who were driven by very their nature to try and kill him. He deserved this. This was his penance. To spend eternity running and fighting until something here finally killed him and put him out of his misery.

His thoughts had been scattered and broken after taking on the burden of Sam's tortured soul. He had made great effort to avoid violence, instead focusing on a pursuit of knowledge and life's gentler side. The approach had lessened the hallucinations of Lucifer and his taunting until they had finally stopped altogether, but the guilt and horror of what he had done to Heaven remained. Hounding him, tearing at him. A thousand images flashed through his mind's eye, images of slain angels, his own brothers and sisters, all of whom had died at his hands for the simple crime of not falling to their knees before him, for not believing he was their new God.

He closed his eyes and tried to push the torturous thoughts aside. He would have preferred to remain within that safe, painless oblivion that insanity had brought him but… but survival instincts and a surprising will to live had pulled him out of it upon his arrival here. He wasn't sure why he kept fighting, why he didn't just give in and let one of these Leviathan give him a much-deserved death.

He sighed. No, he knew why.

It was dusk now, his favorite time of day and the reason he kept fighting to stay alive. He both dreaded this moment and longed for it at the same time. He lowered himself to a restful crouch and closed his eyes, waiting patiently for it to come.


There it was. That soft, quiet voice in his head. That hushed, spoken prayer from Dean.

"Cas you disappearing, nerdy sonofabitch. You hearin' me? Fuck, why don't you answer me? Hope you're okay, wherever you are. No, I know you're ok, coz, well… you gotta be. You got that? Cas?"

There was a pause. This was the point where the angel's resolve threatened to crumble, where he fought the almost overwhelming urge to go to his friend. Every night the prayer came and every night Cas almost answered, almost reached out to the man he cared for more deeply than he had ever realized was possible. Every night the knowledge that Dean was safer without him clashed with the aching, heartfelt need Cas could feel in the prayer.

But every night he remained silent.

"I got a line on a way outta here, Cas. I ran into this vampire – yeah I know, a vamp – but he says there's a way out. Because I'm human I can get out if I find this portal thing. Working with a vamp makes my toes curl but… but I think he's legit. I really do. Cas, I…"

Dean paused again and whatever sentiment was about to be spoken was swallowed back with a sigh. "Whatever's got you, wherever you are, you hang in there, you hear me? I'm coming to get you and we're getting outta here. Both of us. We're going home. Just hang in there."


Author's Note: This is my first attempt at a Cas-centric story, so I'm a little nervous and any feedback would be appreciated. The action and interaction will start up soon, I swear – this was just a prelude to set the stage. This fic was born from a request by CeliaSingsSongs (so thank-you!) and although it might not have been exactly what she had in mind, I hope I do it justice.