Hi! (sorry, not a new chapter)

Just a quick note to say that the sequel for this story is underway and I posted the first chapter today. It is called Evermore in the Wind (from a WASP song), is set in season 8 three months after this one finishes). It is also a sequel to a season 2 story I did called Someone to Save You that had different demon factions and other' YED special kids'. There were some original characters in that one and the plot was a little more involved so it is best to have read it first, but I will explain enough as we go along to get by without reading it. So if you're interested in seeing Nia again (and yes, Cas will get out of Purgatory in the sequel), give the new story a try :)


Here's a small excerpt just to give you a taste (and so that this post is technically legal, haha):

Cas felt a bone-deep weariness throughout his vessel as he sank to his knees after chopping the head off the third Leviathan in a row. He had never regained his full powers after an angel banishing spell had almost killed him and although this had made it harder for the Leviathan to find him, his weakened state certainly made it harder to fight them when they did.

Two months he had been alone. Two months since Dean and Nia and Benny had made it back home. Two months since God had decided Cas hadn't earned the right to go with his friends and had closed the gate on him, leaving him stranded in Purgatory all alone. He had thought about giving up countless times, of slowing his reactions down just enough that some Leviathan managed to get its lethal hand into his chest and rip out what remained of his Grace. Of letting any of the hundreds of other monsters he encountered get in a lucky strike with their blade. He could repair his vessel from almost any extent of damage but perhaps full decapitation would bring him a welcome oblivion.

Yet he still lived. He still fought. He still persevered. He still remembered and he still loved. He would never see Dean and Nia again, nor Benny or Sam, but his affection for them had not lessened. He found his thoughts drifting to them in times of solitude and found comfort in imagining them happy and at peace.

Perhaps the four of them were together, rebuilding Bobby's house and finding solace and comfort in each other's company.

Perhaps Dean had found a woman with which he could start a family. Cas had seen the desire for love and children deep within Dean the very day he had first met the hunter and although the sentiment had been clouded by fear and self-loathing at times, it had never wavered in its intensity.

Perhaps Sam had found an escape from hunting, an escape from the tainted being he always thought himself to be...