"It's almost 7:30 and you aren't even," Barbara was looking in the mirror when her father walked through the open door in her room.

"Yeah, dad?" she mumbled.

"It's almost seven thirty and you are already dressed like a princess to go to this event."

"You think I look okay? I just hope I didn't put on too much.." Barbara often forgot that her father knew as little about cosmetics as she did. "too much blush. Oh well, it's just Dick and I."

"Oh yes, just Dick Grayson who my daughter has spent the last half of her day getting ready for. This isn't the first time this has happened." He smiled as he sat down and took out the evening paper while lighting his pipe.

"What can I say? Dick's a good dance partner?" she mumbled.

"Dick's a good reason for you being stressed out for no good reason the last ten years of your life."

"Dad, you are right. This isn't the first time this has happened." She rolled her eyes.

"So are you telling me that my daughter hasn't had even a tiny crush on that boy from the circus? I do remember someone getting up early and putting on her Sunday clothes instead of a t-shirt and jeans laid out for her after she heard that she would get to see a specific acrobat. I remember sitting on your bed with you and Pookie one night in junior high, crying because a ward of Bruce Wayne's was afraid to dance with every girl - including you. I recall you saving up you allowance money for Dick's Christmas present every week since the fourth of July. The present you still haven't told me about after all of these years."

"For someone who solves mysteries for a living you sure don't do well when it comes to the ones at home, Dad." She bit her lip.

"All I'm saying is that I won't even forget the night you went to the dance with him. You were giddy. My Barbara wasn't giddy once through out high school and something or someone gave her a sparkle in her eyes while she was kicking her legs off the tip of her bed that night."

"It was my first real dance. I had fun. So sue me." She looked closely at the mirror. "I couldn't find anyone to do my hair at the last minutes, so I guess I'll have to suffer."

"Only thing that will be suffering are the boys who won't get to dance with my little girl tonight." He grimaced, trying to cover up his overprotective habit.

" Dad, it's just a dinner. Dick and I probably won't dance. He's busy with something afterwards."

" As promised, I will stay out of your social life. But just because the boy thinks he has to leave early doesn't mean that you have to let him." He said as he sat down and sipped his coffee while watching her frantically brush her hair.

"Well I wouldn't want to get Dick in trouble. Now that Bruce is away he has a lot of work to do."

"You get that feature from me and not your mother. I apologize for that" He said.

" What do you mean?"

"Your mother and I met when I was just the average sidewalk patrolman who worked late nights. She and her friends went out one winter, when everyone was shopping down the avenues for Christmas sales. I saw her through the stores' main windows, showing off a new Sunday dress she had tried on along with that classic smile of hers. For some reason whatever store I would be walking by on my shift, there she would be trying on a new dress - a dress I could never afford to buy for her.

She and her friends would politely say hello whenever they left their store and I would shly say good evening back. Every time I would find it in me to look at her she would be making eye contact with me, I had been in a few rough situations on the streets by then but never was I so afraid when I looked at her.

As I walked around the sidewalk, regretting to provoke any more conversation with her I heard a cry for help in the alley in front of me. I ran over as fast as I could and when I walked into the alley I saw no one but her.

She had to laugh at my dumbfounded look. As I tried to find the will to say something to her she grabbed my trench coat and kissed me. Her friends all gathered to look down the alley to see a smudge of her lipstick on my mouth, all they did is giggle.

She said she was sorry and that she had to take the trolley home with her friends before her parents would kill her.

I walked around the street all night feeling sorry for myself, thinking I was part of some practical joke or a dare. I went past one of the stores she had shopped in and starred at the dress she had tried on, it was in the display window. My hand went into my coat pocket and there was a piece of stationary with her name and phone number on it, written in the same lipstick that was still planted on my face.

We talked on the phone a few times. I didn't know what to say most of the time so she would entertain me by telling me stories about her job at the tailors and ask me questions about what it was like to be a police officer.

For almost the entire first month she mentioned this ball in south Gotham once. I didn't think she'd see me as a good date since all of her friend's dates were members of the country club that knew how to dance to that elegant music. She never asked me until the night before when she said that we were going to ride with her friend Clyde. That's all she said.

I went into the station first thing that morning and waited outside a half an hour to tell my police chief that I had to take a night off. He was frustrated at me, calling me every name in the book, and I was even upset at myself until her friend Clyde picked me up and took me to her house and I saw that cream colored silk dress that I stared at every night when I walked past the store she had shopped in. She was beautiful, Barbara, even prettier than she was on her wedding day- but I would get killed if I would ever mention that to her. All night we laughed and all of my worries of the work I would be missing just floated away. I never took a night off after that and she always said she didn't care, she got one of those nights and that's all she needed."

Barbara just hugged her father tightly as the strong willed young woman had to hold back the tears.

"The point is that if you want something you got to either be like your mother or have someone in the relationship to be like her. You can tell me a thousand times that you don't or can't care for Dick Grayson. You can tell me that my detective skills are weakening but Barbara your eyes give it all away when his name comes to your mind."

"But dad." she let go of her father and sat on her bed tugging hard onto her teddy bear, Pookie's hand.

"Even if you might be right how do I know if he likes me?"

"You look away and count to five and then see if he's still looking." He smiled as the door bell rang.

"I'll get it." He said picking up his coffee cup and walking to the door.

Barbara tried to get back her composure by holding onto Pookie while she heard her father open the door.

"Dick it's good to see you again," Commissioner Gordon said.

"Same to you Commissioner. Any news on the Catwoman case? Bruce calls me every day asking me about it." Barbara's head peered out the door. She saw him wearing the suit she talked him into getting when they went shopping last semester and holding lilacs and summer blossoms corsage in one hand as the other hand 's fingers rolled against the door frame.

"Not much is new as far as I'm allowed to tell. Officer's Montoya and Bullock are working awfully hard on this right now and the case should be taken care of in no time. I'm so confident that I let Montoya take the night off and go to this big gathering you and Barbara are off to tonight."

"So I've heard. Speaking of women that will be attending this little gathering, have you seen Barbara lately? I heard she might need a ride."

"Oh she might be interested in going. I think she's in her room right now. Feel free to fetch her if you want."

Dick knew their home's layout long before he had been invited in. He always remembered Barbara coming out late at night to get a glass of water. He quickly peered his head through her doorway.

"Geesh Grayson, don't you ever knock? What if I were changing?" she said before suddenly remembered the occurrence between the two of them moments before.

"Babs, you look."

She couldn't handle flattery, especially the kind that was only heard from Dick Grayson once every blue moon.

"What's with the flowers?" she raised and eyebrow.

"Don't ask. Alfred is always refusing them when I offer them to him so I guess I might as well give them to you." He blushed.

"Well lilacs and summer lilies are my favorite. Alfred and I must have so much in common. Sure he is still single?" she smiled as she took the corsage and put it around her hand.

"Oh, well yeah. He is an Oxford graduate, cooks, cleans, does laundry, takes out trash, and wears a tuxedo everyday." He said looking at old photographs, the one of him and her at an amusement park was framed beside her bed.

"And yet somehow Bruce is the one who beats him out for man of the year?" He frowned as he noticed the poster of just Batman on her wall.

"Well he and Bruce are almost even but Bruce has something that might give him an edge." he said rubbing his chin.

"A few billion more dollars and good looks," she laughed.

"And you told me you picked up that celebrity magazine for educational purposes last week." He faked a sigh.

"Calm down Grayson. You're the one who's in my room not him." She bit her lip at the end of the comment as she realized that her hand was grasping his waist. The long pause ended as she pretended she was only brushing invisible lint from his jacket.

" Yeah well I haven't been invited into this room since you started college." He said coyly.

" It has been awhile, hasn't it?" she said looking at her overly organized room.

"Yeah, looks like nothing has changed, though."

" Remember when Bruce would let you come over here when he had one of those business things?" she began to laugh hysterically once she saw the upset expression on Dick's face.

"I thought we agreed to never mention the tea parties again." He said rolling his eyes.

"C'mon, you have to admit that after the fourth or fifth time you were truly starting to enjoy them." She opened one of her desk drawers and took out an old photograph of Dick in an elegant bonnet while sipping tea.

"You always told me that your dad could throw me in jail if I didn't play with you. Sad thing is that you found a way to get Alfred to convince me that what you were saying was true.

"Well sometime or another you became a good sport about it. Alfred probably thought it was best to get you out of that huge boring house and somewhere with a person your own age. Anyway, all of the girls didn't like me in grade school so I guess if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have gotten to do all of the girly things that I always wanted to do."

"Uh huh. So you weren't doing it in hope of using it as blackmail in the near future?" he said laying over her bed.

"Well it's always nice to kill two birds with one stone." She smiled as Dick stuck out his tongue and reached under his back to find out what he laid on.

"Oh my god! Pookie? Did that big bully hurt you?" she said as she forcefully took the stuffed animal and hugged it tightly.

"You still have Pookie? Dick said looking at the college student turn four years old in front of him. "And you've turned him against me?"

"He hasn't left my side since he saw me." She said laying down beside Dick and raising the bear in the sky.

"And that was the biggest mistake of his life." He said.

"Yeah right, Dick. I was the hero of the day when I took him in here and gave him this great home." She said as she got up from the bed and placed her prized possession on her desk. "Most girls are lame and write in diaries but I just tell Pookie all of my secrets and problems."

"Oh so now Pookie's life revolves around Barbara Gordon's secret life of "I think I should've studied harder on that Calc quiz today" and "I think Robert is cute."

"Robert?" she asked.

"The guy you've been seeing. Uh. It's a shame when I know more about a jer- guy I've never met than you do."

"Oh. Uh. I was just surprised that you remembered him. Anyways I think we might just be friends. Who knows, I might have it bad for this other guy in our Criminology class."

"More than I should know, Babs." Dick sighed trying to keep the poker face that he had had for the last ten years. "we should probably go now and you can save those details for Pookie."

The two left the room, Barbara quickly grabbed her purse to rush after a disgruntled Dick.

"You two have a fun evening. Although I doubt I have to say that. Barbara is a lot like her mother. Whenever she goes out to get a dress like that you know the night will be special." He smiled.

"We will, Commissioner. It was nice seeing you."
In the quiet town car Dick sat back in his seat as Barbara tried to figure out what to say.

"Don't you think that Dick should take a night off, Alfred?" she said trying to cheer him up.

"I am afraid that all of that is up to Master Grayson this evening." He politely said looking at Dick who was staring deeply outside of the window.

"Remember that one place you used to take us after all of our dances, Alfred. They had the best floats. Do you remember what the name was?"

"Roosevelt's." Dick said still looking outside of the window.

"We should go there again. Are they still open?" Barbara said.

"I hate to be the one to inform you that they have been closed for a few years now, Miss Gordon." Alfred said.

"Really? Wander why that place had to close down?" she said as she rolled a finger through her hair.

"I guess not everything can be there for the happy ending that you hoped for." Dick said under his breath.

" What's got you down Grayson? Hopefully you haven't caught another case of being afraid to dance tonight." She said.

"Nothing. I just feel out of place, that's all."

"Why is that? If it's because we are college students then I can tell you that I'm not really worr"

"It's not that." He interrupted her sentence. "I..uh.well it's just that I feel bad for not letting you go with that Robert guy or the other guy from the Criminology class. This would've been a great opportunity for you to get your feelings for him out of the way."

"Dick, there's something I got to tell,"

"Save the secrets for Pookie, Gordon. I'm not in the mood for them now."

Barbara was far better known for her knuckle ball than for crying in front of anyone. As she held it in even Alfred couldn't help but give his boss's ward a scowl.

"Pookie? Why I haven't heard that name mentioned in years." Alfred said while looking at his clock. "What ever has become of that loyal, dear bear?"

"He's still in my room, Alfred. I sleep with him every night." She said looking at Dick.

"Oh really, Miss Gordon? I do apologize but my memory has been fading me these days. How did you come about in getting that bear?"

"Um, well, a few years after Dick came to live with Bruce my dad was kidnapped by a few of Thorne's men after Thorne was convicted. I had to stay inside of the police station because they were busy questioning me and afraid that I might become his next target. It was cold and lonely there, all I did was worry about what would have happened if I lost dad."

"Ah, yes. And if I remember correctly I came over with Master Dick, isn't that correct sir?" he said as Dick rolled his eyes at his mentors intentions.

"Yes, Alfred."

"Dick and I played Monopoly in the little 'safe cell' back inside of the station. It was really bad because I used to talk to my dad before I went to bed. Tell him all of my little worries and secrets. Dick had to leave at nine or something and after that I was all alone. Wandering if Dad was okay. Of coarse Dick would talk about Batman solving the crime or how that it would be so easy that even Robin would probably get the job taken care of. He always knows how to make me laugh. The night before Robin actually found my dad and took him back without Batman's help Dick came into the cell and gave me an old beat up teddy bear that I guess you bought for me Alfred. It's pretty much become part of my family now, I guess I should thank you for that." She said hugging the old man like her father and giving him a simple peck on the cheek, causing the aging man to blush.

"As flattered as I am Miss Gordon, I do believe that a few of those details are different in the way I remember the story. To get the facts straight, why don't you tell us how you remember the story."

"Uh, everything Babs said sounded good." Dick said trying to act clueless to the old man's babbling.

"Well Master Dick I guess I could tell the tale as I remember it but there are some certain parts of the story that you might not be ready for Miss Gordon to hear."

"What is he talking about, Dick?" she said curiously.

"I guess my story begins with Master Grayson impatiently coming over to me," Alfred's sentence was interrupted with his full permission.

"The first time I ever saw you, the confident cheerful girl at the circus, cry around me was that day when Alfred and I stopped at the station. I guess I just became so used to seeing you as the person that cheers others up that I never expected to see you in that kind of state."

"Yeah, well."

"For the entire month or so Alfred and Bruce were ragging on me for still sleeping with a teddy bear at that age."

"So you did like the bear Alfred gave you?" she said, awfully flattered.

"I guess. I wasn't really born in a hospital, like most kids. My mom and dad had me while they were traveling. All of the performers said I looked like my father and knew I was made for a life different than most people.

Problem was that I never got to go to toy stores or had any room for any of that stuff. So my mom spent a bunch of nights putting the bear together for me. She named it after one of the cubs that were part of our circus.

After the incident, all I had from the circus was Pookie. Bruce and Alfred weren't around much and Pookie was sort of my only friend. Wayne Manor was just as scary as being in this huge city. Every time I smelled him he reminded me of the circus. I guess I was just worried about you at the time when you lost your dad. You looked like you really needed a friend."

Barbara was silent in the car.

"So it looks like we're here." Dick said looking out the window. He got out of his door to open the door for Barbara who looked like she was off in another world.

"Master Grayson, I just remember I need to tell you something about your business meeting." Alfred said.

Dick peered his head into the car as Barbara was greeted by an old friend of her fathers.

"Sir, I shall page you if there is any problem." The aged butler said while looking at the reaction of his friend's face. "You haven't had one of these nights in awhile. Try to keep your mind off of the work."

"I will, we're just going to be here for a few seconds." He said.

"Sometimes those seconds are far more valuable than hours. Use them wisely. Miss Gordon may hope so."

"Just page me if anything happens, Alfred." Dick demanded as he shut the door.

Barbara was poised in the middle of the steps that led to the large ballroom. They could hear the chorus of violins playing from the distance, her eyes were patiently waiting for him to come up.

"Dick why didn't you ever tell me about...." she said as their Professor came up to them.

"Miss Gordon, Mister Grayson. For two people who only plan to be here for a few moments you are awfully over dressed." Angler said on the steps, looking back for someone.

"Well as long as it helps our grade," Dick said shuffling his hands in his pockets.

"So do you think we will get to meet Mr. Rayhan, tonight?" Barbara asked, scratching he shoulder. She was getting cold.

"Of coarse. Mr. Rayhan will be sharing a table with us tonight before he gives his speech." Angler mumbled as Officer Montoya came into their circle, wrapping her arm around their teacher.

"Officer Montoya, you look so.so beautiful," Barbara was surprised to see her father's colleague in an amazingly elegant black and blue gown. This was unusual because she had never seen Montoya in anything more than a dirty street cop uniform.

"Why thank you, Barbara. You look lovely as usual tonight as well," she was surprised with all of the people entering the festivities.

"Tell me officer, how has the case of the Jade cat been working out?" Dick asked.

"Officer Bullock and I have been working really hard on it." She said.

"Barbara and Dick are both working on this special research report in my Advanced Criminology class that covers the same crime you are covering, Renée." Angler said proudly.

"Really? Well I can only say that I hope you two don't solve the case before I do or I might be looking for a new job," she said, winking at Angler as they proceeded to walk into the main room.

"If I had known we were going to meet Rayhan I would have brought my copy for him to sign," she whispered into Dick's ear.

"You owning a book? Doesn't that break some kind of librarian's oath?" Dick said.

"I was planning on donating the copy to the library," she replied.
Taking a seat at the center of the round table, renowned writer Raymond Rayhan was playing it cool. Rayhan was middle aged, with dark eyes and a coye smile. After twenty minutes of being greeted by complete strangers he looked tired of receiving the attention.

"So Mr. Rayhan, what is your latest book about?" Dick said as the others feasted on their salads.

"Well I'm not supposed to disclose this information until my speech but since you are the ward of my publisher I guess I can let you in." he said placing the fork on his plate and receiving the full attention of the table.

"Over the last three years I have been in Gotham tracking down former criminals who have been let go due to problems within the court. Almost 80 percent of them continued to pursue crime. Now why would this be?" he said.

"They're in need of money?" Barbara said shyly, only to receive a sharp shake of the head from the speaker.

"That was my initial belief, Miss Gordon, yet most of these men had qualified well paying jobs before they turned evil."

"So you're saying that they loved the game?" Dick asked.

"You're getting their, Mr. Grayson. See most of these criminals were caught by a citizen which lead to many problems within the court, thus letting them go. Now all of you may be familiar with this citizen, he goes by the name of 'Batman.' " the writer said with much pride.

"What are you trying to say?" Montoya said very surprised at where the guest of honor was leading them.

"I came up with two theories. One is that Batman may be a ploy, criminals who have been scouted out by the police have often been caught by Batman around the same time period. Due to problems within our judicial system they are let go immediately."

"That's crazy," the usually respectful Barbara spouted out.

"Well if it is, then why would the top Defense Attorney in the nation, Harvey Dent become a psychopath due to the hands of Batman. Also why would this "Batman" never show his face, he could easily be a former criminal for all we know? Finally why would almost every major serial criminal in Gotham get exempt from prison for insanity? Do you know that the primary reason for their diagnosis of insanity comes from their obsession of this 'Batman' ?"

"I'm surprised you believe in this," Pr. Angler said, scratching his chin.

"Well, Professor, I will be able to tell you more later tonight," He grinned as their dinners were placed in front of them.

"Dick Grayson, why you sour puss." Barbara heard a chirpy voice come from behind her. When she turned around she saw Bruce Wayne's new secretary and former swimsuit model, Katie Mygul.

"Oh, hello Katie." Dick said surprised to see her as she put her hands on his shoulders.

"I thought I might see you here. You should've invited me, I had to come by myself to represent the Wayne Foundations."

"Well I'm representing my school for tonight, Katie." Dick said realizing that his table was looking for an introduction.

"Katie, these are some friends of mine. Professor Angler, head of GCU's Criminology Department."

"Hello, it's a pleasure."

"Renee Montoya, part of the police department."

"Wow your dress is so pretty."

"And I'm sure you've heard of writer Raymond Rayhan."

"Sure have, it's a pleasure to meet you."

"And this is my good friend, Barbara Gordon."

"Hey," Katie said, "Well colleague, it's been a busy week, want to take it out on the dance floor with me?"

"Uh.sure." Dick said as Rayhan and the Professor gave him approving glances as Barbara's elbows hit the table.

"Well Professor, I think I might turn young again and steal your fine date on the dance floor," Rayhan said as he invited his arm out for Montoya.

"Feel free," the Professor said as he turned his attention to Barbara. "I don't believe it's against the rules to dance with a student, Miss Gordon, is it?"

"I'm afraid I'm not much of a dancer, sir?" she said as she saw Dick dipping the former center fold to the delight of the audience.

"Well most Criminology majors aren't" he said, sipping his wine.

"That's what I was lead to believe." She said softly. "Maybe we could prove them wrong?"

"Will do." He smiled as they centered themselves on the dance floor.

"Miss Grayson, if you don't mind me asking. What is the situation with you and Mister Grayson?" he asked in a polite way.

"Oh, what do you mean?" she said trying to stall the question as she punished herself by seeing Katie Mygul wrapping herself all over a laughing Dick.

"Well are you two in a relationship is the question I believe I am asking?" he asked.

"Just friends I'm just a 'good friend' to Dick." She said.
"Bruce would fire me if he knew I could dance with you like this," Katie Mygul laughed.

"No, I am surprised that doing this wasn't part of the interview," Dick said.

"Hahaha, Dick you're so harsh," she said patting her hand on his chest.

"Well, I guess." He mumbled, watching Barbara dance slowly with the dashing professor.

"Where did you learn to dance this way?" she said as her twirled her around.

"I went to a dance a few years ago in High School, I had this date who I was afraid to dance with because I never had the time to learn how. So I, uh, sort of got a few lessons from this person."

"Oh, who?" she asked.

"Oh, well you don't want to know," he began blushing.

"C'mon Grayson, let it out," she said lightly punching him in the stomach.

"Err.. Alfred Pennyworth." He mumbled.
Barbara heard a loud laugh from across the Ballroom. She pleasantly let go of her hold of Professor Angler's hand and began to make her way over to the other side of the dance floor. She saw the tall long haired blond and tapped her on the shoulder while trying not to make a fist with her other hand.

"Excuse me, I was wandering if I could enjoy some of this wonderful Grayson humor tonight." She said as she said that Katie Mygul was no longer dancing with Dick but with Lucius Fox instead. When she turned around to rush away she saw her face almost hit the chest of Dick.

"Care to dance, Gordon?" he said, looking down bat his polished shoes.

"It looks like someone stole your dance partner, Dick" she said rolling her eyes towards the super model.

He took hold of her hand and waste and as much as she tried denying it she couldn't. They were dancing but their grips were weak in fear of each other letting go.

"Yeah, well Babs I guess I was just sort of shocked?" he said softly.

"Shocked about what?" she asked.

"That you and Angler. That Angler is the guy in our class," he said not able to look her in the eye.

"Dick you don't understand," she said sharply.

"You know, Babs, it's okay. I'm not going to turn you in or anything. I guess after that Gill Mason thing I should have figured that you were into older, more mature men."

"Just like you're into older, mature bimbos. You know this whole time you got me to believe that you weren't going to turn into Bruce and look at you," she said, almost a little bit too noisy for the crowd.

"Well the one thing you can learn is that 'bimbos' won't break your heart." He said.

"So Dick Grayson finally admits that he's afraid of something." She replied.

"Sorry, I guess for being a girl 'who hasn't been asked out in forever' it must be weird going through two guys in a matter of days." He shot back.

The two looked at everyone giving them stunned looks and they went silent.

"I'm sorry, Dick. Let's just act normal. Good friends don't go through this." She mumbled.

"No, Babs, it's okay. I'm just going through a lot of stuff while Bruce has been gone." He said.

"Well, I might not be CEO material but I would really like to help. Even for a pretty boy you don't deserve all of this pressure." She smiled.

"I wish you could but I don't want you to ever go through any of this. That's why I've been keeping you away." He said, her hand feeling warmer with in his.

"And I know what you mean, you've been my best friend for years. Even in high school when you were away for all that time I never stopped seeing you that way, as hard as I tried."

"If I tell you something will you promise you won't run away?" Dick asked. "I know you can keep my secret but I'm just worried about you running away?"

"Sure but Dick before you do I have something that is definitely more shocking to say and after I say it I'm afraid that you might just worry about me or feel bad for me which is the last thing I want because I can't help it."

"Well the thing that I have to tell you is something that I am afraid let you be a part of. As much as I want you to. But I've been lying to you."

"Dick it's okay, I haven't been completely honest with you either."

"Let's just do this on three," she whispered in his hear, leaving her other ear open for his own whisper.

"Don't run away," he pleaded.

"One." She said.

"Two." He said.

"Three." They said together - their eyes looking in the same direction.

"Dick, I'm in"

"Barbara, I'm"
Bust as fate had it, through the clear nights sky they both saw a skylight hit the air. The silloute of a bat clearly hung within their eyes as the many in attendance gasped loudly, still in amazement after all of the years.

As they let go of each other's grasp and heard the crowd go back to normal, they both took time to think about what they should do.

"Dick, um we should get."

"Yeah, I probably should be" they said as the music started.

Strangers in the night

Dick walk down the dance floor toward their table to get his cell phone as he felt his hand suddenly be carried away.

"No, Dick we're dancing one last time."

"But I have to go, Babs"

Exchanging glances

"If you don't dance with me now, my father will arrest you"

Wond'ring in the night

"Alright, but it will have to be a quick one."

What were the chances

"Remember the night you didn't dance with me in high school? I requested this song for us. It was the song they played at my parents wedding."

We'd be sharing love

"My parents played this in their routine. They met when mom had to replace another performer after only a few weeks of practice."

Before the night was through

"I play it at night sometimes, if dad isn't around."

Something in your eyes

"It's been in my mind a lot lately. But you're not a stranger Babs, I 've known you forever."

Was so inviting

"Dick I have to tell you this before I leave."

Something in your smile

"Babs, my life is so complicated right now. And I want to tell you but I don't have the"

Was so exciting

"Dick, I haven't known what I wanted for a long time. Sometimes I don't get you, sometimes I don't get us, sometimes I don't get me but."

Something in my heart


Told me I must have you

"Yes, Dick?"
Strangers in the night

"Alfred's paging me."

Two lonely people we were

"Dick, just wait until the song is over. Please."

Strangers in the night

"But what I have to say will take time."

Up to the moment when we

"Dick I'm going to tell you, now. I just have a bad feeling that something is going to happen to us after tonight and I don't want you to know."

Said our first hello

"Then be like me and promise you'll come back. Sometimes the only reason I get to have these moments is because I get to come back to this. I'm really not Bruce, I don't have his ambitions."

Little did we know

"Dick what I'm going to tell you is going to change everything. I'm Barbara Gordon but I'm also."

Love was just a glance away

"Do you believe in fate?"

A warm embracing dance away

"Yes but"

And ever since that night

"Babs I think the reason why we don't know these secrets of each other is simply because we are not ready to know."

We've been together

"Dick will you just stop worry about this stupid business and realize"

Love In love forever

"Babs I don't know what I want in life, and I don't know what in my life I want to change. And after this is all over, then maybe I will be ready. Everything is so complicated right now and that doesn't even include the stuff I have to take care of"

It turned out so right

"You're right, Grayson. Sometimes choosing just takes time."

For strangers in the night
The two walked down the far right of the stairs, trying to escape the news reporters huddling around Detective Montoya. They stopped to listen to her speech and reluctantly reflect.

"And I assure you that Commissioner Gordon as well as our police force can take care of crime with out Batman much like the same way they have successfully for the last week. The Gotham community should realize that there are heroes who dedicate their days and nights to crime and that Batman only takes part in crime for only a handful of that time.